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Loading Shipping Containers: What You Need to Know


You’ve done all the research and ultimately decided to start a shipping business. Finally, you have ticked all the boxes. You are done with the plans and paperwork. You have talked to the bank, readied the office, acquired the equipment, and gathered your team. All of these are important, but so is the loading of the containers. With that in mind, here are the five best practices in loading a shipping container.

Ensure every box is tagged

This seems obvious, but a lot of problems may be avoided by properly tagging each load. The boxes should be tagged with an ID number that identifies the owner and category of the container. It should be followed by the serial number and check digit. This is to avoid stray packages and make it easier for the packer to plan out loading.

Categorise your packages

Keep in mind how the packages will be stacked when categorising. Packages should be pigeon-holed based on weight, size, type, and composition. Chemicals that need to be isolated should be separated. Items that are flammable should be loaded at the centre and far from the edge. Light ones should go on top of the heavy packages, and wet goods should not be placed on top of the dry goods. This should be observed to avoid crushing. All of these will be effectively implemented if packages are organised suitably and logically.

Keep movement at a minimum

Woman checking the packages

Efficiency should be at the top of the mind, so try to keep movement at a minimum by investing in the right loading equipment for shipping containers. Plan out how the container will be unloaded, and use this as a guide during loading. Packages that will be unloaded last should be at the back and those that need to be unloaded first near the door. The efficiency of the unloading will depend on how the container has been loaded. This will save time and effort and will be most appreciated once your business is starting to pick up.

Stack them tightly

Most of the cargo damages are avoidable simply by proper packing. Boxes should be stacked to distribute pressure. Stack them like you would lay bricks. Fill in empty spaces to avoid shifting. If spaces are inevitable, use dunnage bags, but remember to heat-treat blocking, bracing, and packing materials in compliance with the regulations.

Containers should be well secured

You may be efficient, but thieves are more creative. This is why container seals are important. It is up to the shipping company to provide the container seal. Ensure that the seal numbers are diligently noted in all the necessary paperwork, such as in the bill of lading, especially in cases wherein the truckers are the ones who will provide the seal.

Just like with any journey, the beginning or, in this case, the loading, is as notable as the ending. Offering the best service to your client will depend on how you protect their products or supplies in transit. Remember, your services are as good as your last shipment. Maintain their trust by treating their goods like they’re your own.

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe on the Road

Traffic jam on the freewayThere are a lot of situations wherein traffic has to be controlled — severe weather, roadway repairs, freeway construction, mowing operations, or any other instance that can affect the flow of vehicles on the road. Usually, when you are driving and are in a high traffic situation, you will see many traffic control signs to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

As such, it is important that everybody follows traffic control zones when travelling on the road. Traffic control equipment can sometimes be misused as well, so better take heed.

Warning Sign

An advance warning area is a place where the initial warning signs are located, so you can make the right manoeuvre. Some of the signs you could see are: “Road Work Ahead,” “Single Lane Road Ahead,” or “Be Prepared to Stop.” You must read and follow these signs while going through the flow of traffic that you are in.

There are instances when a single lane could cause heavy traffic and as a result, motorists will get irritated and not follow directions. This will make matters worse, so it is best to obey road signs no matter what. It is difficult to predict what could happen on the road after all.

Men at Work

The work area is a location where workers place certain equipment and where maintenance operations are carried out. It is easy to spot and is the reason for the traffic control signage you will see leading up to a certain roadwork site.

The termination area comes after the work area. This is important because this is where traffic resumes safely again without hindrances. Some people encounter a crash after leaving a work zone, thinking they can stop paying attention again. Don’t be like them.

Stop and Go

Car and pedestrian stoplightA traffic light is one of the best ways to keep the road in order. This is one traffic control equipment that everyone must follow. Many motorists try to beat the red light, for instance, which is a dangerous habit. Red means stop and yellow means to slow down, not speed up before it turns red.

There are times when these lights are not followed, especially when there’s no CCTV camera or no traffic police manning the area and controlling the flow of traffic. This does not always happen, but it’s still best to pay attention at all times.

Be Reminded

It’s essential to watch out for these traffic control signs, especially when there’s roadwork ahead. This is to ensure maximum safety for motorists and pedestrians. You cannot compromise safety for negligence, ignorance, and failure to follow directions in traffic control areas. These warning signs were placed on the road for a reason and they should be followed accordingly.

Not every street you go to is easy to manoeuvre. Look out for road signs, constructions, pedestrians, and drive safely at all times. The reason there are traffic control signs is to warn you of the proper course of action. You wouldn’t want to be in an accident, would you? Take heed, practice defensive driving, stay alert, be cautious, and look ahead on the road.

How to Save Money When Renting a Car

Travellers on a rental carBudget-savvy travelers scrutinize every detail of their flight and hotel bookings to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth. However, the very same people often just accept car rental rates at face value. This is a big mistake, as there may be charges discreetly added to the advertised price. Don’t be like this.

When you rent a sedan car in Manila, it will be worth your time and effort to take a closer look at the details before you seal the deal. Comparison shopping is one of the most common ways to secure the best deal. Short on time and unable to do comparison shopping? No problem. Apart from comparison shopping, there are actually many other ways you can save money on your next car rental. Here are a few tips.

Avoid Airport Rentals

The airport may be the most convenient place to get a ride, especially if you have a lot in tow. However, this convenience does come with a price. In general, car rental rates in the airport are higher compared to other vicinities. This is, in part, due to the concession recovery fee that car rental companies pay the airport. This is what firms pay so that they can do business at the airport. In turn, they often pass this to the customers. If you can, try renting a vehicle outside the airport. Your pocket will surely feel the difference.

Rent the Car for Longer

Traveller on a rented carWhile this advice sounds counterintuitive, it makes a lot of sense when you do the math. Reserving a car for a week will be cheaper than getting a daily rate on a shorter rental. Why? Car rental companies often give lower prices for people who travel for leisure or those who are more likely to spend the weekends on the road and stay there for longer. It doesn’t matter if you would use the car for the rest of the week. What matters is that you get a discount by renting it for longer.


Remember that time when you scored a discount on that hotel room by paying in advance? That’s the same strategy that you can use when renting a vehicle. Indeed, car rental companies have utilized this strategy to encourage more customers to pre-pay. Pre-paying is especially beneficial to those who have straightforward itineraries. You’re going to pay for the rent anyway so why don’t you pre-pay to secure up to 20% discount?


All car rental firms are composed of people with whom you can negotiate. Once you’ve secured the right ride for your needs, don’t hesitate to stop by the counter to ask for the possibility of further discounts or car upgrading. You never get what you don’t ask for. Be bold and just ask. If the conditions are favorable, you just might get lucky and get what you want.

Car rentals don’t need to be so expensive. With the right strategy, you can save a whole lot of money while getting the vehicle that fits your needs. Follow these tips to keep more bucks in your pocket the next time you rent a car during a trip.

Don’t Screw Up by Using the Wrong Screws

tools for building

You don’t usually put in too much attention to detail in simple home projects — but even little things like wrong screws can make the difference between a successful project and a forgettable attempt. You can’t just use stainless steel metal screws on everything. The type of screws you use — and even the material of your screw — is essential in the success of your projects.

Wood Screws

Wood comes in many forms. Some can be harder than others, especially the Australian Ironwood and several wood types from Brazil. However, wood is still considered as one of the softer materials, and its tendency to crack can be problematic. Changing seasons also affect wood, causing it to shrink or expand depending on the prevailing temperature. Wooden screws are specifically for these particular qualities of wood. A wooden screw has a bit of flexibility. This allows the screw to bend and withstand the constant strain of shrinking and expansion of the wood.

The threads of wooden screws are designed to minimise stress on the wood to prevent cracking, although you may need to drill a shallow pilot hole for hardwoods. Some wooden screws are not fully threaded. This allows paired wooden pieces to fit more securely and it can also be used for attaching specific hardware or items to the wood.

Metal Screws

Metal is hard and solid throughout. Metal screws are tempered and designed to drill into the metal and withstand the stresses of holding two heavy pieces of metal together. These screws will often have tensile pounds per square inch (PSI) strength reaching 100,000 to 150,000. Metal screws are self-tapping, they drill into the metal and cut and form their own thread into the material.

Threads run throughout the length of the screw — this allows for a tighter grip and a more secure attachment. Although primarily designed for metal on metal use, these screws can also be used to attach different materials to a metal base. Plastic, fibreglass, and wood can be fixed to metal with a metal screw — although additional care may be needed for wood.

a couple of screws

Cheap Zinc or Stainless?

Galvanised zinc metal screws cost almost half the price of stainless steel metal screws. However, the savings you get by using galvanised zinc comes with its disadvantages. Zinc screws are not coated as well as stainless steel screws and could rust more easily — especially in an outdoor setting. These screws are also more flexible and softer than their stainless steel counterparts, and vibrations and particularly heavy loads can pose problems. Zinc screws have an average tensile PSI strength of 62,000 — a far cry for stainless steel screws’ minimum. Stainless steel screws have average tensile PSI strength over 100,000 and 75,000 is the bare minimum for industry standards.

Choosing the right screws is important in every project. You can weigh price with quality, but you will be sacrificing the stability or durability of your project. Think long-term and don’t just use what’s available. A little attention to detail goes a long way.

A Look into Security Cameras and Their Essence in Securing Your Home

security camera

Different cameras operate differently. There are two types of security cameras found on the market: the Internet protocol (IP) and analog cameras. Installers pride themselves on meeting customer expectations by providing customized services.

Selecting the Best Cameras on the Market

There are several companies based in Utah that can install your security cameras. As a business, consider consulting with them to identify the best security cameras for your premises. Most cameras available on the market are analog. They are connected directly to a digital video recorder where the information is stored. The digital recorder receives a video from the camera, compresses it, and stores it to be retrieved at will.

IP cameras operate on a similar principle as analog cameras. However, IP cameras play the additional role of converting a video to a digital format, which can then be accessed over the Internet. An IP camera comes with an SD card slot where footage is stored. This makes it more convenient since the card is portable. The card can be taken for validation to an insurance firm for compensation after a theft has occurred. The card can also be taken to a police station to help the police with tracking culprits in the event of a crime. Here are the importance of Security Cameras

Observing your pets

Security cameras can be used to observe the movement and behavior of pets. Due to harsh economic times, people are looking for all ways possible to cut their expenses. Paying someone to look after your pets is expensive compared to installing cameras. Cameras reduce stress by enabling you to keep an eye on your pets even while at work.

Aiding security officers in investigations

In case a crime occurs, it is likely that the security cameras may have recorded the events that transpired. The video may then be used by investigating officers in identifying and tracking the suspects.

Averting crimes

Generally, criminals avoid committing crimes in premises that have security cameras installed. Often, thieves check out for possible security cameras in a place before robbing it. If they happen to identify security cameras installed by a highly reputable security firm, chances of aborting the burglary attempt are high. The cameras are also used to look for stolen property. The recorded video may assist in recovering the stolen goods.

Observing your family away from home

woma looking at her home camera from her phone

Cameras are not restricted to security purposes alone. Security cameras can be used to check on your kids while in the workplace. By the use of remote monitoring feature, parents can observe their kids at home. Parents no longer have to be afraid whenever their kids leave school in the mid-afternoon.

Claiming for compensation

Cameras are used to record evidence of a burglary occurrence. In an event where you have insured your property against theft, cameras will fit you. With the help of the footage, you can report and claim for compensation. The footage will help with validating the incidence.

Nowadays with the accessibility to technology, you can install security cameras at affordable prices. Cameras will not only secure your property, but they also make you calm away from home.

Types of Fireplace Inserts

FireplaceA traditional masonry fireplace is still a design statement in modern properties. It provides a cozy and inviting look to a room while offering a heating solution. Unfortunately, while it is high in aesthetic appeal, this fireplace will barely meet your heating needs since a large portion of generated heat is lost.

The ideal choice for aesthetic appeal and sufficient heating is to get a fireplace insert for your Salt Lake City property. The insert used is a closed-combustion box that you can install into your masonry fireplace. It has minimal heat loss, uses less fuel, and thus provides a higher efficiency compared to the traditional fireplace.

Here are your fireplace insert options.

Electric Inserts

These are the ideal choice for someone looking for a convenient fireplace insert. All you need to do is plug in your insert and flip a switch to get the fire burning. Electric inserts are flexible, do not need chimney ventilation and come in various sizes to generate the required heat for your indoor comfort.

Their heating power ranges from 4,000 to 5,000 BTUs. Most electric inserts come with a backup generator or battery to keep their fire burning even in a power blackout.

Gas Inserts

Powered by propane or natural gas, they generally connect to a propane tank or your property’s gas lines. Gas inserts have a high heating power at 25,000 to 48,000 BTUs with 76 percent to 85 percent heat efficiency. They come in two variants.

Vented gas insert models release their byproduct to the exteriors through your chimney. Ventless inserts, on the other hand, release their spent gases into your interiors. The biggest concern with gas fireplace inserts is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from leaks.

They, however, come with an oxygen detection system, which switches off the fire if the oxygen levels in your property fall below a certain level. This way, you have protection from carbon monoxide poisoning.

man measuring installed fireplace

Wood Inserts

These are fueled by wood and wood byproducts such as sawdust and wood pellets. Wood inserts are ventilated through your property’s chimney and are hence attached by a connector that scales the full height of your fireplace.

They are somewhat a middle-ground for efficiency since they generate around 65,000 BTUs of heat per hour, but around 50 percent is lost during air circulation. Wood inserts have an authentic fireplace look and nowadays have a decreased smoke output.

You will, however, need to clean your chimney periodically to remove soot and creosote from it.

Coal Inserts

These inserts run on coal. They produce about 80,000 BTUs of heat, but most of this is lost in air circulation. Coal inserts are not very common owing to the high cost of coal and its impact on the environment and human health.

Installation of a fireplace insert is not as easy as placing one in your existing fireplace and firing it up. Different elements will need to proper installation before the operation of your insert. Getting an expert to install it is essential to avoid fires and ensure your insert works optimally.

Install Covered Walkways and Give Your School an Edge

walkway cover leading to a school

Installing covered walkways on your school property might seem like a costly project until you look at the advantages that come with it. It helps keep your student safe and well regardless of the prevailing weather while improving curb appeal.

Safety is a significant consideration for parents looking to enroll their kids in school. They need assurances that their younglings will be in capable hands and spend their time in a safe surrounding. Therefore, you should alleviate their fears and prove that your facility will keep their children safe as they pursue an education.

Improve the Curb Appeal

A school is a business that helps build a brighter future for students walking through the doors. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to create a positive first impression on parents looking to place their kids under your care. Canopies and covered walkways are not only functional but add a touch of class to your outdoor design, increasing the curb appeal.

With the right choice of design and materials, you can add a touch of class and sophistication to your school environment. Imagine how grateful a parent in school will be when they can stroll the 200 metres from the parking lot to the offices in the pouring rain. Such a small convenience will be enough to tip over an undecided parent and have them enroll their child in your school. It makes you come off as caring and considerate, which assures the parent that their kid will be in good hands.

Keep Your Charges Safe

While it’s like children to want to play in the pouring rain or falling snow, the fun only lasts for a few moments. Any longer and you’ll have a health crisis at your hands. If you have sprawling school grounds, you need to keep this in mind as it affects students’ abilities to move between classes and facilities. The last thing that you want is your charges dashing between buildings to avoid getting late for their favourite courses.

Of course, that will give a majority of them an excellent reason to skip classes at every turn. Having students show up for class while soaked to the bone not only affects their learning abilities but also puts their health and well-being in danger. Covering your walkways will solve this problem once and for all, letting you keep your charges safe regardless of the prevailing weather.

Make Great Use of Your Space

children walking safely on school ground

Since your school’s aesthetics matter as well when looking to fill up all your empty spaces, you need to put your space to great use. That means that you can spread out the various learning halls and buildings across the available area. A well-thought-out school layout helps manage and control student traffic and movement without pulling out your hair. It also creates lots of open space where students can hang out safely between lessons and socialise. Spending time outdoors or in areas with lots of natural light has been shown to confer many health and mental benefits on people. Keeping such factors in mind when building your spaces ensure that your students reap the best of both worlds.

With the help of an expert, you can give your school a one-of-a-kind appeal that entices parents to enrol their kids with you. Covered walkways make an excellent way to achieve this feat while creating a safe learning environment for the children. They keep the students safe from the elements, making it possible to move between classes and buildings without endangering their health and well-being. Going the extra mile to keep the kids safe at all times bolsters the amount of trust that parents have in your institution.

Modern Window Treatment Options: Controlling Window Blinds

opening a window

You have different options nowadays for your window’s covering, but blinds are the most popular. These are shades comprising vanes or slats that run vertically or horizontally. They can be used for both tall and wide windows which would otherwise be hard to cover with other window treatments.

Window blinds come in various styles with the roller, vertical, roman and pleated ones being the standard ones. You will consider several elements when evaluating the available options of Hunter Douglas blinds in New Jersey (NJ). One of the essential considerations is the control of your blinds’ slats.

Though there are many control options for window blinds, few property owners understand their alternatives. Here are guidelines on some of the best control options for window blinds.

App Control

There seems to be an app for just about anything nowadays. One of the best you should get is one for your blinds’ control. With this app, you can control the opening and closing of your blinds from virtually anywhere within and without your property.

This method of control allows you to let the sunshine into your interiors even if you are not around and close the blinds at different times of the day when the rays are too strong. It has also been touted as a safe control option since it can create the illusion of an occupied property even if there is no one inside.

Wall-Mounted Control

This is the standard window blind control type. It generally comprises a pull cord which is tugged to lift, lower or open your blinds. Left and right-sided wall-mounted controls are the two primary alternatives of this control method.

In the past, wall-mounted controls were considered unsafe for homes with children and child-care centers since there was a risk of a child getting entangled in the cord. Modern wall-mounted controls, however, have a safety mechanism which detaches if there is considerable pressure on it.

Remote Control

This option comes with a hand-held battery-powered remote for opening and closing your blinds. The options for remote controls are currently vast ranging from single to multichannel ones.

Some even come with a choice of a bracket or mounting pin to fix them to a wall and minimize their chances of getting misplaced. Remote controls might unfortunately not be very convenient since you need to be near the window blinds to open or close them.

a window with blinds

Automatic Sensor Control

With this alternative, you have a handset which allows you to operate your blinds. The handsets have a timer which you can set to open or close the blinds at different times automatically.

Like app-controlled window blinds, blinds with an automatic sensor control make your property appear occupied and thus enhance its safety. Some automatic sensor controls will operate window blinds according to the amount of light and temperature in your environment.

The right control for your window blinds enhances not only your indoor comfort but also your property’s energy efficiency. This is hence not a decision you should take lightly. To guarantee you pick the right control, get an expert’s input from the blinds’ seller.

4 Things You Need to Know When Buying a House

Real estate agent touring a couple around the houseIt’s a pretty common goal to purchase property in the form of an apartment, a condominium or a house. Many people aspire to it because it’s a typical indicator of success. When you own a house, it’s a sign that all the hard work you put in is paying off. That’s why buying a house is such a big step for any person. It’s a significant milestone in anybody’s life. This is why before doing anything, you should have enough knowledge about the entire property acquisition process.

The following are things that you should know before you decide to invest and purchase a property:

1. Make sure you buy both the house and land

Generally speaking, when you buy a house, you also own the land that surrounds it to a certain extent. However, there are a few exceptions to this. This is the reason why you should always know the fine print when buying a property. Read more about how a house and land around Melbourne North will benefit you before you purchase a home for you and your family.

2. Go for a trusted realtor or broker

Your best chance to land a good house and lot option would be to work with a realtor or broker. These people have a vast network and strong experience to draw from that will help you choose the house based on your budget and needs. They will get a cut of the sales of the house, but they are also required to give you a good option considering that their reputation is at stake. Working with a reliable realtor may be your best bet at getting your ideal house at a reasonable price range.

3. Never sign anything without the presence of your attorney

Attorney asking a client to sign a documentYou need to remember that the purchase of a property is a long commitment. It will involve a contract, which is binding. For starters, never sign anything without reading the fine print. This is common sense. It may seem intimidating given the length of the contract and the numerous terms and conditions, but you just have to do it. You need to have an attorney with you when you sign documents to make sure that you are not getting the lower end of the agreement.

4. Predict your ability to pay the house in the long run

One of the most important things that you have to consider when buying a house is your financial capability. Even if you have money now, there is a possibility that you may have financial difficulties in the future. You need to assess whether you will still be able to pay by then. Evaluate your position in your career; you may need to stay long term with your current company to ensure that your income is steady. It’s advisable to consult with your accountant as well as a financial adviser.

Buying a house is complicated enough. If you do not want to have any issues in the process, you should know the things mentioned above.

Practical Ways to Make Your Property Attractive to Possible Tenants

Real Estate agent handing key over

In this day and age, people tend to look more into details in their search for their ideal homes, making the typical selling points not as weighty as they used to be. Surely, the following may seem like little personal preferences to you. However, for others, these factors can make or break the rental of a place, considering how important these are to them. If your goal is to make your property as enticing as it can be to your target demographic, then here are key details that you need to take note of:

Starter Families

They are a broad category, so specifics may vary from family to family. Generally, these groups want a space large enough to accommodate their growing number, as well as their needs. They’ll be looking for places that have large rooms. If they’re bringing their elderly along, they’ll need passageways for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. They will also need elevators to spare the effort of climbing up staircases. Being situated near important amenities, such as a school, a hospital, a market, and even their workplaces is also a plus for these tenants.


Woman holding a house figure

These people don’t need any sort of luxury in their lives to live comfortably. In fact, they can make do with the barest necessities with their stay. Your place, however, has to have the essentials to make their school lives easier, without having to pay much aside from their monthly dues. Fast and stable Wi-Fi connections and consistent electricity are important for them since most of their work will involve the Internet and their laptops. Considering their busy lives, they’ll appreciate places that offer flexible payment schemes and discounts. Hence, include these perks if you can.


Similar to students, these people will not require much in terms of luxury. However, they do need rooms that are discreet and have the best Internet access possible. If you want to attract those with vehicles, it’s best to provide parking space that you can have by hiring a paving service in Kansas City. They’ll be away most of the time due to the nature of their work, so their rooms will mostly serve as storage spaces for their items and other valuables such as documents. For these types of tenants, you’ll need to give them the peace of mind that they need by having top-of-the-line security features such as cameras and alarms.

Young Professionals

These people are similar to students and businessmen. The only difference is that you don’t have to put much effort into providing furnishings. The best way you can attract these types of tenants is being situated near their workplaces and places for recreation. Online connectivity is also a must due to their social lives. A small kitchen where they can cook is a plus for their budget. You can leave the decorating task to them since each individual wants their place to have a personal touch.

Tailor-fitting your place to suit your desired market’s tastes is a must if you want your business to gain traction. Don’t forget to make sure that the essentials, such as basic amenities, security, and aesthetic appeal, are also taken care of as you start your planning. This will cost you extra, but the returns are worth it.