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Standard and Innovative Technologies for Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated TrucksThe history of refrigerated trucking has come far since the first mechanical road trucks hit the road in the 1930s. Thanks to technology, vehicles used in the cold chain logistics have evolved into reliable, flexible, and efficient transportation refrigeration systems. 

Let's start with what helped revolutionize the emergence of modern-day supermarkets: Thermo King. This invention allows refrigeration units to be attached to trailers to cool it inside. 

Today, several innovations also make the industry more efficient than before. West Coast Carriers says refrigerated trucks these days can deliver more than perishable goods while reducing cost and its environmental impacts.

Some of the innovations that make this possible are the following:

Fuel Sensor – This technology monitors the refrigeration unit's fuel levels in a timely and accurate manner. It's crucial because cooling units rely on power (in this case, fuel) to run at its optimum state. In a way, it also serves as a preventive maintenance gesture. 

Smart Reefer Controls – Fleet operators can keep track of trucks and trailers remotely from a central unit. Real-time information about the fleets' environment conditions may also be available depending on its features. 

Geo Fencing – It alerts operators and drivers when someone removes a truck from its prescribed area before its scheduled delivery. As a result, operators and drivers can respond in a timely manner. 

Energy Efficiency – Today's refrigeration units for trucks are more ecological with the availability of non-ozone depleting refrigerants. They may be powered by a five-percent biodiesel blend, which makes them 0-20 percent more fuel efficient than previous units. 

Backup Refrigeration Unit – The products inside refrigerated trucks will remain in good quality with a redundant cooling unit. So what if a truck driver has to stop for a while to fix its break or damaged wheels? If everything fails except the cooling systems, the goods inside the truck will be fine.

There are about 15.5 million trucks that operate in the U.S. Those in the cold chain supply industry rely on technology more than other businesses in this sector. It's all for preserving perishable goods and other products while on the road.  

4 Actionable Tips on Improving Online Shopping Safety

Online ShoppingToday, consumers can search for products, make orders, and receive the shipments without stepping out of their homes. The concept began with the small consumer goods and later spread to all suppliers who were keen to capture the growing online market. Online steel sales come in handy towards boosting sales for the steel suppliers. 

Wasatchsteel.com gives the following tips to enhance the safety of your transaction. 

Avoid giving out personal information

While there are actual online stores, thousands of phishers have found their way into the market. Often, they pose as real sellers and seek to get personal details such as social security number, passwords, and addresses to complete a transaction. Ignore all unsolicited emails and texts and contact the company with an anonymous phone number for any verifications.

Conduct a background research

In most instances, buyers make transactions with companies whose information remains unknown to them. The fact that most are genuine does not cushion them from fraudsters who might pose similar to those they know. In subsequent purchases, it is imperative to know the merchant before making the purchase. Independent business reviews and the better business bureau give an accurate image of the vendors. Also, check whether the online vendor provides safe and encrypted sites.

Avoid public Internet

With most apartments, restaurants, and shopping malls offering free Wi-Fi, you might be tempted to make purchases on your phone or tablet. Often, public Internet is not secure with encryption and exposes buyers to potential frauds. Avoid giving credit and debit cards numbers when using Wi-Fi, and if you have to buy, shop only from sites that begin with https.

Save the confirmation messages

When purchasing steel products and services from online stores, you will be given a confirmation at the end of the transaction. The email becomes your receipt that you can use whenever you want a refund, return or solve a dispute arising from the purchase. Printing out the page makes it easy for buyers to give sellers and credit card company the information required to sort the differences.

Enjoy the convenience that comes with the safe online shopping experience.

Dedicated Circuits and Why Your Business Needs Them

Dedicated Circuits for Your BusinessThe frequent occurrence of power surges can severely affect a business because of damage to equipment, repair costs, lost man hours, and, sometimes, data loss. Power surges can also pose a potential fire risk. More often, commercial electricians can prevent power surges by installing dedicated circuits that assign power to critical areas or where heavy load is required.

What are dedicated circuits?

Dedicated circuits are electrical circuits installed on one machine or equipment for a specific purpose. According to commercial electricians, each dedicated circuit comes with its own circuit breaker and is placed as near to the electrical source as possible. Most provide a specific receptacle while some devices, such as an electric water heater, can be hardwired into the circuit. These circuits are solely committed to power sensitive devices, data storage equipment, or machines that need constant heavy load.

Why should businesses install this type of circuit?

Many commercial establishments require dedicated circuits due to the frequent occurrences of circuit overloads. Several large machines or numerous small yet high-demand equipment simultaneously plugged into an outlet can trigger an overload. Some machines or equipment, such as computers, can be damaged by power spikes resulting from overloaded circuits. These occurrences heat up the wires and can start a fire.

Other uses for dedicated circuits

The National Electrical Code requires the installation of dedicated circuits for certain equipment and devices. There are also businesses that require dedicated circuits. They are installed in major systems that use heating and cooling because of their huge power usage. Restaurants use giant freezers, while theaters have industrial air conditioners. Factories and industrial complexes employ heavy machinery that requires huge electrical loads.

A commercial electrical expert will need to inspect the electrical system of a particular establishment before they can assess its needs, which include computer, security, and other essential equipment. Dedicated circuits will be installed to serve those specific areas. The system will then become more stable, and the risk of fire hazards can be reduced.

The absence of a dedicated circuit in your system is an electrical hazard waiting to happen. Should you need one in Sandy, only a commercial electrical service provider should install your dedicated circuit. Their training and skills guarantee that your circuit complies with your local safety code and your electrical equipment will be safe and energy-efficient.