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Treatments that Doctors Offer in a Spa

Medical Spa in Salt Lake CityNowadays, people are much more concerned with the medical skills of those offering spa treatments than they are with the facilities in the spa. Although visiting a regular spa is important in enhancing your beauty, a medical spa is more effective in enhancing both your beauty and health. Most medical spas offer different services under the guidance of medical professionals such as the doctors.

Laser hair removal

Tweezing, shaving and waxing body hair is something that most women get tired doing after some time. Actually, most women complain that removing hair from their arms, face, bikini line, armpits and legs is potentially painful and time extensive. If the hair is not removed in the right way, ingrown hairs and nicks can develop. During the hair removal process, the spa doctors use lasers to beam concentrated light into the hair follicles. The hair is eventually removed once the follicle pigments absorb light during various treatments.


Medical spas offer extensive massage treatments, which are not focused more on relaxation, but mostly on body pain. The massage therapies you find in these spas include Swedish massage, prenatal massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, hot stone massage and reflexology. These massage therapies focus more on relieving muscle stress, pain and soreness.


Although one can use other techniques to smooth out and minimize wrinkles and lines in the face, using Botox is quite effective. Here, the medical professional injects the recommended dose of a protein called Botox underneath the skin to enhance a smooth, clean appearance as well as relax the facial muscles. Most people from across the globe go for Botox injections since they are inexpensive compared to a facelift and results take less than 24 hours to appear.

People today have come to realize that they should not just go to a spa for relaxation and beauty enhancement only. Those with health issues such as skin problems can go to a medical spa in Salt Lake City like Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic and get any of the above medical treatments. In most cases, the above spa treatments are offered by medical professionals such as the doctors.

Remember the Following Things When Cleaning Your Carpet At Home

Carpet Cleaner from DunedinEvery homeowner in Dunedin thinks that cleaning a carpet is a matter of seconds. That all you need is a vacuum cleaner and a pair of hands. However, wait until the work begins; removing cranberry juice is not a simple thing. According to experts in carpet cleaning, this task does not make you sweat heavily. Professionals have used the following tips all along so you may want to consider them during the next carpet-cleaning schedule at home.

Regular Dusting and Vacuuming

Dust may be tiny, but its slow and unabated accumulation can spell doom to a carpet. Tiny sharp particles will not only affect the carpet, but also spoil the floor on which the carpet sits. Therefore, brushing and dusting your carpet every week is recommended. Increase this frequency if the room is prone to heavy traffic or have pets. An important point to add here is that you should always start the cleaning process by dry vacuuming to remove solid matter.

Pre-treat stains

Sometimes, the carpet is in such a place that immediate cleaning of stains and dirt is not possible. Chances are that your carpet has gone for weeks without cleaning. By now, stains and other forms of dirt have probably embedded in the pores of the carpet. Pre-treating will help loosen the stains before you remove them. Consult a reliable Dunedin carpet cleaning company like Pure Services for the best pre-treatment products.

Rinse the Carpet

Rinsing is part of carpet cleaning, but some people in Dunedin tend to forget or ignore this step. Blame can be laid on modern cleaning solutions that indirectly promote this practice through their “non-foam” campaigns. Would you want to leave an unnatural smell of the soap on your carpet? If not, remember to rinse your carpet with clean lukewarm water.

Cleaning the carpet can be strenuous, but only if you give it the wrong approach. Experts have applied the tips shared here for decades. Try them for better results.