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Key Facts About the Dental Industry in the UK

Cosmetic DentistThe General Dental Council exists to protect the public from poor and illegal practice by dental professionals. In addition to operating the registration of dental professionals, the GDC also assures the quality of training and education. In the process, it collates all sorts of interesting facts and statistics about the dental industry in the UK. The Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street is just one of hundreds of clinics across the UK whose dental staff are, by law, registered with the GDC.

According to the GDC, at the end of 2014, there were 109,956 dental professionals registered in the UK. If you break the statistics down by job title you find that of these only 37% are dentists. It is dental nurses who make up the largest group at 48.1% of the total.

The GDC also keeps a record of where all the dentists on the register were trained. The report shows that 71.7% of dentists were trained in the UK, compared to 100% of Clinical Dental Technicians. However, when the GDC examined just the professionals who joined the register in 2014 the figures are very different. Only 58% of dentist who joined the register in 2014 qualified in the UK. Another difference is in the number of dentists who qualified in the EEA (European Economic Area). Overall, the percentage was 16.9% but of the dentists who joined in 2014 28.5% had qualified in the EEA. That’s an increase of almost 17%.

What does this show? Well, it could mean that British trainee dentists are finding it more affordable to train in the EU than in the UK. It could also mean that this apparent influx of EEA-trained dentists is a response to the opportunities in this country as demand for dental treatment in the UK is growing.

In 2015 finance provider LDF published some figures about the cosmetic dentist marketplace in the UK. It said that there has been a huge rise in cosmetic treatment with earnings among the top private dentists increasing by up to 22% from 2014 to 2014.

The increase in popularity of cosmetic treatment is clearly attracting professionals to the UK market. It is therefore likely that the UK will see a rise in British students opting to study dentistry as a result.

Avoid This Airborne Hazard In Your Workplace At All Times

Dust ParticlesWood works shops are among the busiest places you can find. When you’re engrossed with work, you may forget to protect yourself from the hazards that are just flying around. Make sure that you’re protected.

Woodcarvings and many other types of decorative wood works are so popular that they practically fly off the shelves. This is why wood works shops are very busy all year round and especially during the holidays. If you are working in a woodworks shop, you must notice the bulk orders being made and shipped out. Despite the excitement you all feel at the high volume of orders, as well as the commotion usually common in a busy workplace, you must not forget to protect yourself.

A Lurking Danger

The wood cutting, grinding, smoothing, shaping, and carving process generates fine wood particles that can float freely in the air. These particles are so fine that even the act of breathing through your nostrils is enough to suck a large portion of them in. As if that was not enough, Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enumerated a number of health hazards associated with fine wood dust.

Protect Yourself

Since you cannot get away from the shop, you need to wear some protection to ensure you do not inhale these dangerous particles. Make sure you have a mask on for the duration of the time you are on the work premises. This minimizes the risk of wood dust inhalation by a big margin.

Use Downdraft Table

Worktables have evolved and now they feature downdraft mechanisms that suck the dust particles within your workspace as soon as they are released. According to the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, because of these tables, wood dust does not stay hovering in the air and waiting for someone to inhale them.

An Intricate Process

The wood dust that has been sucked out goes through a pipe onto a wet receptacle bin. The drenching process is important as it prevents wood dust from being kicked off the air again. This wet dust collection is then dumped and shipped off to another place to be processed.

Working in a hazardous area such as a woodworks shop requires the use of adequate protection to help you ward off any danger. Furthermore, utilizing the help of new technology, such as downdraft workspaces, also greatly diminishes these hazards. With these protection measures, you will be able to unleash your creativity while working in peace.

A Quick and Painless Way to Straighten Up Your Teeth is Here

Invisalign Treatment in BasingstokeUnfortunately, not everyone boast of a natural, properly aligned set of teeth. In fact, many people in Australia have crooked teeth or misaligned bite, because they were born carrying these problematic genes.

On the bright side though, there are now plenty of methods to choose from to correct these teeth and/or jaw-related problems. And thanks to innovations in the orthodontic sector, you can now even have your teeth straightened up quickly, with less pain or discomfort to worry about.

Invisalign: One of the Most Outstanding Orthodontic Inventions

Dental braces have grown and branched out significantly over the past few decades. Of these treatment systems you now have for crooked or misaligned teeth, Invisalign stands out.

When you seek the help of a Derby Invisalign specialist such as MiSmile, you can have straighter teeth without people knowing that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. The name of the system itself explains that, but to give you a basic understanding of why it is nearly invisible, the main reason is that these aligners boast of nearly non-visible plastic materials.

Going beyond the “Invisible” Advantage

Invisalign is not just popular for its nearly-impossible-to-see aligners. It also has the advantage of comfort, especially since wearers can easily and quickly remove them as they wish to, unlike many of the other orthodontic appliances. Because of this removable feature, you don’t have to worry about the food you can eat. Also, it makes thorough cleaning and brushing of the teeth problem-free.

Why Get Rid of Crookedness Problems in the First Place

Not all people know that misalignment of the teeth causes more than just aesthetic flaws. Crookedness of the teeth increases the risk of a person developing oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum problems. And because having misaligned teeth doesn’t look good, people who have such issues may suffer from psychological concerns, such as low-esteem or poor self-confidence.

So don’t let your bad teeth get in the way. Have it fixed as soon as possible.

The Power of Tech: The Benefits of Using Gym Management Software

Gym MemberAdvancements in technology have made it possible for studio owners to more effectively manage their businesses using gym membership software. Despite this advantage, however, many health clubs and studios are reluctant to take advantage (or full advantage) of it.

Today’s gym management software empowers people to manage many parts of their business easily. In fact, from billing to member management, there’s much to gain from switching to gym management software.

Billing and Point-of-Sale (POS)

Nobody joins the fitness industry to spend their day processing transactions. Without paying members, however, no gym can survive. Thus, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments are important. Furthermore, software that can manage down payments, POS, and other financial transactions effortlessly can save you time and stress when it comes to payments and can keep your business in the black.

Lead Management

Leads are the lifeblood of your sales department. Without them, you would have no members or the need for POS and billing functions. A gym management software enables owners and sales managers to enact a sales process in place and ensure its implementation. This will lead to more conversions in a shorter period of time and increase retention as well.

Member Management

From keeping track of member check-ins to class bookings to account changes, it can be time-consuming to manage members and their expectations. By automating most of the activities and enabling members to book their own classes and update their personal information through their own login accounts, you and your staff will be free to deal with the other aspects of the business.

With so much to offer, there is little reason not to make the most of technology and keep gym operations as fit as their members by using software. When looking for gym management software, therefore, make sure that it can run reports that track membership, sales, leads, and retention.

You Passed Your CompTIA A+ Test and Obtained a Certification — Now What?

CompTIA A+ Certified TechnicianCongratulations on obtaining a CompTIA A+ Certification! Those A+ practice tests you worked hard on were worth it. Now that you have your certification, however, you’re probably wondering about the opportunities that await you.

The IT world is big and it’s your call on what route to take after becoming a CompTIA A+ Certified technician. If you don’t know where to start, here are some avenues you can explore.

Common Jobs that Could Use Your CompTIA A+ Knowledge

When you’re looking to land a job right away, you can apply for jobs that require a CompTIA A+ Certification. This will help you get great work experience. Some of the common jobs include the following:

  • Computer Manufacturer
  • Help Desk and Customer Service
  • IT Support Specialist
  • IT Support Administrator
  • IT Support Technician
  • Field Service Technician
  • Technical Support Specialist

Other Career Paths You Can Take

In case you’re looking for something beyond common jobs, there are many other opportunities in store for you. These days, specialized skills and training are in huge demand. Some areas worth mentioning are:

  • Personalized Computer Training – Teach users simple processes such as how to protect their personal information online, prevent data loss, and use common applications.
  • Computer Forensics – Collect, analyze, and report on digital data in a legally admissible way.
  • Data Recovery – Teach users to recover data in case they forget to back up files.

Redirecting Your Career Path

Are you still looking for more career-wise? As a CompTIA A+ Certified technician, you are free to redirect your career path. The various paths that you can tread would be in:

  • Administration – Provide network support, configure routers, and manage user accounts on the corporate servers.
  • Development – Design a company’s intranet and manage it on a regular basis.
  • Hardware – Conduct repairs from simple computers to high-end workstations and servers.

There are numerous possibilities for a CompTIA A+ Certified technician. Although the competition in the IT world is fierce, your certification will give you the edge and help you stand out from the crowd.

3 Mistakes Every First-time Homebuyer Must Watch Out For

Saint Louis Home for SaleBuying a house for the first time ever can be tricky and challenging. Because you haven’t done it before, you need to be extra careful about every decision you’ll make to avoid regretting the house you’ll purchase in the end.

To guide you in making wise decisions, here are some of the most common mistakes first-time homebuyers make (and what you should do instead):

Not Consulting Various Banks

When looking for a mortgage loan, you shouldn’t stop after getting an offer by one bank. If your credit score is average or better, then chances are banks will offer different deals you can choose from. Stopping just because you already got an offer with the first bank you went to may stop you from finding out that some banks can offer you even better mortgage rates and conditions.

Failing to Get Pre-approval

Getting a pre-approved loan will give you an edge against other potential homebuyers because sellers will have more confidence about your financial capability. Knowing exactly how much loan you can get from the bank can help you limit the Saint Louis homes for sale you’ll consider buying since you already have a set budget in mind.

Using Emotions First

As it’s your first time, you can be impulsive about it and fall in love with a property in an instant. This is okay, but it’s better to take your time to see other properties and inspect the house first before sealing the deal. Jumping right in and letting your emotions win may sometimes result in overpaying, buyer’s remorse, or inability to negotiate a better price. Take it slow to make sure the home you’ll end up buying fits your needs, preferences, and budget in the long run.

Make sure to avoid making these common mistakes so you can enjoy your first home ever without regretting any decision you’ve made to buy it.

How You Can Determine if Your Partner is Addicted to Online Porn

Online Porn Addiction Case in UtahAn addiction to online pornography might be tough to spot, regardless of how strong your suspicions are. Porn addicts now have easy access to free porn sites and chat lines making it harder for them to control their addiction. And while online pornography is pretty much widespread and to some extent acceptable, it is usually a huge problem for many couples, especially if one gets addicted. Watch out for these telltale signs that might indicate your partner is addicted to porn.

Private Use of the Computer or Mobile Devices

This secretive behavior enables an addict to look at porn sites without you knowing. Ask yourself this: whenever you walk into the room, does your partner suddenly change what he or she is viewing?

Lengthy and Unexplained Hours Online

According to a porn addiction recovery specialist in Utah, the majority of porn addicts, if provided the chance, will spend all their waking hours viewing online porn, more so as their addiction progresses. This typically means time spent at home or at work. They will gradually lose track of time while looking at porn and argue about and/or be defensive regarding the time they spend on their computers or mobile devices.

Erasing Internet Browsing History

Majority of people addicted to pornography are adept at hiding their Internet activity from their partners. They regularly erase their browsing history, so that their partners won’t be able to see the sites they frequently visit.

Extreme Hostility When Pornography is Being Discussed

Porn addicts are extremely sensitive to any suggestion that they might be viewing online pornography. Normally, their reaction to any insinuation is very graphic and defensive, to the point that they might get really angry and hostile.

Reduced Intimacy and/or Sexual Drive

Because addicts have what’s called a “fantasy sexual life” that’s exactly the way they want their sexual life to be, real sexual intercourse with their partners who have their own needs and wants in the bedroom will become less and less appealing to them over time.

If you are concerned that your partner might be addicted to online porn, seeking professional counseling is the most crucial step that you could take. This will help you both deal with the addiction more easily and open-mindedly and give your partner support that he or she needs to beat porn addiction.

Check Out These 4 Smart Ideas to Make Your House Awesome

Front DoorAre you currently looking for ideas that can beef up the look and feel of your house? Well, you are on the right page. Here are some clever solutions you may consider when remodeling or renovating your home:

Decorate your Home with Blinds

Many households use blinds as a window treatment, as they're easy to maintain, set up, and clean. On top of that, they can match any interior décor you wish to achieve. You can also ask your preferred supplier to personalized them to fit the size of your windows. These come in an array of colors that will surely enhance the overall look of your home.

Add a Colorful Door

A colorful door is undeniably one of the easiest, smartest ways to add curb appeal to your home. With their beauty and elegance, you can impress guests as they walk in. Note that your front door is the first thing a visitor notices about your house. As such, a thoughtfully painted door is one good way to create a good first impression. What is great is that you can find a number of colored front doors for sale available in the market. 

Come Up with a Modern Atmosphere

Giving your home as well as your backyard a modern, unique atmosphere can add a character to your entire property. For example, you may add a trellis with noteworthy tiles or a unique concrete patio with pebbles to add more personality and elegance. Adding more accessories, like modern chairs, will also help create the modern design that you want to achieve.

Following the ideas above will help you add an outstanding curb appeal and totally change your home. What are you waiting for?

The Four Key Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Trampoline

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a TrampolineTrampolines are certainly an excellent way to exercise while having fun at it. A plethora of people (both adults as well as children) residing in the United States have trampolines in their backyards and hence, it has become iconic. Whether you are seeking to replace your worn out trampoline or buy your very first one, below are the four top factors that you should take into consideration so as to find the perfect fit for your family.


Without a doubt, purchasing a trampoline can be a costly investment. However, there is no need to worry because there are different models to suit everyone’s budget. With that in mind, round trampolines are more cost effective than rectangular trampolines and hence more popular. The primary reason which makes a rectangular model more costly is the fact that it has a thick frame tube as well as thicker metal thus prevent bending at the sides. As such, this makes it more rigid and is usually the preference when partaking in trampoline gymnastics. However, in instances where a trampoline is purposely to relish thrilling ball games, wrestling, and other leisure activities, then a circular one certainly does the trick.

Yard Space

Before making your purchase, it is crucial to give a thought to the amount of available yard space you have. Nevertheless, even the smallest yard can accommodate a round trampoline. For instance, there are mini models available with a frame size of less than 1.5metres and are perfect for young children.  If your preference is a larger model that can accommodate two kids then perhaps a round one with a frame size of slightly less than 2.5 meters would be ideal.  Of course, if you happen to have a spacious backyard you may opt for a model with a frame size larger than 4.5 meters which guarantee you will have a blast with your kids and their friends.


The security enclosure of a trampoline is crucial when buying one. The net enclosure should be safely attached inside the springs to ensure the jumpers keep away from the frame. Additionally, a tightly-weaved model not only provides additional strength but also ensures your fingers do not get caught up in the net. Metal rods around the top of the net provide extra support and prevent the net from sagging. When younger children are jumping on the trampoline, you should be on the lookout for safety features such as safety clips on the entry zip.

Of course, it goes without saying, there are other factors to consider such as the thickness of the safety pad. However, this article should arm you with sufficient information to get started and help you select a model which best suits your needs. Recognized experts in the United States can always assist you with additional advice where required.


Why Is Your Earthmoving Business Not Improving?

Earthmoving BusinessStarting a business is tough and trying to improve it is a whole different story. An expert from Hire Direct Ltd suggests that you have to find a way to keep your company’s expenses intact by getting heavy equipment rentals instead of buying new ones. You also have to come up with different strategies to get on top. To do this, identify the problems first to recognize more viable solutions.

The Underlying Problems and Solutions

An earthmoving business face plenty of unpredictable elements to deal with:

  • Excavation is an easy task, but the issue arise when you have to remove all the dirt. Plan ahead of the project to avoid wasted time.
  • Clients will be easy to deal with until it’s time to pay the bills. A huge industry problem that commonly impacts cash flow is late payments. Refer to this guideline to wisely collect from your clients.
  • Hire the right people for the business to avoid unreliable operators and staff members that charge the industry more than they actually make.
  • Unsteady workloads that cause massive cash flow issues for businesses, which can only be solved by staying financial prepared.
  • Poor weather conditions can cause unpredictable delays, so try to think of ways to avoid this or make up for the delays before starting any project.

Reliable Resource

As soon as you solve the underlying problems, ensure that you maintain your current financial status. It’s crucial that you keep your business updated with all the latest developments to keep up with the growing industry trends. This tactic will keep you locked in whenever useful new industry opportunities come.

A resource you can use to keep posted is Australian Earthmoving, which is an online magazine that features articles spanning from reviews regarding new earthmoving equipment to innovative excavation tactics. By joining the online forums, you get to learn about valuable industry know-how, insider tips and pieces of advice from colleagues in the Earthmoving business.

Developing your earthmoving business can be quite challenging. Recognizing the problems first will lead you to viable solutions.