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Improve Your Appearance with Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

Dental crowns in different colorsDespite what magazines and movies would like people to think, perfect smiles are less common than one would imagine. However, developments in cosmetic dentistry are constantly making it easier, safer and more affordable for patients to achieve the smile they have always wanted.

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast consists of a wide variety of dental treatments including teeth whitening, dental veneers and crowns. All these treatments are available in many dental practices, Blue Sky Dentistry included.

Teeth whitening

A popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry, professional teeth whitening can improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth dramatically in as little as an hour. The whitening products used by an experienced cosmetic dentist are of a higher concentration compared to over-the-counter whitening products.

Professional whitening treatments are administered by experienced and professional dentists, both to ensure great results and minimise sensitivity or damage to the teeth. Common professional whitening treatments in Belfast include power whitening, which is performed in the dentist’s chair, and home whitening, which involves the use of customised bleaching trays at home.


Crowns are installed in order to replace the exterior of badly damaged teeth, while also preventing total wear and tooth loss. Dental crowns with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast are made entirely of high-quality dental porcelain, a beautiful, natural-looking material that reflects light in the same way as natural tooth enamel. In addition to being ideal for patients with a metal allergy, porcelain crowns encase the tooth and preserve a larger quantity of natural tooth enamel. Crowns can also be used in combination with dental implants.

Dental veneers

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast would be incomplete without dental veneers. For many years, veneers have been a popular treatment for changing smiles. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also durable. These wafer-thin porcelain shells are bonded to the front of a tooth after minor preparation. A single veneer can change the appearance of a single tooth, whereas multiple veneers can offer a complete smile makeover. Porcelain veneers can alter the appearance of chipped, cracked, discoloured, misshapen, misaligned and oddly spaced teeth. Since they are customised, they are also colour-specific to each patient’s smile.

5 Things to Avoid When Reusing Household Grey Water

a little girl drinking waterRecycling grey water can help reduce pressure on scarce water resources. However, you should collect, store and use this waste water correctly. Here are five don’ts to remember when reusing your grey water:

Don’t neglect your grey water system

Grey water systems for homes vary in their complexity and maintenance requirements. Regardless of the system you want, have a licensed plumber install it. After installation, you should regularly check if the system is working correctly.

Don’t store untreated grey water for extended periods

If you don’t intend to treat your waste water, you need to use it quickly. If you decide to store untreated grey water, you must use it within 24 hours. Otherwise, the waste water will begin to putrefy. The bacteria in the water will start feeding on organic solids, leading to rapid degradation and contamination of the water.

Don’t use untreated grey water to water fruits, herbs, and vegetables

You can use grey water to water your plants. The plants will absorb the organic materials in the water, reducing the need to treat the water. However, you should not use this waste water to water fruits or herbs and vegetables that you either eat raw or partly cooked.

Don’t allow animals to drink grey water

Grey water is non-toilet waste water. Still, the water may contain pathogens and chemicals that may pose some health and environmental risks. Accordingly, the water is best for non-potable applications. Do not let your pets ingest this water.

Don’t irrigate with warm grey water

Grey water is often discharged hot or warm. It is, therefore, important to store the waste water for a while before using it for irrigation purposes. Hot water may kill beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.

Untreated or poorly managed household grey water can pose some hazards to people and plants. Accordingly, you need to reuse your waste water appropriately. Adhere to the best practices of grey water recycling to ensure the safety of your family, pets and plants.