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Wedding Fairs: Are They Worth the Visit?

Bride-to-be being assisted in choosing a wedding dressWeddings have always been magical regardless of the type one chooses to have. Whether it is a small and intimate ceremony or a lavish one, having the right wedding suppliers can help make or break your big day.

When it comes to weddings, Filipinos invest a lot of time and effort in finding the best wedding suppliers in the Philippines. It’s no wonder bridal fairs are regularly held and frequented by couples. But is it really worth the visit? Read on to find out.

Meet suppliers

One of the main reasons couples love visiting bridal fairs is because they can meet potential suppliers on the events. Everything you need, from gowns, venues, and cakes to giveaways and coordinators, can be found in a bridal fair. Talk about convenience!

Get good deals

Booking suppliers on the spot can garner you a number of great deals that are surely a bargain. There is no better way to get the type of service that you want from a reputable supplier without busting your budget than through bridal fairs.

Get inspirations

You can get different ideas from various people that you can use for your own wedding. Magazines do a good deal, but nothing beats seeing those setups and motifs, and talking to a professional on the spot.

Enjoy freebies

It’s important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as bring a big bag when attending a wedding fair. Not only will you be walking around and meeting a lot of suppliers; you will also be surprised with the freebies that you can take home. Another good news is that some suppliers offer free food and cake tasting.

Wedding fairs are definitely worth your time. Aside from all the freebies and ideas that you can get, going to fairs with your friends, family, or significant other is a good bonding activity in the midst of crazy wedding planning. So, enjoy it!

Top 3 Criminal Defense Law Myths Debunked

Lawyer about to pound a gavelThe last thing you want is work with an incompetent and inexperienced lawyer who only talks about the figures in payments, but has no client’s interests at heart. This is why you will need to be thorough with your research. The most convenient time to unmask your lawyer’s experience and professionalism is during the interview.

However, you must quickly find the truth behind the myths surrounding criminal law so you can make informed decisions.

Myth #1: Eyewitness’ testimony is not evidence

Finding the right law firm in Littleton or wherever you reside is a wise move. However, the fact is that eyewitnesses are actually the most dependable source of evidence used in many courts. It is believed that anyone with all the five senses can report precisely what happened. Therefore, eyewitnesses are often trusted with the type of information they provide.

Myth #2: A police officer can dismiss your case

Cops will utter anything as long as you are a suspect. They might make promises and judgments that may seem binding and final. But in as much as they can influence the decisions made at the courts, they don’t really determine significant decisions made by the jury. Nevertheless, you still need to be cautious about what you say when you are confronted.

Myth #3: You don’t get charged when you confess

People will tell you what they believe. Cops will convince you to confess your crimes. But once you are a suspect, you can do little about the charges you face. Confession means you did the crime. This simply means you must be charged for the violations you committed. Therefore, the best way to go about your decisions is by consulting a reputable defense lawyer.

Now that you know the truth about these criminal law myths, facing authorities when charged with a criminal offense should not be an issue to make you freeze. The first thing you need to do when confronted by the police is to call a defense lawyer.