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Here’s Why Being a Franchise Broker Is a Rewarding Job

Businessman shaking hands after dealWould you like to become a franchise broker? You have come to the right place. Below are three basic things about the job and why it counts as fun and truly rewarding work.

Next-Level Matchmaking

Being a franchise broker entails a lot of legwork. But if you’re result-oriented and enjoy solving problems, this job is perfect for you. You basically help investors find the right type of business for them to franchise and serve as a bridge between them and the franchising company from start to finish.

You serve as their guide in every step of the way and lead them to the right company that will help them succeed in their business undertaking.

Knowing the Ins and Outs

Once you learn the ropes of franchising and all the ins and outs of the companies you deal with, it gives you a wealth of knowledge that you can use when the time comes that you want to invest in your own business franchise.

As you work, you also train yourself to become an expert in this area of business and get to use that expertise for starting your own business or helping friends and family start their own. You could also take on consultancy roles later on, which will serve as another stream of income for you.

Making It Easy for Investors

As you get more familiar with how things are done and how each company works, you get to develop a more strategic and streamlined method in tackling every step involved in the process. This will save you time, effort and energy, making you a more efficient broker.

This efficiency will directly benefit your clients as you can get them through every stage with ease and get them started with their businesses sooner. That spells success for both you and your clients.

Being a franchise broker is hard work, but it’s also a fun and rewarding job that benefits you and your customers every step of the way. Best of all, you get the opportunity to gain practical business knowledge in the process of helping out investors find the ideal business for them.

Moving Blues: How to Help Teens Cope with House Relocation

Family relocating to a new houseMoving to a new house is an exciting new season in life. But this might not be the case for your teenage children. In fact, relocation could trigger depression. This could be brought by the fear of leaving friends in their school or the uncertainty of not fitting in in the community you’re moving to. That said, here are tips to help them cope with this major life change:

Involve them in the details of the move

It’s ideal to share with the kids the plan to move as soon as you’ve decided to push through. Doing this will ease them into the idea of relocation bit by bit. It’s best if they could help in searching for homes and neighbourhoods. You never know, they might just find good deals, like house and land packages around Truganina, Victoria, with only a few taps and clicks on their phones.

Focus on social relationships

As mentioned, most teens get anxious during this time because they’re leaving friends. Plan on going back to your old neighbourhood a month after the move and promise them that you would make time for revisiting old friends in the future. Encourage them as well to use social networking sites to stay connected with their friends.

Similarly, help them socialise. Let them go to their new classmates’ house parties. Host your own party to meet neighbours. Go to where the people are, in cafes, parks, or gyms.

Encourage them to open up to you

Often, teens wouldn’t communicate to you their struggles. Or, they could just be showing one side of a spectrum of emotions they feel, either anger or sadness. Be discerning on when it’s okay to initiate talks with them. And when you do finally talk, don’t dismiss their emotions.

Instead, share your feelings of uncertainty about this new chapter in your life as well. When they sense that you’re transparent to them, chances are, they’ll open up to you also. From there, you can make action plans better based on what they feel.

Moving to a new home might be an overwhelming change for your teens. Follow these tips to keep their emotional health intact.

Importing and Exporting 101: Differentiating Brokers and Forwarders

The difference between Forwarders and BrokersThere is some confusion over what customs brokers and freight forwarders are. Some think that one is the other or believe that the two terms mean the same thing. Customs brokers and freight forwarders two distinct roles, however. Each provides a different set of services and caters to different kinds of companies participating in international trade.

Customs Brokers

Customs brokers are individuals, associations, or companies that handle customs transactions. They ensure products receive customs clearance upon entering the Philippines or any other country. Brokers help speed up the process and make sure the importing process all goes smoothly. Though less common, they can also handle customs requirements for exporting products.

Companies that deal with imported goods are the main clients of licensed customs brokers. They serve as intermediaries between importers and the government’s department of customs. Brokers ensure importers’ products are up to code, appropriately classified, and have all the necessary paperwork.

Customs brokers need in-depth and accurate knowledge of import codes and regulations, so they are required to pass a comprehensive examination. This ensures their familiarity with applicable trade restrictions, agreements and tariff laws to receive their license before engaging in official business.

Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders take care of the logistics and shipping part of the supply chain. They arrange for, track, and facilitate the smooth shipment of a company’s products. They traditionally deal with the export of goods, although some have expanded their services to include importation for additional customer service.

Take note, though, that freight forwarding firms act as intermediaries between its shipping partners and a company looking to ship or receive goods. They may provide clients with temporary warehouse facilities, as well, or connect them with partner warehouses for any goods that need to be stored before delivery, but their core service lies in logistics.

Best of Both Services

Companies that offer both freight forwarding and licensed customs broker services provide clients with greater efficiency and convenience. These third-party logistics services companies provide a more seamless process and offer simplified routing solutions for an improved delivery time frame.

Both customs brokers and freight forwarders help companies have a stress-free experience in dealing with their imported and exported goods. They help facilitate smoother transactions and logistics for efficient business operations of their clients.

Why a Pizza Franchise is a Great Option for First-Time Investors

delivery man bringing pizza to customer's doorstepFor those who want to enter a business venture but are unsure how to begin because it’s your first time, it’s best to choose a franchise that’s solid and straightforward. Therefore, let’s avoid the technical business terminologies and aim to present how pizza franchises can benefit you in the best but simplest way possible.

You can start with these top three advantages.

An Extensive Market

Your target market includes varying cultures, different age groups and all genders. Also, this delicious dish is currently making waves internationally. Many countries even have their own local versions of it.

According to the research company Gallup, more than 90% of Americans regularly eat pizza while other countries have their own booming statistics. These are your possible future loyal customers.

Time-Proven Business Plans

Buying a pizza franchise means you will be under a popular and established brand that will guide you through their business setup, plans and operations. Since they already have the experience and success backing your first-time venture all the way, it would be easier for you to succeed in your first enterprise.

Just make sure you choose a proven and successful franchise package and company, so you are given a bigger chance at being a hit in your community.

Convenient and Popular Product

Hardly anyone can say no to pizza. What was originally offered only in restaurants is now being directly delivered to homes, offices and other venues and this adds to the number of customers pizza franchises are now serving.

There are a great number of choices for flavors, toppings and sizes that buyers can easily personalize their orders, making pizza even more enjoyable for consumers.

These are just a few of the best reasons you should consider getting into the pizza business. This is a venture that offers a convenient, delicious and even personalized food item to a great number of loyal customers.

If you intend to make a mark in the business community despite being new at entrepreneurship, invest in a pizza franchise. It’s still one of the best ventures to date.

You Just Opened a Salon? Here is How You Successfully Grow It

Stylist in hair salonSo you just started a salon business? Now is the best time to do so since this industry is growing. It has made a significant comeback since the recession, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

If you’re now operating one, then you must know the things that go with owning a salon. To recap, learn about the three phases of a salon business to give you a solid foundation.

Operating the business

The first thing you have to know for a solid foundation about business is knowing how to operate one properly. You have to turn the ideas that you have into concrete plans.

Consider these questions in making your business plan:

  • What is my estimated budget for the operations of a salon?
  • What are the non-negotiable costs?
  • Is my location ideal?
  • Am I targeting the right customers?
  • Is my staff complete or should I hire more?

Answering these necessary questions and consulting a business mentor about your operations will serve as your roadmap. It will also be a definite way to guide your business to success.

Keeping the salon open

Now that you’ve been operating smoothly, it is time to materialize the plan to keep it going and open.

Here are the important things you have to consider:

  • Be sure that you will make it a comfortable place that they would want to visit.
  • Render them excellent service. Keep them coming back with their great overall experience.
  • Save money for marketing. Set marketing plans to attract more clients and become successful.

Growing your business

You have made your salon business a success. Then it is the right time for expansion. The good news is that a salon business loan is available and you can apply. This can aid you in furthering your business ventures, such as opening up a second branch or having a major renovation.

Don’t hesitate on this investment because beginning a second location is a great opportunity to grow your business even more.

Now that you know how to run your salon business, get ready to start doing them. Make sure you operate your salon properly, keep it open, and seek ways further grow it. Now success is now within your reach.

Why Healthcare Franchises Are Perfect For Military Veterans

Military veterans smilingMilitary veterans are particularly successful at managing franchise businesses because of their disciplined behavior and adherence to strict protocol, which is somewhat similar to following a franchisor’s guidelines.

It’s not surprising then that veterans own one out of seven franchises in the U.S., including franchises in the healthcare industry. It’s even one of the more common types of franchises they take as they are most likely familiar with how the system works for those who require medical care.

Home Care Opportunities

Senior Helpers’ homecare franchise opportunities are just some of the best options for running a healthcare business, especially since Americans spend a significant portion of their money on medical expenses.

Healthcare spending in 2016 reached $3.3 trillion, or nearly $10,350 per person. This figure placed the country as the top spender for medical services in the world. Critical illness accounts for 50% of expenses with $104,515 of per-capita spending. It would take a while to crunch these numbers and find out how much you can earn from a specific market, but it is apparent that a healthcare franchise is a promising venture.

Franchisee Qualifications

Veterans are perfect candidates for franchisees not only because of their ability to follow a routine, but also due to their leadership skills. Any kind of business requires someone who can effectively manage a team, after all.

However, the real advantage of owning a franchise involves different incentives for them. Many franchisors offer a 10% discount on their franchising fees as a way of helping veterans in adjusting to civilian life. The government also has several programs designed to assist them in buying a franchise.

Veterans should consider a franchise as a good source of income. It also helps them to get back on their feet, while still applying the skills they learned in the military to the business world.

Record Demand for Commercial Real Estate Drives Prices in Vancouver

a view of office buildingsIf you have a chance to buy commercial property for sale in Vancouver, you should grab it. Commercial real estate rental rates are rising as the low supply meets high demand. The trend began in 2016, and experts believed it had peaked by the end of 2017. However, the numbers show that is not the case.

Office Space

Office space vacancies were 10% by the end of 2017. By the opening 2018, it was 5%, the lowest in North America. Developers are rushing to create more space, but it will take at least two years for any of them to be ready. In the meantime, the rent for office spaces is rising.

Some high-end office buildings sell out for as much as $2,000 per square foot. With lease prices at around $50 per square foot, this is a good investment. Pre-leasing is also doing brisk business, with tech companies such as Amazon taking over large chunks of office real estate.

Industrial Space

Office rentals are not the only ones seeing a boom in the market. Industrial spaces are also running out, mostly warehouses. Vancouver has a current vacancy rate of just 2.3%. e-commerce companies looking for a place to store their products took up most of the occupied or reserved spaces.

Rental rates soared by 13.6% in 2017 at $10.23 per square foot because of this demand. Some analysts believe that Vancouver may be the first city in Canada to develop multi-story warehouses.

It is a good time to invest in commercial properties for sale in Vancouver. If you can get a good price considering the potential returns, you should consider putting your money in now while demand is high.

Some experts say that the surge in demand and prices in the past two years will stabilize as companies look outside of Vancouver for more affordable options. Even then, the city will continue to attract top companies for a long time to come.

Improve Efficiency in Your Warehouse with These 2 Steps

Store house rackThe key to running successful warehouse lies in your ability to maximise productivity while saving on time and costs. To achieve such a feat, you need to go beyond putting everything in its rightful place for easy access.

In addition to an excellent pallet racking system, you need to refine your processes as well. Increasing efficiency is essential to cutting costs, and making small changes, regardless of the size of your operation, can help improve workplace efficiency.

1. Review Your Layout

The layout of the facility influences the productivity levels, with a poor layout causing you to lose precious work hours. For the best results, you need to create a layout that centres on the kind of goods that you handle. This way, you can give priority to fast-moving goods and have them near the front. Such a move saves on time and helps you to fill many orders on a given day.

Having a great layout also eliminates numerous safety hazards including fires and injuries. Having clearly defined routes also increases turnaround times.

2. Embrace Technology

Evolving warehouse technology provides custom solutions to suit any operation that you may have going, and it affords you a boatload of benefits. It reduces many of the manual chores to a click of a button to let you put your workers to better use. With the help of barcode scanners, you can take inventory of your supplier at the entry point.

Doing so eliminates the need for a manual count. You can use the data that results to track your sales identify fast moving products and predict your sales. Technology lets you avoid stock outs while sparing the losses that result from obsolete inventory.

The key to running a profitable warehouse depends on your ability to streamline your operations. With the help of modern technology, you can increase your operational efficiency and grow your profits.

Modern Living: A Guide to Fire Pits and City Life

Modern fire pitEven in the city people enjoy gathering around the warmth of a fire. Choosing between a wood- and gas-burning fires pits should be a decision you consider carefully. In a rural setting, wood-burning firepits are definitely the choice. However, in a city setting, there are a few more things to consider.


Urban fire pits have to match up to their surroundings. Though there is a certain charm to wood-burning fire pits, fire glass crystals, and other decorative elements make gas-burning fire pits sights to behold.

Brightly colored fire glass crystals evoke a feeling of magical fantasy while remaining classy and elegant. Wood-burning fire pits can be problematic in an urban setting. The smoke produced can be unsightly and can bring about complaints from the neighbors.


Some cities regulate or even prohibit the burning of wood within city confines. Gas-burning firepits produce almost zero smoke, minimizing the risk of an overly excited neighbor calling emergency services.

Less smoke also means less soot and particles. About 80–90% of wood smoke is fine particulate matter. These cause irritations to the eyes and lungs, causing sneezing, coughing, or shortness of breath. The dangers are heightened on people with asthma and heart problems.

Chronic exposure to smoke can also lead to respiratory problems, lung cancer, and heart disease. Both wood and gas-burning fire pits have safety issues, but proper installation and use can bring down the risks to negligible levels.


In a rural setting, it is most convenient to use a wood-burning fire pit since wood is free and accessible. In a city setting, access to wood is limited and a bit costly.

Wood also takes a bit of time to light, maintain, and clean up. On the other hand, gas-burning stoves need less maintenance, are easier to use and need almost no cleaning.

Take into account where you live before deciding on a fire pit. Your city may have regulations on size and fuel, so do a bit of research to make sure you abide by the rules.

Three Tips For Promoting Your Gym

GymStarting a gym is a lucrative business idea, as more and more people are leaning towards the healthy lifestyle. There are some investments you need to make for you to earn big in the long run. These include equipment, personnel, and of course marketing.

Investing in the marketing aspect of your gym can help grow your business. Often, some gym and fitness centres are quite clueless on how to promote their business. They may even think that this side of the business is expensive.

If you are looking for some tips on how to do it right, here are some of the pointers to keep in mind, as approved by a reliable fitness marketing agency.

Work with influencers

If you want to target young people who are looking for fitspiration, you will need to work with influencers. Your influencers, of course, should be fitness enthusiasts to make your marketing campaign credible. This is a much cheaper way to market your gym compared to getting local celebrity endorsers.

Build an app or website

Your target audiences are online, so you need to reach them in various ways. Other than a social media page, you may need to build an app. Make it useful by adding some functions, such as heart rate recorder, steps tracker, and exercise scheduling. A website is also useful for sharing fitness information (through your blog)

Go free

Brand activations are a nice way to make your brand much more known. For one, you can set an “Open Gym” where people can work out for free. If they sign-up, they may get the free services of a fitness trainer for a month.

Marketing your gym should not be a difficult task. You have to keep it simple for your messaging to work. Partner with a reliable creative and digital marketing agency to make your plans happen.