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Top Reasons to Get a CDL for Your Truck Driving Job

a man driving a truckTruck drivers are sought-after because of the demand in specific industries for transporting their goods across the country. If you’re planning to have a career in truck driving, you won’t need much. You don’t even need to have a college degree. However, to distinguish yourself from everyone else vying for the same work, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license or CDL.

Centerline Drivers, a CDL driver staffing company, cites the following reasons to get this kind of license:

Better Marketability

Many people can get a driver’s license or a high school diploma; having both means, you’re only average. These won’t set you apart from other people looking for the same job.

A CDL for Class A, B or C vehicles makes you more marketable to companies that have different fleets and use various trucks of varying weights. This license gives you an advantage because it shows you can drive a truck in any industry. You’ll have a specific qualification that makes you more appealing to companies.

More Jobs Available to You

Just getting a license may allow you to drive for individual companies but you won’t have many choices. A commercial driver’s license opens more doors to you, and some of these opportunities pay more than others.

A CDL for the three classes (A, B, C), along with certain endorsements, allows you to drive more trucks and heavier vehicles within the classifications’ descriptions. Some of these provide you with a higher salary because of the volume of goods you have to move, the number of passengers you need to transport, or the safety risk involved in transporting the goods (such as when you’re moving hazardous materials).

Better Benefits Package and Salary

A CDL not only provides you with more choices of vehicle to drive and companies to work with but also a chance at a better compensation package. You have more leverage in negotiating the terms of your contract with this license.

These are some of the advantages of getting a commercial driver’s license. Get one to have the edge over other drivers that want the same jobs as you.

Four Benefits of Regular Engine Tune-Up

Mechanic doing some car tune up Your car breaking down in the middle of the highway is not a fun experience. But this is likely to happen if you neglect your car’s maintenance. This is why a regular engine tune-up is important. It ensures that your vehicle is always in excellent condition. Here are more advantages of regular car tune-ups.

1. Cuts Car Costs

You can think of a tune-up as preventative maintenance. After all, it catches small problems before they get any worse. Bigger problems cost more to fix. A single comprehensive vehicle tune-up can prevent these extra costs.

2. Extends Vehicle Lifespan

There is no way to repair a dead engine. The only way to fix your car is to have the engine replaced.

So, it’s important to prevent the engine from dying in the first place. A simple oil change or checking your belts every now and then can save your engine from premature death. Preventative maintenance is cheaper than buying a new car, after all.

3. Better Performance

Over time, certain parts of the engine tend to get loose, and these can adversely affect your car’s performance. Vehicles that perform poorly are less efficient and consume more fuel. A professional vehicle tune-up boosts your car’s efficiency and helps it run smoothly and economically.

4. Road Safety

Your safety should be of paramount importance. But if your car is poorly maintained, anything can go wrong, even if you follow the road code. Your car could break down in the middle of the highway, or the breaks could give out. Having your car checked once in a while can help you avoid these mishaps.

As a car owner, you should pay attention to the condition of your vehicle. A regular tune-up not only keeps your car performing well, but it also saves you from car problems down the road.


Tips Before Buying an Off-Road Dirt Bike

A bike enthusiast enjoying a sandy terrain rideOff-road dirt bikes, especially the ones you can buy from dealers such as, are unique motorbikes. They have exceptional suspension, and they have powerful motors. Built for the toughest road conditions, often in a sports and recreational setting, these bikes are for thrill-seekers and the adventurous.

If you think this bike is the right one for your spirit, you are on your own way in owning one. But before you start searching for off-road dirt bikes for sale, new or second-hand, take a look at some important considerations.

Prepare for the price

Motorcycles may come cheap; from a few hundred dollars to the really expensive ones at several thousand dollars. As with off-road dirt bikes, you can buy a new one starting from $400 to $17,000, on average. Of course, there are some expensive ones beyond $20,000.

For used bikes, one can fetch an old model from $100 to a newer model at $16,000. If you have a small budget, buy the less powerful models since they are cheaper to manage and have low insurance premiums.

When scouting showrooms, set a budget. Sales people are very good at convincing buyers, especially if you have not set a limit.

Be wise with insurance

Before buying a bike, learn more about the available insurance options. Without claims, new riders often pay higher insurance. As they progress with experience, the payments are lower. For your bike to stay in tip-top shape, keep it garaged.

In choosing the type of insurance, it is best to find a comprehensive one. It is more expensive, but it covers damage to the bike, including those brought by other vehicles. Insurance that covers for third party, fire and theft is also a good option.

The most basic of all bike insurance is the third-party bike insurance, which only covers third-party damage or injury.

When you are buying a second-hand bike, be sure to check the bike’s vehicle history, service history, its MOT certificate, and the seller’s ID. It is important that you are getting a good deal.

Watch Out for Fuel Problems in Your UTV

UTVAn Argo 8×8 Hunting XTV can easily take you where you need to go on a hunt, and it can take quite a beating too from external forces. Its insides may not be as hardy, however. What fuel you feed your utility transport vehicle will affect the performance you experience from your vehicle. When you use bad fuel, you end up with a poor-performing transport that can die on you anytime on a hunt.

Watch Out for the Signs

Loss of transportation on a hunt can be dangerous. For your safety from such a predicament, you can watch out for signs that indicate a problem with your UTV’s fuel. An abnormally-revving engine, for example, can mean a problem with your fuel. Another sign has fuel running out of the UTV’s carburetor even with the petcock closed. In the worst-case scenario, your engine may stumble and die when you throttle it but will stay idly running when you don’t.

The Ethanol Problem

Fuel problems usually stem from contaminants that pollute your gas. Ethanol counts among those contaminants, along with water. Ethanol contains and attracts oxygen from its surroundings, and when it ingests enough oxygen, it will become heavier than your gas. The ethanol then undergoes phase separation which brings the ethanol-water mixture down to the bottom of your fuel tank.

Effects of Ethanol

Now, ethanol and water under your fuel can cause havoc on your engine. Simultaneously, they also bring the octane rating of your fuel crashing down. Lower octane fuel can subsequently lead to clogs and varnish in your fuel tank.

Protect Your UTV

To save your Argo 8×8 hunting XTV‘s engine, and ultimately save yourself from expensive repairs and fatal hazards on a hunt, you can stick with 100 percent fuel if you can. Otherwise, use high octane fuel, and mix in a fuel additive to make the fuel last longer, but do consume the fuel within 30 days to eliminate any risks.

Once you follow the solutions above, you can trust that your UTV will now take you where you need to go safely.

Types of Welds Used In Construction

A welder at workJoints are an important part of all constructions. Welded joints are the best since they are stronger and have a better fatigue and impact load compared to other joints. They are also smooth in appearance, giving any construction a high aesthetic appeal.

The use of welding is very common in various Edmonton industries such as Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. These include the automotive, aeronautic and construction industries among others. There are multiple types of welds depending on your specific application. Here are some of the common types of welds.

Fillet Welds

Fillet welds are used in joining two surfaces at a right angle to each other. There are several types of fillet welds including staggered intermittent, chain intermittent and full fillet welds. These types of welds are mainly used in biding and bridge constructions typically in a tee, lap or corner configuration. They include plate girders, stiffeners, bracing and bearing connections and end plates.

Butt Welds

These are typically used to accommodate an alteration in thickness or make up the available construction material length in construction. They are usually used in flanges and webs of in-line joints or their rolled sections. Butt welded tee-joints are used in areas where substantial loading and fatigue is a concern in transverse connections.

Groove Welds

Groove welds comprise of beads deposited in grooves between two materials which should be joined. They include single-V, single-J, square groove, single-bevel groove, flare-V and flare bevel welds. Edge-welding joints are a common type of groove welds used to join two adjacent pieces with flanging edges.

A surfacing weld is composed of one or several weaves or string beads laid on a continuous surface to get the desired dimension or property. It is used in building up surfaces or replacing metal on worn out surfaces. At times, a surfacing weld is used in conjunction with a square butt weld.

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Secure on the Lift

Motorcycle LiftFor people who have motorcycles or work on motorcycles, the worst part about doing a task is that everything is below your waist. You have to kneel, stoop, or lie down in order to work on motorcycles. There’s a reason the Titan 1500Xlt motorcycle lift exists, and that is to allow owners and mechanics to get close to the machine without breaking their backs.

Benefits of a motorcycle lift

The motorcycle lift is designed to make cleaning, repairs and inspection much easier to do. It raises the two-wheeled vehicle a proper distance above the ground, where it is more accessible.

The lift has several safety features to ensure that the mechanic stays safe, and the motorcycle is raised without any accident. However, it is up to the user to make sure that the vehicle is tied down and balanced before raising it for work.

Safety measures

Some of the things that are required are adjustable straps, wood shims and padding. The padding is placed where the straps would touch the motorcycle. The wood shims are placed below the motorcycle where it would touch the lift.

When the straps are tightened, the pressure might dent the bottom of the bike. The wooden shims, preferably wood from a cargo pallet or something soft, would dent and compress instead of any of the motorcycle’s metal parts.

When all seems balanced, check the motorcycle that it does not rock or wiggle. You should also use a piece of paper and slide it under the bike where it touches the lift’s rubber pads or the wooden shims. If the paper can slide in, then the bike is not yet securely strapped in.

It is important to make sure that the motorcycle is strapped in properly before raising the lift. If it is not balanced, the bike might fall off the lift while you are working on it.

Ways Parents Can Enhance Children’s Safety in Vehicles

Kid sitting at the back of the carThere are times you need to travel together with your small children. Whether you’re visiting a relative or going out for a weekend vacation, it’s important that you keep yourself and your children safe while on the road.

But sometimes children may not behave the way you want them to, and they could get hurt while inside the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that children could get hurt from the vehicle’s power windows and have offered some ways for you to prevent it.

1. Activate the switch to lock the windows.

This is the most convenient way to prevent your kids from playing power window switches. Recent vehicle models, including those sold in used car dealerships in Bradenton, are likely equipped with such technologies.

2. Educate children with power window safety.

Tell your children what could happen to them if they play with power window switches and advise them to refrain from getting near the switches. Kids often get injured if their body parts are stuck by an accidentally closing power window.

3. Infants and toddlers should be properly restrained in a car seat.

Not only is this required by law, but it could also prevent the child from reaching the window switch. It’s also important that you check your child whenever you need to activate the window on their side.

4. Don’t leave your children.

By all means, don’t leave your children alone inside the vehicle mostly if the engine is running. Disaster awaits if children play inside the car while the engine is running.

For further power window safety, you may want to check your vehicle owner’s manual on how your power windows work. In newer vehicle models, switches are often pulled to close the window to prevent children from getting stuck if they accidentally put weight on the window switch.

High-end vehicles, on the other hand, may have auto-reversing windows when it senses obstructions.

Military Sales Program: Five Things to Expect

Man used his military sales program for buying a carThe military sales program is the brainchild of the United States government to help military personnel, both in active duty and retired, as well as diplomats and civilians DOD ID cardholders, enjoy benefits abroad while serving the country.

The program aims to help military personnel in purchasing cars while stationed abroad, particularly in Europe. Capitol Motors notes military sales programs in Germany include dealers like Volvo as well as other American and European made cars. Below are some of the things you can enjoy as a small token of appreciation for serving your country:

Counseling program

The difference when buying as a military personnel and as an ordinary civilian is the counseling program that dealers offer their customers. Financial counseling before, during, and after the purchase are offered to help military men with their purchase as well as the paperwork.

Fixed price

Fixed pricing wherever you are in the world is guaranteed. This protects purchasers from fluctuating currencies in their country of purchase. Also, prices in military sales program are lower than standards ones.

Global warranty

Enjoy a 4-year or 50,000-mile (whichever comes first) global warranty. This means your vehicle can be up for free servicing, shipping, or even replacement wherever you are in the world as long as you are transacting with authorized dealers.


Military sales programs offer tax-free vehicles, which makes it cost less than the standard price. However, it is important to talk with your dealer regarding transporting it to other countries where you will be stationed, as you might not be exempted from their tax laws.

Free shipping

Bought your Volvo in Germany? Have it in your home in Utah in a few weeks’ time, for free. Dealers offer free shipping for up to 5 years from Europe to your dealer in the United States.

Are you or do you know any member of the military? Know how you can get the car of your dreams with the military sales program.

Switching to New Vehicles Still Better for the Environment

Car Scrappage yardCars and other vehicles contribute greatly to the CO2 released into the environment. CO2 and other greenhouse gases are major culprits behind climate change and the degradation of the Ozone layer, resulting in an increased frequency of extreme weather events, including storms, floods and prolonged droughts.

To reduce the amount of CO2 emitted each year, it is recommended to scrap your old, existing vehicles, replacing it with a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle. A visit to a local car scrapping service will help you recover some of those costs so that you can have a bit of extra money before you purchase a new car.

The Benefits of Car Scrappage

Car scrapping is beneficial for the environment as it greatly reduces the amount of CO2 that motorists produce each year. Though the scrapping process and the manufacture of new cars do produce emissions as well, statistics show that new cars still produce less CO2 than older models.

One study in 2009 compared over 77,000 scrapped vehicles. Cars over 13 years old on average produce around 179g/km of CO2. In comparison, newer vehicles average at 134g/km. Over time, this can reduce CO2 emissions in the UK by as much as 25%.

UK car buyers are also looking for smaller, more fuel-efficient models in an effort to reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

Lowest CO2 Emissions in Years

The scrap-page scheme is actually having a positive effect on the environment. As of March 2017, carbon emissions in the country had fallen to 1894 levels – the year where the petrol-powered car was first patented.

This year, the CO2 released into the atmosphere totalled 381 million tonnes. Back in 1894, the CO2 produced totalled at 382 million tonnes. This is a massive decrease compared to CO2 levels compared to the 70s when emissions reached an all-time high of 685 million tonnes.

Despite these advancements, the UK still has a long way to go to reduce greenhouse emissions. Switching to more environmentally friendly cars, however, is proving to be useful.

Safe and Cost-Effective: How Wheel Alignments Cut Costs

a well-maintained car wheelTires that are in good alignment can give you a smooth, safe ride. People will reach their destination confident that their tires won’t cause any mishaps on the road. But a safe journey is not all you get from a vehicle with properly aligned wheels. If you make sure that your tires are aligned, you’re lowering the risk of expensive repairs costs, as well.

Efficient Fuel Usage

A wheel that’s misaligned wastes gas. If one of your wheels is out of alignment, it will pull the car slightly to one side. As it drags the rest of the vehicle, you’ll have to push harder on the gas pedal and use up more gas than necessary to keep your speed up. Save on gas by addressing any alignment issues before it worsens.

Fewer Tire Replacements

Gas is not the only aspect that is unnecessarily wasted due to wheel misalignments. Wheels will experience more — not to mention uneven — wear, and drivers will have to replace them more often. Proper alignment saves the tires from excessive damage and prolongs its lifespan.

Fewer Accidents

Sometimes the culprit behind a road accident is a faulty component of a vehicle. A misaligned wheel is one of them and puts the driver at risk for more accidents. If your wheels are aligned properly, you’ll be less at risk of an accident, which saves you from the damage cost and hospital bills.

Signs You Need Alignment

If you need to run to Lakewood, Colorado for a wheel alignment, experts recommend that you annually have your wheels checked. Once you notice glaring signs that your tire needs to be in line, address them immediately. Moreover, if one of your tires is abnormally worn out, or if the steering wheel always pulls to one side when you’re driving, then it’s time to take a trip to your auto repair shop.

Surely, wheel alignment can save you money because it helps promote efficient fuel usage, as well as means fewer tire replacements and accidents. But the more important contribution of proper wheel alignment is you and your family’s safety. So, if you’re eyeing a smooth, safe ride, keep your tires in line.