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Remove Spilled Paint While Wet, and Other Cleanup Tips

a man painting a wallSpilt paint can make any homeowner scream. Paint can be difficult to remove from any surface, but you can clean them off completely with a few expert tips.

Of course, prevention is still better than cure. When you need to colour your home interiors or exteriors, painters in Wellington can get the job done without any spills. Pets and toddlers can get in the way, however, so it will pay to be ready for any possible spill.

Clean While Wet

As much as possible, while the paint is still wet, clean the spill up. Wet paint will be the easiest to remove. Simply scoop up the paint with a spoon, cardboard, or some other tool, and scoop towards the centre.

In this way, you keep the spill from growing larger. Once you can no longer scoop the paint, you can either take the material spilled on to a dry cleaner or clean the spill yourself.

Surface-Specific Solutions

How you clean the paint yourself will depend on where the paint fell on. Spatters on glass, for example, will require dish soap and a safety razor blade. Simply mix the soap with water until it becomes sudsy. Wet the glass with the mixture, and scrape off the paint with the razor at a 45-degree angle.

More difficult surfaces include countertops, vinyl floors, and wood. For countertops, simply rub olive oil on the paint with a dry rag in a circular motion. For vinyl floors, use dish soap and water and scrape the paint off. Finally, for wood, use denatured alcohol and a clean rag.

Paint-Specific Solutions

How you clean the pain will also depend on the type of the paint. Water-based paint simple needs large amounts of water and rags. Oil-based paint, on the other hand, will require turpentine and towels or other highly absorbent cloths.

You now know what to do in case paint spills in your home, although with professional painters, you may relax and trust in the expertise and experiences the pros have with paint.

What You Need to Remember When Buying Antiques and Vintage Items

Vintage jewelry in antique wooden jewelry boxThere is something great about old items. And there is also something beautiful and charming with loving the things that have nostalgic value. Getting such items can be part of your investment strategy (especially if you are looking for Americana or Victorian) or simply an aesthetic display.

But before you go at it, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. This is to protect yourself and make sure that you get your money’s worth.

Here some of the items you need to take into account when buying your antique items, whether it’s a painting or a large vintage copper garden planter.

Take a good look

While old items may obviously look like it, you still need to make sure that they’re vintage just like what the seller is claiming. If you are not good at spotting and authenticating vintage items, it will be safe if you take someone with you who has experience with buying antiques.

Who’s the seller?

Be wary when buying, especially when it comes to a seller. Shortlist at least three, and then look into the offerings of each. More importantly, look at the price points and their range. If you are not sure with your choice, you can always ask your family or a friend who is experienced with these things for validation and recommendation.

Consider going online

If you can’t find a decent seller in your community, you can always go online. Many online sellers offer a wide range of products, from vintage tables to postcards. But before you finally close a deal, it is advisable that you read reviews.

These are some of the things to keep in mind if you are planning to buy antiques and vintage items. Always ask a lot of questions, as these will reveal a lot of things about the seller and the items.

Things That Homebuyers Look for in a Property

A couple buying new propertyThe south part of the metro has always been known for its laid-back atmosphere. That’s why it’s more popular for people who are just looking for a place to relax after the long busy day at work.

The south still has a lot of open spaces for future homeowners to choose from that are still near most of the major cities. According to property review site South Property Sale, Lancaster New City in Cavite is one such place.

Most people generally opt for a place based on its location and atmosphere. But what are the other things that new homeowners typically look for in a house?


Most people want to leave in a home that has access to public transportation. It has to be located in a place where they can easily get a jeepney, buses, or even LRT on their way to work.


Since Filipinos do enjoy the company of their friends and family (even the extended families), it’s nice to have a house that has enough space for a family gathering. A typical 3-bedroom home is a dream.


With prices surging high, it’s a must to look for a house that fits your budget. Most people who are interested in getting a house are first-time home buyers. It means that they probably are in the middle-income bracket and wants to invest in a property.


Technology nowadays is a vital part of any environment, especially when it comes to security. It’s important to know that there are CCTV cameras located in various parts of the subdivision to feel that you’re safe.

Most homebuyers also consider the amenities included with their real estate property purchase. A developer who knows how to value your time with family, work and worship is something that you should always consider.

So, try to look for a subdivision or developer who has these things in mind when buying a house.

Heat Pumps to Help Your Home

Heat pumpHeat pumps allow heat transfers from a hot to a cold surface. A heat pump is responsible for air conditioning units to do this. Heat pumps will rely on electricity to do this.

If you notice that the temperature in your house fluctuates, it may be time to get a heat pump. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a heat pump would come in handy since temperatures can go quite high and extremely low.

But if you enroll in the government’s renewable heat incentive, your installation could earn you a government payback. In which case, the right type of heat pump could help you reach your energy-saving goals.

Air source heat pumps

An air source pump is an excellent choice for settled climates. It is usually fitted at the sides of the building so that it draws air from the outside. It transfers heat using compression through two conductive copper tubes formed into coils.

In cold temperatures, a liquid refrigerant in one coil sucks heat from the air and evaporates, moving it inside where it then condenses giving off warmth, then the process repeats itself.

Ground source heat pumps

You can use energy from water or the underground as a source of heat. Of course, this will involve laying pipes into the earth. Sometimes known as geothermal heat pumps, these pumps have a higher efficiency rate because ground temperatures are mostly constant.

Ground sourced pumps can be placed under your garden in a horizontal array, vertically positioned in a borehole several meters into the ground or even in a localized water source.

Hybrid pumps

A hybrid installation will have the pumps alongside another source of energy like a gas boiler. Together, they provide warmth constantly and efficiently. If you have an existing heat source, you will not need to change radiators.

Another way to install hybrid pumps is to mix both air sourced and ground heat so that when the air is colder outside, you get warmth from the ground and vice versa.

A heat pump can generate high temperatures using radiators. The good thing is, most of these pumps are easy to install and could last for an extended period.

The Benefits of Fencing Your Property

Man building a fenceFencing keeps off intruders from accessing your property without approval. Regardless of the size and type of your property, security fencing is of great importance. Research shows that proper fencing regulates crime, particularly in residential neighborhoods. If you are contemplating investing in a fence, there are various fence companies in Florida to consider.

Fencing serves the following purposes:

Wards off Criminals

Without a fence, people or animals can access the property at any time. They may vandalize your property and make out with valuable items or even harm you. Investing in a quality fence will keep off unwanted guests and keep your family and valuables safe day and night.

Adds Aesthetic Value

High-quality fencing automatically uplifts the appearance of your home. Carefully designed fences are inviting and give a good impression of the house and its owners. If you are listing your property, quality fencing will improve your chances of landing a buyer sooner than later and fetching a hefty price.

Protects Privacy

Fencing your property accords you privacy from curious onlookers, annoying neighbors or even strangers roaming the street. This way, you can sunbathe in the yard, hold parties and enjoy quality time with your family without feeling exposed. Privacy adds an element of mystery such that strangers are not averse to your routines and lifestyle.

Sets Boundaries

Fencing also ensures that your pets and young children do not wander outside your home. The same goes for neighbors’ pets and stray animals that may wreak havoc on your yard. This way, nobody has to clean up after other people’s animals or children.


Fencing your property is can help take off the pressure of securing your home. This way, you can focus on more important things. Find a reputable company in Florida to install a fence and insist on top-grade materials for durability.

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your HVAC System

airconditioner unit being cleanedSpring is just around the corner in Salt Lake City, and you know what that means: spring cleaning! This season, why don’t we give special attention to the MVPs of last winter: our home’s heating and air conditioning. Spring is the perfect time of the year to make sure that these systems are in tip-top shape.

Industry specialist All Hours Plumbing and HVAC states winter greatly affects the air quality inside the house. Since we keep most of our rooms insulated from the outside cold, this also means that we’ve sealed it up, so they have very little chance to air out.

The use of wool coats and blankets, as well as the pets that stayed inside for most days, mean that lint levels in the air conditioning system are at an all-time high. If you want to get a headstart on spring cleaning, here are our suggestions on where you could begin.

Heating and Air-conditioning

Keeping your HVAC system in excellent working condition works wonders in making your home as comfortable as can be. Scrimping on professional service may be worth it if you consider the savings and the relief it will provide you in the future.

This doesn’t mean you can’t save while scheduling for contractors and furnace service. You can shave some dollars off your bill with a few simple D.I.Y. things like clearing out the air vents of debris and replacing the air filters.


The winter frost can be devastating to indoor plumbing. Pipes are especially at risk because of the freezing temperatures. Spend a portion of your time checking for leaks and other faulty parts that need replacement. If needed, you can also hire professional help.


Now that the snow is melting, it’s also a great time to clear the gutter of gunk and debris that may have accumulated. These things that clog up your gutters can eventually cause water damage and rot to your roofing, so it’s best to make sure that you clear them up.

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can get your spring cleaning done quickly so you can finally enjoy the rest of the year with very little worry.

Here’s Why You Should Work Only with a Licensed HVAC Mechanic

HVAC technician hard at workYour home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system consists of many different complex parts. Each of these components has their functions, as well as service life. You have to have at least the basic knowledge of how long they usually last, and what you need to do when any of them finally breaks down.

Working with professional HVAC technicians in St. Louis, MO is just as important. It’s vital that you enlist only the services of licensed furnace and AC repair mechanics.

Why go licensed?

In Missouri, it is not a requirement to have an HVAC license. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just hire anyone offs the bat. The reason you want to work with a mechanic carrying a license is that you can feel at ease, knowing that the person handling the difficult task has undergone rigorous testing, and has acquired experience.

Having an HVAC license means passing tests and exhibiting that one has a complete understanding of these integral systems. As professionals value their reputation and strive hard to satisfy their clients’ needs, they want to prove their worth, and their license is solid evidence of that.

Delivering satisfaction by giving more than just the needed service

Another reason you’d want to seek the services of licensed HVAC professionals for repairs is that they have the trained eye to spot unidentified problems before they worsen. In other words, even if your initial request was to have the thermostat fixed, if the system has another failing part, then a reputable and dependable technician will notify you of this issue right away. This then gives you time to have it addressed there and then, helping you prevent further problems.

These are just some of the reasons you should go pro and licensed when choosing a furnace or AC mechanic, but they should be enough to make you recognize its importance.

Discover What It’s Like to Live in Stapleton

community buildingIt is everybody’s dream to live a beautiful life. Especially once the kids start coming, you would naturally want an ideal neighborhood to raise great kids.

One of the most talked about suburbs as of late is Stapleton in Denver, Colorado. This elite, dynamic community offers an attractive premise. Wonder if it’s for you?

To discover if you are well suited for its kind of neighborhood, you can try out living there for a time before actually buying a property. TJC Real Estate & Management Services recommends it. Homes for rent in Stapleton are a dime a dozen. You have a pool of choices to match your home style.

A Vibrant Community to Thrive In

The biggest draw of Stapleton is its people. The eclectic mix of different family sizes, yuppies, and in-betweens that thrive here are positive and pleasant. Everybody’s encouraging everyone else to be their best self through community projects and movements.

Apartment living could either be temporary or permanent, depending on your preference and your budget. It could be your stepping stone to get a feel of what living in this particular suburb is like.

You could make it a lifestyle change, at least for the moment that your bank account is not ready for property acquisition just yet.

A Fast-Rising Suburb

Stapleton has made an ambitious change in recent years when major residential developments engulfed the area. It encouraged an international community designed to bring people together. For that, it gained a good following, and property buyers came storming the area.

Afterwards, parks and commercial centers were also developed, providing the growing neighborhood an opportunity to have a good time without having to go too far from home. And so, its allures as a wonderful community grew.

4 Ways to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Exterior Walls

Exterior walls being paintedMost homeowners believe that it’s the inside (of the house) that counts. A lacklustre exterior, however, can make such a bad impression on your guests that no amount of interior décor will fix. It makes sense to devote a bit of attention to the exterior appearance of your home, too. A good place to start is the outer walls. Use these creative ideas to make them fabulous:

Invest in weatherboard

More homeowners are becoming increasingly attracted to weatherboard cladding, and for a good reason. Weatherboard profiles offer many benefits that it’s impossible to ever regret investing in them. These make any house incredibly elegant. As weatherboard cladding is highly resistant to harsh weather, your walls stay neat and appealing for ages.

Consider wall art

Who says that wall art should be confined to the indoors? A single piece of art can give character to your outer wall like few other things can. You need not go for something expensive. You could piece together a few pieces of colourful wood, frame them nicely, and nail them to a strategic part of the wall. Of course, the art will need to complement the appearance of the wall.

Use some spray paint

Spray paint is popular among homeowners because it’s something you can do easily by yourself. All you need is a canvas, several colours of spray paint, a painter’s tape, a string, and a chevron stencil. Decide what decorations you’d like on the wall and go ahead with the task. If you cannot seem to get ideas on your own, you could get inspiration from magazines or decor websites.

Plant some vertical gardens

Nothing makes a wall look more at one with nature than succulent gardens on your outer walls. They are incredibly easy to create and maintain. In fact, they require about the same care as your ordinary planters. During extreme weather conditions, you can always take them down.

Don’t let your obsession with the appearance of your indoor space make you miss out on the chance to make a great impression using your home’s exterior. By adding just a few inexpensive decorative features on your wall, you can greatly add to your home’s curb appeal.

3 Practical Tips to Maintain Your Paint Job

Young worker painting wall in roomJust like most things in life, when you do paintwork right and care for it properly, it can last for years. This will ensure that you keep enjoying the fresh and beautiful look of your home. Following the below tips will ensure that your paintwork lasts for years to come.

Be vigilant on spots and stains

As time goes, spots and stains will appear on your freshly done paint job. It is therefore prudent to keep a close eye on most prone areas such as the staircase, kitchen, children’s bedrooms, hallways, and etcetera. Children and pets frequent most of these areas.

The best way to deal with spots and stains is by cleaning them immediately. If left untreated, the more the likelihood they will become permanent. When it comes to cleaning them, try using damp sponge and water. If they still do not come out, you can add a small amount of dish soap to your sponge.

Dealing with fading

All reliable painters here in Wellington will tell you that using low-quality paint in your house causes fading paint. It is not only unattractive, but it makes your paintwork seem old than it actually is. Apart from investing in high-quality coat, you should also try to protect your paintwork from direct sunlight.

You can use curtains and blinders to block the incoming sunlight for the interior paints. You can even tint your windows with UV protecting films.

Wash your house

Just like you clean other areas to get rid of any accumulating dirt, your home needs washing at least once a year. This washing is separate from the one done on the stain-prone areas and mostly includes the exterior paintwork.

This will ensure that you wash off any dirt that may hurt your paint such as bird droppings, moulds and the like. This will not only protect the paintwork from damage, but it will ensure that the exterior of your home keeps shining.

Caring for the paint job is an essential part. This is what will determine how long you will enjoy the new and fresh look of your house. The above tips will enable you to care for your paint properly.