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Guide to Online Steel Shopping – Metal Structural Shapes

Stainless steel tubeWhen it comes to choosing metal for your project, there are two main considerations: structural durability and strength. There are also a wide variety of sizes and shapes to consider, not to mention the vast number of material types, such as stainless, aluminum, galvanized, etc. Here’s a quick guide if you’re shopping for steel online.

Flat Bar

This is known for its strength along the flat axis and its flexibility along other axes. The flat bar also allows for superior durability and versatility depending on the direction in which you place the steel.


Provides stability for both axis points, typically used to make flanges off a flat plate.

Square Bar

Like angle metal, square is also strong on both axis points. It is also robust in all directions.

Square Tube

Structurally, the square tube is one of the best offered in the market today. It has four walls, making it durable from every direction. It is ideal for racks, frames, buildings, bridges, automotive, and machine parts for its dense structure.


Offers reliable structural power for both y-axis and x-axis points. It is commonly used in civil engineering or building construction.


This has several purposes in the industry. Almost every fabricated metals involve plate or sheet because of its ability to be molded or formed into shapes. Cutting machines used for this type of steel are laser, plasma cutter, press, and water cutting equipment.

Rectangular Tube

This is a trusted material for structures, and have similar properties with a square tube. However, unlike square tubing, rectangle tube carries different measurements along the y and x axes.

These days not only clothing and home appliances are being sold online. Now engineers and builders can get the steel materials that they need without leaving their workstation. Once you know which shape of metal you need, you can easily go online and purchase them without hassle.

The Heavy-Duty Storage Solution for Small Spaces

Worker in a warehouse full of shelvesDepending on your business needs and the space available, there are different types of storage solutions to choose from. Whilst most warehouses and storage facilities are using the pallet racking systems, this is not applicable to smaller spaces.

If you are looking to maximise the potential of a small storage space for your retail business, a heavy-duty long span shelving system could be the best storage solution. Read on to find out why.


Compared to systematic pallet racking used on bigger warehouses and storage facilities, heavy-duty long span shelving perfectly fits smaller storage spaces. Aside from being cost-effective, customisable and capable of being expanded vertically, it allows easy access for storing and removal of goods. It works like the shelves inside the supermarket.


Do not be deceived by its looks; long span shelves are strong yet lightweight. A normal long span shelf is made of detachable racks and posts that can easily hold at least 2,000 pounds. But more importantly, you can easily dismantle or move these shelves if there is a need for major arrangements. Other than being a standalone shelf, a long span shelf can be attached as part of a pallet rack system.


The racks of long span shelves can be customised to fit the size of your items or packages and maximise the space. This type of shelf was designed to be adjusted vertically, an efficient multi-tiered storage that allows for additional upright expansion. This way, you can increase or reduce the height of each rack depending on your requirements.


Depending on the products that you will store, there are different types of durable materials you can use as racks, including chipboard panels, melamine, mesh, galvanised ply and steel. Whilst most rack materials offer the same quality, think how the packaging and weight of the products will affect the durability of the rack. This can help you determine how long these racks will last before you order a replacement.

Longspan shelves are a great alternative for warehouses with a limited storage space. Look for a reputable provider and installer of this type of shelving system and start enjoying the benefits of maximised storage space.

What to look for in a divorce solicitor in London

A divorce agreement being signedDeath, divorce, moving to a new house. Always up there on the top of the list for most stressful life events.

While a divorce solicitor in London can’t help someone deal with the emotional upheaval of getting a divorce, the way they deal with the legal aspects can have a big effect on how stressful the whole process is. Firms with many years of experience in family law, such as Saracens Solicitors in London, can provide targeted advice that can make all the difference. We can also provide you with details of experts such as divorce coaches, counsellors, stress specialists, mediators etc that can assist you with all the other non legal issues.

Here are four things any savvy client should look out for when engaging a divorce solicitor in London:


Does the firm take the view that mediation and settling out of court is the way to go? While hurt feelings may encourage partners to yell, ‘See you in court!’, the easiest and most lasting resolutions are found through a non-confrontational approach, that looks for constructive, mutually-beneficial arrangements. Check to see if the divorce solicitor in London is signed up to the Resolution code of conduct, which is endorsed by the Law Society.

Is the solicitor a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel? If they are then it means that they specialise in family law as some solicitors deal with a wide range of different areas of law and are general solicitors as opposed to being a specialist in a certain area. Our solicitors are members of the Family Law Panel here at Saracens.

Breadth of experience

Do they just work on divorce cases or the whole area of family law? There’s much more to divorce than sending the petition to court. There’s the financial arrangement, childcare, rights of other caregivers such as grandparents, and there may even issues of domestic violence to resolve. Finding a lawyer with experience in many areas makes the whole process simpler and less stressful.

Personal qualities

What kind of person is the solicitor? Are they very formal and technical in their language? Are they laid back and easy going? Are they warm and friendly? Are they professional and clear?

There’s no one right way for a divorce lawyer to be, but as with any service, clients are advised to find the personality that best suits them. During the difficulties of divorce, the last thing anyone wants is a personality clash with their solicitor.

Clear and to the point

Legalese and jargon isn’t going to help anyone feel less stressed about their divorce. Find a divorce solicitor in London who will explain the facts clearly, simply and in plain language, and one who will give regular updates.

4 Tips to Prepare for a Power Outage

Electric wire on the polePower outages are not exactly a common occurrence in every place. However, no matter where you are, there is always the possibility of you experiencing a power outage once in a while. The bad thing is, power outages can last up to a few days at most especially when it is caused by major disasters like typhoons and earthquakes. The following tips are things that can be done to help make yourself prepare better for a possible power outage in the future:

Keep diesel in stock for the generator

If you have a diesel generator in the house, you will need to have a lot of diesel so you can have electricity. A portable diesel tank will be able to assist in storing all this. This is so that you just have to pour in the diesel into the generator’s mini-tank if the power is not going to go back for a few more hours.

Buy flashlights

Do not use candles, as much as possible. Candles may cause fires. So, even if you are very careful, avoid them. Use flashlights instead. The advisable ones are those that are battery-operated or rechargeable.

Build an emergency preparedness kit

It always helps to be prepared in case of no power. Always have an emergency preparedness kit ready. You may want to put canned goods, first aid materials and other supplies in.

Disconnect all appliances during the outage

When the power comes back, a power surge happens. This may cause your appliances to malfunction. Better unplug them from the outlet.

Since you are already so used to using appliances that run on electricity, it is sure that a power outage will impact how you are living on a daily basis. It is better for you to keep yourself prepared in times like this.

When Organizations Have to Follow the API 650 Tank Standard

Storage TanksAboveground storage tanks (ASTs) play many different roles in today’s society, with their functions covering the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Without these containers, such as those used in the oil industry, it would nearly be impossible to safely and conveniently store liquid and gas products.

Before you can use an AST though, it needs to pass the appropriate standard first. And while no federal law (only a few state laws) mandates the strict implementation of such rules, it does not mean that industries should no longer put safety aside. This is where the API 650 tank standard comes into play.

Welded tanks for safe oil and gas storage

Oil storage welded tanks, at least those that come from highly reputable manufacturing companies, follow the API 650 standard. The American Petroleum Institute developed this as a way for the AST industry to have a guideline on the safe and quality overall construction and maintenance of these massive containers.

It covers everything from the designing to fabrication, welding to inspection, and even erection of tanks that have to meet storage requirements involving the need for internal pressures of 2.5 PSI (or less).

In addition to crude oil and gasoline, these API 650 Standard-compliant storage containers can also safely hold gasoline, produced water, and chemicals. You will mostly find these ASTs in pipeline facilities and refineries among several other industries.

Safe containment: The primary purpose of the Standard

Again, there is no federal law requiring the implementation of the API 650 Standard. State laws may do, but because not all states do, it can be quite confusing for organizations to determine whether they should implement it or not.

Whichever industry your business belongs in, as long as your needs for ASTs fall under the scope of the Standard, then you should not think twice about following it. Its primary purpose is to keep not just your facilities safe, but also to protect people and the environment from possible catastrophes.

You Can Easily Afford a Beautiful Engagement Ring Today

Man proposed to his girlfriend with the engagement ring he boughtWith engagement season coming, you may be planning to propose to your significant other soon, or you and your partner may be planning to get an engagement ring here in Utah. You may want a diamond ring or a customized ring.

No matter what ring you want, you will be able to find one that fits your partner’s finger as well as your wallet.

Rings Worth a Fortune

People used to hold the common belief that engagement rings will cost you around three months’ worth of salaries. This belief stems from a diamond corporation way back in the 1930s that advertised rings to be ideally worth a month’s paycheck to boost diamond ring sales.

In time, the supposed worth of rings surged three times the original value.

Rings Worth the Price

Today, however, technology has advanced in such a way that you can choose engagement rings aside from the usual diamond. Moissanite, a lab-grown gem, for example, has become a great choice for couples who want a cheap stone setting that looks like a diamond.

At the same time, the diamond acquisition has become inexpensive and ethical, lowering prices of diamond rings.

Ring Expenses Today

Even with the lower costs of engagement rings today, however, American couples continue to spend quite lavishly on their rings. According to a study in 2015, couples spent an average of more than $5,000 for engagement rings alone. You may ask then: how much should you spend on your engagement ring?

Ring Expenses for You

For couples looking for an engagement ring together, you can decide by talking about what ring you want and how much of your finances you can afford. Together, you will be able to decide on a reasonable budget for a ring.

For individuals, on the other hand, looking to propose, you can think about what your partner will want too but without compromising your financial goals.

What engagement ring would you like to get now? You can easily find an engagement ring here in Utah, especially ones that come at great prices. You simply have to look for them.

Milling Tools: Turning Raw Materials into Usable Parts

industrial cutting tools in front of cnc milling machine centerThe manufacturing and machining industries bring large contributions to the U.S. economy. This makes complete sense, seeing that many other industries and applications rely on them, such as agriculture, mining, construction, domestic technology, factory equipment, and vehicle manufacturing.

As an owner and/or operator of any business that falls under the aforementioned sectors, it’s necessary that you make use only of the right industrial milling tools. Herrick Industrial Supply explains that having a truly dependable partner that will supply you with the cutting equipment and cut parts you need is the key to smoother operations, greater productivity, and higher revenues for your organization.

The jobs only these tools can do right

To turn raw materials into usable components, they first need to undergo the proper cutting process, which only the right milling tools can carry out successfully. This is why the mentioned industries rely heavily on these machines. From die-sinking to routing, keyway cutting, and planning, there are many jobs that milling machines allow for, which make the lives of operators easier. Their work becomes more efficient and the results produced are more accurate.

Making a wide array of various cuts possible

Many fabrication projects require the use of different material cuts — something that takes a long time, if not impossible, with manual processes. With milling tools, machine operators can get the job done right and fast. There are many tools they can attach to the cutting machine for a specific operation, and switch out with others as needed.

High-quality tools for high-quality results

With the right tools and machine supplier on your team, you can improve your organization’s operations, make it more streamlined, and produce results that meet or even exceed your standards and those of your clients.

Make sure that you get only the mill tools for all your required precise, accurate, and efficient cutting tasks.

Chair Mats: Should You Use Them?

Woman buying chair mats while on her phoneAlthough safeguarding your carpeting or flooring might not be something you think of when setting up an office, it’s a vital consideration that you should take into account. Aside from protecting your carpet or flooring from tread tracks and premature wear and tear, a chair mat for your carpet would also make moving easier for you. But what exactly is a chair mat and do you actually need one?

Chair mat basics

Put simply, a chair mat is a protective mat for your flooring or carpet. It serves as a barrier between your flooring and office chair to prevent damage and spread the load evenly. Chair mats come in various materials, such as plastic, rubber, and wood. Depending on the specific type, they could likewise enhance your office’s aesthetic appeal.

Should you use a chair mat? Yes

The standard office chair places a significant amount of pressure on floor surfaces, regardless of the flooring material. This is because when sitting down, your entire weight would be focused onto the chair’s small wheels, which constantly moves throughout the day. This and other contributing factors could easily damage even the sturdiest tiles, hard-woods, and carpets over time. This is true with wood flooring, as the harsh action of the wheels could literally leave gashes on the wood’s surface.

If you have vinyl flooring, going without a chair mat could easily result in grooves on the floor surface. If you have carpeting, be ready for uneven wear and significant tread tracks. Basically, your swivel office chair could be extremely damaging unless you protect your flooring by using a chair mat.

Chair mats for carpeting and other flooring surfaces protect against all sorts of damage. They also make you feel more confident when rolling your chair since they help you move more smoothly.

Make sure to shop around when buying chair mats. Don’t just buy from the first shop that you see.

3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom is an Accident-Prone Area

Anti-slip mat inside the bathroomYou may not notice it, but your bathroom is most well-used room in our home. You use it even more than you use your living room. So make sure it’s a safe place for you and your family. Here are some of the everyday things found in your bathroom that could put your family’s health and even life in danger.

Slippery Bathtubs

In one report, researchers found that about 81 percent of injuries in bathrooms were due to falls and slips. It is no secret that bathtubs are accident-prone items in your bathroom and the risks significantly increase if you have small children and seniors in your household. If you do, consider getting walk-in bathtubs in Denver to help lower the chances of slips and falls.

Electronic Gadgets

Blow dryers, hair straighteners, and electric razors. These are just 3 electronic items commonly found in bathrooms. If they are not stored or used correctly, they can cause electrocution that can be fatal for you and your family. So make sure that these electronic gadgets are kept out of reach of children. Observe proper usage and storage as well to lower the risk of fatal accidents in your home.

Slippery Mats and Rugs

You need some mats and rugs in your bathroom but make sure you get the ones that have anti-slip materials underneath to prevent falls and slips. These come with rubber backing, so it’s a must-have for every home, even if you don’t have seniors and children in your household.

It goes without saying that sharp toiletries like scissors and razors, as well, as chemical products like hairsprays and cleaning agents should be kept away from children’s reach. Adopt these best practices, so you can reduce the risk of fatal accidents in your home and keep your family safe.

Report Ranks Colorado as the Best State For Retirement

Retired men in ColoradoColorado’s level of priority for its senior citizens has allowed it to become the best state for retirement in the U.S., according to a U.S. News & World Report study.

The study may be surprising since some people may think that sunny states, such as Florida or Arizona, should be the best places for retirees. However, the study’s top five states included Maine, Iowa, and South Dakota. Beaches in Hawaii also partly led the state to be the third best place for retirement.

Retirement Living

Colorado has some of the healthiest people aged 65 years and above, owing to the state’s Medicare services and quality of nursing homes, according to the study. The state’s growing elderly population has led it to prioritize senior healthcare. In 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that senior citizens accounted for 13.4% of the state’s population.

Other than a good healthcare system, Gov. John Hickenlooper cited the state’s top ranking to a collaborative approach among the private sector, local communities, and the state government. Hickenlooper said that the quality of nursing homes in Denver and other cities, including those with a stair lift, are important to control healthcare costs.

Weather Misconceptions

Many Americans believe that states with a chilly climate are unsuitable for retirement, according to Deidre McPhillips, data editor at U.S. News & World Report. Despite having cold weather, Colorado emerged on top because it offers an attractive lifestyle for seniors, McPhillips said.

Still, Alaska ranked at the bottom of the list most likely because of its climate. The study based its findings on 12 factors, including primary care coverage and its costs, the life expectancy of 65-year-old Americans in each state, and the retirees’ state of health.

Healthcare should be the top concern for older Americans who are heading into retirement. For this reason, the study listed Colorado on top of the list because of the quality of its medical services.