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4 Ways to Have More Time With Your Family

family spending quality time togetherNo matter how busy you are with work, it is still important to spend time with your family. This is so that the family is closer together as the kids are growing older. The following tips are ways for parents to maximize their time with their family:

Buy a car

Having your own car is a smart way to bond with your children. If you have a car, you can accompany them to school every morning as you make your way to work. That is already more or less 30 minutes more time with them, where you can ask them how they are doing with school.

Car dealers can help you get that vehicle so you can bond with your children. Now, if you opt for used cars, then it is wise to compare different used car prices in Raleigh first before buying.

Organize family nights

Family nights are important in keeping family members close to each other. The great thing about it is that there is no limit to what you can do during these nights. You can go to the movies, play some games, or dine in a great homegrown restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

Walk as a family after dinner

Walking after dinner is one way for your family to shed off some of the pounds that you have put on over the summer. While walking, you can talk to your children and spouse about their plans in life, something that is rarely talked about in families.

Go on vacations

Vacations may be costly, but if you have money to spare, it is an idea worth visiting. Experience different cultures and places together and see everyone enjoy.

Kids and the spouse can feel alienated at school or work so they would want to talk with other members of the family. This is why more time with the family can be good for them. This is not to mention the bonding that the family experience with each other.


You’re on the Right Track: Improving Your Sense of Direction

A young woman holding a map while looking for directions Many people think of themselves as a failure when it comes to map reading. Some even think that the adeptness when it comes to direction is some sort of talent or blessing. This “gift” can come in handy, especially when travelling.

This should not be the case, as you can still work on your sense of direction. If you’re excited to get a used car for sale and hit the road, Fletch’s GMC Buick Audi and other experts recommend sharpening your sense of direction and homing abilities when driving. Here are some of them:

Read maps

This may seem a no-brainer, but many people lack the patience and initiative to read maps. GPS can be helpful, but what if it fails? You need to have a fallback and that is your map. You have to learn how to read it, whether it’s digital or not.

Make it a habit by hanging a map of your city on your wall. Every day before going to work, figure out how you’ll get to the office from your home. You may find and try new routes as well. Pay attention to legends, as well.

Take note of landmarks

To remember locations, you can always count on landmarks. A remarkable or memorable object can serve as a mnemonic device, which can help you remember places. This can be anything, from stores to statues and newspaper stands. Make sure that your reference is striking and easy to remember.

Gamify it

Who says there’s no fun when improving this skill? Now is the right time to play as many video games as you can. A number of video games require you to read maps to complete missions. This, in turn, will help sharpen the way you view your surroundings spatially.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when you’re looking to improve your sense of direction. Ditch your GPS for a while and take a map with you.

Cake in the Office: Should You Say Yes, Always?

Cake in the officeAnyone’s birthday is a good excuse to have cake (or other sweets) in the office. After all, it is a birthday – a reason to celebrate and have a piece (or two) of fluffy cake.

The culture of bringing treats to the office, however, is not exclusive to birthdays. Any form of celebration (e.g., office wins, pregnancy announcements, the holidays and engagements) calls for a round of cake, doughnuts and other forms of sweets.

While employees rejoice at the sight of free treats, any health expert or Potters Bar dentist will shake their head.

Closed Cubicles and Cake

The office is a wellspring of treats high in sugar. With workplaces moving on from the traditional bowl of candies, this fact is no longer surprising.

Offices now understand that food is the way to their employees’ hearts. To encourage motivation and better performance, they stock their kitchens with crisps, popcorn, sweets and other treats. During birthdays, they offer cake to the celebrants – without any fail. Insurance is no longer the only selling point for prospective employees; snack perks are now part of the mix.

Free food creates a welcoming atmosphere that brings the team together. Unfortunately, it rips their health apart.

Anything but that Slice of Cake

When a considerate colleague offers you a slice of cake or a piece of chocolate, is it rude to refuse?

Apart from fearing the title ‘Office Killjoy’, science insists it is more difficult to resist food when it is nearby. How could you refuse that piece of cake on a plate, ready to be eaten? But once you eat a slice, the cycle of snacking is more difficult to end.

Random snacking lies to the brain, insisting you still need to eat when you are already full. As a result, you eat more than what you need, putting yourself at risk for physical and dental issues.

Workplace Willpower

Fortunately, more workplaces realise the importance of staying fit, encouraging their team to eat healthier options. Apart from that, your willpower also has a role to play.

If cake or other pastries are present, will indulging be worth it? Consider your options first and motivate yourself to refuse.

A piece of cake never hurt anyone, but remember: think before you eat.

The Success Story of Maddie Ziegler

The interior of the dance studio Most people don’t recognize Maddie Ziegler in her natural, long brown hair. They know her as the white-wig-wearing, talented, young dancer who starred in numerous Sia music videos.

Dance Moms & Chandelier

Maddie started as a participant in Lifetime’s reality television show Dance Moms in 2011 when she was only eight. She continued to appear on the show until its last season in 2016.

It was in 2014, however, when Maddie had a breakout performance in Sia’s Chandelier. It cemented her relationship with the Australian singer, and she continued to perform in more music videos such as ‘Elastic Heart’ ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘The Greatest.’

As Sia became a chart-topping singer, Maddie also gained much recognition for her dancing. Her music videos and live dance performances online have millions of views.

Youngest Judge in So You Think You Can Dance

This year, Maddie became the youngest judge in the reality dancing competition So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, working alongside Paula Abdul, Jason Derulo, and Nigel Lythgoe.

Maddie said she was excited the most to work with ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul because they starred together in Live to Dance in 2010, although Maddie’s episode didn’t get to air before the show’s cancellation.

Reaping the Benefits

As Maddie’s career begins to grow, so is her fortune. She is reportedly worth $2 million, thanks to the four music videos and her performance on Saturday Night Live with Sia in 2016. ET reported that she has the same earnings as Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, and Meghan Trainor. Maddie recently spent a chunk of her wealth on a new home. The 7,000 sq.ft. property has a dance studio in the basement to facilitate the young star’s lifestyle.

While her collaboration with Sia put her on the map, Maddie’s stellar dancing in all her performances propelled her to the level of fame she experiences today.

Dock Your Boat in 4 Easy Steps

Docking Port in RockportA personal boat dock can be a great part of your property here in Rockport. You can dock your boat near your home, granting easy access to your boat. You will be able to watch over your boat compared to if you dock in a docking facility. You can also use the boat dock for many other purposes.

As you have your custom boat dock built by a dock builder, you can begin to learn more about boating if you are starting out. You can learn how to come alongside docks or bulk heads in Rockport, which involves four easy steps. These differ depending on the boat you have and the side of your boat that you want to tie up.

Step 1: The Approach

The first step is to line up your approach to the center of the dock. Judge the wind and current and adjust accordingly. You can approach at a 30- or 45-degree angle and learn what timing works best for you.

Step 2 & 3: The Speed & Timing

For the second and third step, remember to come in slowly toward the dock and time your swing. You can swing the wheel hard away from the dock when your bow is within a half a boat length to the dock. Time your swing to end up being parallel with the dock.

Step 4: The Finish

For the finish, you can swing the wheel back to port and turn on your engine in reverse. You will yank the stern of the boat closer to the dock this way and halt your headway as well. You can put the boat in neutral once the boat halts.

Like any other skill, you can take the time to practice and perfect your docking skills. When you see your approach going awry, you can circle around and try docking again. It is better to try again than to force it and end up damaging your boat or dock.

Spa Days and Tea Parties: How Jeremy Renner Makes Time for His Daughter

Jeremy Renner and Daughter Ava in Heber CityTraditionally speaking, it’s the moms who organize tea parties and bring their daughters out for a day at the spa. Not to be outdone, dads are showing that they’ve got the stuff to raise their daughters well too. In fact, these superhero dads are proving that the times are indeed changing.

Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in MCU’s The Avengers, recently treated his three-year-old daughter Ava and her friends for a spa day and tea party. He understands what spas like Good Spa Day have been saying all along: that even little girls need a welcoming place to relax and unwind sometimes.

Here’s a look into the life of the man who’s a part-time superhero, full-time doting dad:

Making Way for Quality Time

Renner has been solo parenting Ava since his divorce with Canadian model Sonni Pacheco in 2015. Being open about the fact that quality time with his daughter is a top priority, he told ET that he wants to be at home as much as he can afford to.

His schedule, however, will soon get busier because the production of Avengers: Infinity War is about to kick off. As such, the 46-year-old dad is making the most of his free time with the four-year-old by treating her to an enjoyable spa day and a dainty tea party with friends.

Practicing Tough Love

As much as Renner dotes on his daughter and enjoys spending time with her, he knows when to draw the line to avoid spoiling Ava. In fact, his parenting method involves equal parts pampering and toughening her up.

He constantly puts his daughter in challenging scenarios as a way of teaching her how to overcome obstacles and work for what she wants. This way, the little girl continues to grow and realizes the importance of earning something.

Disciplining his daughter while also making sure she has fun? All in a day’s work for superhero dad Jeremy Renner. All told, his routine is not much different from the everyday super moms and dads.

How to Make Your Kids Eat More Vegetables and Love it

VegetablesFew people are born with a tooth for vegetables. Even though adults can stay resolved and make the decision to love their vegetables, making your kids eat their fair share could be a nightmare. Here are some simple ways that will help you increase the amount of vegetables your little ones eat without being labelled a meanie.

Stick to Fresh Interesting Vegetables

Get fresh fruit and veg suppliers who give you a variety of options. Fresh means that they’ll still have their irresistible succulent taste while the variety will give your kids something to look forward to, notes an expert from Simon George & Sons. Breaking the monotony and serving different vegetables will play with their taste buds whilst still meeting their nutritional needs.

Lead by Example

Children tend to emulate what their elders do. Ensuring that all the big people in your household show a hankering for vegetables will make your children warm up to every veg serving you dish out. Make it seem like the norm rather than a bother they have to put up with.

Don’t Use Force

Forcing your children to eat their vegetables will just create a negative food experience, the opposite of what you wish to achieve. The one bite rule ensures that the child tastes each vegetable or fruit and has the freedom to choose if they like it or not.

Make Vegetables Fun

Adding some flavour to the vegetables or mixing them up with different fruits or berries will make things more fun. This is especially true if you let your kids prepare the salads and serve them all by themselves. The sense of achievement could drive them into eating more.

Vegetables and fruits are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Teaching your kids to love vegetables at an early stage will give them the foundation they need to live strong healthy lives.

Surviving Culture Shock: An Expat’s Guide to Living in Tokyo

Tokyo LivingThe massive Tokyo metropolis will jolt to your system. You will enjoy the initial feeling, but it will eventually wear you out if you do not come prepared. There are millions of people living in Tokyo condominiums inside the city, says Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. You will be welcomed by the absolutely peculiar contradictions, the abundance of neon signs that would make Las Vegas weep and the latest technological advancements.

These are just some reasons why most expats and tourists always experience culture shock when visiting the city. Read on to know more about its culture and to lessen the initial shock before you move there.

The Convenience

Living in the city centre of Tokyo will give you everything you need from financial security, shelter and food. You will find plenty of chain grocery stores within walking distance, as well as, post offices, train stations, banks, shops, convenience stores and restaurants. For your entertainment, you will also discover plenty of the infamous karaoke and bars around.

The Job Market

There is a huge market for English teachers in Japan. If you want to enjoy the bustling and bizarre city while you get to earn at the same time, this will be perfect for you. All you need is your English speaking capability and a visa – and you are all set!

The Fashion

If you love to dress up, this city will amaze you with its unique doll-like style. Above all, Japanese women are obsessed with their exceptional shoes. They could easily just roam around the city wearing peep toe five-inch heels. They usually wear a layered look involving long socks, miniskirts, hats, necklaces and bracelets in vibrant colours.

This famous colourful city has a lot to offer. Ensure that you enjoy your stay here by knowing what to expect before culture shock ruins your experience. 

The Luxury of Less: Different Ways to Control Your Workspace and Your Life

Clean WorkspaceGenerations before would be astounded by this new notion, but owning less material things are now a symbol of wealth. According to an article published by T Magazine, the new rich now approve of amor vacui, which is the adoration for empty space. Before the globe’s wealthy citizens utilised this trend, the founder of a design website named Graham Hill first learned about the luxury of less. He says that a house filled with stuff made his home and his psyche feel cluttered.

With his belief system in place, he moved into a small apartment to demonstrate that people could live better in a healthier, smarter and smaller place. All he needed was a few essential things to live peacefully, such as a veneer boardroom table for his home office. In return, he got less energy consumption, stress and credit card debt. 

Here’s how you could follow his footsteps and mercilessly de-clutter your startup office: 

Shop Discriminately

When you are out shopping for new furniture for your office or when one of your employees brings you an equipment request, shop discriminately. Even if you see something that sells for a bargain price, it does not mean that you have to purchase it. Techies and shopaholics who always want to get a hold of a trending gadget or a fashion piece must always take a step back. They have to ask themselves if the item can last them for several years and if it will make them truly happy.

If things get stressful and time-consuming, though, then it might be best to get some professional help. With the help of experts in office interior design, you can create a peaceful work environment. 

Go Paperless

You better think twice before clicking the print button or faxing any of your documents. The first step in establishing an environmentally-friendly office is to go paperless. You can easily import huge essential documents using LG’s mouse scanners, Fuji’s sheet-fed scanners or using apps like ScannerPro. For small pieces of critical papers like receipts and business cards, stash them in desk drawers or stuff them in manila envelopes.

Live your life without the stresses involved by giving up some of your worldly possessions. It might seem hard now, but you will find out eventually that none of it really matters. On the other hand, it will actually help in the productivity and financial savings of your company. 

How You Can Determine if Your Partner is Addicted to Online Porn

Online Porn Addiction Case in UtahAn addiction to online pornography might be tough to spot, regardless of how strong your suspicions are. Porn addicts now have easy access to free porn sites and chat lines making it harder for them to control their addiction. And while online pornography is pretty much widespread and to some extent acceptable, it is usually a huge problem for many couples, especially if one gets addicted. Watch out for these telltale signs that might indicate your partner is addicted to porn.

Private Use of the Computer or Mobile Devices

This secretive behavior enables an addict to look at porn sites without you knowing. Ask yourself this: whenever you walk into the room, does your partner suddenly change what he or she is viewing?

Lengthy and Unexplained Hours Online

According to a porn addiction recovery specialist in Utah, the majority of porn addicts, if provided the chance, will spend all their waking hours viewing online porn, more so as their addiction progresses. This typically means time spent at home or at work. They will gradually lose track of time while looking at porn and argue about and/or be defensive regarding the time they spend on their computers or mobile devices.

Erasing Internet Browsing History

Majority of people addicted to pornography are adept at hiding their Internet activity from their partners. They regularly erase their browsing history, so that their partners won’t be able to see the sites they frequently visit.

Extreme Hostility When Pornography is Being Discussed

Porn addicts are extremely sensitive to any suggestion that they might be viewing online pornography. Normally, their reaction to any insinuation is very graphic and defensive, to the point that they might get really angry and hostile.

Reduced Intimacy and/or Sexual Drive

Because addicts have what’s called a “fantasy sexual life” that’s exactly the way they want their sexual life to be, real sexual intercourse with their partners who have their own needs and wants in the bedroom will become less and less appealing to them over time.

If you are concerned that your partner might be addicted to online porn, seeking professional counseling is the most crucial step that you could take. This will help you both deal with the addiction more easily and open-mindedly and give your partner support that he or she needs to beat porn addiction.