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A+ Certifications Give IT Professionals a Resume Boost

Young woman hiding behind her resumeHiring employees who lack the right skills or technical knowledge can be costly to an organization. It can, after all, lead to employee turnover and reputation damage. Validating certifications is one way employers can prevent the possible risks.

Certifications show your competency as a candidate. In the IT world, getting an A+ certification can help you prove to employers that you know the fundamentals of IT. CertBlaster provides A+ practice tests to help IT professionals prepare for the test and improve their credentials.

What is an A+ Certification?

An A+ certification is one of the industry’s well-known credentials. International standard bodies like government agencies, big tech companies, and ISO use it to measure your foundational knowledge, which is essential to entry-level operations.

It also proves your capabilities as a support technician who understands preventative maintenance for business IT infrastructures.

Preparing for the Tests

You do not have to take specific courses to earn an A+ certification; you just need to pass two exams. Learning and testing go hand-in-hand, after all, and each one increases the success for the other.

A+ practice tests, for instance, can help increase your knowledge and enhance the learning experience. They can, furthermore, allow you to customize the test-taking experience and conduct flashcard reviews.

A More Attractive Resume

Passing the A+ exams to become a certified IT professional is one of the easiest and affordable ways to enhance your resume. A study conducted by CompTIA shows that the certification offers attractive salaries for those in entry-level positions.

Helpdesk 2 support employees, for instance, can earn up to $45,000. Desktop support analysts, on the other hand, can earn up to $60,000.

Obtaining certification can help you expand career opportunities as IT professional, and turn you into a more valuable employee. After all, it’s not good enough to be knowledgeable — it’s better to have the certifications to back it up.

How Important Is The Role of a Legal Nurse Consultant in a Legal Team?

Stethoscope, gavel, and a calculatorCertified legal nurse consultants (LNCs) are nurses who use their medical knowledge and training in bridging the gap between the medical industry and the judicial system. LNCs usually assist attorneys by interpreting, researching, and analyzing medical-related cases.

However, their services are not only valued in the litigation area. For example, insurance companies may employ them as claims adjusters or medical bill auditors. The other environments a certified legal nurse consultant can work for aside from law firms, and insurance companies are government offices, consulting firms, and HMOs, as well as independent practices.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Legal Nurse Consultant

Although LNCs may work in different work environments where they will need to fulfill different tasks, they all still have the same core roles and responsibilities. The most common ones are the following.

  • Reviewing and investigating medical records of a case
  • Educating their colleagues about the medical facts surrounding a case
  • Preparing the chronologies and summaries of medical fact reports as well as exhibits and other pertinent evidence to be used in a trial
  • Providing data, opinions and facts based on evidence as an expert witness when called upon by a lawyer

Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant

To be an LNC, you first need to be a licensed registered nurse and have a minimum of five years clinical experience as a nurse. After that, you can undergo an LNC training program, where you will be taught about trial preparations and medical case research and investigations.

Before enrolling in any training programs, do make sure that it has accreditation by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. After completing the training program, you may then take the LNCC certification.

LNCs work with physicians, patients and lawyers and act as the bridge that connects two diverse fields as they provide medical counsel regarding legal issues. There is no doubt about the importance of their role in any legal team.

Have a Long and Fulfilling Career as a Truck Driver

truck on a sunsetIf you bought it, there’s a great chance that a trucker brought it. That is how deep the reach of the trucking industry in America goes. Insights into this $726 billion industry show that 80 percent of the products in the country move by road.

It follows that truck drivers pocket a considerable chunk of this cake for their services. Without proper accountability, you might find yourself in a legal bind with the IRS, and it will pay well to hire accounting services for truck drivers such as those offered by firms such as Equinox Business Solutions.

Keep your eyes on the numbers

On average, the long-haul driver will cover over 100,000 miles delivering products across America. As a rookie driver working for a reputable company, you can rake in a respectable $40,000 a year. If you are particularly dedicated, you might enjoy additional perks and bonuses available to top drivers.

However, don’t let the sweet deal distract you from the fact that trucking is a difficult task. Being on the road for stretches of up to ten days can take a toll on your health and wellbeing. Hence, you need to develop good money habits while you still have your youth.

With a little diligence, you can ascend the salary scale, which would afford you a better pay.

Watch your diet

Spending too much time on the road bears a considerable downside – you make do without the home cooking. Such developments cause truckers to be less conscious about their diets. A marked preference for fast foods only works against you.

Over 55 percent of the truck drivers on American roads are obese with a body mass index of 35. Obesity carries the risk of major diseases such as stroke, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Contracting these lifestyle diseases could cut short your career as a trucker.

The vibrant and thriving trucking industry offer lucrative careers to the deserving truck drivers. With a little bit of effort, you can make the most of your career and lead a good life.

Farming: A Source of Good Income Waiting to Be Tapped

Vast corn fieldMany Americans take the professional route to financial success, wanting to become prominent executives someday. Others engage in business because of its unlimited income potential. Few people engage in farming because it is dirty, unexciting and unattractive. If you are among them, think again.

There is money in farming, but few people realize it, and they are the ones who benefit from it. If you want to be among them, here are some things to remember.

Right crops

Corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, and hay remain to be the priority crops in the United States. But they are not necessarily the most profitable. As a rule, go for high value, high-yielding crops. But if you are more adventurous and risk-taking than others, venture into non-traditional, but very profitable specialty crops.

Right technology

Much has changed in American agriculture. Technology has come in strongly. Modern farmers now talk of highly mechanized farming, use of GPS systems, and drones to monitor the condition of their farms. Even the use of fertilizer has changed, as farmers are now shifting to liquid fertilizer, with fertilizer tank fabrication providers servicing farms – big or small – in different parts of the country, resulting in more efficient fertilizer application.

Right marketing

Beyond the farm, marketing comes in. This is critical as this is where the farmer gets his rewards. While hunting for the right buyers will lead you to higher prices, it may also be wise to enter into a regular supply contract with a good buyer when you find one. This, however, shouldn’t keep you from having a fallback buyer. Keep in mind, though, that it is always more profitable to deal with the direct users, rather than with middlemen.

In many families, it is the older generation who do the actual farming, while the younger ones prefer employment in the urban areas, or trying their luck in business. Nothing wrong with these. But looking at new developments in the farm scene might bring about a change of mind.

3 Strategies to Advance Your Career

career advancementImagine yourself having the same job title and doing the same tasks for years without the possibility of career development and promotion to a higher-paying position. For career-oriented people, a dead end job could be their worst nightmare.

With determination, hard work, and concrete plans, you can make sure this will not happen to you. If you want to branch out of your current field without going back to the University for another degree, here are three strategies you can consider:

Foreign Language

In most school systems, high school students should attend at least a year of foreign language class to graduate. In 2015, however, only less than one percent of American adults were proficient in a foreign language they studied in school, The Atlantic reported.

Proficiency in more than one language is essential in an increasingly globalized society. More companies are trading internationally, and people with language skills have more edge when it comes to promotions and relocating abroad for better job offers.

Paralegal Studies

If you are interested in venturing into legal work, paralegal certification is easier to obtain than you think. Although having a background in paralegal studies is an advantage, it is not a pre-requisite. You don’t have to go back to school either; online paralegal degrees are available for people who are balancing their time between work and home.

Paralegals and legal assistants do various tasks such as maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research and drafting documents for lawyers.

Web Marketing

Gone are the days when people in an office have to make cold-calls to close a sale. Companies now heavily invest in internet marketing to reach their potential customers, which includes social media advertising, SEO, and content marketing.

Since website content, creating online ads, and email marketing are not part of school lessons, refining this skill will set you apart from the rest and open you up to more job opportunities. The key to avoiding ending up in a dead-end job is a combination of strategy, determination, and the genuine desire to grow and push yourself outside your comfort zone.