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Think Green: Make Your Home Eco-Friendlier

Paper cutout of a family and their home laid on a bed of green grass

There are good reasons why New Zealand maintains a stature as one of the best countries in the world to live in. One of these is because it boasts of having some of the cleanest air.

And much thanks to its implementation of green laws and programs, its residents have less to worry about when it comes to health problems caused by pollution.

This does not mean you do not do anything more to contribute to making Auckland a lot safer and healthier. The best way is to start with your own home, with these tricks that will transform it to an eco-friendlier dwelling.


One of the biggest benefits a green home brings to its occupants is better health, and you can enjoy this when you start eliminating clutter. Set aside a weekend to remove all the items and stuff in your home you no longer need, and at the same time, give your house a good cleaning.

Separate those that you can (and would still want to) use from those that you can put up for recycling or donation.

And to make things easier, contact a skip bin hire Auckland company. Payless Bins recommends a firm that offers bins of all sizes, from small to large ones. This way, you can properly dispose of waste while ensuring that the recyclables head to the proper facilities.

Green and glamour up your garden

In case you have not made full use of all that front or backyard space you have, now is the best time to do it. All the weeds growing there can actually cause health issues, especially if a member of your household has asthma or lung problems. Get rid of the unwanted plants that only ruin the beauty of your home.

And you can further get the best out of it when you opt for fruit-bearing plants, herbs, and spices, as this is a key element to sustainability, which is a major part of having a green home.

There are so many other ways for you to have an eco-friendly house, but these two are great for starters.

Innovations in Construction: The Rise of Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated HomesIn February 2015, the first carbon positive home gained the attention of Melbourne homeowners. The prototype was an impressive bioclimatic structure with an 800-square foot floor area. The developers explain this prefabricated home can produce more energy than it consumes.

The innovative use of solar panels makes this prototype the first home of its kind in Australia. The entire house has automatic, smartphone controls.

Whilst 2014 was the year of prefab homes, there is still a lot more room for innovation that we will see in the coming years:

Prefabricated and Green

Carbon-positive homes have yet to become standard choices in the market, but some modular homes for sale come with eco-friendly features. These homes feature sustainable and non-toxic materials. The layout and design maximises natural lighting and ventilation. Some companies have also presented display homes with eight-star energy ratings.

Industry authorities expect the demand for environment-friendly prefabricated houses to increase in the next decade. Their energy saving benefits and simple construction make prefab homes the preferred choice of many people.

The Price of Modular Homes

With the growing popularity of prefab homes, it is not surprising that their prices are on the rise. In the beginning, builders designed modular solutions for low-cost housing and rural or coastal locations. As the choices and demand grow, builders had more opportunities for better housing. Now, it seems that prefabricated residences are no longer limited to rural areas or low-rent neighbourhoods.

Prefab is becoming more popular in Australia, as these are faster to build than traditional home designs. Builders also use quality and eco-friendly materials during construction. Instead of a conventional building, go for prefabricated construction if you are planning to buy a new home or make an extension to your existing property.