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3 Common Misconceptions about Online Programs

a woman studyingAs an online student, there are benefits that you will inevitably enjoy throughout your online course. The cost of education is usually lower than compared to the onsite classroom. Another advantage is that you dictate how your schedule should look like, hence the freedom to comfortably work alongside learning.

But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of studying online. Discover some of the misconceptions that have made learners hesitant to enroll in online programs:

1. Getting in touch with your instructor is hard.

There is nothing as frustrating as finding it hard to get hold of your tutor especially when you have a problem with your coursework. In fact, due to the general belief that most instructors are hard to talk to, many individuals are reluctant to enroll in online colleges.

Fortunately, most online course providers understand the importance of communication between students and their lecturers. As such, they have set up stable mailing platforms, forums and virtual office hours for learners to submit projects, ask questions and receive feedback.

2. The system offers low-quality education.

The only difference between online learning and the conventional system is the mode of delivery. Otherwise, the quality of education only depends on the way the syllabus, the methods, delivery, and lecturing is designed.

The fact is that some programs are poorly organized, resulting in poor delivery. However, most courses are categorically designed to conform to the general online education standards concerning reading, attending classes and taking up exams.

3. Distance learners cannot switch between institutions.

At some point in time, you will want to transfer from your college to another due to personal reasons. You can either choose to advance your online paralegal course at The Center For Legal Studies. Or, move due to a job transfer. The worry for most students is that online colleges don’t allow transfers.

On the contrary, most institutions provide transfers for their students. So, it’s prudent to ask your prospective course provider on the same before enrolling for your dream program.

Virtual learning has come at the right time. A time when the job market needed it most. This technology-centered learning has played a significant role, not only in providing relevant skills and experience but also provided an environment for more inventions and innovations.

Preschool Programs: What Makes One Preschool Program Better Than the Other?

Children in preschoolPreschool education is one of the most significant influential factors in every child’s academic success. The choice of preschool is, therefore, crucial to their growth. Cost, location, and values are only some of the essential factors to consider when picking a preschool.

Apart from what’s mentioned, the Salt Lake City, Utah preschool program you choose for your child is essential. After all, a high-quality program can affect your child’s development positively. Expert research has revealed that children enrolled in quality programs are more likely to succeed in adulthood. Here are the critical elements of an excellent preschool program:

Learning Environment

The indoor and outdoor environment of a preschool should be well-arranged to promote exploration and independence based on a child’s age. Settings with excess stimulation, such as too much color and clutter, will only distract kids, while boring environments will dampen children’s motivation. Ensure that the environment of the preschool you choose is clean, engaging, and safe.

Operational Support Structures

A quality preschool program should have various functional support structures to promote efficiency. It should involve effective leadership to provide sound management to the overall program. The whole program should also be adequately funded and stable and have well-trained teachers.

Interpersonal Interactions

The interactions in your child’s preschool program are crucial in their development. Their interpersonal interaction should be tailored to encourage independence, the use of responsive language, and active engagement. These interactions, however, should also go beyond the classroom walls.

An effective curriculum is vital to your child’s growth and development. Remember that a good program should be evidence-based and should have well-defined learning objectives. It should also be based on efficient child development principles and should support individualized instruction and family involvement.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Landing Scholarship

Women applying for scholarshipStudying in college can be expensive. You will have to pay for enrolment, get books, and even look for lodging. This is why many parents and students start to save money for education as early as possible. However, there is one great way that will help you curb the costs or even cancel them: applying for a scholarship.

Applying for a scholarship can be tedious and hard work. There are many requirements to fulfil, and on top of that, you may even take an examination. But if you want to increase your chances of getting a scholarship in Singapore, here are some things you may want to consider.

Broaden your network

From the get-go, you should build your network, especially with your professors and placement office. They are the people that can recommend you to scholarship screeners. Other than this, you should also attend educational and scholarship fairs organised by the school’s placement office.

Be part of an organisation

Schools and scholarship organisations always look for leaders. You may increase your chances of being accepted if you have leadership credentials. What you can do is be part of an organisation, lead an event or project, or better yet, start your club. Increase the visibility of your organisation by being involved in your community.

Apply, apply, apply

Applying for a scholarship can be compared with playing the lottery. You should apply, apply, and apply to increase your chances of landing a scholarship. Make sure that you apply personally so you get to talk to the screener and know more about the school you are aiming for.

These are only some of the things you should keep in mind if you want to land a scholarship. You should also speak with your school’s office placement for more details.

The Right Dream Job with the Right School Awaits You

Education Agencies in London

Education is a basic right of every individual, not to mention it is as important as the oxygen to survive in this world. People go to school to gain knowledge, learn values, and become worthy and productive individuals in society. The school and its teaching staff play a vital role in a student’s educational growth and development. They provide the best environment conducive for learning studies and help achieve the school’s mission-vision.

Related Jobs in Education

If you are looking for a job, maybe you need to ask yourself questions such as: Is your dream job related to education? Do you want to join the teaching staff? Do you love to work with kids? These questions need practical and honest answers on your part. Your stability and success at your job determine how much you love your work.

Recruitment Agencies Can Help Your Search

Education agencies in London, such as Link Education, recruit professional teachers and match them up with prospective client schools. You can trust on them as being professional and reliable in finding you that dream job you have been looking for. They will assess your personality and teaching skills and recommend you to a teaching position that fits your qualifications. You can be assured that they will give you personalised service.

Finding Your Role

There are teaching jobs available in the primary and secondary level; and, in different subject areas. Some teaching jobs are short-term while others are long-term or permanent jobs. Your search for your dream role is based on your skills. And, since you will be working with kids for a period of time, you must have that pleasing personality, that is, friendly, approachable and hardworking to achieve goals.

Pursue your career now and enjoy the benefits of working in great schools. Develop and enjoy good working relationships with students and fellow teaching staff. Help realise the school’s mission-vision for its students.

Machinist: A Promising Career

Machinists Browse through job hunting websites and you would surely see an ad looking for machinist. Go to the careers section of your daily newspaper and chances are, you would see a company or two looking for machinist. If you were not familiar with the field, this would make you ask “What are machinists?”, “How do you become one?” and “Why are they so important?”

Walking the path

Like other professions, it takes academic training and hands-on experience to be an engineer. Academic institutions in Houston offer courses to become a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinist and other specialized branches of engineering. However, due to circumstances, the younger generation are not so keen on entering the engineering and the machining trade leading to the shortage of new skills and workforce. This is the reason why academic institutions that offer education and training in the machining field are of high quality.

Increasing demands

Students who are involved in the field of machinery and engineering have a bright future ahead of them, and they know it. Skilled machinists are close to retiring and it is up to the new generation to keep the ball rolling. The demand for such skills is not going down anytime soon, as machinists are needed in various fields of business.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2015, a machinist earns an average of $19.49 per hour or an annual income of $40,550. This rate is just for starters. A skilled and professional machinist who has a lot of experience in the field earns as much as $30 per hour. Different states also offer different wages for machinists. However, all states have high demands for such skill.

People get into the field for different reasons like passion, interest, or even the promise of a competitive salary. Despite the differences, one thing is clear. The skills should be passed down to the new generation to ensure the lineage of skilled American builders would continue to grow.


Getting a Degree in Singapore Shapes Future

College EducationGetting a college degree is one of the difficult decisions we have to make in our life. This is a doorstep in discerning our future career. Many young students opt for universities in America or UK, but, western people don’t advise pursuing a degree there. Actually, many Americans and Europeans choose to study in Singapore because of its positive effects on their future career.

Cheap But Advanced

The universities in Singapore are cheaper than the U.S and Europe, but the quality is the same, James Cook University Singapore says. Students get to learn and have the chance to experience new innovations since the learning systems are upgraded faster than the western. Singapore might be small, but their higher education and research have hit the top mark in the world.

Higher Educational Opportunities

 Low-income students can also grab the chance to get a degree since there are various scholarships they can apply for. Overseas students can also avail of these scholarships. The educational opportunities assist students’ finances and academic needs. Students will learn how to be flexible in all aspects and adapt to a future working environment. These only show that education is for everyone.

Help You Choose Top College Degrees

Many students make a mistake by choosing their passion. But, money always matters. You might have chosen your career, but you are struggling financially, then your future will not grow the way you wanted. There are top college degrees that can lead you to high paying jobs. You might as well consider Business courses such as Accounting, Finance, Management; Information Technology; Education; and Tourism because they help you land a job that can lead you to success. When you settle on one of these jobs, your passion will come next.

Wide Range of Career Opportunities

There is a wide range of career opportunities, especially in Business. Students can work in the best Accounting firms, Corporate Management, Finance, or Human Resource. Getting a degree in this country is the best advantage a student can include in their profile. With this accomplishment, you can find a job anywhere since there many job orders looking for you. Or, you can do business since Singapore is still one of the best countries for business in the world.

When choosing a college degree, you have to think big and take into account career perspectives. It is not enough to choose what you like. The degree should lead you to a career that can support your daily needs in the future.

Which Schools are Covered Under the Free Tuition Law in the Philippines?

Filipino studentsTertiary-level and vocational students who wish to enjoy the free tuition subsidy under the recently enacted law may choose from as many as 190 public schools in the Philippines.

The Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act lets Filipinos enroll in any of the 112 state universities and colleges, and 78 local universities and colleges without having to pay for tuition, starting in the school year 2018-2019. As the cost of education in the country increases, the new law is good news for low-income families.

Student Qualifications

A person who already has a bachelor’s degree from a public or private school will not be qualified for the subsidy. Those who wish to enroll in technical-vocation education and training (TVET) courses must also not have a bachelor’s degree from any academic institution.

Aside from free tuition, qualified students will not need to pay fees for using libraries, computers, and laboratories. Miscellaneous fees, such as school IDs, registration, and healthcare expenses will also be free.

Alternative Learning

While the free tuition law has its own benefits, online education in the Philippines could be another option for students, especially those who want to enroll in a short course since it’s excluded from the regulation’s terms and conditions.

An online course could still be a better alternative than enrolling in a private school. The average tuition fee of private schools in the country cost more than P23, 000, so you may expect to pay slightly less than that for a short-term course. Institutions in Metro Manila are also more likely to be less affordable than schools in regional areas.

The free tuition law could encourage more people to seek higher education or finish a degree. Even if you don’t qualify for the subsidy, there are still other low-cost options for further studies, such as online courses.