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Advantages of lawn fertilization

Lawn being trimmedSeeing green lawns always brings that aesthetic appeal. It is serene. It is relaxing. Especially by mid-April when spring arrives, after a long cold and gloomy winter, the lilac blossoms emerge with new grass.

Nature follows the seasons, but turfgrass still needs proper management and maintenance to stay healthy. Grass weakens and eventually dies if undernourished, after all. That is why lawn fertilization is important. In Salt Lake City, lawn fertilization is a constant in nearly every residential community one can find because of its various benefits. These include:

Increases property values

Lawns are an asset to homes as they increase property values. Research has found that home market values increase to as much as 15% if a home has a well-maintained lawn. They serve as an environmental add-on to homes of all types.

Conditions the air

Lawns possess a cooling capacity that is typical of an air conditioner. This is true for urban and suburban homes where heat produced by buildings, cars, and people (i.e., urban heat island) adds to the natural heat from the sun.

Cleans the air from pollutants

Lawns clean the air from dust particles and other air pollutants. Healthy turf can generate enough oxygen that can improve air quality. Serving as a natural filter for the environment, air contaminants, and even noise, are reduced.

Reduces water runoff and controls erosion

Lawns can reduce water runoff during heavy rains and also provide excellent soil erosion control. By improving recharge as well as quality protection of groundwater, flooding is minimized.

Provides a safer place to play and socialize

Lawns provide a safe place for children to play, giving that soft cushion, and a blanket for family and other social activities. Lawns enhance the quality of life by contributing to social and communal harmony.

Well-kept lawns are an advantage to any property owner. To make sure it stays healthy, the services of a professional are needed.

Weeding – an essential part of your garden maintenance in Wimbledon

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Gardeners everywhere know that, sooner or later, they will need to tackle weeds in their garden. It’s one of the challenges that people have been addressing for as long as there have been cultivated greenspaces. Fortunately, this means there is an abundance of advice out there, so each person can choose the method that is easiest or most effective for their type of garden.

A good gardening service, like Town & Country Gardens, can help gardeners with many of the tips mentioned here. Some of them require a little effort to begin with, leading to a big reward in the end.

What is a weed?

A weed is defined as something that has no recognised value as an edible or medicinal plant and is highly competitive. They also germinate easily meaning rapid spreading. They often push out other plants by taking up space, light, and nutrients.

What can be done to remove weeds?

Any plan for garden maintenance in Wimbledon necessarily includes a weeding strategy. For some, there is value in the old-fashioned method of just digging them up one by one. Many people find this satisfying and thorough, not to mention friendly to the environment.

Other gardeners appreciate the advances in chemicals and pesticides that allow them to blitz weeds once and for all. This might be confined to a specific area such as a patio where weeds can come up between cracks.

Are there alternatives?

Some gardeners want to pursue the idea of a ‘no-weeding’ garden, which is theoretically possible with the right techniques.

This might include mulching the surface of the soil between deliberately cultivated plants to block out light, thereby suppressing weeds. Common examples of organic mulch include: shredded or chipped bark, compost, composted manure, grass clippings, newspaper, shredded leaves, and straw. People also use inorganic materials such as stone chips, black plastic or fabric. A good service for garden maintenance in Wimbledon will be able to provide advice on the supply and laying of mulch.

Another technique is high intensity gardening. This is where the goal is to cultivate many plants covering the different levels, nutrient needs, growing seasons, and areas. This aims to use up all the available resources with desirable plants so that the weeds have none to use to thrive.

Lawn Care: Guide to Effective Weed Control During Summer

GardenWeeds can invade your lawn, but only if you let that happen. You can get help from weed control experts, but you also have to know some ways to resolve the problem or keep it from getting worse. 

If you have insufficient knowledge about lawns, you have to learn the basics first. You'll find this guide from Salt Lake City lawn weed control experts extremely helpful.

Eliminate Snake Grass

Snake grass or horsetail is among the weeds that can invade your lawn. This can be quite a nuisance, but you can prevent it from growing in your lawn. As long as you mow your lawn regularly, you can control snake grass. This weed loves moisture, so watch out for the rain forecasts in your area.

Even when snake grass has already grown in your lawn, you can still mow it down to weaken it. Once mowed, snake grass will be unable to regrow and make its own food. With the weed weakened, you can then apply herbicide directly onto it.

Ask for Help

If you think you can't handle the problem yourself because you're too busy or you lack proper knowledge and experience, don't hesitate to call for professional help. Weed control experts can stop the spread of other weeds as well, including dandelions and clovers. They use the right tools and herbicides to ensure that your lawn will be free from any type of weeds. Professionals can also provide tips on how to take care of the grass during summer.

This late summer will be the perfect time to apply herbicides and control weeds. By eliminating weeds before they bloom and multiply, you will have a better chance of maintaining a healthy lawn in the coming fall and spring. Work with the right lawn care service provider to ensure the best possible results.

Raised Garden Beds: Keeping Your Small Greenery in Good Condition

Gardening Maintaining your garden and planting your own crops can be a hassle, especially if the soil in your area is not conducive for planting. Thanks to garden beds, however, you can now plant all sorts of crops in the backyard and serve it for dinner.

Keep your garden beds in good condition and literally enjoy the fruits of your labour with the following advice:

Have the right container

One of the most important things in garden beds is having the right container. You can use different materials in making your containers. Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies says that raised vegetable garden beds are a popular choice among their customers, and the case is probably the same in other parts of the country.

Raised garden beds are beneficial, especially for older people who find it difficult to bend down for prolonged periods at a time. Aside from easier planting, the right container size would mean better plant growth. Remember that plants need personal space just like humans do.

Have a good soil foundation

Buying a healthy top soil right from the start might be helpful to your crop’s overall growth, but it is not enough. Constant planting can strip away soil’s natural minerals. Therefore, it’s very important to keep an eye on your soil’s overall health.

Keep out pests and weeds

Due to its small size, there are less chances for weeds to grow and pests to infiltrate. This makes them easier to manage. Natural solutions can protect your plants from pests and removal of any weeds is easily done.

Don’t take out the worms

If you see worms in your garden bed, don’t get rid of them immediately. Worms are able to break down organic materials and blend organic materials in the soil. The worms they make can improve the soil’s oxygen and water holding capacity, as well.

Satisfy your thirst to plant things and enjoy watching them grow in your own home. With raised garden beds, there’s no excuse for you not to have fresh crops for your family dinner at home.­­