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War Is Over: Caring for Your Veteran Loved One

Veteran saluting flagAs sad as it might be, many families in the US must face the reality that their veteran family member will soon no longer be with them. This applies to the families of one out of four Americans who are in their golden years.

This doesn’t automatically mean that you — someone who has a loved one who gave service to the World War II and the Vietnam War — don’t have a choice but to accept it simply.

Yes, you must accept that your treasured family member will soon pass away, but there’s still something you can do to make their remaining days as comfortable and pleasant as possible. And this is through hospice care.

Making a huge difference in veterans’ lives

Veterans have put their lives at risk for the sake of their country and their fellowmen, so they deserve to live the rest of their lives as comfortably as possible. The Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization recognize all the efforts of these servicemen.

For this, they have partnered to provide the Hospice-Veteran Partnership Program, which provides hospice care primarily for those who have staked their lives for the country during the war. And in Indiana, this hospice care program for veterans is available.

This is one of the ways for you to ensure your loved one receives the best possible end-of-life care for their remaining days.

Giving veterans what they deserve

The primary goal of veteran hospice services is to make patients enjoy the rest of their days in as comfortable a manner as possible. This means reducing the risks of other health conditions arising, especially depression, which can result from isolation.

The warm, loving, and understanding environment of hospice care facilities positively affects not just patients but also their family members. And your veteran loved one, seeing as they deserve only the best, will do better in such an environment.

3 Types of Periodontal Surgical Procedures

Dentists and patient in clinicPeriodontic dentistry deals with diseases of the gum and jawbone. This is currently one of the busiest fields in dentistry with the rise in gum diseases. Periodontal infections which cannot be fixed by standard therapy may need surgery.

Since your gums affect the way you look, dentists in Meridian recommend periodontal surgical procedures. Even healthy gum tissue after all at times affects your smile. Here are some of the periodontal surgical procedures that might improve your smile:

1. Crown Lengthening

Dentists can correct gums using a crown lengthening procedure. This procedure removes excess gum tissue to expose more area of your teeth. Apart from its aesthetic benefit, the procedure allows you to brush and floss to avert tooth decay and periodontal diseases. A crown-lengthening procedure takes about 1 hour. After a week or two, the dentist will ask you to return to remove the sutures.

2. Ridge Augmentation

This periodontal surgical procedure corrects uneven gum margins left by lost teeth. The jagged margins occur due to collapse of your jawbone after the loss of your tooth. Ridge augmentation increases your gum tissue to make your teeth appear more natural and attractive. Cosmetic procedures such as bone grafting after tooth loss can prevent you from having uneven gum margins.

3. Soft Tissue Grafting

In this surgery, dentists harvest a healthy layer of gum tissue from one location and placed on the site of gum recession. Soft tissue grafting improves the appearance of your smile and protects your tooth roots from unwanted exposure. Soft tissue grafting procedures have a success rate of over 90%.

Pain from periodontal surgery procedures is minimal and mild pain medication can help control it. You can use ice packs to relieve moderate swelling after periodontal surgical procedures. Make sure you get a qualified periodontist to avoid post-surgical complications.

How Can Braces Help Improve Your Smile?

Woman with bracesNobody wants to have crooked teeth. Some people would even try to hide their teeth at all costs, even if that meant not talking to a large group of people. Fortunately, crooked teeth can be easily fixed if you get braces in a South Jordan dental clinic.

Braces are not as uncomfortable and unsightly as they were a few years ago. Nowadays, they are very comfortable to wear, as well as stylish. You may even opt to wear invisible braces if you are too conscious about wearing the metal ones.

Here are the top three benefits of wearing braces:

Improved oral health

Having crooked or crowded teeth is more than just about appearance. In most cases, other oral health issues arise from misaligned teeth like tooth decay and gum disease because food bits are trapped in between the tight spaces created by crooked teeth.

Even if you diligently brush and floss every day, you may not be able to remove all these food particles successfully. Furthermore, flossing may also be a challenge because the floss may end up being stuck in between your teeth as well. In time, the debris left in your teeth will turn into plaque, increasing your risk of developing cavities.

Teeth protection

An irregular bite pattern often results in uneven wear of the teeth. This means that some teeth may be at risk of being worn at a more rapid rate, which can result in premature dental issues that may need repairs or even replacements.

Some patients may be more at risk of tooth damage than others, especially those with protruding front teeth who play contact sports. Braces can reduce the risk of damage by properly aligning the teeth.

Better smile

Braces can improve your smile by moving your teeth in their proper position. In many cases, improved confidence is also part of the benefits of having a beautiful smile. So no more hiding those pearly whites the next time you socialize with other people.

Men Experience Eating Disorders Too

Man with eating disorderWhen people think about eating disorders such as anorexia, they usually think about women. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, around 20 million American women have had an eating disorder, but 10 million American men have also had an eating disorder. Men suffer from eating disorders too.

Recover: Undergo Treatment

For men who suffer from an eating disorder, you can remember that millions more like you suffer from bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating. In the same way that other men have beaten their disorders, you can conquer your disorder as well. You can take action towards recovery starting with eating disorders treatments.

Recover: Self-Therapy

Professional treatment at places like EDCare can immensely help you begin your road towards recovery. While you undergo treatment, you can practice self-therapy yourself to strengthen your will and focus on life instead of food, weight, and other related matters. One self-therapy practice you can do involves fighting against disorder urges and not acting upon them.

Fight or Do the Opposite

You can set little goals for yourself such as not acting on your urges for 5 minutes. Over time, you can fight for much more extended periods of time. Alternately, when you feel the urges, you can do the opposite of what your urges tell you. In this way, you keep power and control away from your disorder, and you claim the power and control for yourself.

Take Action in spite of Fear

Now, even when following the practices above, you will still encounter fear. Fear can easily be beaten, however, by embracing it and taking action anyway. Fear will always be there no matter how long you wait for it to leave. It will lose its power only when you take action for your life.

Keep Going

Ultimately, recovery involves difficulties and many slip-ups. Despite this, you can continue to fight. Take your time in recovery, one day at a time. Tomorrow will always bring a new chance for you to achieve success.

Men experience eating disorders in the same way that women do, and they also can conquer. With treatment and the practices above, you can overcome.

Preventive Dental Care for Children in Beaconsfield

A young woman having her teeth cleanedGood oral care involves more than brushing and flossing and it is as important for children as it is for adults. Children have special needs when it comes to their oral health. This is because they still have their ‘baby teeth’, which are prone to decay and gum disease.

When it comes to children’s oral health, parents should make every effort to take their children to a dentist in Beaconsfield at least every six months. Regular cleanings and dental check-ups at a dental practice such as Garden View will prevent future problems and help keep their teeth and gums healthy for longer. Additionally, treatments such as fluoride applications and dental sealants offer extra protection against cavities and tooth decay.

Experience has proven that the younger children are brought to the dentist for a check-up, the more likely they are to establish a good oral hygiene routine. A dentist in Beaconsfield will make children feel secure and relaxed and provide tips on the best brushing and flossing techniques.

Fluoride Treatment

After food consumption, teeth undergo a process known as demineralisation. Essentially, sugar mixes with saliva in order to form an acidic film that attaches itself to the teeth and can provoke erosion and decay. This process can be prevented with the application of fluoride directly onto the teeth. Fluoride is present in toothpaste and tap water, but sometimes children need a little extra help. A dentist in Beaconsfield will apply a very small amount of fluoride onto children’s teeth to help them fight cavities and tooth decay during their vulnerable years. The application of fluoride is limited but helps strengthen children’s teeth in the same way calcium helps strengthen their bones.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are another treatment option for children whose teeth are prone to cavities. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings which are firmly attached to the surfaces of the children’s teeth (mostly the molars) and prevent food particles and bacteria from entering. Sealants can last up to ten years and can help keep children’s teeth healthy and decay-free. However, note that dental sealants protect only the tooth surfaces, therefore, regular brushing and flossing is still essential for good oral health.

Adrenal Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A tired man unable to focus on his tasks Do you experience chronic fatigue a few hours after waking up in the morning? Perhaps you instantly feel stressed despite minute changes in your normal routine?

If you suddenly experience these symptoms, it is important to seek immediate consult with a healthcare practitioner. A rare condition called adrenal fatigue is characterized by a sudden onset of symptoms that has negative effects on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a condition that occurs due to a dysfunctional endocrine organ called adrenal gland. The adrenal gland, which is a small organ above the kidney, is responsible for secreting hormones that regulate metabolism, blood pressure, and stress. It also releases neurotransmitters that have a positive effect on the brain for better functioning. Hence, a dysfunctional adrenal gland due to thyroid problems or diabetes mellitus results to the body’s poor adaptation to stress.

What Are the Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue?

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include low blood pressure, headache, and dizziness due to decreased aldosterone production. Aldosterone is an essential hormone produced by the adrenals to maintain normal blood pressure. Low aldosterone causes abnormal systemic hypotension, which decreases blood flow to the brain and other important regions of the body.

Adrenal fatigue also causes decreased production of cortisol, which is a hormone that manages your response to stress. Hence, you may experience chronic fatigue despite having sufficient sleep at night. You may also become emotionally labile due to poor neurological tolerance to stress.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Adrenal Fatigue?

If your symptoms are highly indicative of adrenal fatigue, it is crucial to seek immediate consult with an endocrinologist. Your physician will perform a series of laboratory tests to quantify hormone levels and provide guidance in avoiding adrenal fatigue help with advice on lifestyle modification and hormone supplementation, RedRiver Health and Wellness Center said.

The Bottom Line

Adrenal fatigue involves a constellation of symptoms that cause poor stress tolerance and decreased productivity in work or school. Hence, it is substantial to detect the early symptoms of adrenal fatigue in order to receive early management.

4 Tips to Get Firmer Skin

Woman with Good SkinMany people today are bothered by sagging skin, premature aging and cellulite. What’s good to know is that there are simple, easy ways to keep the bad news away. Here are 4 of them:

1. Try contouring or firming products.

You can try some body contouring gels on those problem areas like your buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. These formulated products deeply hydrate your skin. If you use it regularly, the gel helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and even varicose veins.

2. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

The earlier you start using sunscreen, the sooner you can protect your skin from sun damage and premature aging. While you can always wear a hat and take cover when it’s sunny outside, putting on sunscreen gives you better sun protection even when it’s cloudy and downcast outside. Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean it’s not there causing havoc on your skin.

3. Try some natural remedies.

If you’re trying to go green, try some DIY home remedies such as egg whites, lemons, aloe vera, and cucumbers. You’ll find that there are a lot of DIY face masks you can do on a budget and best of all, you probably have most of these ingredients at home anyway. It’s great to reduce the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles and cellulite.

4. Get active.

Of course, exercise is one of the best ways to improve your overall health, well-being, and physical appearance. Regular exercise increases blood circulation which then keeps your skin toned and firmer. If you’re on a budget, forget the expensive gym membership. Just do some simple home exercises. Do it right, do it regularly and you’ll soon reap the great benefits.

5. Keep Your Youthful-Looking Skin.

The fountain of youth is simpler than you think. With the right nutrition, regular exercise, positive outlook and help from advanced skin technologies, you can protect your skin from premature aging and other signs of damage.

Understanding and Managing Diabetes: The Must-Knows

DiabetesFor someone afflicted with some form of diabetes, you know how difficult it is to keep your blood sugar levels within the range recommended by your doctor. The challenge does not only come from the required change of lifestyle, but also because there are many things that can affect your blood sugar, sometimes even unexpectedly.

Know the Enemy: What is Diabetes?

The three main types of diabetes are:

Type 1 diabetes: Insulin allows the body to use sugar (glucose) and turn it into energy. The problem with people with type 1 diabetes is that their bodies do not produce insulin. As the body needs the energy to function, it will try to get it from somewhere else which can cause other major problems, so you need a shot of insulin every day in order to live.

Type 2 diabetes: The most common type of diabetes. The production or usage of insulin is erratic. Most patients with this type of diabetes are prescribed with a pill or a shot of insulin to control their diabetes.

Gestational diabetes: This type of diabetes is contracted by some women when they get pregnant. It usually goes away after delivery but these women and their children may have a higher possibility of getting diabetes later in life.

Fight the Enemy: How to Manage Your Diabetes

As of today, there is no known cure for diabetes. But, you can manage this disease with proper diet and exercise. You have to be aware of your food intake, how much and the combinations of food you eat as there is food that can affect your blood sugar level. Make a meal plan that is well coordinated with your medications with your health care team.

Exercise helps immensely with managing your diabetes. Your body uses insulin more efficiently when you exercise regularly, as your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy. Ask your doctor what types of exercise are suitable for you and then draft an exercise plan that is coordinated with your meal and medication schedules. But before you do any physical activity, make sure that you know at what blood sugar level you are safe to exercise. And, lastly, check your blood sugar level before, during, and after your workout.

Diabetes is not something to be taken lightly, as this disease has already taken many lives. While there is no known cure for diabetes, through perseverance and determination, you can manage it through a change in lifestyle, the food you eat, and regular exercise. For a successful diabetes management, Revere Health notes that you need to be aware of what makes your blood sugar level rise and fall and how to manage these factors. And don’t forget to regularly visit your doctor.

How to Protect your Back when you Shovel Snow

Chiropractor in DenverWinter is coming, and with it, snow. While snow is great and all, you’ll also have to shovel it and this task is an easy way to injure yourself. And although you simply can’t let it sit in front of your house, it’s important that you protect yourself to avoid injury. Here are some expert tips.

  • Always warm up to avoid tearing your muscles. Focus on your arms, back, and hamstrings to get your blood pumping throughout your body. Make sure to thoroughly stretch your hamstrings since they’re the easiest muscles to pull and could put unwarranted stress on your lower back once agitated.
  • Your shovel should ideally have a curved handle so that you won’t have to bend forward when shovelling. Likewise, make sure that your shovel is the perfect size for your body. If the handle is too long, you’ll have to strain more when lifting a load since it will be too far from you.
  • Mobilize your legs while shoveling snow. Many people underestimate how heavy snow could be. If you only lift using your back and arms instead of using your knees and bending from your hips, you could injure your back.
  • Know when you should stop and rest. Once you feel sore or tight, stop and rest for a bit. Get someone else to help you or resume shoveling once you feel rested enough.
  • Don’t forget to heat up later, advises a well-known chiropractor in Denver. If you have tight or sore muscles after shoveling snow, make certain to apply heat to release tension.

In the event that you feel that pulled a muscle, feel a significant pain that persists after a few days or so after shoveling, or slipped and fell hard while shoveling, you should make an appointment with a chiropractor as soon as possible. It’s extremely easy to do severe damage, pull a muscle, or slip a disc without even realizing it, so seek professional help to prevent further injury.

After Dental Surgery: What You Must Do

Dental Practice in BoiseOral surgery, just like any other surgical procedure, has a certain recovery period. While undergoing a dental treatment, expect that you have to keep your mouth open for a long period of time. Whether you will have a dental implant surgery, a removal of impacted teeth or a corrective jaw surgery, it is best that you do some extensive research. 

When you undergo a surgery in a dental practice based on Boise, the dentist will provide you some information that you must follow diligently. This is to ensure fast recovery and prevent infection.

What You Should Keep in Mind 

Some of the hacks provided by dental professionals are as follows:

  • Do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours after the operation. After the procedure, expect that your entire mouth will feel tender and swollen. This is the reason it is essential that you avoid using a mouth wash after the surgery. This will allow the swelling to reduce and when you do rinse, ensure you do it with lukewarm slightly saline water.
  • During the operation, you may feel some discomfort after letting your mouth open for several minutes. In fact, your jaws are bound to ache. But, do not try to open or work your jaws forcibly. Try to massage your jaws with a warm, moist cloth.
  • Do not massage the area of your mouth that has undergone surgery. This will aggravate the wound and may even lead to serious complications.
  • Do not put your hand or any hard object inside your mouth. Wounds in your teeth and gums may take longer to heal. It should not be irritated or agitated in any manner.
  • Eat only soft, high-protein and vitamin-rich food after surgery. Have no worry, for this will only be for a few days. A soft diet will not only provide your body with the required strength, but also intensify the healing process.

For quick recovery, always keep these things in mind so that you can go back to your daily routine quicker than you might imagine.