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Hot Home Design Trends This Year

Cool Home DesignHome design is a lot like fashion; the trends come and go. What was aesthetically pleasing a few years ago may not be as appealing now, thus, making room for new styles to take center stage. Embracing home design trends is not just about giving your home a style makeover; it’s also about enhancing its function by adopting a logical layout and adding practical features. What are the hot home design trends you can use to transform your place?


While available homes aren’t exactly new, it seems that they’re becoming more popular. With more homeowners working with companies such as Ascent Mobility, features such as ramps and lifts are becoming permanent fixtures in residential areas.

And, there are many good reasons to incorporate this design trend to any home. It’s not just beneficial for aging relatives and loved ones with disabilities; it also helps caregivers attend to their wards more easily. It won’t be a surprise if accessibility-focused designs become even more widespread around the world over the years.

Open Space Layout

Walls and dividers were stylish a few years back, but this year, trend watchers, builders and homeowners agree that the open space plan is the hot trend. Free spaces allow for a more laidback ambiance, letting residents move more freely and comfortably. They also make the home look less formal and uptight; that’s smart spacing and styling combined.

Décor and Color

The 2017 color of the year is an elegant shade of green, and it seems that interior designers think that this will go very well in bedroom and living room walls. Mixed patterns and textures are also a top decorating choice for homeowners who want the relaxed and comfortable feel in their rooms and spaces.

Expect to see more of these home design trends in neighborhoods and magazines this year. Maybe you’ll even want to embrace them, too.

For Variety: Creating a Fusion Interior Design

Looking for the perfect French interior doors with Uber Doors
Designing the interiors of your home will require you to select a theme that will unify all the things within it. Themes range from minimalistic, such as Japanese, to ornate, such as French. When it comes to this, you need to choose carefully, as the project can be very expensive.

But what if you want more than one them? No problem! You can always choose two or more themes and combine them. Such is a concept called fusion design.

Here are some strategies that will help you put everything together without making it look like a mess:

Create Zones

If you’re not comfortable with mixing things in one place but still want to embrace a cosmopolitan vibe, create a zone for each design/theme you’ll pick. For instance, you can implement Asian-inspired theme in your living room, while the ornate Parisian design will be evident in your dining room. The distinction created by zoning will make your entire home more interesting.

Choose Key Items

Should you decide to implement your chosen themes in one space, you are not supposed to put all the theme-inspired things. Choose a few from your chosen themes and then place them carefully in your space. For instance, you can have Japanese-inspired windows and French interior doors from Uber Doors. See to it that the items complement each other.

Make Items Complement Each Other

Make sure that the items will complement will each other, in terms of purpose and appearance. Otherwise, your space will look like a hodgepodge of mess. To aid you in this one, look for inspiration in magazines and online resources that talk about industrial style and eclectic design.

These are only three of the tips that will help you make your space look good with fusion design. If you think that you’re doing not well enough, you can always consult a reliable interior designer.

Brick and Stone: Improve Your Backyard Hardscape

Backyard Hardscaping

Your backyard can be among the most beautiful of spaces given the right landscaping efforts. For instance, a pool can add to the space’s serenity. Or perhaps plants and shrubs can add more life to the space. Either way, a fully landscaped backyard is always easy on the eyes.

Backyard Transformation

You can easily have your backyard transformed with the help of a landscaping company, says ImpressionScape.com. Professionals are handy to have around for qualified advice. You can have them look at your initial plans and make subsequent recommendations.

Pick an Overall Theme

First, when having your landscape, pool, and hardscape designed, you can think about the theme you want. With a theme, you can match the look of your pool, landscape, and hardscape. You can choose among many different themes, ranging from colonial styles, modern looks, or farm designs.

Look at the Big Picture

Now, when you design your hardscape, experts advise that it is better to design the whole backyard instead of just the hardscape. In this way, you can account for other details in your backyard and adjust your designs accordingly. It’s always good to have a set of main guiding principles.

Follow Natural Curves

When you design your landscape and hardscape, you can keep in mind to shape details in curves. Although you can certainly use straight and perpendicular lines, sweeping and arching shapes in your hardscape and landscape can make your backyard look more natural.

Remember Drainage

According to experts, they have seen many hardscapes without proper drainage. Drainage is one detail you can keep in mind as a vital detail. You can design runoff systems in order to prevent flooding of your backyard. You can even use drainage to collect water for re-use.

These are only some of the things you can use to enhance your backyard hardscape, along with your landscape and pool. You can consult with a landscaping company for expert guidance.

Style and Design: The Standard Principles of Beautifying Your Home

Home DesignEvery room is an opportunity to create a lasting and positive impression on your guests or relatives. But it’s not merely about looks, especially if you’re going to remodel a home with the intention of living in it. This article shares the basic principles of style and design to guide you in your quest to achieving beautiful, functional rooms.

Theme – Amateur designers often misunderstand this word. It’s not as simple as choosing a look like you’re deciding what outfit to wear at a costume party. A theme sets the mood for people once they enter the room. It can give them a feeling of excitement, hunger, rest or creativity. So the next time you select an Asian-inspired interior design or a Country theme, you should also aim for a mood that follows your preferred theme.

Comfort – In the end, you want you and your family to live comfortably with your design. Choose items that are capable of providing you with real comfort and not just fancy services. If a chair can’t help you relax but can swivel, play music, and store ice, it’s having an identity crisis and is better off in a science exhibit. Aim for functionality over looks, such as the white roller blinds offered by Yesblinds.com.au. You may also want to buy sturdy furnishings over three-in-one lamps or heavy, overly decorated drapes.

Focus – Every room, no matter what fancy item you place in it, needs to have a focal point, even a few. When you enter a museum, mall, or classroom, there are objects or groupings of objects that call to your attention the most. It might not be the only things worth looking at but they’re in pride of place, calling to people. TVs and consoles, art pieces, fountains or a table can stand as your objet d’art.

As stated above, these are principles that will help guide you in your choices. The true test is when you listen to both your creative and practical side. Let your planning be thoughtful and with purpose, not merely to impress but to offer a comfortable residence for yourself and those you love.

2 Crucial Factors that Underlie a Successful DIY Home Upgrade

DIY Home Upagrade in WyomingOwning a home is a remarkable feat as it easily translates into the biggest investment for many people across America. At the time of purchase, all amenities are spanking new and in tune with the latest trend on the market.

However, with the passage of time, wear and tear kicks in as does new and sophisticated technology making some of the amenities jaded. Consequently, many homeowners upgrade their homes at least once or twice in their lifetimes.

Given the high cost of hiring a contractor, some people opt to go down the do-it-yourself avenue. Some register great success, while others, not so much. So, what makes a difference between the results?


If you are a weekend warrior, that is, you only get to work on the house over the weekends; you can have a hard time finishing the upgrades. For instance, if your need to install some granite countertops, update the cabinetry as well as the kitchen floor tiles, the time might not be enough. It might take you several months to do a stellar job, and your family might not appreciate the inconvenience. After all, the kitchen is the nerve center of a home and cooking amongst debris and misplaced utensils ruins the experience.

Your Scope of Skills

While you breeze through minor upgrades such as changing the showerheads and taps, and fumble when replacing the toilet seat but you should never attempt to undertake complex upgrades.

Leave the complex task such as upgrading the AC unit, electrical and plumbing systems to the professionals. For one, you do not possess the necessary skills, knowledge, nor the equipment to handle such undertakings. When in need of a home upgrade and construction, a reputable general contractor in Wyoming makes for a great choice, explains Hogan & Associates Construction, Inc.

Before undertaking any home improvement in your home, make sure you have the time, expertise as well as the necessary equipment to handle the task.