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Here’s Why Wood-Frame Windows Are Amazing

Men ready to install the wood-frame windowA lot of homeowners don’t want to deal with wood, especially if used as frames for windows. It looks so fragile and expensive. It’s a nightmare to maintain.

If you think the same way, then you’re missing out on one of the best elements of a home. A wood-frame window can provide you with a lot of benefits that all together add value to your property:


Think of cosy, and log cabins won’t be far behind. But do you ever pause and wonder why you feel all the “magic” in structures like this? The answer is in the material. Wood has an excellent insulating property. In fact, it fares better than steel in this department.

That’s not the better part of the story, though. If you update your windows with something that has better insulation (such as wood), they become more energy efficient. Moreover, you can enjoy as much as 70 per cent ROI from the upgrade.


Anything wood looks and feels beautiful. It has a timeless, classic appeal. Combine it with other materials, and it stands out and complements very well.

Wood is also amazing if you want to make your home appear vintage. To be more specific, you can replace modern windows with box sash windows with wood frames. An architectural style that began as early as the Victorian Era, it features vertical panels that slide vertically with the help of pulleys, weights, and cord.


There are many different types of wood, as well as finishes. Moreover, you can pair them with various kinds of hardware. Coming up with a gorgeous window design with wood is, therefore, not a problem at all.

While many people are praising vinyl for its affordability, it’s wood that wins when it comes to versatility. You cannot repaint vinyl with other colours, and even though white is clean and minimalist, not everyone likes it.


Wood is a very durable material it can last for more than 50 years with proper maintenance. Considering this material is not cheap, being able to use it for decades is like getting your ROI a hundredfold.

If you want to make your house look attractive and make it profitable in the future, pay attention to both function and form of your windows. Choose wood.

Dust Control During Remodelling: Why Is It Important?

A house under going a renovationIt is impossible to eliminate dust completely when remodelling a home. However, you still need to find ways to control it and keep it from migrating to other parts of the house. The dust, which may come from the sand, cement and other construction materials used, may pose risks to the health of both the workers and your family. That is why there are many dust control products available to provide families with a safe, comfortable and habitable space even with an ongoing renovation project.

Safety and comfort

Keeping your family and the workers safe is very important, especially since the accumulation of dust presents a lot of health risks. Construction and remodelling projects can produce a lot of debris and dirt that are potentially toxic when inhaled in excessive amounts or when there is accidental contact with the eyes or skin.

Imagine your children playing outside and being exposed to all the dust. Young children, as well as elderly people, are more likely to develop health problems from exposure to high levels of dust. Possible effects on health include eye irritation, cough, sneezing, asthma, and other serious respiratory symptoms. For people with chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD) or emphysema, in particular, even a small dust concentration can make their symptoms worse.

Habitable space

Controlling dust during remodelling removes the hassle of having to live away from your home. You must understand the cost of living in a hotel for several days. Being involved in the dust control also lets you have a firsthand knowledge of what is happening during a renovation project.

A healthy remodelling environment is vital so you can provide your family with a safe and liveable space.

Small Space Living: Thriving in a Compact Living Space

Small homeTransitioning from a sprawling suburban home to a compact living space comes with the necessary adjustments. With the tiny house movement glamorizing the small-home lifestyle, it is becoming common for families to trade in their large kitchen and basement for a central location in a thriving metropolis. While downsizing one’s property might seem tough at first, thriving in a compact living space is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you adjust to city living:

Create the Illusion of Space

Simple remedies can create the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. Light-colored walls and floors can make any cramped space look airy. The strategic placement of mirrors can, furthermore, reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger room. Decor that leads the eyes upward may also make a room appear more spacious, so try adding a fun wallpaper to the ceiling or a bookshelf above eye level.

Rent a Storage Unit

If you your previous house was larger, you might have a lot of extra belongings that can’t fit into your new one. Instead of throwing out furniture that’s still serviceable, rent out a storage unit. Storage facilities like bondstoragesb.com are located at the heart of the city, so you can store your belongings in a safe and accessible location. By finding a storage unit close to where you live, you can make a quick run to pick any items up whenever you need them.

Practice Frugal Spending Habits

The exciting part about city living is having unlimited access to restaurants and shopping districts. You might feel the temptation to shop for new items now and then. Before purchasing any new items, however, consider if it will be good for your wallet and living space. If you already own something that could fulfill the same purpose as the item you are eyeing, cross it out of your to-buy list.

Living in the city has its rewards. Even if it means living in a smaller space, you can still enjoy the same lifestyle through some adjustments.

How to Create that Perfect Ambience for Your Living Room

Amazing living roomYour living room is undoubtedly the most used space in your home. It is where the entire family congregates for entertainment, meals, family gatherings and other purposes. It is also where you entertain your guests. Thus, it makes sense to make it as liveable as possible. Here are some quick ways to create the perfect ambience for this crucial space in your home, as suggested by ackworthhouse.co.nz.

Use more wood underfoot

Many homeowners love wooden floors for their durability, warmth, and character. But you don’t have to stop on the floor. Choose wooden architecture stairs too, which are becoming more popular with homeowners. Wooden stairs are not only elegant but also very stable and durable.

Mind your colours

Few things in your living room have the power to affect your moods and senses than the colours you use for your wall and accessories. For starters, use neutral or warm colours for the walls to make the space comfortable. For your furniture and other decorations, go for colours that are appealing to the eye, and ensure everything matches well.

Go for large windows

A large window in your sitting room is both classy and functional. It lets in sufficient natural light during the day, giving the house a refreshing feeling and eliminating the need for you to use artificial light. In the case of glare, you can always draw your curtains or use blinds.

Incorporate various shapes

As you decorate your living room, choose items of different shapes to give the space a sense of balance. For instance, you could use rectangular for sofas, rugs, and paintings. Add circular pillows, oval coffee tables and so on.

Given the importance of the living room in your home, you should endeavour to make it as inviting as possible. By doing simple upgrades, you and your family can start to enjoy spending more time in this vital area of your home.

Legos Give Life to Miniature Model of Iconic Minneapolis Bar

A pile of plastic toys They say old habits die hard. For Minneapolis-based Jeff Esler, that habit represented 1,000 Lego pieces. The 50-year-old used the well-known toy blocks to create a tiny version of the Nye’s Polonaise Room in the city.

Iconic Bar

Esler’s miniature model of the iconic bar and restaurant serves as an accurate depiction of what was once a bustling recreational place in the city. Sadly, the Nye’s Polonaise Room had to be demolished in 2016

Still, Esler found a chance to pay tribute to the place that gave him a place to unwind on certain days. Most especially, the bar held a memorable event in his life as it was the place where he met his wife. It took him several trips to the Lego Store at the Mall of America to get the right pieces for his model, as well as placing numerous bids on eBay for pieces that were hard to find at retail stores.

At least two buyers showed interest for the Lego creation, yet Esler remains undecided what to do with it.

More Ideas

Esler said that he’s exploring the idea of creating other landmark structures in the Twin Cities, where housing construction occurred at the fastest pace in the last 10 years.

For the real thing, some companies can build and design structures based on your preferences, including homes. While using Legos to construct houses isn’t possible, custom home builders in Minneapolis like homesbytradition.com can deliver properties that are unique to each person’s taste.

And who knows, maybe in the next decade or so, people can use toy blocks to build structurally sound homes. Since technology continues to advance, that doesn’t seem to be an impossible task.


It sometimes takes creativity to improve how we do things that often require the usual procedures. If you have 1,000 pieces of Legos, what would you create?

Large Family Living: The Essential Advantages a Patio Can Offer

Family LivingHaving a big family requires a big heart, a big budget and a big home. Even if you lack the last two aforementioned factors, a big patio may be what you need to solve your dilemma. Why not consider the essential perks that a patio can offer:

Safety – Kids will be kids and you can expect them to play in whatever space you have on your property. Patios provide a safe and secure space for your family members to enjoy themselves. Just Patios and other experts recommend asking advice from patio builders to find designs that work with everyone.

Space – A big family will always enjoy an added space. The thing is renovations can be a hassle, especially with active family members coming in and out of the house. By adding a patio, which won’t be such an inconvenience on your present lifestyle and budget as major construction changes, you add an extra room while giving your home an airy feel.

Aesthetics – The better-looking your home is, the more your children will enjoy it. Upgrading your home adds value and beauty to it, as well. Besides it having a higher market value, which your family will benefit from if you ever sell it, your kids are bound to appreciate your home even more. They are more likely to be tidier to preserve their home’s look.

Time – Yes, you can now spend more time with the kids. As your patio will be taking quite a bit of your yard space, you cut down on lawn maintenance like mowing the lawn or tilling the soil. The extra time you save is what you can give to your family.

Putting in a patio may require time and money, but the benefits are truly worth it. After all, time invested in your family is priceless. And so is the fun times you’ll be enjoying on your new patio.

Two Key Factors to Build Your Home’s Equity

Building a HouseEquity is part of the value of a home you bought. It is the part that you own, which is the amount of the property less any mortgage balances. If you have any plans of selling your home in the future, be sure that you will build enough equity.

Building a home equity takes about two to five years before you can sell it at a profit or without losing money. Learn the ways to build equity faster and make it profitable.

The Property’s Value

As the value of your home increases, the equity rises at the same time. You can begin by making improvements in your home and doing a general makeover, such as installing new doors and windows, updating the appliances and countertops or completing a bathroom and bedroom addition. Also, don’t forget to enhance your home’s landscape appeal to entice future buyers. Make sure that the additions and changes you do will guarantee you a high return on investment.

After making the improvements, proceed with the maintenance. Do routine checking for leaks, cracks or deteriorating roofs and keep it in tip-top shape.

Lastly, the real estate market has a high probability of appreciation and your home’s value can increase up to 25% of its original price within five years. This means your home’s price has a chance to increase automatically, especially if you’re in a growing city or town.

The Mortgage Payment

As you pay off your mortgage regularly, you decrease a portion of interest and principal of your balance, gaining some home equity at the same time. City Creek Mortgage suggests adding an extra payment to your mortgage to quicken the build of equity and decrease an extra portion of your principal balance. This will also shorten the mortgage period and gain a lower interest rest.

In addition, you can make a larger down payment of up to 20% to automatically acquire home equity or much faster. A big down payment will also give you a lower interest in your payments.

Taking care of your home and investing money in it are effective ways of building equity. You will have the peace of mind of selling your home anytime and getting the reward of your hard work.

Renovations Help Increase Your Brisbane Home’s Value

Home Upgrades in BrisbaneHomeowners in Brisbane spend millions of dollars in upgrades, as they capitalise on low interest rates and increasing real estate value. Renovations not only improve the appearance of a residential property, but also uplift its valuation, explains an expert from Hely & Associates. For instance, a property valuer in Brisbane will take improvements, among other factors, into consideration when assessing houses.

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, home renovations in Brisbane amounted to A$206.6 million in the second quarter of 2016, up 16.3 percent quarter over quarter. This indicates that residents are willing to spruce up their homes due to the number of potential buyers willing to acquire them.

Renovation Spree

Between April and June, those living in Paddington and Milton spent the most in home upgrades at A47.8 million, based on a comparison of the top 10 suburban regions in Brisbane. Their counterparts in Ashgrove splurged more than A$6.3 million for improvements.

Suburban residents accounted for a majority of home renovation in Brisbane, as they believe the risk of overcapitalisation has a lesser chance of taking place in inner-city areas, according to Domain Group chief economist Andrew Wilson.

The relationship of low-interest rates to higher spending in the renovation is attributed to cheap financing. When interest rates are small, people are likely more willing to spend, Wilson noted. In addition, renovating a home appears to be a more attractive option, due to high costs associated with buying and selling a property.

Hot Commodity

On the selling front, home listings in Brisbane have recently increased earlier than expected, local property agents said. These listings aren’t supposed to be appearing until a few weeks away, but they indicated that spring may unofficially begin.

Agents are seeing full open houses and higher-than-normal listing activity. Some even say that this year’s winter season has been the best for the home market in seven years.

Home Design 101: Four Upgrades to Make Your Pool Summer Ready

Swimming Pool in PerthPlanning to give your pool a new, refreshing look for the coming summer season? There are many ways to improve its overall look, feel, and functionality. With a freshly upgraded pool, your family will have more reasons to look forward to diving into the cool waters this coming summer.

Here are some pool upgrade ideas for you:

Build a timber deck for outdoor relaxation

A nice timber deck is a great way to use the vacant space around your backyard pool. This should improve the overall functionality of the area as a place for relaxation. Think of placing large sun umbrellas and outdoor wicker furniture for added comfort.

Use glass enclosure; ditch the metal fences

Replace your old metal railings with glass fencing. Glass is a popular choice for pool fencing, Perth professionals explain. This gives homes a sleek and sophisticated look. The best thing about this upgrade is you do not sacrifice the security of your sneaky little children. Glass can be as safe as heavy metal fences. It can actually be much better, as it does not hinder views of your outdoor space.

Add interesting water features

Give your pool a resort-like feel by installing new water features. You can choose from hydrotherapy features, cascading waterfalls, mist sprayers, and fountain bubblers. If you have a budget, you might as well think of having an outdoor Jacuzzi in one corner. Consult qualified contractors, as pool upgrades must follow strict local regulations and industry standards.

Give it a more tropical feel

Think of surrounding your pool with landscaped gardens. This should be a good idea if you want to give it a more natural and tropical feel. Choose from different outdoor plants – from various small greens to bigger palm trees. You’re not just beautifying your pool; you’re also giving it a cooler ambience and shade.

The key to a successful upgrade is to maintain the balance between your pool’s aesthetics and function. Consult certified suppliers and contractors to make the right decision.

Living Space: How Much of It is Necessary

Granny Flat Builders in PerthHow much space does a person really need? Most people would agree that it all depends on the level of comfort. Comfort, however, is relative to a person. Some may find living in a gymnasium-sized room comfortable while others may enjoy living in their car. People define comfort based on their own experiences.

Are you more comfortable with living in smaller spaces? Hire granny flat builders Perth offers to design your alternative home. Otherwise, here are some thoughts on defining comfort in a small living space.

The Necessities

It does not matter if your shelter is small as long as it has all the necessary elements. You should have a place to sleep in, to cook and most importantly, to eliminate waste. This is why some people can live in recreational vehicles. All you really need should be of prime importance. These should be the first things to secure when designing a house no matter how much space you have.

The Great Outdoors

A smaller living space gives you more reasons to stay out and enjoy the sun. This allows you to live a more active lifestyle. Some people may find comfort on being outdoors all the time. The only time they have to stay inside is when they need to rest.

Less Clutter

Furniture does nothing but take up space. You will realize this once you start living in limited space. A lot of the things in your current home only sit there as a wasted asset. You tend to buy more unnecessary items when you think you have the enough room for them. An alternative design to a house frees you up of clutter and lessens your expenses on several items.

Comfort does not equate to large spaces. Try your hand at living in a smaller space and build your dream house.