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3 Tips to Make Your Lawn Look Impressive

Lawn mower cutting grassCurb appeal plays a crucial role in the value and the look of your home. It may seem like just another vanity project, but it is important in maintaining high property value.

The lawn is usually the first thing people see when they look at a house so it can affect how visitors think of you. These are four tips that can help you make your lawn look spectacular:

1. Build aluminum gates

If you watch enough movies about rich people, you will notice that they like using metal as the material for their gates. This is because metal looks amazing and are durable. This means that your lawn can have the benefit of great looking gates for as long as ten years.

The best material for the gate is probably aluminum as it is strong and does not rust. Look for suppliers of aluminum estate gates for a spectacular lawn.

2. Water your lawn every few weeks

You do not want the grass in your lawn to look unhealthy and brown. To do this, make sure that you water the lawn every few weeks. It would be even smart to install sprinklers so that the whole thing will be automated. Just do not overdo on the water as you also do not want the soil to look too moist.

3. Cut grass once a month

Tall grass does not look attractive in a lawn or yard. This is why you have to run the lawn mower through the entire lawn at least once a month.

A lawn that looks great enhances the quality of life of the people living in it. It also improves neighborhood pride and social harmony, which results in a respected stature in the community.

Urine and Lawns: A Complicated Dynamic

Dog in a lawnFertilizer contains urea, a compound that brings essential nitrogen to plants or the grasses of your lawn. Urea is also in human or animal pee. Can you then fertilize your lawn with your pee? The idea may seem silly, but the question is valid. Scientists, even your local lawn expert in Utah, will tell you both yes and no.

Damaging Concentrations

According to experts at Greenside Landscaping, urine contains nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, three elements needed for healthy lawns. Fertilizers have the same elements. Urine, however, has high concentrations of salt and nitrogen that can damage your lawn and cause dead or burned spots in the grass.

Dangerous Human and Dog Urine

Your own or your pet dog’s pee can damage your grass. Female dogs, which tend to squat while peeing, cause more damage than the males.

Dilute to Use as Fertilizer

You can use your urine, however, if you dilute it in water. Water can reduce the concentration of nitrogen and salt in the urine, enough to make it safe to use. You can collect urine in a watering can and mix one part urine with two parts water, and use the mixture to fertilize your lawn. In fact, some farmers already use this method to grow their crops.

Solutions for Your Dog

As for your dog, you can train him or her to urinate in one spot where you can grow urine-resistant ground covering such as clover ground cover. You can also shower the grass with water wherever your dog pees on the lawn. You can also have a lawn expert change your landscape to be dog-friendly.

Your lawn can now be free of burn spots because of urine. You now have a new source of fertilizer, too, although you can definitely choose to stay with commercial fertilizer.

How to Make Your Lawn Add to Your Home’s Value

A Lawn Being MowedYou have a wide lawn that’s going to waste. Nothing but grass growing in all directions and bugs calling the place home. Did you know that the condition of your lawn has a huge effect on the value of your property? Not only is it bad for your home’s value, but it may also be affecting the property values in your neighborhood, and your neighbors are not likely to be pleased.

Specialists from Utah Sprinkler offer some ideas to make use of your lawn and prevent it from making your home look like a dump.

Clean It

You probably keep the inside of your home pretty neat and orderly; you should do the same for your lawn. Remove whatever clutter is out there, such as that old bicycle and those car parts dripping oil (bad for the environment). Take them to a recycle center. Collect the leaves and whatever else is on your lawn in a plastic bag for the trash collectors. Schedule this for a weekend so you have time to finish. Leaving it half undone may make you procrastinate and you’ll be back to square one.

Plant Something

If it’s the backyard, think about planting vegetables. If it’s the front, consider landscaping. You can do this yourself as a form of exercise or as a new hobby (you might love it), or hire a landscape artist. You might be surprised how beautiful your property can look when the lawn starts popping with color. To make sure your plants are always watered, have a professional install a sprinkler and have such on a timer.

Install a Water Feature

One way to make it more interesting is to install a fountain or other water features. The cool water and the sound it makes can also provide a relaxing feature for those mornings or afternoons when you’re out to enjoy your new lawn.

Rebuild Your Shed

Now that you have a lawn to take care of, you have an excuse to rebuild that shed, where you can keep your gardening implements. You might even want to put a chair and a small table there for your afternoon tea or getting some work done on your laptop. Imagine working with that cool ambiance.

Would you rather have a beautiful, colorful garden that makes your home’s value rise, or an empty, dusty lawn that’s only good news for spiders? Work on your lawn right now and enjoy the many benefits.