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Your Website, a Marketing Tool

Web developer creating a business websiteA website is not just there to save the domain name of your brand. It is also there to serve as a place where people can look for information about your brand; it is your face online. Just like the actual face, you do not see beneath the surface. 

What you see is what graphic and web design experts like vaccodesign.com in Croydon have put together to help you market your business. These elements should be present: 

A Concise Homepage 

This is where people are introduced to your website–where you talk about what you are willing and able to offer. Here, you can use product keywords sparingly, as you can target those in individual pages. This is your first chance to reel customers in, so keep it classy and concise. 

Call to Action 

A website's main aim is to inform, but certain pages have different purposes. For instance, a Contact Us page should encourage site visitors to fill up the enquiry form and click on the submit button. For e-commerce sites, the Buy button is the usual call to action. Calls to action typically use short action words such as 'buy', 'send' or 'go'. Attention is often given to these calls to action because they complete a transaction or lead the visitor somewhere else. 

A Source of Information 

One part of your website could be a blog where you discuss the specifics of your product and address client concerns. Especially if you are in a technical industry, blogs help bridge the knowledge gap between laymen and your scientific team. Even for common products, your blog can discuss problems encountered by your customers and where your product comes in to solve them. It is important to address pain points to highlight how you will be of great help in their life. 

Your website is a handy marketing tool. It is also a source of information, so keep it updated and maintained. 

Online Marketing…on a Budget?

Marketing PlanWhen you look at how good marketing strategies pay off, the easy assumption is you will need to spend too much to get the results you want. While this may be the case if you are looking at an advertising strategy that spans months or even years, one campaign will be manageable especially if you know how to budget your finances.

Turning to Experts

A small business might not need to hire a full in-house marketing team when they are just starting out. You can still have an effective strategy with the help of an SEO consultant. Hire someone locally, from anywhere in Salt Lake City, for faster communication and fewer problems when scheduling meetings. You can choose to have the consultant work off-site or have an office set up for them in your firm. The good thing about this is you get their full experience but will not have to pay for the benefits that a full-time employee is entitled to.

Looking for Well-Rounded Individuals

Even a big company will not necessarily have to hire a huge team for their SEO efforts. If you find a handful of people with the skills to match that of a bigger team, you’ll find collaboration to be easier. With face-to-face meetings and fewer people involved in the team, there will be fewer issues that arise from personal differences. There will also be fewer people to onboard.

Hiring Freelances

Certain parts of marketing can be outsourced to freelancers, and you’ll find their flexibility extremely useful especially if they are from a different timezone. For example, letting them keep your social media accounts running while you sleep will help your brand answer queries from worldwide clients faster. One-off projects, such as logo creation, can also be delegated to someone who can get the job done right in time for the start of your day.

Online marketing is not cheap, but it doesn’t have to be over the top either. All you have to do is look at your options.

Why Large Font Sizes in Web Design Improve Website Quality

A person using a laptop in a cafe The real impact of E-commerce becomes truly apparent in how comprehensive websites can reach audiences across the globe. There is, however, the issue of user experience. It is vital that site visitors, especially the targeted ones, get the information they need when they need it. This is the reason effective web design has become one of the most sought-after services in online marketing. The overall layout is just the icing on the cake. The website’s content is what truly counts.

web designer in Raleigh and other places recognizes the importance of communicating the right message to actual and potential website visitors. It starts with a functional web design that has a clean and professional appeal, and a large font size balances value and aesthetic while improving overall website usability.

Improved Readability

Modern web design should focus on content readability as this can bring about higher conversion rates. Most experts recommend a font size of 16 pixels or bigger for the body texts as most people read content on computer screens at a safe distance compared to printed materials. 16-pixel texts not only improve readability but also increase reading speed. An average web user, visually impaired or not, will likely turn away if he or she finds the text difficult to read.

Improved Usability

Small font sizes look long and cluttered in a web page. They also require too much scrolling as users navigate through extended blocks of text. Smaller texts also tend to increase line spacing, which is known to have a significant effect on comprehension.

Increased Visual Impact

In today’s increased mobile device usage, large texts are not only practical but also act as visual cues to catch attention and generate stronger emotional responses from readers. Bigger fonts make the content message concise, bolder, and more compelling.

Although larger texts have the most significant impact in enhancing website user experience, they have to complement the overall design. All components must serve to deliver the message that attracts readership and potential revenues.