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Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Person Standing on a Weighing Scale

Have you looked in the mirror and felt disappointment that you gained a few pounds or that your pants and some shirts no longer fit? Many people think that for them to lose weight, they have to hit the gym frequently and go on a strict diet. However, certain practices allow you to achieve your weight loss goals without exercising regularly.

London Weight Management, a group of experts on weight loss based in Singapore, cite the following ways on how you can lose weight without much exercise.

Plate Size Reduction

One way to drop the pounds is to reduce the size of the plates you use at home. This conditions you to eat less when you have breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert because you only eat what you have to. The general rule of thumb for this approach is to choose plates that are nine to ten inches wide instead of those more than these lengths. These plate sizes allow you to reduce what you eat by around 23% each meal. This reduction adds up over time and enables you to reach your target weight. However, you also have to watch what you eat, reduce carb and sugar intake for this to be effective.

Distance Matters

People fall into a sedentary lifestyle because they want to be close to everything they need, their favourite restaurant, the closest meeting room and the closest market. Change your lifestyle by choosing a place that requires a few minutes or more walk. This keeps you in good condition and gets you enough exercise without having to go to the gym. Take the stairs to the lavatory or the coffee room to keep you in shape.

Bags as Dumbbells

When you ask someone to help you load those groceries or your suitcase into your car, you are missing an opportunity to lift “weights”. When you do these things on your own, you exercise your upper or even lower body. So the next time you need to load anything, do it yourself for a bit of exercise.

These are small things that make a big difference in your weight loss aspirations, especially if you do not like to go to the gym. These allow you to get enough exercise and reduce food intake to achieve your target weight.

A Call to Arms: Why SAF Volunteering Matters

National Defence in SingaporeSingapore is improving its national defence to protect its beloved citizens. As a matter of fact, the military is eyeing on a budget increase to get the latest military equipment to prepare themselves for attacks.

When one talks about the Singaporean national defence, many think about the heroic individuals who defend the land from imminent threats. And when someone brings up national defence, it is often distinguished with pride, honour, and sacrifice. So why not be part of such movement?

A sense of pride

Volunteering in Singaporean defence will always be looked upon with pride, respect and admiration. As a matter of fact, this is open to anyone who wants to be part of the movement. This simple act of kindness can definitely impact the lives of people and the Singaporean community in a positive way.

Completing the demanding training program, for one, is worthy of commendation, as it shows discipline and much knowledge about the different military strategies.

Professional benefits

People considering volunteering should know that giving back to the community looks great on the resume. Listing that you are a SAF volunteer shows employers and colleges that you’re compassionate and involved. Through volunteering, you can easily find work-related character references.

A practical learning

Aside from helping the Singaporean community, volunteering in military provides more benefits. Discipline and problem solving are just two of the valuable traits you’ll earn participating in such programs, both of which can be used in the professional world.

The change in lifestyle also grants you the courage to chase your ambitions in life. In the military, every activity needs a tonne of dedication, effort, and strength – these are instilled to you by your commanding officers during training.

SAF Volunteer Corps says you should take action and be part of the movement. Signing up in these volunteer opportunities makes a positive change to yourself and the community.

The Lion City: A Glimpse at the Republic of Singapore

Exploring SingaporeTourists and business people often go to Singapore, also known as The Lion City. The city-state, located between Malaysia and Indonesia, is one of the most prosperous countries in the world because of its strong international trading links. In fact, Singapore has the largest and busiest port in Southeast Asia and the second-largest in the world.

It may be one highly developed and successful country in terms of its economy, but it does not end there. Singapore is also famous for its vibrant culture and tourist attractions, which people from all over Southeast Asia and of all ages enjoy.

Scenic Sightseeing

A trip to Singapore will not be complete without a visit to Marina Bay where you can experience and see the best view in the city. Marina Bay is home to the Marina Bay Sands, which is an epic resort complex with a hotel, a mall, a museum, and a vantage point and a viewing deck. After all, you need to have the best scenic spots so that you can immortalise your experience with great pictures.

An Experience like No Other

Aside from the view, Singapore also offers countless activities that are not just for adults but for kids as well. Spa retreats, shopping centres, and indoor attractions for kids offer educational and entertaining experiences, such as KidZania SG. When you are done enjoying the views and tired from all the activities, make sure that you also visit their best restaurants to have a taste ofSingapore’s culinary masterpieces.

World-Class Transport

People who have been to Singapore say that it is easy and convenient to go around the place because the country has a great public transportation system. If you need to ask for directions, you do not have to use sign language because people speak in English almost everywhere and signs are written in English as well.

Singapore is certainly a small country, but its size belies its influence in the modern world.

What to Expect: Taking Public Transport in Singapore

Transportation SystemEvery time you visit a new place, whether for pleasure or business, you need to know how you can get around easily and conveniently. There are different public transport means that you can consider when in Singapore. Understanding what you can and cannot access and how to access them is one of the easiest ways to get around. Here are some of the things you can expect when you visit Singapore:

Rail System

One of the best public transports in Singapore is the rail system, which is highly efficient and upgraded. You can be sure that you will get anywhere in time via rail. This is especially a great means for business people who need to keep time and arrive at meeting destinations immediately. Check out the schedules for departure and arrivals to different destinations early. This will ensure that you catch the right train when you need to. There are different lines to use.

Bus System

Singapore buses are an ideal means of transport for visitors who visit the country for leisure. There are numerous bus programs available, and you can enjoy large bus fleets anywhere. These make it possible for passengers to travel frequently and conveniently. Check out the different bus schedules and routes. Furthermore, Singapore is known for its numerous luxury bus services. If you are visiting for the first time, make sure to know which buses to use when in the area.

You should have an open mind when considering different means of transport in Singapore. Try out the different services. After all, you have nothing to lose and only experience to gain. If you have a lot of time at your disposal, try out the different bus and train services depending on your destination.