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Top Pool Shapes for Home-owners

Kidney Shaped poolAre you looking for a particular shape for your pool design? You have some options when it comes to this. Identify the various forms you can use to determine which one blends well with your home’s overall design.

Here are some of them:

Free-form Design

Swimming pool experts in Perth cite that this design does not follow the conventional rules of shapes, as it can become whatever a home-owner and designer want it to be. This is a good option for many homes because it can blend well with the overall look and design of a house.

It can also create the illusion of spaciousness, depending on the pieces of furniture you include with it. Free-form shapes merge seamlessly in rustic, natural or tropical exteriors. With the right lighting and landscaping, you can transform the pool into a serene waterway, an oasis or a relaxing lagoon.

Kidney Shape

This shape is similar to an oval design but with one difference: the indentation on either side. Home-owners use this design because it blends with their backyard space, regardless of its size. The crisp lines of a geometric shape make it rigid and sometimes space consuming.

The kidney shape provides an ideal setting for a deep and shallow part for different levelled swimmers who may use it. Some owners also add a spa in the indented space for additional plants and flowers or a mini-garden near the pool.

The Figure 8

This figure is ideal for families that want a pool that is suitable for different activities. Both ends do not have to be in the same measurements: one side can be bigger or smaller than the other. This shape provides a distinct separation for home-owners who want deep and shallow swimming areas.

These are just a handful of the shapes to consider when designing a pool for your house. Each one provides a different dimension to your home’s design. It is now up to you to determine which shape is ideal for you.

Why Not Have a Relaxing Swim at Home?

Pool at HomeAfter a long day from work, sometimes you’d just go home and wish to get a good dip in a pool as a source of relaxation. Imagine a relaxing swim in your Brisbane home. With that, you don’t have to drive for hours just to reach a nice resort. You can just turn your backyard into that dream pool paradise.

Now, relish that moment. Indulge yourself in luxurious personal time as you try to forget that stressful day and enjoy your slow, relaxing swim around your own pool.

Having such a comfortable, convenient retreat provides so many benefits to your personal well-being. 

Having your backyard pool does not only provide a source of relaxation,  it can also promote health and fitness. Swimming can be a home-based, daily exercise routine that helps you gain more lung stamina, toned muscles, and overall wellness.

Owning your own pool also encourages quality family time, bonding with peers and friends, and of course the staycations you need without traveling long distances just to get to a resort.

After all, these resorts often have problematic facilities and their pools’ cleanliness is put into question due to its public use. Having your own pool, however, puts you in control of maintaining it and assuring its cleanliness.

And, designing it as well. Brisbane Pools and Landscapes recommends L-shaped pools that offer a calming scenery, with trees surrounding it, or a sun exposed free form pool perfect for summer escapades.

The good news for Brisbane homeowners is that constructing a pool at home has become more affordable. There are so many options to further bring down that cost and allow you to make that dream pool into a reality with just a little investment.

As such, if relaxing, fun time with the family, and personal health and fitness are your cornerstones in life, then having that exquisite pool right in your home is one decision you won’t regret.