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Watch Out for Fuel Problems in Your UTV

UTVAn Argo 8×8 Hunting XTV can easily take you where you need to go on a hunt, and it can take quite a beating too from external forces. Its insides may not be as hardy, however. What fuel you feed your utility transport vehicle will affect the performance you experience from your vehicle. When you use bad fuel, you end up with a poor-performing transport that can die on you anytime on a hunt.

Watch Out for the Signs

Loss of transportation on a hunt can be dangerous. For your safety from such a predicament, you can watch out for signs that indicate a problem with your UTV’s fuel. An abnormally-revving engine, for example, can mean a problem with your fuel. Another sign has fuel running out of the UTV’s carburetor even with the petcock closed. In the worst-case scenario, your engine may stumble and die when you throttle it but will stay idly running when you don’t.

The Ethanol Problem

Fuel problems usually stem from contaminants that pollute your gas. Ethanol counts among those contaminants, along with water. Ethanol contains and attracts oxygen from its surroundings, and when it ingests enough oxygen, it will become heavier than your gas. The ethanol then undergoes phase separation which brings the ethanol-water mixture down to the bottom of your fuel tank.

Effects of Ethanol

Now, ethanol and water under your fuel can cause havoc on your engine. Simultaneously, they also bring the octane rating of your fuel crashing down. Lower octane fuel can subsequently lead to clogs and varnish in your fuel tank.

Protect Your UTV

To save your Argo 8×8 hunting XTV‘s engine, and ultimately save yourself from expensive repairs and fatal hazards on a hunt, you can stick with 100 percent fuel if you can. Otherwise, use high octane fuel, and mix in a fuel additive to make the fuel last longer, but do consume the fuel within 30 days to eliminate any risks.

Once you follow the solutions above, you can trust that your UTV will now take you where you need to go safely.

Ways Parents Can Enhance Children’s Safety in Vehicles

Kid sitting at the back of the carThere are times you need to travel together with your small children. Whether you’re visiting a relative or going out for a weekend vacation, it’s important that you keep yourself and your children safe while on the road.

But sometimes children may not behave the way you want them to, and they could get hurt while inside the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that children could get hurt from the vehicle’s power windows and have offered some ways for you to prevent it.

1. Activate the switch to lock the windows.

This is the most convenient way to prevent your kids from playing power window switches. Recent vehicle models, including those sold in used car dealerships in Bradenton, are likely equipped with such technologies.

2. Educate children with power window safety.

Tell your children what could happen to them if they play with power window switches and advise them to refrain from getting near the switches. Kids often get injured if their body parts are stuck by an accidentally closing power window.

3. Infants and toddlers should be properly restrained in a car seat.

Not only is this required by law, but it could also prevent the child from reaching the window switch. It’s also important that you check your child whenever you need to activate the window on their side.

4. Don’t leave your children.

By all means, don’t leave your children alone inside the vehicle mostly if the engine is running. Disaster awaits if children play inside the car while the engine is running.

For further power window safety, you may want to check your vehicle owner’s manual on how your power windows work. In newer vehicle models, switches are often pulled to close the window to prevent children from getting stuck if they accidentally put weight on the window switch.

High-end vehicles, on the other hand, may have auto-reversing windows when it senses obstructions.

When Does Your Truck Require Immediate Repair?

Truck being repairedWhether you use it for personal or work purposes, your truck plays a crucial role in your everyday life. From bringing you to your destination, giving someone a lift, delivering products on time or hauling and towing heavy loads, there are just so many things that make your ride something you cannot do without.

Trucks serve different purposes elemental to operations; it should go without saying that once you notice problems, promptly addressing necessary truck repairs is important. Regular maintenance is key to preventing these concerns, but wears and tears happen. When the truck breaks down, have a trustworthy mechanic take a look at your truck as soon as you experience any of the following:

Slow-to-respond or irresponsive brakes

This is one of the things you should never overlook or delay, as your truck’s system is the only thing that can stop the vehicle from hitting something or a person. While brakes nowadays have more durable qualities, these still have lifespans. It pays to know when your brakes need a replacement. One telling sign is when the brake slowly or no longer responds. It is possible that you just need to change the brake pads, but a more comprehensive inspection from a mechanic can help determine if the issue goes beyond this.

Do not ignore the need for truck repairs when your brakes are at stake.

Worn-out and Misaligned Tyres

Your truck tyres go hand in hand with the braking system in terms of stopping capabilities.Apart from a smoother ride, these are responsible in ensuring the entire vehicle has proper traction and stability, which allow for save driving, even on wet roads. For these reasons, always check if the tyres have the correct pressure, are free from worn-out pieces and are still aligned properly.

In a nutshell, double checking your truck’s need for repair does not only guarantee a seamless ride; it also makes sure you have a safer drive.