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Why Large Font Sizes in Web Design Improve Website Quality

A person using a laptop in a cafe The real impact of E-commerce becomes truly apparent in how comprehensive websites can reach audiences across the globe. There is, however, the issue of user experience. It is vital that site visitors, especially the targeted ones, get the information they need when they need it. This is the reason effective web design has become one of the most sought-after services in online marketing. The overall layout is just the icing on the cake. The website’s content is what truly counts.

web designer in Raleigh and other places recognizes the importance of communicating the right message to actual and potential website visitors. It starts with a functional web design that has a clean and professional appeal, and a large font size balances value and aesthetic while improving overall website usability.

Improved Readability

Modern web design should focus on content readability as this can bring about higher conversion rates. Most experts recommend a font size of 16 pixels or bigger for the body texts as most people read content on computer screens at a safe distance compared to printed materials. 16-pixel texts not only improve readability but also increase reading speed. An average web user, visually impaired or not, will likely turn away if he or she finds the text difficult to read.

Improved Usability

Small font sizes look long and cluttered in a web page. They also require too much scrolling as users navigate through extended blocks of text. Smaller texts also tend to increase line spacing, which is known to have a significant effect on comprehension.

Increased Visual Impact

In today’s increased mobile device usage, large texts are not only practical but also act as visual cues to catch attention and generate stronger emotional responses from readers. Bigger fonts make the content message concise, bolder, and more compelling.

Although larger texts have the most significant impact in enhancing website user experience, they have to complement the overall design. All components must serve to deliver the message that attracts readership and potential revenues.

The Power of Experiential Web Design

web design in Lakeville MNGoogle’s algorithm updates and the wave of websites promising similar products, services and information make it difficult to uniquely position your business. Search engines are cleaning out the glut of low-quality sites by putting a premium on the responsive ones. Having great content and providing your visitors with experiential design differentiates your business from the competition.

Improving experience through storytelling

There are different ways to improve click-through rate and storytelling is one of them. Users will soon forget a boring website filled with text and a handful of photos. Websites that have something interesting, on the other hand, piques their interest.

The fragmented nature of information today makes it difficult to weave one coherent story that will fascinate visitors. Good stories aren’t just random collections of episodes–they are crafted. The formula is simple: have a beginning, a middle, and an end with plenty of turns that people relate to.

A story that has an emotional effect on visitors stays with them and entices them to return. Stories also provide visitors with a face to the data, the products or services you offer. The consistency of the theme on each page, the responsiveness when visitors use mobile or desktop, the dropdown menus and buttons must all mesh to create a beautiful and user-friendly experience.

Form & Function

A top-rate website design Lakeville MN company creates a design that combines style and substance by providing visitors with a flowing site.

Visitors have a goal in mind whenever they click on a website. They are looking for information or maybe just browsing for specific products. Superficial websites have the fancy graphics and beautiful photos, but lack the navigable and user-friendly interface of other sites.

Details such as highlighted areas or drop down menus that appear whenever the cursor hovers over them, make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

An experiential website that tells a story and is easy to use influences your site’s ability to convert casual visitors into regulars. Once you have the users’ attention, it is easier for them to be your customers.