Beer Tasting

Craft Beer: Can You Make It at Home?

Craft beer is growing in popularity, and New Zealand has some of the best beer hops. Local breweries are making wine-like Nelson Sauvin and citrusy Mouteka, but you can do

Maintenance man posing for the camera

Maintenance Safety 101: Cleaning Solutions

Maintenance and custodial work are considered high-risk jobs, partly due to their use of chemicals in cleaning. Commercial cleaning solutions are continually becoming safer and easier to use, but certain

welding process

Several Welding Methods for Industrial Use

In construction and manufacturing industries, welding has produced many usable materials and objects that we take for granted every day. Metalwork makes it possible for us to have sturdy buildings

for sale sign at luxury house with pool background

Pointers for Selling Your Home

Selling your house in Spokane is a significant milestone in your life. It is a complex process that requires time, emotional strength, and hard work. If you’re a first-time seller, you might

House Cleaner

How to Find the Right House Cleaner

We all want a clean home not just for the visual appeal but also for the practical side when you can easily see and locate things, and the important health

make your garage feel brand new

Make Your Old Garage Feel Brand New

Many homeowners focus on the main part of their houses but ignore some of the other important areas, like the garage. Though it is where you store your car, you


Will Your Business Benefit from Non-Geo Numbers?

Does your business use traditional lines? Costly and geographically restrictive, traditional numbers can be inefficient to a business. To cut operating costs, communication approaches must be sustainable. Pertinent calls to

Child holding mom's hand

Proactive Ways to Deal with Autism

Children are the pride and joy of their parents. Thus, they may find it hard when they realize that their children are different from others. But the good thing is

Void formers in construction site

How Void Formers Help in Construction

Void formers are materials used in foundational engineering. Professionals place these lightweight structural concretes in areas where they work. They prevent the occurrence of clay heaves. Rigid enough to carry


The Process of Divorce: Here’s How It Works

Divorce can be a painful, time-consuming, and complicated process. Worse, the steps can be confusing. Who should you approach? Who should serve the divorce papers to your ex-spouse? When can

installing window tint

Window Tint: Do You Really Need It?

You need a window tint. Arizona has this sunny, semi-desert climate that attracts many visitors and new homeowners. Taking advantage of the sun means having wide, ceiling-high windows. But people

portrait of engineers

Building a Disaster-Proof Structure

More structures for commercial, residential, or mixed-use are being built these days, especially in urban areas. While the style and function may vary greatly, one constant among these is the need