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Unwrapped: Unique Ways to Wear Your Scarf

Whether it’s in a French knot, a double loop, or a classic pull-through, scarves can turn a simple outfit into a stylish ensemble. Did you know there are other ways to wear and use a scarf? Even without the cold weather, you can dress up in your favourite wrap and look as posh as ever with a few simple tricks.


Turn It into a Crowning Glory

When the weather turns warm, scarves can make a good headband or cover against the scorching sun. Many scarves online come in stunning designs that would look great as a headband or as a head-wrap. The best thing about this is you can wear your hair down or up in a messy bun, and you’ll still look stylish.

Turn It into a Bag

If you don’t have a purse to match your outfit, your scarf can be a good alternative. While they’re not as pricy as a Prada bag, scarves can provide a new look for your bag. With just a few twists, turns, and knots, you can turn your scarf into a stylish handbag, a funky waist pack, or an eye-catching shoulder sack.

You don’t have to limit your style when wearing a scarf; be creative. The next time you buy scarves online, don’t just think of them as a neck wrap; think of scarves as versatile accessories for a unique, fashionable look.

It Starts with the Logo: Increasing Awareness among Customers

First impressions count, from people to businesses. An enterprise especially needs to build up an image that will attract the attention of their target audience. There are several ways to do this, but designing a custom logo for your company is the first step.

Where Should You Start

Conceptualising about your logo starts with brainstorming about your business goals. Once you flesh out your ideas, a graphic designer can craft different images that symbolise your preferred image. Coordinate with custom logo designers with proven skill in creating striking logos. They will discuss possible colours and font types that suit the image your business.

Company Logo template

The Importance of Unique Logos

It’s not enough to have a beautiful logo you can proudly display on your shop or website. You need to ensure original designs that won’t infringe the copyright of other businesses. One way you can ensure this is to choose a trustworthy company, such as twenty5media. Their specialists can research registered designs in the UK Intellectual Property Office or get more information from nationwide associations, such as the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Check out different resources for names and images that can possibly embody your company’s purpose and stand out from the competition.

Top 3 Style Tips for Pregnant Brides

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her big day. But what if you’re also expecting? Although this may be a stressful period for you, between planning for a wedding and a baby, this is a time to be celebrated and not feared.

wedding hair and makeup

Here are some tips from what to wear to keep feeling great all day:

Be proud and pregnant

Show off your baby bump like Alicia Keys when she wed Swizz Beats. Prevent hair horrors by going with the flow of your natural hair. If you have naturally curly hair, flaunt it. Consult a hair and makeup expert and ask them for the best way to maximise your look. Learn more wedding hair and makeup tips from reliable sites such as You & Your wedding and Circles of Subiaco.

Shop for a comfortable dress

The dress for an expecting bride is slightly different. Find a good designer who can make a beautiful compromise between sexy and mom-ready. Don’t force yourself to wear something too tight; it is neither safe nor necessary.

Be shoes savvy

Make sure that your shoes are comfortable, so that you will enjoy your day. Choose a low heel height for your safety and comfort. Thicker heels will help you walk more comfortably on grassy venues. With pregnancy, your feet may swell, so do not buy shoes too early.

No matter what style you decide to go with, you will be glowing bright on your big day. You’re about to celebrate an ultimate experience, so enjoy every moment.

When Life Takes a Sudden Turn: What to do after the Death of a Loved One

The death of a loved one can turn your world upside down. On top of your raw feelings of pain and sadness, it’s not uncommon to feel stressed by the after-death tasks that you need to handle. You can simplify the overwhelming task of funeral planning if you know where to start.


Here’s what you should do:

Write an obituary

Writing an obituary is a decent way to honor a deceased loved one. It tells stories and touches hearts. But how can you sum up a person’s life in just a few sentences? If you find it difficult to cut out information to meet the word limit, consider writing multiple versions.

Choose a funeral home

If your loved one has not done so during their lifetime, now is the time to choose a funeral home for the cremation or burial service. If you need assistance making funeral arrangements, Burial Financial Assistance and McDougal Funeral Home can help you. It’s important to choose the funeral home that will ensure your loved one gets the care they deserve.

Decide what products or services you’ll need

You’ll need to make decisions around products and services ranging from urns and caskets to outer burial containers and floral arrangements. You can make these purchases either directly from the funeral home or from a third-party.

Death is inevitable and it’s common to feel as if a part of you had died with your loved one, but you have to get yourself together and know your responsibilities. Funeral arrangements feel like a lot, but don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Kids and Dressing Up

There will come a time when dressing up will become part of your tot’s nature, and they will even love it. At first, you may wonder why your kids are so obsessed with their funky boys’ clothes or their superhero costumes. But there are actually reasons behind this and some items anchored to it.

Look into the following insights to know these details one by one.

Shoes: A Kid’s First Love

Buy your kid an entire set of costume and he will likely get attached to the pair of shoes that come with it. According to Louisa Bates Ames, a renowned child psychologist, shoes are typically the kid’s first object of affection when it comes to clothing. No wonder why your tot’s insisting to try your shoes.

Lads Dressing Up as Gals?

Don’t reprimand your boy for dressing up as a girl. Before about the age of 4, children are just trying to figure out gender roles and identities. The same theory applies to girls. What you need to do is to gradually introduce him to funky and appropriate clothing for boys, like those from brands like Funky Little Fella.

Fashionable Toddler

What Kids Get from Dressing Up

Dressing up provides kids an insight about gender, societal, or lifestyle roles. It helps them understand empathy. They literally put themselves in other people’s shoes.

Dressing up is an important part of growing up. Take your tot’s childhood as a chance to help him or her understand what they’re doing until they finally outgrow it.

Taking Steps Further with Unique Wall Treatments

Any designer can tell you that adding paint or wallpaper will instantly change the look and feel of any space. But imagine taking steps further and creating a new element of texture, depth and visual appeal by using unique wall treatments such as:

Different Deisgns for Wall Treatment

Venetian Plaster
Venetian plaster is a finish that uses thin layers of burnished plaster, creating an illusion of depth and texture. Its application is similar to painting, but with a longer drying time than a normal painting process.

Tile Mosaic
Tile is a common bathroom material which can be taken to the next level by arranging it in a bold and large-scale mosaic.

Marble is a common flooring material, but when used on walls, its natural veining and colour variation can turn them into a statement mural.

Copper is a finish that enhances a space’s drama with its natural sheen and patina that appears appealing under accent lighting.

Clay Paint
Clay paint is a non-toxic finish that adds style and texture to a space when applied to plaster boards, drywall or other surfaces.

Whether you’re taking the DIY route or working with professionals such as Gyprock in creating a new element of texture, depth and visual appeal in your walls, these options are sure to complete a space. These unique wall treatments will give your home an extraordinary touch of unexpected style.

How Adverts of Any Sort Affect You Positively

While many adverts receive criticism left and right, you can’t conclude that the whole discipline is bad. Advertising has many benefits, and some are not recognisable until you declare that Brand X is your favourite cereal brand or you helped a non-profit organisation. Here are some benefits of the messages crafted by some of the biggest names in advertising like BBDO, McCann Worldgroup, and even by local suppliers like Fab Signs.


Adherence to Quality

Advertisements somehow act as quality control. The manufacturer is compelled to maintain the quality of the goods they advertise on billboard and banners. Otherwise, they make themselves recognisable for the wrong reasons.

Information Service

Advertising, depending on the advertiser and the message, also aims to educate consumers. It enables them to make sound decisions when it comes to purchasing, which also makes it possible for them to make the most of products and services. Furthermore, it’s the most appropriate way to extend messages running on themes like goodwill and advocacy.

Social Neutraliser

Advertising also bridges the gap between the social divide. Take a look at this: the country’s Governor-General and a person earning a minimum wage both get the same paste from the bottle of Vegemite. People living in the same state, regardless of their social standing, can get the same brand of cookies.

These are only some of the benefits of advertising, whether it’s in the form of a written sign or a TV spot. It’s not always a bad wrap.

A Guide to Natural DIY Spider Pest Control

Once spiders come into your home, they can be difficult to get rid of, especially if you don’t want to be exposed to the chemicals used in pesticides. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to using pesticides; some natural remedies can serve as ideal spider pest control.

Spider Pest Control
To perform natural spider pest control, follow these steps:

Eliminate Objects that Attract Spiders

Spiders come into homes to look for a place to eat, live, and breed. As spiders eat other insects, they probably entered your house because they’ve seen other bugs inside.

Light attracts insects, including spiders. With that said, install yellow bug repellant bulbs around the outside of your house.

Make necessary repairs to screens and windows to keep flies and other insects out of your home. Seal all cracks and holes around the doors and dashboards where bugs can enter as well.

Clean the House

Dust ceilings, dark corners, and areas behind appliances, as these are where spiders often hide, spin a web, and lay eggs.

Spray water onto the area near the outside entrance of your house, as this is where spiders breed and live before coming inside.

Keeping your home clean and uncluttered can prevent spiders and other bugs from entering it. If you get a serious insect infestation, however, contact a professional pest control company immediately, as no DIY pest control can remedy it.