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Family-friendly Sofa: What Fabric and Colour to Choose

The focal point of many living rooms is the sofa. It is where families, relatives, and guests gather to spend some quality time. This is why it’s highly prone to external damages, like dirt and stains. By choosing the right colour and fabric, however, you can avoid this and make your sofa last for many years.

Dark-Coloured Fabric

Black or any shade of deep and dark colours can hide any dirt or stain, which is ideal if you’re too busy to clean its fabric regularly. For instance, dark red or brown sofas make it possible to vacuum the surface every day and probably do the washing only once in two months. Even if this is the case, you should still keep in mind the hazards of keeping a dirty sofa for too long.

Stylish sofa

Light-Coloured Slipcovers

Many people believe that they should stay away from white, neutral, and light-coloured sofas because these are difficult to clean. If you always make time to maintain the sofa, this wouldn’t be a problem. Slipcovers are affordable, replaceable, and machine washable. Even if your sofa gets dirty, you can replace its fabric right away. In fact, you can use bleach to remove stains without worrying about fading.

Solid Colour Leather

Leather sofas give a unique touch to any area and make a good impression to anyone who walks into the room, according to Simply Stylish Sofas. They also resist dirt, pet fur, and stains, which makes it easier to clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and it’ll look good as new. Leather goes well with solid colours, such as red, brown, and black.

The right fabric and colour can make any living room family-friendly. A black or red leather sofa, for instance, can just save you from the frustrations of cleaning and maintenance.

CPAs: The Qualification Process in the State of Utah

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are highly in demand, as their services are required in a number of different fields. They can work as CFOs, forensic accountants, financial investigators, environmental accountants, risk analysts, procurement managers, and international accountants, to name a few. Each state in the US has different requirements for people to qualify as CPAs. A Utah CPA has to have at least 150 hours of college credit and a Bachelor’s degree before they can qualify. Those who are still in college can still apply for CPA credentialing as long as the Board of Accreditation recognizes their school. If foreign students want to become a CPA, their education has to be assessed before they can take the exams.

Open book

Paths to becoming a CPA in Utah

There are a few different ways in which accounting students can qualify to becoming CPAs in the state of Utah:

  • Get a graduate degree in accounting
  • Earn a BS or MBA with an emphasis in accounting courses such as Auditing, Tax, Management and/or Financial accounting.
  • With a BS or MS in the area of computers, law, economics, finance, statistics and ethics, students can qualify for a CPA if they have minors in Finance, Auditing methods, Cost or Management accounting and taxation

Students can take the Utah CPA exam through correspondence or CPA review courses as long as their degree is from an accredited college. They have to register online for the CPA Exam Services and send transcripts of their completed coursework. When they feel ready, they take the tests in different CPA modules.

Qualified CPAs in Utah need at least one year of work experience before they can get their license. To qualify, they have to pass a Professional Ethics course with 90% marks. The next step is to meet all the requirements of the Utah Accounting Board – 2000 hours of hands-on work experience in the field with a qualified CPA firm or under their supervision. These hours have to be documented as a part of the certification process.

The Utah CPA licensing process is quite rigorous and only when all the in-state requirements have been fulfilled can a person become a full-fledged CPA. CPAs with licenses can work in Utah as well if they can provide all the necessary documentation to the state. Those from foreign countries can work in Utah as long as they pass the International Qualification Examination. They are required to do continuing education programs to maintain their licenses.

Tourism and Recreation: Exploring Perth through Car Rentals

To hire a car in Perth, approach one of the numerous car rental agencies available in the city. With their wide network, these companies can offer you a car that you can drive around at leisure. You’ll get to see all the must-visit tourist sites without having to rush. Most car rental agencies customise packages for individual car hirers, including a provision of trained and experienced drivers, child seats, cross boarder cards, GPS, and ski racks, among others.

Once you hire a car in Perth, you can save yourself from the troubles of following fixed public transport schedules. This will allow you to enjoy the city’s magnificent sceneries at its fullest.

hire a car

Rental companies have a large number of vehicle options, ranging from sedans, luxury cars, SUVs and four-wheel drives. Once you’ve chosen your vehicle and complied with the necessary formalities, you’re good to go.

Must-Do Activities

Perth is known for its natural beauty — bushes, parklands, and river beaches provide ample opportunities for both local and foreign tourists. You can drive down to King’s Park and the Botanic Gardens, or you could simply take a walk at the Rio Tinto Naturescape. You can also get acquainted with aboriginal culture or go for picnics in a number of picturesque spots that dot the city’s surrounding areas. On weekends, visit the Cottesloe Beach with its great oceanside view and snorkelling facilities. As an alternative, you could drive down to the Margaret River — a world-famous spot for surfing. Treat yourself to fine wine and food provided by the numerous cafes in the vicinity. If you drive about 50 kilometres south, you can even get some of the best fish and seafood that the area produces.

Another option is to drive down to Darwin, Broome or the Nullarbor towards the East Coast. East of the city, you’ll find the Amazing Wave Rock and you can drive down further south along the Coastline. Esperance is a beautiful town worth visiting, as is the national park at Cape Le Grande, known for its astounding natural beauty. Australia’s West Coast is quite stunning, too. A drive to the Nambung National Park located at the Pinnacles Desert is totally worth it.

The Wrong Kind of Good Feeling

Although drugs can make you feel good at first, they will hurt your body overtime. Drugs have chemical structures that can affect your body in different ways. It can change your body and brain, which may last long even after you stop taking drugs.

Doing Drugs

Some people take drugs to self-medicate their feelings of insecurity or physical pain. Others use it to fit in or deal with peer pressure. No matter what the reason is, anyone can get addicted under different situations. When you develop drug addiction, you will need help from a drug rehab or center to redeem yourself.

Drugs in hand

Feeling Good and Addiction

Using drugs can make you feel like you’re on top of the world.  On your first use, you may assure yourself that you are not addicted and could stop anytime. As it can make you feel good, however, you consider using it one more time. Initial use of drugs alters the brain chemistry, which may interfere with your ability to think or make decisions. This can lead to compulsive craving and use, and develops into substance dependency.

When you abuse drugs, you trigger the brain circuits that are linked to survival. The drug increases the levels of a brain chemical called dopamine, which causes the feelings of pressure. Your brain recalls this feeing and wants to feel it again.

Drugs and Your Body

Drugs affect the way you see, think, smell, and move. They can make your heart beat faster. They may also enable you to see things that don’t even exist. While most people use it to cope with rough emotions like divorce or unemployment, it may lead to repeated use. Drug dependence or addiction may also develop, which can cause problems at work, home, and in relationships.

Don’t fall into the trap of drugs. If you or your loved is experiencing any drug problem, ask for help. Look for drug rehab centers to manage the problem before it’s too late.

Living the Dream: A Survival Guide in Makati

Every city has its own unique trait. If New York is the City That Never Sleeps, however, then Makati is not that far behind. For many Filipinos and expatriates, working in Makati is like working in New York. They like how fast paced everything is and how professional most people are.

The City of Makati is the premier financial capital of the Philippines and is home to some of the largest international and local companies. It’s no wonder young professionals love the metro. Let this article help you survive working in Makati.

Where to stay

You don’t have to endure the traffic if you choose to live in Makati or somewhere nearby. Fortunately, there are many apartments for rent in Magallanes and Taguig. Many employees here are from other cities in the metro like Quezon City or even from far off places such as Bulacan and Cavite. Most of them would rather look for an affordable apartment for rent here instead of commuting everyday.

Makati Skyline, Philippines

Where to eat

The restaurants around malls such as SM Makati and Glorietta are not your only dining options. As the city is among the top places when it comes to great food, its many offerings can suit all tastes, not to mention those looking for dining choices for a tight budget. According to Erwan Heussaf, a renowned food expert, Makati is the perfect place after a day of hard work.

Where to relax

In Makati, whether a local or a tourist, people will surely be looking for the ideal place for a relaxing night with family and friends. The vibe of Makati helps define the city’s lifestyle. The best bars and hangouts here provide different opportunities to people that live in the city.

In Makati, everything is within reach. The city is always busy, where many people are rushing left and right to reach their offices. It’s Makati’s accessibility, great food, and entertainment centers, however, that give it the edge over other places.

Innovation: Modern Security Measures

In the modern world we live in, security and safety are the two keywords. Close Circuit TV cameras (CCTV) were installed for security purposes many years back. But, now it is a little outdated although they might help sometimes. When security is required along with authentication, CCTV does not really help.

The latest technology helps use a card reader kind of product called Radio-frequency identification device (RFID). These RFID devices offer solutions by retrieving the presence and status of any object to which it is attached remotely. They can track the product automatically and send the information to the remote processors, in an embedded form.

The RFID Advantages

These can be successfully installed in homes, libraries, large stores and offices. They help secure important files, expensive products, and such. Even if the items are missing they can be easily tracked with the help of servers that will provide the location information promptly and accurately.

RFID Lift ticket

This system contains a tag, a reader, an antenna and a package. The tag is to be attached to the product that needs to identified and tracked. The antenna can detect the tag when it comes within the range. The reader helps to read the tags and authenticates its presence. The RFID package contains the software and the server. This finally helps transmit the information to all other necessary applications. This is how the RFID devices offer security solutions.

Wider Coverage

They function in a similar way as the bar codes do but the applications can be used for wider coverage too. This is possible as these systems do not need to maintain contact with scanners all the time as is necessary with bar codes. In fact high frequency systems need not be in the line of sight or within a particular range, in order to be identified.

This wider coverage helps these devices to be used for missile tracking, vehicle tracking and automobile tracking through the assembly lines.