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Staying Sexy—From Your Lips to Your Hips to Your Fingertips

smoothiesThe key to maintaining a slender and ideal waistline depends on the food you eat. Being wise about your food choices is important to avoid adding to your waistline. It is best to know what foods to keep out of your diet to shrink your midsection and achieve a healthier body.

The foods listed below contain trans fats and sugars, which can cause your body to store more fat, expanding your waistline overtime. Here are some of the worst foods for your midsection:

Refined Grains

Refined grains are substandard food products, as they are high in gluten and low in fibre. They also increase insulin levels, telling your body to store more fat. Some refined grain products are also nutritionally imbalanced, which can cause several degenerative diseases.

White Pasta

Eating too much white pasta can sabotage your weight loss plans. White pasta is digested rapidly, creating a cascading effect on increased fat storage and can result in you having a bigger midsection. Moreover, the low-fibre content of pasta will leave you feeling unsatisfied, which can lead to eating more calories than you need.


Even though some smoothies contain fruits and vegetables, this doesn’t mean that they are 100 per cent healthy. This is particularly true if you add ingredients like chocolate and peanut butter. Some healthy smoothies also contain more calories and sugar than milkshakes. Keep in mind that smoothies are a meal replacement drink. They should not be consumed with a meal; they should be the only thing you consume for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits conjure up the image of a healthy alternative to sweet and sugary snacks. In reality, however, these fruits contain more calories and sugar than those of the regular fruit. Dried fruits are also treated with sulphur compounds, causing potentially serious allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Apart from avoiding these foods, it is also best to exercise regularly. Healthy eating, along with physical activity, helps with weight loss and maintenance.

What You Need to Know About Data Cabling

Data CablingWhy are there never enough data points? Why is the network so slow? Why doesn’t it just work?

The answer lies in data cabling. A well-laid network helps ensure you and your business never face such issues. A poor network, or one where corners have been cut, will impact your data speeds and thus your business efficiency for years to come.

Laying cable sounds simple, but there is a world of difference that separates a well-planned data cable network from a poor one, according to Fully Amped Electrical. Data cabling is much more sensitive than telephone cabling and requires careful handling.

Here are a few things to consider when dealing with twisted pair cabling:

  • Twisted pair cabling cannot be run directly alongside electric cabling. The magnetic field generated by the low voltage running through the cable is essential to its operation. A nearby electric cable will disrupt that, ruining communications. If you have to cross electric cables, cross them in perpendicular.
  • Devices can also produce electrical ‘noise’, as cables do. Plan your data cable route away from hazards like motors or other such devices. Think about the future: data use tends to only go up. Plan for capacity you don’t need now, but may do one day soon.
  • Know the law. Most areas have standards for low voltage cabling, most of which are designed to ensure your safety. Non-compliance will ultimately just result in an expensive reinstallation further down the line. For Western Australian standards, your best start might be to consult a Perth electrician or professional in your area.
  • Test your cabling infrastructure, and keep testing it at regular intervals. This ensures that it meets your standards and stays that way.
  • Be mindful of distance limitations with twisted core wire. Obviously this is not a problem with fibre optic. However, the 100m rule is a very real consideration with other types of wire.

Many of the same points hold true for fibre-optic cable as well; although not a fragile medium itself, care and forethought are required when installing it. Fibre-optic cable is different from copper wires and should never be kinked. It requires careful support and security in all installations.

Considering a Specialist?
These days, many electricians combine their in-depth knowledge of electrical systems and planning with a specialization in data cabling.

A professional will guarantee your system is well planned, suitable for your own requirements, up-to-date and in line with all legal standards. For data cabling in Perth, be sure to hire an experienced electrician to assist.

Getting Started with Online Shopping

online apparel shopIf you hate long-distance travels and getting stuck in heavy traffic, then online shopping would be of great help to you. Considered the most convenient way to shop, many consumers, especially fashionistas, rely on online shops to make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

Leading online apparel shop Talulah offers a few tips on how to make your online shopping experience a success:

Get Updated

The Internet is such a powerful tool for finding great shopping offers and discounts on fashionable dresses and accessories. Sign-up for newsletters from major online stores, subscribe on the official social media page of your favorite brands, and get in-touch with your friends who love online shopping as well. Of course, you have to check your e-mail and social network accounts frequently, so you won’t miss any interesting offer.

Take Note of Important Details

Mark important shopping dates on your calendar. Jot down the details you have found on your online search, particularly where and when you can get discount and freebie coupons. Organise your shopping schedule and avoid being in a hurry to search and select when you buy clothes online. Save or bookmark online shopping sites that catch your fancy.

Security Features First

As more and more fraud online shopping sites can be found all over the cyberspace, you must settle only for websites that have been proven to offer reliable shopping services. You have to be very careful, especially when it comes to the mode of payment.

Lastly, email the online store about your shopping experience with them. Let them know if ever there is anything they can do to further improve their online shopping services. The more you interact with the seller, the more likely you would be among the first ones to know about their latest offerings and discounts. Most online stores prefer to prioritise customers who engage with them more often.

Express Your Love: Romantic Date and Vacation Ideas

sunsetThe concept of a date night for most couples involves going to dinner or seeing a movie. In most cases, the purpose of these is to celebrate an anniversary or other romantic occasion. While these ideas are fine, they are very common and not memorable enough. It is best to go to a place you have never been before or try an activity that both of you have never tried.

Skip the dinner and movie and try these romantic date and vacation ideas:

Watch the Sunset

Many couples rarely get to see the sunset together. St Luke’s Private Villas suggests going on a romantic getaway to change that. Sunsets are always best when you are with the person you love most, as you just have to sit next to each other and admire the beauty of the setting sun.

Hit Comedy Bar and Trivia Pubs

Have a night full of laughter by taking your partner to a comedy bar. Be prepared to play along if the entertainer calls you out or asks you to come on stage. You can also try going to a local pub or bar that organises trivia nights or a pub quizzes.

Take a Dance Lesson

Look for a dance class near you and sign up for swing or salsa lessons. You and your partner can also stay for the all-couple dance session for more practice or head out to the local bar to show your moves. If both of you find the lesson interesting, you can sign-up for full lessons and try other types of dance.

Go Extreme

Get your blood pumping by trying an extreme activity like bungee jumping. Choose a double harness so you can experience it together. Science proves that when two people release adrenaline together, it creates a better bond between them.

Go Horseback Riding

Look for romantic horseback riding trail packages that can give you an opportunity to stop anywhere for pictures or set your own pace. You can also look for a private guided ride through the hills.

Try these romantic date night and vacation ideas to reconnect as a couple and strengthen your relationship. It is also best to the things you both enjoy to have a fun filled and memorable date.

What to Do if There is an Animal in Your Air Conditioning Ducts

There are a few things as unnerving as hearing the sound of scampering animals from your air conditioning. Nobody really expects fauna to wind up in their home’s HVAC system, but it happens more often than you might think. Even a small entrance is enough to infest your duct work, a habitat that is very attractive to animals seeking a warm and dry haven.

air contioning ductIntruders like these are far more than a mild nuisance, however. Animals can die within the ducts, and will release a foul stench throughout your home. Experts like ACTION Heating and Air Conditioning also say that these beasts can do significant damage to the system itself.
What animals can find their way into my ducts?

Usually, the trespasser will be a wild rodent like a squirrel or a rat, but there are cases of birds like pigeons making their nests within the ducts. Regardless, wild animals pose a serious health risk to your family, since they bring in filth and various diseases.

Even worse, however, is when it is the family or neighbor’s cat. Cats also love to explore ducts for some reason, and while they probably don’t carry any serious diseases, you definitely don’t want them getting hurt.

What should I do?

If it’s wild, don’t try catching it yourself. Attempting to do so puts you at risk for infection from a bite or scratch. Instead, contact an exterminator to flush them out and clean up any droppings, waste, or deceased animals.

When it comes to cats, you have a bit more flexibility. Many will eventually make their own way out of the ducts, and there are some things you can do to encourage this.

• Put food near the exit
• Keep a flashlight near the entrance so the cat can see which way is out
• Avoid antagonizing or scaring the cat

There are times when they become stuck. You will notice this if the cat is meowing loudly and repeatedly in desperation. If this happens, you need to act quickly and contact a professional to extract them safely. This might require the temporary dismantling of your ducts.

To prevent future incidents, make sure that there are no holes or other entry ways into your ducts. This usually involves a thorough inspection from your HVAC provider. Additionally, schedule routine maintenance and cleaning of your system to detect any risks or problems early on.

To Tow or Not to Tow: Which Tow Bar do You Need?

towbarsThere are certain accessories that your truck needs under specific circumstances. A towbar is one such addition. But before you have a towbar installed on your vehicle, know the various types so the one you get is the best for your purpose or preference.

Although, they might appear to be similar, explains Tom’s Towbars, there are several distinct types available in Perth. For example, there is the swan neck, the flange type and the detachable types.

Knowing some basic details about each type will help you make an informed choice.

Flange type – This is the most commonly used one and here the ball is bolted with two or four bolts. This is the most versatile kind as it is compatible with most other vehicles. They are economical and the height can be suitably changed using drop plates.
Swan neck type – This is popular in some regions as it appears neat. It is one piece and is narrower than the other types. But it is not as versatile as it is compatible only with certain type of vehicles. It is slightly more expensive and the height is fixed.
Detachable types – It looks similar to the swan type, but the neck can be unclipped when it is not in use. This leaves only a small portion left on the vehicle. They are compatible with many vehicles and are invisible when not in use. As they can be detached, they don’t affect the vehicle’s aesthetics or cause injury due to the protrusion. The height is adjustable. These are costlier than other types.
• There are other, less popular choices available, such as the horizontal, vertical or compact detachable varieties.
Pin/nut system detachable type – This is similar to the detachable types, but has a pin and spring system to secure it instead of a lock and key.

Apart from the above, there is also the permanently attached type, which is the most affordable. Today, you also have the electric swivelling type which is a new addition. If you press a button, this type will appear from underneath the vehicle. Depending on the towing material or equipment, you can find one that’s the most suitable and practical for your needs.

Predicting The Wind With Laser: The Surrounding Issues and Solutions

laser technologyWind prediction plays a crucial role in overcoming energy output challenges for wind electricity production, especially in isolated areas in the valley. In determining the direction and gustiness of the wind, marines have accurate weather forecasts, so they can identify the safest routes.

1. Managing Wind Power Supply

With the latest laser technology, it is possible to predict the wind.

Through wind prediction, industrial laser authority explains that experts can schedule the wind energy distribution and the downtime. It provides them better ways of managing the power supply while generating enough to serve households and companies in mountain peaks and far valleys.


Before, the experts used wind turbines that rely on measuring instruments such as anemometers. These tools are located at the back of the turbine unit and fetch data from the wind. They then deliver the information to a computer, which analyzes the data.

In most cases, these anemometers can only tell “how fast the wind was blowing after it passed.” This leads to inaccurate information, producing ineffective management of wind supply.


Among the challenges that wind power faces is pollution. Wind power plants that use turbines may cause noise and aesthetic pollution. Although they have minimal impact on the environment compared to other industrial plants, many concerned groups raised issues about the noise produced by the rotor blades.

2. Helping Marines Onboard

Most marines rely on the wind behavior in their area. Through wind forecasts, they can determine the shortest and safest possible route.

As the wind changes its behavior during different periods of the day, marines need to have accurate details on the direction and gustiness of the wind, so they can proceed with their operation. Through modern technology, they can predict and monitor updates every hour. They can plan their course of action, including their departure and next trips.

The challenges the wind power faces are tantamount to the range of benefits it provides. Experts explain that wind power is a clean fuel source and a sustainable source of energy. As the industry has a lot of closed doors to explore, it demands innovation and quality contributions.

Get the Party Started: 3 Things to Look for in the Right Party Venue

choosing the right party venueYou probably know someone who never gets rejected when it comes to party invitations. How do they do it? Here’s their little secret: finding the perfect venue that has everything they need for the party.

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or a business conference, finding the perfect venue can be quite a stressful experience, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are some of the things you need to look for before you put down a deposit:

• Space and Location

When it comes to holding amazing parties, location plays a major role in its success and popularity, according to the folks at The Full Moon Hotel. The venue will of course depend on the kind of event you intend to have. If it is an intimate gathering of friends, a nice, cosy restaurant may be the best choice.

If the guest list is quite big, then choose a venue that has the appropriate space and amenities. Cramped spaces will not make the party a success. People need to move around, mingle, and enjoy good company while they’re at it.

• Availability

Depending on the popularity of the venue, as well as the number of guests attending, some brave party planners book the place in advance, sometimes a year before the special date. It is a known fact that the most popular venues are the ones that get booked quickly. If you are going to hold a major event that will have a significant impact in your life, then you should not wait until the last minute to get it. Call up the venue immediately and know the available dates.

• Amenities

Of course, a great venue comes with great amenities. A nice interior, parking space, a nice view, and great service from food servers and staff can really make a party memorable. Wedding receptions, in particular, are perfect to hold in a place overlooking the sea.

Once you find that perfect venue, everything should fall into place — and your party could be something your friends or family members will remember for years to come.

The Rising Popularity of Caravan Parks

Caravan ParkCamping has always been one of the favourite activities of Australians. Even though the entire cycle of packing bags and pitching a tent seems tedious, everyone seems to love it. Indeed, despite all the tiring things about camping and caravanning, the activity remains enjoyable in the end.

The whole popularity of caravan parks is quite interesting. Most people wouldn’t think such an activity would remain a favourite around the country. But the lasting fame of caravan parks is for good reason, specifically, these:

Top-notch facilities

Over time, caravan parks have updated their services to provide a more enjoyable time for campers. Of course, the basics are still there – trees, wildlife, and all that. But some property owners took the liberty of elevating the caravan park experience and included obstacle courses, cottages, and many other facilities in their premises. Indeed, these improvements in the amenities have helped promote the popularity of caravan parks.

Local enthusiasm

Caravan parks would be long out of business if not for the locals who keep it alive. News stories show that younger generations of Australians still show immense love for the art of camping and caravanning. Despite the focus of modern lifestyles in electronics and information, the general public still remembers the unique thrills of bonding with nature.

Solid investment vehicle

But perhaps the most notable reason of all is how a caravan park has become a sound investment. With all the lessons on diversification, it makes sense to invest in commercial real estate like a caravan park. The popularity has been apparent in investors, too. says backpackers and caravan parks for sale have become hot investment options for both new and seasoned investors.

There are many reasons behind the lasting fame of caravan parks in the country. It is no wonder that both customers and investors love this type of property.

Identifying the “Extraordinary”: How To Qualify For O-1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visa

passportDoes landing a dozen spots behind an Olympic medalist make you an “extraordinary” individual? Does it qualify you for O-1 visa?

According to the U.S. Immigration Act of 1990, the government grants visas to individuals with “extraordinary ability” in the fields of science, art, education, business, or athletics. Rahbaran & Associates notes that you can also qualify if you’ve won a Nobel Prize or an Oscar, signaling exceptional accomplishment.

This, however, is contrary to what has been seen in the news recently. In 2012, a Federal District Court judge in New York and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denied the petition of Iranian table tennis player Afshin Noroozi for an “extraordinaryability” visa. Noroozi is the first Iranian table tennis player to join the Olympics, finishing 65th during the 2008 Olympics and ranked 248th in the world.

What “Extraordinary” Really Means

Under the system, athletes need to demonstrate consistent and acclaimed achievements in both the national and international scenes. As the USCIS puts it, an “extraordinary ability” is “a level of expertise indicating that that individual is one of those few who have risen to the top of the field of endeavor.”

With Noroozi’s “impressive and commendable” years of dedication and practice—in the words of Manhattan Federal District Court Judge Paul A. Engelmayer, he still “fell short” to qualify for the petition. This raises a question on how “extraordinary” should your credentials and talents be to qualify.

Proving Your Expertise is Part of the Challenge

As part of the process, you must present an extensive documentation of your track record, including association memberships recognized by experts. Copies of published materials, such as newspapers and magazines featuring your expertise and achievements, will also help.

You need to produce a strong and solid body of work to qualify for the O-1 Visa. Renowned experts in the field can also back up your application, providing an “advisory opinion” that affirms your exceptional talent.

“Extraordinary Ability” is a Lifelong Endeavor

The system requires you to present all your valid achievements to qualify for a visa. This means that you need to work hard in every competition, so you can demonstrate a wealth of achievements.

Failing to qualify only boils down to two things—you missed out on important details or your credentials are simply not enough. US Immigration denies nearly 90% of O-1 visa petitions because of incomplete documentation and mistakes. Don’t allow poor planning and rushed preparation to sabotage your petition.