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When Less Is More: Glass Balustrade Systems

glass balustradesGlass balustrades give the same benefit as glass pool fencing: an unobstructed view. You can have your balustrade done by a professional. Still, to cut down on costs, there is no reason that you cannot do very well with a DIY glass balustrade kit.

What are the Choices?

Solid balustrades tend to make the enclosed area smaller because it cuts up the space. Glass balustrades give the illusion of continuity, especially if they are the frameless types. There is a wide choice available for the design and look of the glass panels that will fit any home.
Glass balustrades look modern and elegant by default, but some designs simply look stunning. Take your time to look through the suppliers’ catalogues until you find one that really catches your attention, suggests Jigsaw Balustrades.

Where Should You Put Balustrades?

Glass balustrades look great both indoors and outdoors. You typically want balustrades around patios, balconies, and staircases, mostly to keep people from falling off. They are definitely functional components of any building, such as a mall. That said, glass balustrades are pretty and easy to install. They are also easy to maintain and durable, which makes it easy to see why they are so popular for both homes and businesses.

What Do You Need?

You will need the DIY glass balustrade kit, of course, which you can get from most glass suppliers and warehouse stores at reasonable prices. It should include the glass panels, spigots, screws and washers. Take note that the thickness of the glass will affect its durability and price.

Aside from the kit, you will also need some tools. Have these handy before starting your project:

  • Allen key
  • Builders pencil
  • Power drill
  • Drill bit
  • Glass crayon
  • Phillips screw bit
  • Tape measure

It would also be a good idea to have a mate around to help you with some of the heavy lifting. It also makes the work go faster when you have someone to talk with.

Glass balustrades attest to the saying that ‘less is more’. With less opaque surfaces, you will see more, and the aesthetic sense of frameless glass balustrades lends additional aesthetic sense to the surroundings.

Tapping Your Way through Dental Practice Management

dental practiceWith smarter app developers in the country, it’s no wonder that the app market has also penetrated the field of dentistry. If you’re a dental health practitioner looking for efficient ways to boost your business, why not invest in dental practice management apps?

Here are some of their features and benefits:

Mobile dental apps allow you to view, schedule, and cancel appointments for your existing and prospective clients. You can find available schedules fast since everything is in your mobile phone or tablet. You can save precious time figuring out when you can accommodate this new patient and provide schedule confirmation in seconds.

Data Filing

Through dental apps, you may also add and edit your clinical notes for each patient. You can check their medications and pharmaceutical history without having to search through boxes of old appointment files. Simply update their record after every appointment and retrieve the files for their next one. You will have no need for pen and paper and thus reduce your carbon footprint through electronic data.

Payment Collection

Convenience is the operative word in finance these days. Banks are offering online solutions and third party payment providers are delivering their own set of services. You can take advantage of this trend and conduct bill payment and dental fee negotiations through’s trusted dental app. You and your patients will move funds faster and make one another’s life easier.

Contact and Referral Logs

Instead of rifling through your contact list, you can integrate your fellow dentists’ contact details into your dental app and call them for referrals. You can have a log for incoming and outgoing referrals and simply check the historical records in your mobile app the next time you need to call somebody else.

Mobile apps offering complete dental practice solutions are the way to go these days. If you want to deliver high-quality dental service, consider investing in dental practice management apps to boost your career. If you’re worried about data privacy, app developers encrypt your data to make sure

everything’s secure. You will give your patients the level of service they deserve and you will still have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of each work day.

Brand Awareness: How Small Businesses Can Revive a Failing Social Media Campaign

Social media campaignFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest. These are all reliable social media platforms that can help companies strengthen their reputation, increase their brand presence, reach a wider audience, and stay ahead of the competition.

No doubt about it, social media can do wonders. It provides opportunities to grow and helps any one maintain strong connections. But it’s much safer to believe that not all results are equal. Some business owners think just because they set up a social networking site they can instantly receive the lucrative benefits. That is not always the case, though.

There comes a time when it seems like your presence on social media is dying or not noticeable at all. That means zero interaction: no like or no comment in a day. No matter what the cause is, there are solutions.

Create a Detailed Game Plan

Does it feel like nobody wants to know what you are doing anymore? When your business is struggling, it’s no secret that it’s easy to just quit. But you would only look like a loser in the eyes of many. This is the reason you have to keep doing what you are doing. Find out the reason behind your customers’ loss of interest.

After that, analyze your social media campaign, update it, and think of new creative tactics. When you are at your lowest point, get some help. Work with a professional that is knowledgeable in local business SEO services and social media. Look for one that can enhance your page’s local results.

Do a Little ROI Measurement

Start having a monthly report about your social media. It’s a great starting point when recovering from failure. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many small businesses don’t bother measuring their campaign’s performance. You will be surprised to know it really does pay off.

Get a good understanding about your social media – from status updates, videos, and photos to ads and your answers to criticisms. Know what metrics to monitor, which can help you establish brand loyalty, handle complaints correctly, increase engagement, and become more appealing.

One minute you are the talk of the town and the next the excitement on people easily dies down. As social media evolves, you need to challenge yourself and pursue achieving the results you desire from all the efforts you’ve done.

Taking Art to the Streets: Singapore’s Bursting Busking Culture

live performancesSingapore is popular for its dynamic entertainment scene and lively street culture. The art of busking is alive in the Lion City. Everybody in Singapore loves a show, and buskers are respected for their amazing magic, backflips, sword-swallowing stunts, and fire-twirling dances. Breath-taking live performances are indeed a breath of fresh air forpeople in the digital era.

Bringing Art Closer to the Public

Committed to upholding the importance of the art scene and nurturing artistic sense among Singaporeans, the National Arts Council introduced the Busking Scheme in 1997. The order aims to promote street performances in the city. It encourages the celebration of culture and art by taking it to the streets where the public is. Further, the scheme gives talents from across the city-state an opportunity to show their talents and inspire others to do the same.

Buskers in Singapore go through busking workshops and auditions to ensure they present only the very best. They need to be competent, confident, innovative, and engaging to secure Letters of Endorsement.

Celebrating Talents and Tourism

One of the most awaited busking events in Singapore is the Sentosa Buskers Festival. Festival organisers from Buskers Sentosa explain that the event gathers all the best buskers in Singapore to offer amazing performances to locals and tourists.

The festival features a lot of talents, including Aerial Manx, the “King of Sword Swallowing”; Flaming Matrix, a fire dance tribal troupe; the Tripping Man; PaybyNats, a young percussion vocalist, etc.

Hyping up Fun for the Young and the Young-at-Heart

The Sentosa Buskers Festival is perfect for people of all ages. Tourists can snap lots of selfies with the buskers. They can also get try their hands on actual busking. Interactive performances aim to engage audiences, and spectators can learn amazing stunts from the entertainers themselves.

Further, families can take a snack break in Sentosa’s green spaces. They will be able to bring home souvenirs as a token of remembrance of their fun adventure as well.

Busking is a dynamic art in Singapore. No wonder art enthusiasts all over the world make the Lion City a top destination pick.

A Short Guideline for Starting a Tour Business

tourThe total number of short-term visits that the Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded during the third quarter of 2014 is 6.8 million, showing an increase of 8.2 percent from the previous year. That’s not all. The willingness of tourists to spend during their visit grew as well. During the same period, Australia gained more than $30 billion dollars from tourist expenditures.

Judging from these data, Australian tourism continues to rise. This is good for Australia, and this presents a good investment opportunity for you as well. The eagerness of tourists to pay for a proper Australian tour is an effective start-up to enter the tourism industry.

Here’s how to get your tour business going:

Equipment and Facilities

First, decide on the type of tour you want to provide. This will help you identify the particular equipment you will need for your business apart from the usual office items. This will determine the type of accommodation and transportation you will provide your clients as well. You need connections with hotels, resorts, airline companies, shuttle services, etc. For cruise-type tours, you might need your own ferry. You can check out different sources like for any boat for sale around Australia. Buying at an auction site can get you a trusty vessel for a more affordable price.


Your tour guides are integral parts of your business. Be sure to get staff that’s well-informed on Australian tourist spots and history. Assess their communication skills as well. In addition to them, hire reliable coordinators to settle tour schedules and requirements.

Tour Itinerary

The type of tour your agency provides will determine your travel plan. Think of specific themes like a historical tour, an island cruise, a mountainside adventure, etc. to help you create your itinerary. Plot your routes and have your tour guides study information about specific destinations.


Apart from operation licenses and government certification, you may need to settle permits for specific tour destinations. Have your coordinator go over rules and regulations governing your target locations. Some local government units impose curfews and restrictions especially on natural and historical monuments.

This is just an overview of how to start a tour business. Depending on the type of your tour, you may need to add other details. Come up with a unique concept to set your business apart from other travel agencies. Let your enterprise be known in the country’s booming tourism.

The Way of the Builder: Becoming the Handyman

builderGreat things have always been expected of men. At the very least, men should be able to build and repair things. Whether it is building a wooden stool, repairing the leaking sink, or repainting the walls with a different colour, it is a man’s de facto duty to be a handyman–especially when he has a family to care of.

In the age of computers, though, and with so many tools and machines for doing work, manual labour is intimidating for a lot of men. If you want to be the go-to bloke when something breaks down and needs fixing, here are three things you will need:

Knowledge and Experience

The best way to start your training as a handyman is to learn the basics. Read up on basic plumbing, carpentry and others. Also know how to properly use the most basic of tools.

When something breaks down around the house, see if you can fix the problem. Should the problem be simple enough, assess what you need to do. With enough practice, you will learn the basics of troubleshooting your own problems. As they say, practice makes perfect.

The Proper Gear

Even the best handyman can come up short if he only has sticks and stones hanging on his belt. When you are fixing something in your house, or perhaps building a small project, then you better have the right tools for the job. Classic Hire notes that whether your project is construction, gardening or repair related, using the wrong tools will create more problems than solutions.

As your experience and knowledge on basic repairs and being a handyman grows, so does your demand for better gear. If you are working on a big project, such as recapping concrete steps, you may check with local equipment hire companies if they can lend you the right tools. Do not hesitate to exhaust your options.

The Expert’s Advice

You can be a jack of all trades when it comes to being a handyman: carpentry, plumbing, and gardening–you name it–but you will be a master of none. Given that you do not have the professional training in one specific field, you will always need the help of a dedicated expert.

When you need something done that requires more advanced skills, you can always enlist the help of an expert tradesperson. Consulting the experts not only expands your network, but their knowledge about their fields can also rub off on you.

Remembering these will help make you a reliable guy to have around the house. No more pesky minor problems to bother your family as long as you’re around.

Google & Bing: Can You Hit Two Giants with One Stone?

search enginesWhen you talk about SEO, Google is top of mind. The American company ranks first worldwide and is considered the leader in most prime markets on the planet. But the so-called search behemoth doesn’t own 100% of the pie. Although relatively smaller, many other search engines enjoy a decently sized slice and are constantly hungry to get more.

After Google, Bing is the next biggest giant. The Microsoft-owned company powers Yahoo! Search, grabbing hold of a big number of Internet users.

As a site owner, you may be afraid of missing precious business opportunities by focusing on one search engine alone; this is not necessarily true. Even if Google is the focal point of your campaign, you’re also pleasing Bing in many ways because of some similarities the two share.

Link Profile Quality

Be it Google or Bing, the quality of your backlinks carry weight. This means that more high-quality links pointing back to your site improve your chance to rank on top of both search engines. Exert a serious effort to improve your link profile.

Geo Keywords for Local Search

Obviously, geo-targeted keywords matter when it comes to ranking high in the local search results—how these terms are incorporated is the question. While Google allows you to be more creative in terms of inserting your keywords into the content, a brilliant content strategy agency knows Bing is a bit stricter. To ensure your keywords work magic on both search engines, use the exact phrases.


Everybody knows that Google is the conductor of the mobile orchestra; Bing, though, didn’t let itself fall behind. After the former announced its mobile algo update, the latter also silently added a “mobile-friendly” label on its search results. Even if Bing wasn’t vocal about mobile-friendliness being a ranking factor, its action points in that direction.

There’s a world of difference between how Google and Bing rank sites, but the two fierce rivals do have some common ground. You might not sit on top of both platforms that easily, but implementing the techniques they both agree on is a good start.

The Matter of Religion in Child Custody Cases

child custodyThe matter of religion is a subject often discussed in most divorce proceedings. When couples of different faiths go their separate ways, the question on which religion the kids should follow is an important aspect of parental responsibility.

Colorado laws dictate that the court will determine who makes important decisions for the child, who they should live with, and how visitation arrangement goes.

The first factor mentioned is also known as legal custody. This principle is what affects the decision on which religion the child will follow after divorce. To know more how this concept affects religious upbringing of children, a Denver CO divorce lawyer can help you with understanding the best interests of children and certain restrictions of the law.

The Child’s Best Interests

Courts grant custody based on a child’s best interests. The jury considers each spouse’s wishes and the child’s relationship with the parents. They also take into account how the child will adjust to school and the general community they will be raised in. The health of all parties involved is also considered.

Both spouses must be able to prove to the court what is in the child’s best interests. Thus, if you think your ex-spouse’s religious customs will not promote your child’s best interests, you have to show proof that this is the case.

Because the legal concept of a “child’s best interests” involves complex matters, it is best to consult a lawyer. Working with Colorado divorce lawyers can help you get a better understanding of the concept and use strategies that will help protect your child’s welfare.

The Legal Concept of Actual or Substantial Harm

When deciding who has the right and responsibility to teach religious practices, Colorado family law follows the legal principle of actual or substantial harm. If the jury determines that a particular faith will cause harm to the child, it will put limits to the rights of the parent to share spiritual teachings.

Child custody is a tough battle. You are not just fighting for your right, but also for your child’s welfare. It is best to work with a family law attorney, especially given all the legal complexities of this divorce matter.

Dubai’s Required Health Plan: Questions Answered

health planTwenty two percent (22%) or approximately 2 million residents in the UAE are not insured, many of whom are in Dubai.  The good news is effective third quarter of 2014, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) mandated health insurance plans for all its visa holders.  This new scheme will replace the health card system and will be executed in phases until 2016. The package is designed primarily for workers earning Dh4,000 or less.

FAQs About This New Health Scheme:

  • What does it cover?

The Basic Benefit Package (BBP) covers the essentials both for in and outpatient treatment within Dubai territory. It shall provide health cover to a maximum of AED 150,000.

Out-patient coverage includes:

  • examinations and treatment by general practitioners, consultants and specialists;
  • physiotherapy;
  • laboratory testing;
  • radiology diagnostic services;
  • vaccines and immunizations;
  • corrective laser and surgical treatment for vision;
  • diabetes screening (every 3 years from 30 years or from 18 years for high risk patients);
  • hearing and visions aids;
  • ante-natal care for maternity

Inpatient coverage:

  • tests;
  • diagnosis, treatment and surgery;
  • emergency treatment

With the minimum premium, chronic conditions can be covered, but not in the policy’s first six. The policy excludes dental treatment, domiciliary care, cosmetic care, surgical and non-surgical treatment for obesity.

  • How much is the premium?

The premium is around AED500-700 per year for workers who monthly earn AED 4,000 or less.

Since this program targets to help aid lower paid workers, the coverage may not be sufficient for all your health needs.  Enhanced benefits and those covering travel health insurance plans are great additions.

  • Who are covered by the program?

It shall cover both nationals and expatriate. The government shall provide it for Nationals working in its agencies, however, for those who are working in the private sectors, the employer shall shoulder it.  Employers should also shoulder it for the residents.  DHA also encourages them to cover spouses and dependents.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rubbish Disposal

Garbage DisposalGetting rid of your rubbish is not as simple as throwing it out. This is especially true when you are throwing out a lot. You may have had a major renovation or construction in Mandurah. You probably have to deal with leftover or used wood, cement blocks, and broken tiles. On the other hand, you may have simply cleaned out stuff you have had for years in your overflowing attic or garage.

In either case, you will probably need a skip bin and someone to haul it out of there. Here are some things you should know about skip bin hire.

What is a Skip Bin?

A skip bin is really just your basic rubbish bin, but much bigger. It can be a relatively small one, about two cubic meters, or it could be large enough to walk into. The size of your skip bin will depend on how much stuff you need removed.

A rubbish removal company, like, can make a size estimate for you over the phone or online if you can describe what you have. Naturally, the bigger the skip bin and the longer you keep it with you, the more it will cost.

What Do They Take?

Skip bin hire companies restrict what you can put in the bins. There are laws that impose these restrictions. Typically, you can throw in:

• appliances
• bricks
• cardboard
• concrete
• furniture
garden waste and soil
• metal
• roofing
• timber

If what you have is not on the list, ask your rubbish removal company if they will accept it. A specialist can only remove some rubbish because they are hazardous materials. This includes:

• Paint
• Most liquids
• Tyres
• Foodstuff
• Fibreglass insulation
• Flammable materials

Before committing to a skip bin hire, get an estimate from several companies. In most cases, this will include delivery of the skip bin and a scheduled removal. If you are in a hurry, ask if they have same day service.