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Listen (and Read) Carefully: Jobs that can Ruin Your Hearing

Jobs that ruin your HearingYou hear different kinds of sounds and noise. In some places, residents even hear strange noises coming from the sky. In your job, noise levels can get so high that you damage your hearing. In certain fields, high noise levels are already expected. Here are some of the jobs that can damage your hearing in the long run:

1. Working in a bottle plant.

Humming along at an average of 88 decibels, the clinking of glass after glass makes this a dangerous job for your ears. This exceeds the government-set safe levels, so make sure to wear some ear protection.

2. Motorcycle courier.

This job exposes your ears to 90 decibels of noise, even under the helmet. This can be very dangerous, especially if you are riding over open country. Doing this for a straight 2.5 to 3 hours at a time can permanently damage your hearing.

3. Dentist.

Even dentists need dental hearing protection to protect the ear from high-frequency noises produced by dental equipment.

4. Offshore helicopter pilot.

Pilots have hearing protection at all times—because they deal with up to about 97 decibels. The ears would not last more than half an hour without ear protection.

5. Lawnmowing.

Operating a lawnmower can cause accidents—and damage to your ears. A lawnmower clocks in at 107 decibels, limiting you to a 4-minute exposure time before your ears hurt.

6. Airport ground staff.

This job is completely impossible without hearing protection. At a hundred feet away, a jet engine still pumps out 140 decibels of sound. This can very quickly reduce your hearing capacity, so make sure to follow proper safety regulations.

7. Shooting range marshals.

People working here deal with gunshots as loud as jet engines (only in shorter bursts) all day long. Most people who work here can only survive by wearing custom-molded ear plugs, or heavy-duty on-ear protectors.

The importance of wearing hearing protection increases as the decibel levels you deal with increase. Protect your ears to do your job properly.

Making Your Stay at Surfers Paradise the Best It Can Be

surferSummertime in Australia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Surfers Paradise. Located in the Gold Coast, this place is the original epicentre of fun and excitement. With beachside accommodations, an emerging restaurant and café scene, a range of after-dark party entertainment and a foreshore precinct, you’ll definitely enjoy every minute of your stay.

Below, Chevron Renaissance shares some of the things you must do when visiting Surfers Paradise:

Hit the Beach

With a foreshore area that has recently undergone a multi-million dollar facelift, there’s no reason not to hit the beach of this wonderful getaway destination. The beach area is a stone’s throw from the accommodations. Some of the best activities include river cruising, jet boating, and whale watching.

Visit the SkyPoint Deck

For people searching for exhilarating activities, going to this top viewing tower is a must! The SkyPoint Observation Deck rests atop Q1’s 77th floor. By far, this place provides the best views of Gold Coast, including Brisbane and Byron Bay. This 360 degree view is one of the most popular attractions for tourists.

Go Shopping

Doing some boutique shopping in the area is simply a must for the real surfers out there. Even without huge shopping malls or complexes, you can enjoy a wide range of boutiques and other small shops here. They sell everything, from high-end brand accessories to affordable souvenirs.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Surfers Paradise has a reputation for being Australia’s go-to part destination. Nightclubs and bars are just within walking distances from each other. It’s the perfect destination to let loose and cap off your day here.

Make the most of your stay by planning everything you want to do in Surfers Paradise. Tag your closest friends along for an unforgettable summer getaway!

Knowing the Reasons Behind Smelly Water

Dirty WaterDealing with smelly water is definitely an irritating experience. However, a strong odor is not just what
there is in smelly water. Contaminants such as chemicals, dissolved debris, rusts from your water pipes,
street run-offs, seeping sewage water, and chlorine are just some of the many reasons your water
smells bad.

No one really deserves to deal with stinking water. This is why determining what causes the smell is very
helpful in eliminating not just the bad odor, but also the dangers of drinking contaminated water.

Detecting the Source of Smell

The bad smell doesn’t automatically come from your main water source. From your source (i.e., water
wells), the water travels through a series of pipes before it finally comes out of your tap. As such, you
have to first identify if the odor is coming from your water system, or from your water source itself.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

1. Open one faucet at a time. If smelly water comes out from all faucets, the source of odor could
be your plumbing or your water source. If only one faucet delivers bad smell, replacing the
faucet’s fixtures can solve the problem.

2. If all faucets deliver smelly water, check if the odor goes away after several seconds. If so, the
source of the odor is not your water well, but your plumbing system.

3. If all faucets deliver smelly water that doesn’t go away even after opening the valves for several
seconds, check if your water smells only when the heater is on. If so, the chemical reaction
between your water tank and your water heater may be causing the smell. If it still smells even
after turning the heater off, contact a water specialist to have your water source tested for

The best way to eliminate bad odor from your water is to install a water softener, common in Provo,
Utah, to filter out contaminants that cause the bad odor. Most water softeners are equipped with the
most advanced reverse osmosis technology to keep your water safe and odor-free all the time.

Bad odor may signify something wrong with the water. Act fast and safeguard your health

What You Should be Doing to Prepare for LSAT

preparing for LSATThe Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is among the obstacles you need to face before applying to law school.

Receiving good grades means that you’ll get the opportunity to apply in any top-tier school you prefer. LSAT doesn’t only test what you’ve already learned, but rather judge your ability to excel once you’ve enrolled. This standardized test is on a different level compared to your usual ACT and SAT assessments. It’s best to know the right approach, so you’ll get a satisfying grade.

Law school centers and resource guides, like The Center for Legal Studies and, have listed some tips you should do to help prepare for LSAT:

Be Aware of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

LSAT is composed of multiple-choice sections with three different question types— analytic reasoning, reading comprehension, and logical thinking. You’ll also need to write an essay about a specific topic. This isn’t graded, but it will serve as your writing sample when you apply to law school. Now that you have an idea how the test will be like, you need to start focusing on your abilities to find out what needs improvement.

Decide Between Self-study and LSAT Classes

Both are good options, but the choice depends on your learning style. In fact, you can choose both if you’re up for it. Self-studying is ideal if you prefer to learn at your own pace and can handle what you need most of the time. After all, many resources today are available both in print and online. If you’re aware of your limits, attending classes won’t hurt. Apart from the lessons you’ll learn, you can meet more people and grow your connections.

Whether you choose to self-study, attend classes, or do both, the result is all that matters. Be LSAT-ready by doing the most suitable approach for your learning style.

3 Signs Your SEO Campaign is Headed Downhill

SEO CampaignHow do you know when your SEO campaign is dying?

The benefits of SEO are hardly quantitative. For example, brand visibility is more qualitative and even inbound traffic can be arbitrary, varied, and difficult to interpret. Measuring the efficiency of your SEO campaign with absolute accuracy can be challenging.

Industry leaders like and the likes of understand the challenges that come with gauging the strength of your campaigns. There are noticeable red flags, but there are also blind spots in your assessments and conclusions. These experts suggest these signs your campaign could do better:

Stagnant Growth

SEO is geared for long-term growth. An effective campaign should consistently be geared towards increased over-all traffic and ranking. While consistent numbers for several months do not always equate to something negative, growth is important.

A tough month of stagnation can cost you what could have been several weeks of growth. If your campaign remains stagnant for several months and all the figures are not moving an inch, it’s time to reconsider your strategy.

Drop in Traffic

Organic traffic is one of the best measures of your SEO campaign’s efficiency. There are several ways this can be measured, and there are also many ways to break down these numbers. Checking these statistics should be a habit and once a large drop in organic traffic is apparent, it should be a call to action.

It’s ideal to track this at least weekly. Be on the lookout for sharp drops and alarming differences in number. For example, if your average number of hits a week reaches four-digit numbers and it suddenly deflates to 100, there’s probably a major problem somewhere.

Drop in KW Rankings

Although most SEO specialists would rank keywords as the least pivotal, they are still valuable in the assessment of your campaign’s health. Keep a handful of keywords as your targets to measure and if there is any noticeable decline on majority of these, it’s also a red flag.

Some of these are not easy to miss, but some are more of a nuance than it is a sign. Several small and starting businesses fail midway because of SEO campaigns that fail. Sometimes, it’s smarter for beginning companies to hire an external body to do all the work while they have yet to learn the ropes.

How to Manage the Risks of Expanding Your Business

businessExpanding your business isn’t without any risk. Successful business owners are not only plain businessmen, they are also gifted planners. Equipped with a sharp sense of oversight, enterprise owners could anticipate the risks associated with every business move, and the appropriate response in mitigating possible negative events.

Business risks vary from one business move to another. However, whether you are planning to introduce a new product in the market or to venture out to other countries, there are some general risks associated with expanding your business.

LoadSpring Solutions has outlined some of them:

Stricter Competition

Competition can get very difficult once you enter into another market. Introducing a new line of products in your present market or expanding your product sales to other countries, for instance, can both stir up competition.

Keep in mind that the risk of competition is an inherent characteristic of a market, and battling against competitors is a way of business life.

Unfamiliar Customers

Expanding into a new market means reaching out to a whole new set of customers. It means that you need to study your target audience first to know whether your business is their interest, and if they have enough purchasing power to buy your products or enlist your services


Business expansions do not promise quick returns. Initially, you have to outlay resources for brand promotion, market study, and hiring of expertise, among many other expenses. You have to understand that your business should be equipped with enough resources to sustain your move, otherwise, your expansion would be short-term.

Risk assessment may greatly affect your business when done recklessly. As such, getting the right resources for your risk assessment needs is necessary for a spot on risk analysis and planning.

Primavera Risk Analysis training, for instance, could give you a walk-through of how Primavera Risk Analysis determines the risks associated with new markets and competition, equipping your expanding business with the knowledge it needs to remain agile and adaptable.

Foresight is the key to business expansion. With proper risk assessment, your business will be equipped to face any challenges while establishing stronger foothold across different markets.

Got Carpet Beetles? Here are Three Ways to Get Rid of Them

carpet beetleCarpet beetles love to nourish themselves with anything organic – from lint to hair found in carpets, furnishings, leather items, pillows and comforters. They remain as one of the common pests in many homes.

While they rarely feed on synthetic products and bite people as bed bugs do, carpet beetles can be destructive. Before you know it, these pests have already caused holes into your expensive carpets and furniture upholstery. If you don’t resolve the problem quickly, the infestation will spread throughout your home.

Fortunately, there are several ways to clear out your home of these pests:

1. Identify the Nesting Areas of the Beetles

The first thing you need to do is to find which areas of your home possibly have these beetles—under the carpets can be a good place to start with your search. Other possible areas that serve as breeding grounds for carpet beetles are drawers, closets and storage boxes. You might also want to check the attic and basement for signs of infestation.

2. Enlist the Services of a Professional Carpet Cleaner

As carpets and upholstery can be difficult to clean, and a small mistake may result in irreparable damages, you should consider hiring a professional Highland carpet cleaning service. These experts know exactly how to deal with dirty carpets that are favored by carpet beetles.

3. Use Hot Water Plus Soap When Washing Fabrics

If you have yet to schedule your professional carpet cleaning, you can do a bit of housekeeping to keep the pests away. Start by cleaning the fabrics of upholstered furnishings and carpets. Use hot water when laundering them with soap. This is going to kill and destroy the carpet beetle larvae.

Regular cleaning is the secret to ensuring your home stays carpet beetle-free. Don’t ignore the signs of infestation. Take action before these pests start causing more problems for your home—and make you spend more money on carpet replacements.

Making Your Audience Ask for More

AudienceAny speaker knows that the key to delivering your message across effectively is to have your audience’s full attention. There are a few ways to do this, and the most popular way seems to be to convince them of the seriousness of your message.

This approach, however, can also fail at times. Always being serious can bore people. What could cure the audience of this boredom? There’s a simple solution to that—it’s to heed the wisdom of the age-old adage, “laughter is the best medicine.” Brad Montgomery recommends humor as it is effective in engaging people.

Be Weird. Be Them.

How do you become friends with someone? After the introductions and pleasantries, you realize you share a mutual weirdness or an activity which both of you are fond of. It could be anything—shoes, clothes, cars, favorite food and others. These are good things to start with when speaking to an audience.

Tell them an unusual story, or about that time when you laughed out loud during a funeral. You can also try to understand their feelings and turn it into a really funny story. Be creative enough because at one point you were one of them, and you wouldn’t want to sit through a really boring lecture.

Be Frank and Fluid

People often want the message delivered to them to be effective and clear. If you’re the type of speaker who loves to embellish your sentences with different metaphors, quotes and anecdotes, just be sure that your speech is moving along quickly so that you still deliver your message on time. No one likes a boring speaker, but what’s worse is someone who doesn’t even know what they’re talking about.

There are times when being that funny motivational speaker works, although there are certain occasions when you need to be more serious when delivering your message. Mixing and matching your tactics and remembering to connect with your audience can help you in making your speaking engagements more successful.

Top Colorado Whitewater Rafting Trips You Should Try

white river raftingWhitewater rafting season has arrived and it looks like it’s going to be a great one this year. There’s no better place to do it than in Colorado with its wealth of rivers! So put your gear on and take note of these great Colorado whitewater rafting trips.

Royal Gorge

Steep drops and huge waves combined with the Wall Slammer, Sledgehammer, Boat Eater, Narrows, and Sunshine Falls rapids make the Royal Gorge the ultimate whitewater rafting experience, notes This trip is best for highly experienced and adventurous rafters who have enough stamina to last at least half a day for this 10-mile raft ride. You will get to see the Royal Gorge Bridge or maybe even spot a bighorn sheep if you’re not already too preoccupied with the extreme paddling needed to keep the boat upright.

Gunnison Gorge

If you like your rafting trips mixed with great scenery and adventure hikes, ‘Gunny’ fits the bill perfectly. With a journey that stretches for 14 miles, you’re in a for a couple of days of hiking, rafting, and routine sightings of bighorn sheep, golden eagles, bald eagles, and otters. You may also want to have an afternoon of fishing as part of your Gunnison Gorge rafting experience.

Lodore Canyon

Rafting trips in Lodore Canyon can take from 2 to 5 days depending on your trip package. You’ll need at least 3 days to fully enjoy the waters and an additional day for some hiking adventures. You may want to bring a kayak with you for some personal enjoyment. Lodore Canyon rafting trips are perfect for families and first timers because of the tame waves and short drops coupled with stunning sights like grottos, waterfalls, ruins, red rocks, and petroglyphs.

Animas River

The Animas River is a combination of both mild and wild rafting. You may go for the gentler Lower Animas which is perfect for beginners. If you feel more daring, go for the Upper Animas. With seemingly unending waves and drops, and stretching for 26 miles, it has become a favorite for both beginner and seasoned rafters.

You can easily spend three days here, which includes some time for hiking and fishing. Overnight camping is relatively peaceful and quiet.

These are just some of the great adventure options waiting for you in Colorado. To fully experience what each place offers, contact experienced adventure tour companies for their invaluable insights.

Information about Liposuction and its Variations

LiposuctionLiposuction is a cosmetic procedure that helps remove unwanted fat in the human body. It helps remove fat in areas where they generally accumulate. These areas include the chin, neck, upper arms, hips, abdomen, thighs and knees. With fat cells removed, you enhance the contour of your body.

Jumpstarting healthy living

Liposuction motivates patients to practice healthy living. Though the process removes fat pockets in certain parts of the body, they can still return or accumulate in untreated parts. To keep those bulges from making a comeback, watch your diet and do some regular exercises.

Beyond cosmetic purposes

Liposuction is useful not just for its cosmetic benefits, but also for treating a number of medical conditions. Private hospitals in Kent perform liposuction to remove tumours of fat, or lymphomas, from a patient’s body. A specialised procedure known as gynaecomastia treats men with abnormally fatty breasts.

Not the ultimate weight loss treatment

Contrary to what many people think, liposuction is not the ultimate treatment for overweight individuals. Professionals can only remove a certain amount of fat to ensure the patient’s safety.

Specialists recommend liposuction only if the patient has been doing healthy measures to eliminate fat and have not seen results. The patient should also weigh as close to his or her ideal weight as possible.

Different techniques

There are different liposuction techniques used to remove body fat. These include wet or tumescent liposuction, which injects a liquid solution into the targeted area to numb it and minimise blood loss. Super-wet liposuction is a procedure quite similar to tumescent liposuction, but with less fluid used. The ultrasound-assisted procedure uses ultrasonic vibrations to melt fat first.

A liposuction procedure is an effective way to deal with unwanted body fats. Look for a qualified surgeon to discuss your options and help manage your expectations if you’re thinking about getting the treatment.