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Scan Yourself: The Popularity of Barcode Tattoos

barcodeBarcode tattoos are becoming trendy. The most popular body parts for this kind of tattoo are the neck and the wrist. Some people believe that the barcode, which is a unique set of lines, numbers and letters, is a symbol of a person’s individuality. Others see the barcode tattoo as a statement against capitalism and the culture of commodities. stated that barcode scanners are instrumental in the efficiency of business processes, such as tracking prices, products and stock levels. A store’s computer system has a recording of all the barcodes in the store and a store’s scanner only detects barcodes that have a data in the system. Conceptually, when you place a barcode tattoo in front of a scanner, the scanner will not beep.

Precision is the Key

However, some tattoo artists developed a way to make a precise barcode tattoo that scanners can detect. Precision is important in making barcode tattoos, as they should be a replica of barcodes that you see in stores. Thus, recently, there has been an increasing demand for barcode tattoos that are detectable by scanners.

Temporary Only

Detectable barcode tattoos are not appropriate to put in a body permanently. As an individual grows older, his or her body parts expand and the tattoos on it change, too. Barcodes are a combination of black and white bars. When a black ink expands too much, it can damage the white areas, and a ruined barcode tattoo will no longer be the same as the barcodes you see in stores.

Since these barcode tattoos are temporary, you can easily take them off when you have lost your penchant for barcode designs, or tattoos in general.

Scanner’s Beep

All scanners should be able to read a temporary barcode tattoo. However, some businesses’ scanners only recognize barcodes in their inventory. When you flash your temporary barcode tattoo in front of a scanner, the scanner will beep but it will say that it does not understand your “custom phrase”.  However, the fun part is still there because your barcode tattoo was able to make the scanner sound. 

Temporary barcode tattoos can be a source of fun for you and your friends. Thus, in case you want a new tattoo, a detectable barcode tattoo is not a bad idea after all.

Reasons Edentulous Patients Are Better Off with Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsThe future of dental implants is bright, with the improvement in technology used by practices and awareness of their advantages. Patients who lost a tooth or set of teeth benefit from getting an implant instead of dentures.

Better Quality and Easy to Use

The implants today last longer than their older counterparts and they are also easier to install. These look like your natural teeth as 3D imaging makes it easier to map how an implant will look after the procedure. Dentists and patients may see how their smile will look even before the installation of this treatment.

The Smile Difference

Implant dentists such as agree that a dental implant is an ideal choice, especially if you want to restore your smile within the shortest time possible. This treatment provides several benefits, one of which is that it prevents the deterioration of the jawbone. Bone density loss will make you look older than your age and your mouth hollows and your face droops.

With a dental implant, the jaw bones and gum get the stimulation they need to remain dense and strong. This procedure reduces the possibility of periodontitis and other oral health problems.

High Success Rate

Every dental procedure has associated risks, so does the installation of dental implants. This treatment has a more than 90% success rate, allaying any of your worries regarding potential problems post-operation.

Completion Time

The completion time of dental implants is lower in comparison to the same procedure done years ago. The better understanding of bone biology, and improved techniques and technology reduced treatment length and recovery substantially.

A Better Option

Patients who wear full dentures benefit the most from getting dental implants instead. An implant looks natural and is an unobtrusive fit and feel, because a dentist will take measurements before installation.

Dental implants have developed significantly over the years it no longer takes long to complete and provides several advantages over using dentures.

6 Secrets of DUI That Your DUI Lawyer Wants You to Know

DUI Defense in SpringfieldAre you facing a DUI charge? A DUI conviction can result in hefty fines, jail time, and a criminal record. If you have been charged with a DUI, you should seek legal help from an attorney.

Here are six secrets of DUI that Noll Law Office and other DUI lawyers want you to know.

1. If you get arrested, you will be taken to jail. If you get arrested for DUI, you will spend the night in jail. Many jurisdictions require drivers arrested for DUI to be held for several hours before they can be released on bond.

2. If you have been drinking, say as little as possible. Nearly every police officer who makes DUI arrests has a video camera rolling. It only takes one slur to convince the police officer that you are intoxicated.

3. Don’t evade or resist arrest in any capacity. If the police offer tells you that you are under arrest, you should do what he asks. After all, you don’t want to be charged with resisting arrest. However, if you get arrested, the police officer will have to justify the arrest in court.

4. Don’t answer questions until you speak with a DUI lawyer. Tell the police officer that you would prefer not to answer questions until you speak with an attorney. In most jurisdictions, you have a legal obligation to identify yourself and produce proof of ownership of the car, your driver’s license, and proof of insurance.

5. If you are involved in a car accident and someone is injured, stop and help them. Your first instinct might be to leave the scene, but that is a big mistake. Do the right thing and call the police. If you leave the scene, you will be subject to serious criminal charges.

6. Hire the best DUI lawyer you can afford. Don’t hire a general practitioner to do a specialist’s job. DUI cases demand specialized knowledge. A complete defense requires knowledge of physics, biology, chemistry, and familiarity with breath testing and sobriety tests. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

Most people who are arrested on a DUI charge are not looking to endanger others, but regardless of their intent, the municipal court will prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law.

The Cutting Edge: How Technology Changed Offices for the Better

Technology IntegrationPeople can no longer be deny that advances in modern computer technology has revolutionized daily lives. From smartphones with functions for arranging appointments, to tablets with features like those of a computer, it truly is the age of information. With the proliferation of such technology, not even workplaces are exempted from changes. There is always the need for companies to integrate the use of technologies to augment their operations and boost their productivity.

Even the project management solutions provider of would agree to how technology runs today’s enterprises. With cloud-based project management at the peak of operations, modern industries take a better approach to streamlining work.

Here are the four ways Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Computers changed the way people go about their work in the office:


Advances in robotics, mechatronics and automation technology has allowed manufacturing plants to significantly increase their output. Doing away with fault-prone human labor to get the cutting-edge precision of machines, automation has greatly enhanced manufacturing efficiency. These robots are still programmed and manned by competent operators. Striking the balance between man and machine is important.

Printing and Publishing

The old days of drafting reports using typewriters are all in the past. With the development of computers, printers and word processing programs, printing and publishing material has become easier and more economical than ever. Whereas before you would have to junk a page for a single typographical error, now you can simply undo the mistakes before you print them. Printing can be programmed to produce multiple copies of any document.

Database Management and Data Storage

Companies handling a large operations would need an ingenious way to manage and administrate all their data. Lucky for the corporate world, modern ICT technology has developed database management systems. These systems handle and store data in servers, while some advanced systems have cloud features. With several office departments working on different projects, the use of databases and storage has proven invaluable.


Back then, offices would send messengers or telegrams to each other just to communicate for business purposes. Even people in the same office would have to convene personally for meetings. Today, setting up a meeting with people—whether in the same office or halfway across the globe — only needs a reliable Internet connection and a video conference. Other wonders of information and networking technology have changed business communication for the better.

Modern computer technology has truly gone a long way. Stay up to date with the advances, as you may find yourself one day harnessing these powerful technologies for your own business.

Preventive Maintenance for Steel Water Tanks

Steel Water TanksWhen it comes to metallic water storage, people look for light and sturdy materials that can hold vast quantities without succumbing to the pressure. Over the years, steel water tanks have proven to provide desirable features when erecting above ground storage facilities. Other than its lightweight and strong framework, it takes a day or two to assemble the prefabricated compartments. API 653 tanks offer convenience and affordability in one pack, even while the debate between steel and plastic tank continues.

Nonetheless, it is important to maintain your water tank to avoid problems. Here are ways to increase the durability of your steel water tank:

Reduce surface corrosion

Despite the tanks being stainless, they are still prone to significant levels of rust when exposed to predisposing conditions. In cases of bushes growing under the reservoir or next to it, you need to keep it short to prevent scratches that cause rust to the exterior. In case of rust, you need to make a timely repair and prevent further rusting by painting the tank regularly. Moreover, it’s important to ensure enough clearance on all sides to avoid potential accumulation of debris that keeps moisture. Think of this step as if you are maintaining an underground storage tank.

Prevent internal corrosion

Most of the wear and tear that occurs in steel tanks comes from persistent corrosion from the sides. Maintaining water at the bottom raises the corrosion rate on the surface. Storing water for a prolonged period leads to the formation of bacteria. As Heartland Tank Services explains, bacteria at the bottom produce acidic fluids that eat away the surface of the material. For this purpose, you need to inspect your tank annually and empty any residual content for a thorough wash.

Filter and clean

Another major cause of interior wear and tear are the foreign particles that come with stored water. Sand, small sticks and other substances scratch the surface, causing leakage. It is vital to filter the water entering the facility to get rid of the sediments. As it might not be possible to eliminate all the particles, it is essential to keep emptying the residue from time to time.

Proactive maintenance and repair prolong the lifespan your steel water storage facility. Follow these pointers to avoid problems with your tank.

A Mediterranean-Inspired Home: Design Ideas You Can Try

Mediterranean-Inspired Home in PerthMediterranean style is one of the most timeless and popular design styles for homes in Australia due to its laidback and coastal atmosphere. It is the perfect combination of casual elegance with its blend of warm colours, stunning fabrics and cosy furnishings. Keep these ideas in mind for your own Mediterranean-inspired home.

Colour is Everything

It’s important to keep in mind that the paint on your walls and ceiling alone won’t be enough to achieve the Mediterranean vibe throughout your home. One factor is crucial though — the coastal feel. You can do this with colours evocative of the sea, sky, sun, and sand. Neutrals like terracottas, tans, beiges, and caramels are likewise great choices, as well as pops of bold or muted blues, yellows, and greens. Essentially, use colours that will complement your furnishings and sneak in some hints of bold colour every now and then if that’s your thing.

Let Walls Speak for Themselves

Wallpaper is rarely found in Mediterranean homes, so opt for textured or whitewashed walls instead. The main thing is to keep thing fun, simple and casual. Wall art can be anything from unique mirrors or frames, paintings, a tile mosaic, or repurposed timber panels.

Windows are the Eyes to your Home’s Soul

Two words: natural lighting. Opt for airy fabrics if you want curtains for your windows. Wooden shutters, says industry professional, can keep the sun in or out are likewise perfect. You can paint this window treatment to complement or contrast the colours in your home and they’re extremely popular in the Mediterranean.

Be Floored with your Floors

Natural and rustic are two things to keep in mind for your floors. While terracotta is the most obvious option, not everyone is a fan of tiles so timber flooring is a great alternative. Throw in some plush rugs in different colours and textures to get that laidback coastal feel.

Cosier Than Thou Furnishings

Using cosy, warm and worn-looking furnishings significantly helps in maintaining the Mediterranean atmosphere throughout your home. Plush oversized sofas, pillows and timber tables and shelves are likewise ideal. For outdoors, wrought iron furniture is best.

Remember that your home’s décor must be airy and light to maintain that Mediterranean atmosphere. Some unexpected touches here and there will likewise bring in a more personal appeal to your Mediterranean-inspired abode.


Beyond the Taste: Themes to Take Your Café Beyond the Mundane

Themes to Take Your CaféCafes are incredibly popular in Australia, owing to the country’s obsession with coffee and the culture that it brings with it. Cafes are the homely places where customers can enjoy a good cup of coffee and a plate of treats. But the hot brew and delectable treats is just half of the café experience. More than that, the cosy atmosphere attracts customers to even spend their time there in the first place. Because of this concept, most café owners have tried their hand at effecting themes to their places.

If you are a café owner and want to transport your guests to somewhere extraordinary, here are three great café themes to experiment on.

The Art Gallery

There is something about art that evokes a positive response in the human spirit. Perhaps because art is considered as the antithesis of technology, and therefore the human side of modern society. If this is the kind of feeling you want to share with your patrons, and then turn your café into an art gallery. There are many ways to do this, starting from posting artwork and paintings on the café walls. You can buy quality artwork online, and have the prints hung or posted on the walls, ceilings, and even the windows. According to buy prints online in Australia and pick a good frame as the frame has a dramatic effect on how the piece of art is viewed. Guests will a penchant for visual art will surely appreciate this. You can even include a ‘freedom wall’ in your café where customers can paint or write anything they like on the wall. This is sure to encourage newcomers to become all-time regulars.

The Hobby Centre

One thing that unites or brings about a sense of kinship among groups of people is a common hobby. When planning for this route, think of a popular hobby. This could be fishing, comic books or board games. Take board games for example. You can deck your café with board games ranging from simple chess to the role-playing ones. Customers who play board games will then have one more reason to visit your café. They will come for the games, and they will stay for the games – with some coffee and treats on the side. With this, you can even host game nights where the winners can receive special promos, freebies and the like. Taking your customers to a nice tabletop gaming experience will boost your café’s reputation.

The Garden

Of course, some people visit cafes to have a relaxing time. How much more relaxing can you get when you nature right in front of you? That is right, go for the garden theme. If you have a large property, you can start doing away with walls and opening your guests in an al fresco setting. A garden will instill a luxurious atmosphere in your café, giving guests a fresh space to enjoy their coffee and treats with. Of course, you will have to spend on landscaping on this, but rest assured it would be a worthy investment.

Cafes are popular because of the cosy and comfy feel they give. Transcend the mundane and give your customers an experience worth going back for!


Smile Design is the Be-All, End-All of Modern Dentistry

Modern DentistryDentists can now edit your smile. Not repair. Not enhance. Edit.

The typical dentist appointment goes as follows: the dentist diagnoses problem teeth, you agree to a specified treatment, the dentist carries out the operation, and the appointment is complete. Issues are treated as isolated cases, which mostly is enough to make a visit to the dentist worthwhile. But, having your teeth filled or a crown installed in one afternoon hardly means you go home with a perfect smile. It is rarely the end goal of any particular dental procedure, save one.

A Bite of the Future

Enter Smile Design. The process where dentists can draw up an optimal blueprint of the entire lower half of their patient’s face. It takes into account not only your teeth, but the muscles and jaw bones as well, creating what is essentially the most effective masticatory system you will ever have.

It all starts with two primary components: your teeth and soft tissue. These two must be designed to work smoothly with each other, offering top functional and aesthetic value. The meticulous process involves heaps of details unique to you. From individual tooth dimensions to gum health, age to facial dimensions, phonetics to even your personality; dentists will exhaust every resource at hand to design the mouth of your dreams.


Once the analysis is complete, the dentist will begin to create a personalised plan. Some dentists, like those from Northlight Dental, will take a photo of your current teeth. They use this to digitally edit and produce a copy of what they should look like, complete with axis markers and guide lines.

The dentist will let you go over the details once more, then the procedure can begin. They will apply any necessary procedure at their disposal- starting with repair methods such as bridge implants, up to visual enhancement using veneers, until they achieve what the digital copy illustrated.

Smile Design offers the complete approach to dental confidence, but not dental security. Patients must still exercise comprehensive care and understanding of dental health, which happens to be the end goal of dentistry itself.

Three Honest Pointers for Someone Who Plans to Get a Divorce

Divorcing Couple in UtahThe challenge of getting through divorce continues after going through it. The family members have to face a number of changes that may be totally new to them.

Other than the emotional hardships it may cause, the spouses and the children will have to face custody and support arrangements and take on new responsibilities at home. More importantly, they will have to make decisions on matters that concern properties and money.

These are the reasons it is best to prepare emotionally and financially, and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge before getting a divorce. Learn more about it before the process begins.

Here are a few tips for you:

Always think twice

Remember that your decisions can greatly affect the future of your family, especially that of your children. Quick decisions are not always useful. Think twice and consider the pros and cons of your choices in such difficult time. Divorce attorneys suggest putting your family’s best interest as priority rather than acting on impulse. As explains, “Each case has its own attributes requiring professional analysis and advocacy.”

Ask for professional help

You do not have to deal with it alone; help is available. In collaborative divorce, for instance, you can seek professional services to help you in all aspects – from emotional stress management to the division of assets. Divorce attorneys, coaches, mediators, and therapists can be of great help during such challenging times.

Don’t always listen to other people

It could be a relief to talk to a friend or a family member who has been there. While it is wise to ask for advice from them, never base your decision on what they say alone. Your case could be completely different from theirs, so it doesn’t make sense to believe or follow every single thing they say. Ask for their guidance and support, and then decide on what you think will benefit you, your spouse, and your children.

Divorce can be a tough time in the lives of every family member. With careful planning and knowing what is going to happen next, it is easier for everyone to move on and start anew.

AAC Devices You can Easily Download

Business ConsultancyWith the growing advancement in technology today, helping people with special needs does not end with the consultation and therapy sessions.

Now, a lot of applications are available to help them in the simplest ways possible. For instance, Cadan Assistive Technologies offers video products and touch accessible platform interactive technology.

Here also are four applications you can easily download form the Play Store (and one from the App Store).

  1. JABtalk

JABtalk is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device designed basically for children who have special needs, but in time, became also useful for anyone who is having a hard time to speak, like patients who just had a stroke. It has an average rating of 4 stars from 187 users.

  1. iRewardChart

This application, dubbed as the “Best Parenting App” in 2010, 2011, and 2012 by, is for children with or without special needs alike. iRewardChart will motivate your children to do the pre-listed chores in the app to get rewards which the app suggests, or you can make a list of your own. So far, 395 users have given this app 3.5 stars.

  1. AutismXpress

The first application on Android designed for people with autism to help them know and express their emotions. StudioEmotion, the developer of this application, released AutismXpress Pro featuring more games to help people who deal with autism. A total of 222 ratings gave this app a 3.5 star rating.

  1. Proloquo2Go

This is one pricey AAC device but it is one of the cheapest among the “dedicated” AAC devices. It has an updated list of symbols and characters to assist in communication. It also emits spoken words and contains at least 7,000 words in its vocabulary which can grow more through updates. The leading AAC device scored 4.5 stars from 287 user ratings.

A lot of technologies for special needs are to help patients and their families deal with their conditions. However, these are just aids and should not replace whatever therapy they should be having. Above all else, a family’s love and affection is the best support for a person with special needs.