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Wi-Fi and Sensors: The Partners-in-Crime of GNSS Simulators

Man using a sensory equipmentYou may not be aware of it, but we’ve been using global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for the longest time. Cars, helicopters, planes, and even mobile phones carry them.

Big companies such as CAST Navigation use GNSS simulators for technology training purposes without flying a helicopter or a plane every day. Accuracy and availability are key to sustaining an efficient satellite-based navigation system. But what exactly does a GNSS simulator need?

Connectivity to Wi-Fi

GNSS is a powerful autonomous geo-spatial positioning device and is strengthened even more with the use of Wi-Fi. Connectivity to Wi-Fi gives simulators accurate positioning even in GNSS-denied environments. Dependence on Wi-Fi may have several limitations in accurate positioning but will prove to be effective with GNSS functions.

Recently released smart watches feature powerful processors such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 1100 SoC, which uses Wi-Fi and cellular networks to augment its built-in GNSS, improving the device’s location accuracy and speed. A group of researchers at the University of California-Riverside (UCR) developed a navigation system that has the choice to leech on Wi-Fi signals rather than GPS if connectivity breaks.

Sensible Sensors

Since the performance of Wi-Fi relies heavily on location and time, it will be ineffective as a standalone complementary segment to GNSS simulators. Sensors are great additions to a navigation system.

GNSS simulators need a device to fuse all the multiple sources of position data, to give a simulator the best estimate of position. Sensors measure cumulative drift in degrees per hour. Not only does this provide accurate information, but it also makes the user confident in the system.

Just like Wi-Fi capabilities, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors are also found in handheld devices, fitness machines, cameras, and even cars. These sensors, together with Wi-Fi measurements, give GNSS simulators an absolute position.

It doesn’t take a lot to improve a system. Although complementary, Wi-Fi and sensors play huge roles in streamlining GNSS simulation results.

Cake in the Office: Should You Say Yes, Always?

Cake in the officeAnyone’s birthday is a good excuse to have cake (or other sweets) in the office. After all, it is a birthday – a reason to celebrate and have a piece (or two) of fluffy cake.

The culture of bringing treats to the office, however, is not exclusive to birthdays. Any form of celebration (e.g., office wins, pregnancy announcements, the holidays and engagements) calls for a round of cake, doughnuts and other forms of sweets.

While employees rejoice at the sight of free treats, any health expert or Potters Bar dentist will shake their head.

Closed Cubicles and Cake

The office is a wellspring of treats high in sugar. With workplaces moving on from the traditional bowl of candies, this fact is no longer surprising.

Offices now understand that food is the way to their employees’ hearts. To encourage motivation and better performance, they stock their kitchens with crisps, popcorn, sweets and other treats. During birthdays, they offer cake to the celebrants – without any fail. Insurance is no longer the only selling point for prospective employees; snack perks are now part of the mix.

Free food creates a welcoming atmosphere that brings the team together. Unfortunately, it rips their health apart.

Anything but that Slice of Cake

When a considerate colleague offers you a slice of cake or a piece of chocolate, is it rude to refuse?

Apart from fearing the title ‘Office Killjoy’, science insists it is more difficult to resist food when it is nearby. How could you refuse that piece of cake on a plate, ready to be eaten? But once you eat a slice, the cycle of snacking is more difficult to end.

Random snacking lies to the brain, insisting you still need to eat when you are already full. As a result, you eat more than what you need, putting yourself at risk for physical and dental issues.

Workplace Willpower

Fortunately, more workplaces realise the importance of staying fit, encouraging their team to eat healthier options. Apart from that, your willpower also has a role to play.

If cake or other pastries are present, will indulging be worth it? Consider your options first and motivate yourself to refuse.

A piece of cake never hurt anyone, but remember: think before you eat.

Strategy First: The Importance of Mining Insights in Advertising

Google adwordsEvery memorable advertising campaign starts with a strong insight. For starters, insight is a universal truth about why a particular consumer behavior exists—from why people like pink clothes to why kid like colorful toys. The job of an advertising agency, on the other hand, is to respond to this insight with a big idea.

Below are some of the important things you need to know about strategic planning, as enumerated by a reliable advertising agency in Bristol, TN.

It helps you identify the right audience

If your marketing communications attempt to talk to everyone, you’ll just end up talking to no one. This is where the importance of strategic planning becomes evident. Planning allows you to pinpoint the target audience for your campaign. Additionally, it will help you develop the right voice you need to use so that they can easily relate to you.

It helps you craft the right messaging

With a strong insight, you’ll find it easy to come up with the right messaging for your campaign. This messaging, in turn, will help craft the big idea, which will be the heart of your campaign. Some examples of big ideas are Nike’s “Just Do It” and Skittles’ “Taste the Rainbow.” To get insights, you can conduct surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions with your target market.

It helps promote brand consistency

Strategic planning ensures that every advertising campaign you’ll implement will always be within the bounds of your branding guidelines. This is especially true when it comes to messaging and voice—the copy and visual elements of your campaign should be consistent with the characteristics and personality of your brand.

These are only some of the things that make strategic planning an important aspect of your advertising campaign. To reinforce your existing planning components, you can work with a reliable research agency.

The Success Story of Maddie Ziegler

The interior of the dance studio Most people don’t recognize Maddie Ziegler in her natural, long brown hair. They know her as the white-wig-wearing, talented, young dancer who starred in numerous Sia music videos.

Dance Moms & Chandelier

Maddie started as a participant in Lifetime’s reality television show Dance Moms in 2011 when she was only eight. She continued to appear on the show until its last season in 2016.

It was in 2014, however, when Maddie had a breakout performance in Sia’s Chandelier. It cemented her relationship with the Australian singer, and she continued to perform in more music videos such as ‘Elastic Heart’ ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘The Greatest.’

As Sia became a chart-topping singer, Maddie also gained much recognition for her dancing. Her music videos and live dance performances online have millions of views.

Youngest Judge in So You Think You Can Dance

This year, Maddie became the youngest judge in the reality dancing competition So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, working alongside Paula Abdul, Jason Derulo, and Nigel Lythgoe.

Maddie said she was excited the most to work with ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul because they starred together in Live to Dance in 2010, although Maddie’s episode didn’t get to air before the show’s cancellation.

Reaping the Benefits

As Maddie’s career begins to grow, so is her fortune. She is reportedly worth $2 million, thanks to the four music videos and her performance on Saturday Night Live with Sia in 2016. ET reported that she has the same earnings as Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, and Meghan Trainor. Maddie recently spent a chunk of her wealth on a new home. The 7,000 sq.ft. property has a dance studio in the basement to facilitate the young star’s lifestyle.

While her collaboration with Sia put her on the map, Maddie’s stellar dancing in all her performances propelled her to the level of fame she experiences today.