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How Can Braces Help Improve Your Smile?

Woman with bracesNobody wants to have crooked teeth. Some people would even try to hide their teeth at all costs, even if that meant not talking to a large group of people. Fortunately, crooked teeth can be easily fixed if you get braces in a South Jordan dental clinic.

Braces are not as uncomfortable and unsightly as they were a few years ago. Nowadays, they are very comfortable to wear, as well as stylish. You may even opt to wear invisible braces if you are too conscious about wearing the metal ones.

Here are the top three benefits of wearing braces:

Improved oral health

Having crooked or crowded teeth is more than just about appearance. In most cases, other oral health issues arise from misaligned teeth like tooth decay and gum disease because food bits are trapped in between the tight spaces created by crooked teeth.

Even if you diligently brush and floss every day, you may not be able to remove all these food particles successfully. Furthermore, flossing may also be a challenge because the floss may end up being stuck in between your teeth as well. In time, the debris left in your teeth will turn into plaque, increasing your risk of developing cavities.

Teeth protection

An irregular bite pattern often results in uneven wear of the teeth. This means that some teeth may be at risk of being worn at a more rapid rate, which can result in premature dental issues that may need repairs or even replacements.

Some patients may be more at risk of tooth damage than others, especially those with protruding front teeth who play contact sports. Braces can reduce the risk of damage by properly aligning the teeth.

Better smile

Braces can improve your smile by moving your teeth in their proper position. In many cases, improved confidence is also part of the benefits of having a beautiful smile. So no more hiding those pearly whites the next time you socialize with other people.

Design Inspiration: Nighttime Lighting Ideas for Your Pool

a pool at nightNo one can pinpoint why exactly, but nighttime swimming has an appealing charm to it. Many people enjoy swimming after dusk, seeing the pool in a different light.

You can keep this bonding activity safe for the whole family by adding lighting to your pool. Aside from getting metal pool fencing from for extra security, pool lighting can also be a way to prevent accidents.

Besides, your backyard will look more appealing with great lights, that everyone would want to hang out there every night. Fortunately, there are different designs of fixtures that you can choose from to complement your landscape décor.

Pool party lighting

Do keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to set up the lighting in the water. For dinner parties, use lights to decorate your pool and highlight your yard’s landscape. Consider stringing lights around or over your pool to brighten the space and keep the party going. You can even go for Tiki lights, or waterproof floating LED lights to improve the overall vibe.

Color-changing pool lights

Get to enjoy the appearance of your pool in and out of the water by choosing color-changing pool lights. The majority of pool lighting kinds will have the option of changing colors. Try this function out during your nighttime swimming sessions for a more beautiful landscape.

LED pool lights

For those who prefer an environmentally friendly and long-lasting option, LED will be perfect for your pool lighting. LED lights can help you save on your electrical bill because it is energy efficient. You can even use these in both in-ground and above ground pools.

As you can surmise from the different designs above, pool lighting can truly change the function and look of the water. Pool lighting can make the entire atmosphere of your backyard cool and safe even at night.

Men Experience Eating Disorders Too

Man with eating disorderWhen people think about eating disorders such as anorexia, they usually think about women. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, around 20 million American women have had an eating disorder, but 10 million American men have also had an eating disorder. Men suffer from eating disorders too.

Recover: Undergo Treatment

For men who suffer from an eating disorder, you can remember that millions more like you suffer from bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating. In the same way that other men have beaten their disorders, you can conquer your disorder as well. You can take action towards recovery starting with eating disorders treatments.

Recover: Self-Therapy

Professional treatment at places like EDCare can immensely help you begin your road towards recovery. While you undergo treatment, you can practice self-therapy yourself to strengthen your will and focus on life instead of food, weight, and other related matters. One self-therapy practice you can do involves fighting against disorder urges and not acting upon them.

Fight or Do the Opposite

You can set little goals for yourself such as not acting on your urges for 5 minutes. Over time, you can fight for much more extended periods of time. Alternately, when you feel the urges, you can do the opposite of what your urges tell you. In this way, you keep power and control away from your disorder, and you claim the power and control for yourself.

Take Action in spite of Fear

Now, even when following the practices above, you will still encounter fear. Fear can easily be beaten, however, by embracing it and taking action anyway. Fear will always be there no matter how long you wait for it to leave. It will lose its power only when you take action for your life.

Keep Going

Ultimately, recovery involves difficulties and many slip-ups. Despite this, you can continue to fight. Take your time in recovery, one day at a time. Tomorrow will always bring a new chance for you to achieve success.

Men experience eating disorders in the same way that women do, and they also can conquer. With treatment and the practices above, you can overcome.

Diamond-Grading Certificate: Why and Where to Get One

Rolled diamond-grading certificateDiamonds might be forever, but not all of them are worth the price you pay. The four Cs — carat, colour, clarity, and cut — are just some of the main factors that can affect the cost. It also matters where they come from and whether you’re buying them loose or already set. If you aren’t careful, you could end up buying a fake diamond!

Because price does matter with something as expensive as diamonds, you need to be wise about it. Finecraft Jewellery, a large supplier of diamond jewellery in London, highly recommends getting a diamond certificate.

Granted, many diamonds with certificates are pricier than those that don’t, but it’s because you’re paying something premium. A report indicates the realness of the diamond. You will also know you don’t fall into a scam of overpaying. Sellers price diamonds per carat, which increases as the weight also goes up.

Diamonds are investments

So if you tire of it, you can sell them in the market for a good price. You give yourself an edge over other sellers with a certificate. Besides, wouldn’t it be interesting to know more about the fine-crafted jewellery you have?

Which Certificates Should You Get?

This one is tricky and confusing. A lot of laboratories can provide you with one, and all of them can have their method of evaluating the stone. In other words, their results can vary, and some of them may be less reliable than the others.

For this reason, it’s best to stick with GIA certificate. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. Many like it since it’s a non-profit organization, which means there’s no conflict of interest during the appraisal. It’s also common for diamond investors to compare all the other reports with this.

GIA has recently launched a new feature called Report Check. With it, you can already compare the information found on your report with the one in their database. This way, you will know if someone tampered with the data.

You can send your diamonds to their lab for testing. It may take a couple of weeks to get the report, however, due to shipping. Either way, don’t forget to get your item insured before you send it.

When Organizations Have to Follow the API 650 Tank Standard

Storage TanksAboveground storage tanks (ASTs) play many different roles in today’s society, with their functions covering the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Without these containers, such as those used in the oil industry, it would nearly be impossible to safely and conveniently store liquid and gas products.

Before you can use an AST though, it needs to pass the appropriate standard first. And while no federal law (only a few state laws) mandates the strict implementation of such rules, it does not mean that industries should no longer put safety aside. This is where the API 650 tank standard comes into play.

Welded tanks for safe oil and gas storage

Oil storage welded tanks, at least those that come from highly reputable manufacturing companies, follow the API 650 standard. The American Petroleum Institute developed this as a way for the AST industry to have a guideline on the safe and quality overall construction and maintenance of these massive containers.

It covers everything from the designing to fabrication, welding to inspection, and even erection of tanks that have to meet storage requirements involving the need for internal pressures of 2.5 PSI (or less).

In addition to crude oil and gasoline, these API 650 Standard-compliant storage containers can also safely hold gasoline, produced water, and chemicals. You will mostly find these ASTs in pipeline facilities and refineries among several other industries.

Safe containment: The primary purpose of the Standard

Again, there is no federal law requiring the implementation of the API 650 Standard. State laws may do, but because not all states do, it can be quite confusing for organizations to determine whether they should implement it or not.

Whichever industry your business belongs in, as long as your needs for ASTs fall under the scope of the Standard, then you should not think twice about following it. Its primary purpose is to keep not just your facilities safe, but also to protect people and the environment from possible catastrophes.

Packaging Hacks to Keep in Mind

Man working on the packing materialsWhen it comes to packaging goods, you want to make sure you do so carefully so as not to damage anything. Go above and beyond basic packaging so you can ship products with peace of mind.

The packaging tips below will help you ensure that you can ship products without the risk of damage.

Seal It

When you package anything, whether it is clothing, glass, paper, or any other product, you want to make sure you seal the package properly. You can seal the box closed using packing tape or strapping. Plastic strapping might be your best bet since it is one of the most secured methods.

A strapping hand tool can assist you with proper package sealing.

Cushion It

The last thing you want is to deliver a package to a customer with a broken product inside. Cushion the product, so it stays in place during shipping using various materials, such as bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is cheap and lightweight, which helps keep your product in place and safe from potential damages.

Label It

Packages that you ship must have a label affixed to them. The label should identify who you are as the sender and who the receiver is by name and address. It should also feature a MaxiCode, routing code, postal bar-code, 1Z tracking number and the level of shipping service provided.

For instance, if you are shipping first class, the label must indicate that.

Send It

Finally, you need to send your package out. Make sure you do so using the proper shipping methods. You can use various ways. You may send via air, land, or even water if necessary. Choose a method that works best for you and the customer based on demand and affordability.

Packaging products properly will allow you to ensure your customers are always happy. Poorly packaged products may upset customers, which will cause you to lose them. If you lose customers, it could translate poorly when it comes to profitability.

Therefore, you should always want to make sure all products you sell are safe, secure, and packaged the right way.

Your Website, a Marketing Tool

Web developer creating a business websiteA website is not just there to save the domain name of your brand. It is also there to serve as a place where people can look for information about your brand; it is your face online. Just like the actual face, you do not see beneath the surface. 

What you see is what graphic and web design experts like in Croydon have put together to help you market your business. These elements should be present: 

A Concise Homepage 

This is where people are introduced to your website–where you talk about what you are willing and able to offer. Here, you can use product keywords sparingly, as you can target those in individual pages. This is your first chance to reel customers in, so keep it classy and concise. 

Call to Action 

A website's main aim is to inform, but certain pages have different purposes. For instance, a Contact Us page should encourage site visitors to fill up the enquiry form and click on the submit button. For e-commerce sites, the Buy button is the usual call to action. Calls to action typically use short action words such as 'buy', 'send' or 'go'. Attention is often given to these calls to action because they complete a transaction or lead the visitor somewhere else. 

A Source of Information 

One part of your website could be a blog where you discuss the specifics of your product and address client concerns. Especially if you are in a technical industry, blogs help bridge the knowledge gap between laymen and your scientific team. Even for common products, your blog can discuss problems encountered by your customers and where your product comes in to solve them. It is important to address pain points to highlight how you will be of great help in their life. 

Your website is a handy marketing tool. It is also a source of information, so keep it updated and maintained. 

Increasing Kerb Appeal: How to Keep It Affordable

Residential areaKerb appeal doesn’t only increase the value of your home; it also drives potential buyers to the property. Even better, you have many cool ways to enhance the look of your property. The question is, which one will be worth spending your money on?

Here’s what you can do without hurting your budget:

Garage Door

With so many options, garage doors are among the most cost-effective ways to increase kerb appeal. It can likewise save you more money in the long run, as it boosts energy efficiency, especially during winter. In addition, it increases the level of safety in your home.

On the average, installing a garage door will cost you around $1,065, which may be cheaper than landscaping a garden. If you use high-quality materials, it could last for at least 15 years. Maintenance can also be affordable, particularly if you hire professional garage door repair in Brisbane quickly. More often than not, the problem lies with the spring, which is easier to fix.

Fresh Paint

Real estate experts revealed simply upgrading the exterior paint can already give you around 140 per cent of return on your investment. It is understandable as it always makes your home appear brand new and properly maintained.

But you can also lose your advantage by using the wrong colour or shade. Whilst many homes are now sticking to the classics, such as grey or charcoal, in the end, it still depends on many factors. These include the colour of your roof, the contents of your home and the preference of your target buyers. What’s more, paint colour can quickly go out of trend, which means unless you can sell your house fast, you may have to redo the process.


Maintaining a garden can increase your home’s value by as much as $15,000. Whilst it is an awesome increase, plants are not everybody’s strength. A complex garden can likewise do more harm than good. It makes maintenance more difficult and expensive. You can always hire a landscaper to help you, but be ready to spend a lot. An experienced professional may charge around $70 per hour.

Improving your home’s appeal means spending money, but the long-term benefits are worth every dollar. You can raise the selling price of your home if you made some improvements on it.

Urine and Lawns: A Complicated Dynamic

Dog in a lawnFertilizer contains urea, a compound that brings essential nitrogen to plants or the grasses of your lawn. Urea is also in human or animal pee. Can you then fertilize your lawn with your pee? The idea may seem silly, but the question is valid. Scientists, even your local lawn expert in Utah, will tell you both yes and no.

Damaging Concentrations

According to experts at Greenside Landscaping, urine contains nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, three elements needed for healthy lawns. Fertilizers have the same elements. Urine, however, has high concentrations of salt and nitrogen that can damage your lawn and cause dead or burned spots in the grass.

Dangerous Human and Dog Urine

Your own or your pet dog’s pee can damage your grass. Female dogs, which tend to squat while peeing, cause more damage than the males.

Dilute to Use as Fertilizer

You can use your urine, however, if you dilute it in water. Water can reduce the concentration of nitrogen and salt in the urine, enough to make it safe to use. You can collect urine in a watering can and mix one part urine with two parts water, and use the mixture to fertilize your lawn. In fact, some farmers already use this method to grow their crops.

Solutions for Your Dog

As for your dog, you can train him or her to urinate in one spot where you can grow urine-resistant ground covering such as clover ground cover. You can also shower the grass with water wherever your dog pees on the lawn. You can also have a lawn expert change your landscape to be dog-friendly.

Your lawn can now be free of burn spots because of urine. You now have a new source of fertilizer, too, although you can definitely choose to stay with commercial fertilizer.

Online Marketing…on a Budget?

Marketing PlanWhen you look at how good marketing strategies pay off, the easy assumption is you will need to spend too much to get the results you want. While this may be the case if you are looking at an advertising strategy that spans months or even years, one campaign will be manageable especially if you know how to budget your finances.

Turning to Experts

A small business might not need to hire a full in-house marketing team when they are just starting out. You can still have an effective strategy with the help of an SEO consultant. Hire someone locally, from anywhere in Salt Lake City, for faster communication and fewer problems when scheduling meetings. You can choose to have the consultant work off-site or have an office set up for them in your firm. The good thing about this is you get their full experience but will not have to pay for the benefits that a full-time employee is entitled to.

Looking for Well-Rounded Individuals

Even a big company will not necessarily have to hire a huge team for their SEO efforts. If you find a handful of people with the skills to match that of a bigger team, you’ll find collaboration to be easier. With face-to-face meetings and fewer people involved in the team, there will be fewer issues that arise from personal differences. There will also be fewer people to onboard.

Hiring Freelances

Certain parts of marketing can be outsourced to freelancers, and you’ll find their flexibility extremely useful especially if they are from a different timezone. For example, letting them keep your social media accounts running while you sleep will help your brand answer queries from worldwide clients faster. One-off projects, such as logo creation, can also be delegated to someone who can get the job done right in time for the start of your day.

Online marketing is not cheap, but it doesn’t have to be over the top either. All you have to do is look at your options.