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Here’s Why You Should Work Only with a Licensed HVAC Mechanic

HVAC technician hard at workYour home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system consists of many different complex parts. Each of these components has their functions, as well as service life. You have to have at least the basic knowledge of how long they usually last, and what you need to do when any of them finally breaks down.

Working with professional HVAC technicians in St. Louis, MO is just as important. It’s vital that you enlist only the services of licensed furnace and AC repair mechanics.

Why go licensed?

In Missouri, it is not a requirement to have an HVAC license. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just hire anyone offs the bat. The reason you want to work with a mechanic carrying a license is that you can feel at ease, knowing that the person handling the difficult task has undergone rigorous testing, and has acquired experience.

Having an HVAC license means passing tests and exhibiting that one has a complete understanding of these integral systems. As professionals value their reputation and strive hard to satisfy their clients’ needs, they want to prove their worth, and their license is solid evidence of that.

Delivering satisfaction by giving more than just the needed service

Another reason you’d want to seek the services of licensed HVAC professionals for repairs is that they have the trained eye to spot unidentified problems before they worsen. In other words, even if your initial request was to have the thermostat fixed, if the system has another failing part, then a reputable and dependable technician will notify you of this issue right away. This then gives you time to have it addressed there and then, helping you prevent further problems.

These are just some of the reasons you should go pro and licensed when choosing a furnace or AC mechanic, but they should be enough to make you recognize its importance.

Top Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

CUSTOMER LOYALTY ConceptWhether you own a clothes store or a local coffee shop, earning your customer’s loyalty is the bread and butter of your business. The backbone of any successful venture is made up of loyal customers. When customers spread the word about your business and brag about it, your marketing campaigns will only serve as an addition to the existing success.

So, how do you build brand advocates? Read on to get some ideas.

Consumer financing

According to a study, 42% of consumers look for retailers that offer credit. They usually ask for the following:

  • Flexible payment plans
  • A short and simple application process
  • Available credit when they need it (in the online shopping cart)
  • Clear and understandable terms and conditions

Providing credit to big purchases could increase customer loyalty. Remember that credit is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so as you look at the various retail consumer financing options available, go for one that can accommodate your customer’s varying needs.

Taking a Look in the Mirror

Why would a customer want to be your brand ambassador? Why should they stay loyal to your brand? In a marketplace where competition is so stiff, you need to give your customers enough reason to stay. What makes you stand out? Is it your stellar customer service or your superior product? Find this reason and improve on it.

Reward loyal customers

Repeat customers spend 33% more than new ones. To build brand loyalty, you must reward your loyal customers. You can reward them with discounts, gifts, and other loyalty programs. This may also attract potential customers.

When choosing your rewards, it’s important to understand your customers and the things that would add value to their lives. Consumer data, which you can gather through signups and newsletter subscription, could help you choose appropriate rewards for your loyal customers.

If you’re still wondering why consumer loyalty is important to the success of your business, always remember this: loyal consumers spread the word, tend to spend more, stick by your side, and come back often.

Work-Family Balance: Tips for Busy Working Parents

Parents playing with their childrenParents work for the benefit of their children, this is true, but many, unfortunately, tend to forget that kids require their parents’ attention too. Every time you arrive home from work, for instance, do you actually get to sit down, talk to your children, and spend time with them?

This is the predicament of most working parents. But it doesn’t have to be. You can find a fine balance between working and saving some time for your kids. Read on for some tips on how to manage a home and be a professional at the same time.

Create a routine.

Yes, you can be at work from 8 to 5, but from 6 onwards should be allocated for your family. You can prepare dinner for them, eat with them, and prepare the kids for bedtime.

Make the end of the week all about the family.

Weekends should be for resting and relaxing. And what better way to do both than with your most beloved people? Take them to a theme park such as Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach for some good old-fashioned fun in the water. What’s more, it will also be a good getaway for you just to relax and unwind while the kids have all the fun they can have.

Work with your partner.

Having a family takes two, so managing a household also requires at least two people. Talk to your spouse about your work schedule so he/she can arrange his/hers. Fixing your schedules so one of you can be with the kids is a good way to ensure that the children don’t go wanting for parental attention.

Don’t hesitate to delegate.

After all, you are only one person. Therefore, you cannot manage to do everything on your own. Hire a cleaner or a gardener to take care of other chores. This will give you time to spend with your children.

When your family is truly your priority, doing these things will be easy for you to do. Just remember that the kids require more of you and your time than anything money can buy.

What to Do in Case of a Road Accident

Man and woman on phone with car accident in the backgroundIt’s unfortunate when a road accident occurs, especially if it could have been prevented. Take the highway accident that killed two because one vehicle collided head-on with another vehicle going the wrong way. It’s still unclear whether any of the drivers were intoxicated at the time of the accident, but one thing’s for sure — one of them was not where they should have been.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it’s best to get a lawyer involved. You should also do the following:

Take Pictures of the Scene

Pictures are more reliable than your memory, especially because you might have been in shock because of the accident. The pictures can also serve as evidence and help an auto accident attorney with the investigation. Feldman & Lee PS noted that you could take them while you’re waiting for the Lynnwood police to arrive on the scene. Make sure not to touch anything so you won’t be accused of evidence tampering.

Give an Accurate and Detailed Testimony

You have the first-hand experience of the accident, so you are one of the few to know what actually happened. Give your testimony to the police while your memory is fresh, and be as detailed as you can. Remember though that your testimony will be used in the investigation of the case, so do not embellish details. If you cannot remember a particular detail but choose to describe it falsely, you might be accused of obstruction of justice.

Be Available

Whether you are the suspect or the victim, investigators should be able to contact you if they have some questions. Your initial testimony might need more details, or they might want to verify some information. Keep communication lines open and give them accurate contact details so the investigation can progress without a hitch. The sooner it is closed, the sooner everyone can go back to their normal life.

An investigation takes time, but it will take longer if you don’t cooperate. Do what you must, to help investigators get to the bottom of it all.

Discover What It’s Like to Live in Stapleton

community buildingIt is everybody’s dream to live a beautiful life. Especially once the kids start coming, you would naturally want an ideal neighborhood to raise great kids.

One of the most talked about suburbs as of late is Stapleton in Denver, Colorado. This elite, dynamic community offers an attractive premise. Wonder if it’s for you?

To discover if you are well suited for its kind of neighborhood, you can try out living there for a time before actually buying a property. TJC Real Estate & Management Services recommends it. Homes for rent in Stapleton are a dime a dozen. You have a pool of choices to match your home style.

A Vibrant Community to Thrive In

The biggest draw of Stapleton is its people. The eclectic mix of different family sizes, yuppies, and in-betweens that thrive here are positive and pleasant. Everybody’s encouraging everyone else to be their best self through community projects and movements.

Apartment living could either be temporary or permanent, depending on your preference and your budget. It could be your stepping stone to get a feel of what living in this particular suburb is like.

You could make it a lifestyle change, at least for the moment that your bank account is not ready for property acquisition just yet.

A Fast-Rising Suburb

Stapleton has made an ambitious change in recent years when major residential developments engulfed the area. It encouraged an international community designed to bring people together. For that, it gained a good following, and property buyers came storming the area.

Afterwards, parks and commercial centers were also developed, providing the growing neighborhood an opportunity to have a good time without having to go too far from home. And so, its allures as a wonderful community grew.

Why You Should File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

debt text on calculator and magnifierIf you are going through a difficult time and you have overflowing debt and other unpaid fees, you might be considering filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is the most preferred option for many.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City can help you understand the situation and the actions you can take.

Causes of Bankruptcy

Are you currently on a job hunt, going through a tough divorce, or looking at a long list of medical expenses? These problems can make you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. On the other hand, businesses that wish to file for bankruptcy must choose a different type, such as Chapter 11.

Filing For Chapter 7: What to Expect

The time it takes to complete filing process is three months to half a year, which is considerately a short amount of time. Once you decide to file, you will be on “automatic stay”, which stops people from collecting money for your debts. However, there are two types of debt that you will have to sort out with your lawyer. These are dischargeable and non-dischargeable debts.

Dischargeable debts include credit and medical bills, which can be removed and lift the weight of some debt off your shoulders. Non-dischargeable debts include child support, student loans, etc. These debts may not be lifted, but if most of your debts were from dischargeable debts that were lifted, you may be able to pay off your non-dischargeable debt. Chapter 7 is a good option for those who have a low salary with little assets available.

If you find that your dues are now too much for you to handle, getting help from an experienced attorney is a wise move. A lawyer can guide you through the difficult times and provide the information and legal help you need.

3 Things You Can Expect From Siloso Beach Party 2018 Countdown

Woman thinking about the Siloso beach party for 2018For its 11th year, Singapore’s famous New Year’s countdown on the beach is set to return to the sandy shores of Siloso Beach on December 31, 2017, from 6 PM to 6 AM! Gear up for 12 hours of non-stop music, party and exhilarating fun as the world bids farewell to 2017 and welcomes the year 2018.

But in case this is your first time to join this iconic Singapore countdown beach party, here are some of the things you can expect:

Music from Buzzing Local and International DJs

Headlining the biggest beach party of the year is the Dutch duo Bassjackers. Known as one of EDM’s most prized assets, the duo is expected to take this party to the next level. Joining them is DJ Jenni-F from Malaysia and local legends such as DJ Ollie ‘Des, DJ Jensen, DJ Kaylova, DJ Caden, MC Rauzan, Mr Boo, and the winner of 2017 DJ Spin Off, DJ The Kendrick. With this amazing line-up, Siloso Beach Party is a celebration you shouldn’t miss.

Signature Giant Foam Pool

Siloso Beach Party isn’t complete without its signature giant foam pool. To fully enjoy this foam pool, make sure to wear the right outfit—well, you can never go wrong with a tank top and shorts combo. But, for girls, wear your most stylish bikini under your casual garb and go for convenient yet chic flip-flops, as well as simple accessories which are perfect for the festival. This way, you can party all night, in style and comfort!

Massive Fireworks Display

At the stroke of midnight, the DJs will continue to spin and pump out the best of party music as the sky is filled with a grand fireworks display. This year, there will be 6,000 shots of fireworks, so prepare to be amazed and thrilled as you welcome 2018.

Over 10,000 people are expected to join this countdown party. So, hurry, save the date and get your tickets, today, to vibrantly ring in the New Year!

4 Ways to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Exterior Walls

Exterior walls being paintedMost homeowners believe that it’s the inside (of the house) that counts. A lacklustre exterior, however, can make such a bad impression on your guests that no amount of interior décor will fix. It makes sense to devote a bit of attention to the exterior appearance of your home, too. A good place to start is the outer walls. Use these creative ideas to make them fabulous:

Invest in weatherboard

More homeowners are becoming increasingly attracted to weatherboard cladding, and for a good reason. Weatherboard profiles offer many benefits that it’s impossible to ever regret investing in them. These make any house incredibly elegant. As weatherboard cladding is highly resistant to harsh weather, your walls stay neat and appealing for ages.

Consider wall art

Who says that wall art should be confined to the indoors? A single piece of art can give character to your outer wall like few other things can. You need not go for something expensive. You could piece together a few pieces of colourful wood, frame them nicely, and nail them to a strategic part of the wall. Of course, the art will need to complement the appearance of the wall.

Use some spray paint

Spray paint is popular among homeowners because it’s something you can do easily by yourself. All you need is a canvas, several colours of spray paint, a painter’s tape, a string, and a chevron stencil. Decide what decorations you’d like on the wall and go ahead with the task. If you cannot seem to get ideas on your own, you could get inspiration from magazines or decor websites.

Plant some vertical gardens

Nothing makes a wall look more at one with nature than succulent gardens on your outer walls. They are incredibly easy to create and maintain. In fact, they require about the same care as your ordinary planters. During extreme weather conditions, you can always take them down.

Don’t let your obsession with the appearance of your indoor space make you miss out on the chance to make a great impression using your home’s exterior. By adding just a few inexpensive decorative features on your wall, you can greatly add to your home’s curb appeal.

Modern tooth replacement

A Dental ImplantLosing a tooth in the past meant major problems for the rest of the natural teeth in a person’s smile. If someone loses a tooth today the same problems can affect them if they don’t seek tooth replacement in time.

The jawbone needs stimulation to remain strong and hold its shape. This stimulation usually comes from clinking together of the teeth through the day, which is felt by the jawbone through the roots of the teeth. When a tooth is lost this stimulation stops, telling the jawbone that it is no longer needed and causing it to degenerate. This is what can cause neighbouring teeth to become unstable. At dental clinics like Dental Implants Hampshire in Hampshire, dental implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth permanently and protect the jawbone from degeneration.

How dental implants work

Implants integrate with the patient’s jawbone and behave like artificial tooth roots. Before the patient has implants placed they need to undergo a consultation to see if they are a suitable candidate for the surgery.

In Hampshire, dental implants are planned using x-rays, photos, measurements and models of the patient’s teeth. In some cases, a CT scan of the patient’s jaw will need to be taken to accurately plan the insertion point and angle of the implant screw.

When the treatment plan has been drawn up the dentist will perform the surgery. A small hole is created in the patient’s jawbone where the implant screw will be inserted. For the implant to integrate successfully, the jawbone and screw need as much contact as possible.

The advantages of dental implants

Investing in dental implant treatment, which takes anywhere between 10 to 12 weeks, can have long-lasting benefits. Dental implants in Hampshire can in fact last a lifetime, provided that the implants are looked after well enough.

If the patient has lost a single tooth then a custom-made crown can be made to fit in seamlessly with the remaining teeth.

If the patient needs more than one tooth replaced, they can opt for a dental bridge. Implants can even be used to secure a patient’s existing dentures.

As implants help the remaining teeth stay stable and healthy, they are the preferred method of tooth replacement by dentists today.

Switching to New Vehicles Still Better for the Environment

Car Scrappage yardCars and other vehicles contribute greatly to the CO2 released into the environment. CO2 and other greenhouse gases are major culprits behind climate change and the degradation of the Ozone layer, resulting in an increased frequency of extreme weather events, including storms, floods and prolonged droughts.

To reduce the amount of CO2 emitted each year, it is recommended to scrap your old, existing vehicles, replacing it with a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle. A visit to a local car scrapping service will help you recover some of those costs so that you can have a bit of extra money before you purchase a new car.

The Benefits of Car Scrappage

Car scrapping is beneficial for the environment as it greatly reduces the amount of CO2 that motorists produce each year. Though the scrapping process and the manufacture of new cars do produce emissions as well, statistics show that new cars still produce less CO2 than older models.

One study in 2009 compared over 77,000 scrapped vehicles. Cars over 13 years old on average produce around 179g/km of CO2. In comparison, newer vehicles average at 134g/km. Over time, this can reduce CO2 emissions in the UK by as much as 25%.

UK car buyers are also looking for smaller, more fuel-efficient models in an effort to reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

Lowest CO2 Emissions in Years

The scrap-page scheme is actually having a positive effect on the environment. As of March 2017, carbon emissions in the country had fallen to 1894 levels – the year where the petrol-powered car was first patented.

This year, the CO2 released into the atmosphere totalled 381 million tonnes. Back in 1894, the CO2 produced totalled at 382 million tonnes. This is a massive decrease compared to CO2 levels compared to the 70s when emissions reached an all-time high of 685 million tonnes.

Despite these advancements, the UK still has a long way to go to reduce greenhouse emissions. Switching to more environmentally friendly cars, however, is proving to be useful.