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Types of Finishes for Steel Strapping

steel strapSteel strapping has been a favourite bundling material for ages. These straps have low elongation and very high tensile strength, making them ideal for bulky products. Steel straps are also UV resistant, making them suitable for outdoor storage.

One of the concerns of most people in using steel straps is their risk of corrosion and premature wear. But manufacturers have come up with various finishes for steel strapping systems to counter rust and premature wear. Here are some of the finishes available for steel straps.

Pro Zinc-Silver Finish

This is the ideal finish where superior anti-corrosion is required. Pro zinc-silver finishing undergoes a waxing to ensure your strapping tools do not get clogged up with the product. The finish does not impact your strapping’s tensile strength, and pro zinc silver-finished steel straps can be used for high tensile applications. Pro zinc-silver finished straps can also be used for products that are stored outdoors for a long time.

Blued and Waxed Finish

This finish is achieved using a heat process that burns off all foreign material from the steel strap, protecting your straps from rust. The resultant finish is bluish-black, which is then waxed to hold in place. Though economical, a blued and waxed finish offers minimal rust protection and is ideal for areas with minimum rust risk.

Painted and Waxed Finish

Rather than rust protection, a painted and waxed finish primarily protects your strap from premature wear. A rigid baked-on paint is applied on both sides of your strapping then sealed with a wax covering. The standard paint colour for steel straps is black though other colours are available on special order.

From these finishing options, you can be assured of your strap’s superior performance. The ideal finish for your straps primarily depends on your storage, environmental conditions and shipping. There is nothing stopping you from investing in durable, high-quality steel straps.

Why Australian Exporters Need to Invest More in Product Strapping

Fruits and vegetablesAccording to X-Pak, poly-woven strapping and other cargo-securing products will be more necessary for Australian fruit exporters, as the country expands its overseas destinations for shipments.

For instance, the government recently struck a trade deal with Japan for the export of Hass avocados. A report also showed that there is a potential to add six tropical fruits into the current mix of exported products.

New Trade Deal

The export agreement with Japan includes a condition for local exporters that have no problems with the Queensland fruit fly, according to Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud. These companies would not be required to treat their avocados before shipping them to Japan.

Avocado growers in Western Australia would particularly benefit from the trade deal. About 21 per cent of farms nationwide are in the state. The value of export shipments of avocados would also increase due to growing demand from other countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The growth momentum may be sustainable if they successfully add six tropical fruit products to the roster of exported produce.

Tropical Shipments

Bananas, limes, lychees, papaya, passion fruit and persimmons comprise the six tropical fruits that can spur new opportunities for the export market, according to the Australian Tropical Fruit Export Strategies 2023 report.

This would be contingent on companies’ storage and handling of perishable items, especially for papayas due to the highly perishable state. Efficient strapping solutions could be a solution for this, whether or not products are prone to spoilage.

On the other hand, businesses could market bananas as a high-end export thanks to Australia’s best practices on sustainable production, which then provides a unique colour and taste.

Export shipments need to be secure to prevent damaged products. This also helps the country in maintaining its reputation as an excellent source of fresh produce.

Advantages of lawn fertilization

Lawn being trimmedSeeing green lawns always brings that aesthetic appeal. It is serene. It is relaxing. Especially by mid-April when spring arrives, after a long cold and gloomy winter, the lilac blossoms emerge with new grass.

Nature follows the seasons, but turfgrass still needs proper management and maintenance to stay healthy. Grass weakens and eventually dies if undernourished, after all. That is why lawn fertilization is important. In Salt Lake City, lawn fertilization is a constant in nearly every residential community one can find because of its various benefits. These include:

Increases property values

Lawns are an asset to homes as they increase property values. Research has found that home market values increase to as much as 15% if a home has a well-maintained lawn. They serve as an environmental add-on to homes of all types.

Conditions the air

Lawns possess a cooling capacity that is typical of an air conditioner. This is true for urban and suburban homes where heat produced by buildings, cars, and people (i.e., urban heat island) adds to the natural heat from the sun.

Cleans the air from pollutants

Lawns clean the air from dust particles and other air pollutants. Healthy turf can generate enough oxygen that can improve air quality. Serving as a natural filter for the environment, air contaminants, and even noise, are reduced.

Reduces water runoff and controls erosion

Lawns can reduce water runoff during heavy rains and also provide excellent soil erosion control. By improving recharge as well as quality protection of groundwater, flooding is minimized.

Provides a safer place to play and socialize

Lawns provide a safe place for children to play, giving that soft cushion, and a blanket for family and other social activities. Lawns enhance the quality of life by contributing to social and communal harmony.

Well-kept lawns are an advantage to any property owner. To make sure it stays healthy, the services of a professional are needed.

A Life Without an Air Conditioner: Learning the Repercussions

an air conditionerAn air conditioner is something that you may want to have in your home if you want to live comfortably. Its known function is to stabilize the temperature inside the home. But it fulfills a much more important function: it maintains the space’s humidity at conducive levels. Therefore, it helps in improving the quality of air at your home, thus making it more livable.

When your air conditioner breaks, you can only assume that a string of repercussions will follow. This is why you need to address the problem right away by seeking a reliable air conditioning repair expert in Salt Lake City. Whipple Service Champions lists some of the repercussions of not having an air conditioner:

It is hot

Suffice to say, the absence of an air conditioner will lead to a much hotter space. Heat means uncomfortable or tossing and turning in bed. You may have an electric fan, but an air conditioner is much better, especially during dog days.

Allergens thrive

When the humidity is present in the air, your space easily invites pests. Humidity turns your home into a nest of different allergens, which obviously have a negative effect on your family. These include black molds, bugs, and mildew. If you suspect that there is already an infestation, it will be necessary to seek the help of an inspector.

Foundations crumble

You may not notice it, but humidity can also cause damage to your home. Too much moisture in the air can cause wood to rot. Rotting of wood can result in the weakening of your home’s wooden components and parts, such as the foundations and the ceilings.

A life without an air conditioner may sound exaggerated for some. But if you come think of it, an air-conditioner is something that you can treat as an investment, which turns your home into a place of comfort.

3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Colored Hair

a woman with coloured hair

Almost everyone in the beauty industry is aware of how hair dyes and permanent hair colour can damage the hair. It can dry even the healthiest hair, which is why you would have to take proper measures to take care of it if you ever decide to get your hair coloured.

Some of the best hairdressers in Tauranga share some tips for keeping your coloured hair shiny and vibrant.

Use warm water in the shower

If you are a fan of warm showers, then you are in luck, as this can help your hair colour stay on your hair longer. Avoid using hot water, as this can take the hair dye’s pigment off your hair, making it look dull and lifeless over time.

Use warm water to wet your hair, and then rinse it with cold water. The warm water will help the shampoo sink into your hair cuticles, while the cold water can help in sealing the moisture from your conditioner into your hair.

Avoid washing your hair every day

Some people love washing their hair every single day, but this can actually strip off the natural oils that your hair is producing. Also, when you wash your hair every day, the colour tends to wash off with the shampoo, conditioner, and water, leaving you with faded colour.

Consider washing your hair just two to three times a week or every other day to prevent it from drying out. You can use a dry shampoo if you feel like your hair is dirty and you want to cleanse it right away.

Steer clear of hot tools

If you can, stay away from hot tools such as curling irons, hair straighteners, and hot blowers. If you really need one, then consider using a heat protectant serum to protect your hair from the heat. This can help with keeping the moisture locked into your hair while preventing the hot tools from drying it out.

Always listen to your hairstylist’s aftercare tips when having your hair done and coloured. Your hair is your crowning glory, which means that you definitely have to take good care of it.

3 Tips to Make Your Lawn Look Impressive

Lawn mower cutting grassCurb appeal plays a crucial role in the value and the look of your home. It may seem like just another vanity project, but it is important in maintaining high property value.

The lawn is usually the first thing people see when they look at a house so it can affect how visitors think of you. These are four tips that can help you make your lawn look spectacular:

1. Build aluminum gates

If you watch enough movies about rich people, you will notice that they like using metal as the material for their gates. This is because metal looks amazing and are durable. This means that your lawn can have the benefit of great looking gates for as long as ten years.

The best material for the gate is probably aluminum as it is strong and does not rust. Look for suppliers of aluminum estate gates for a spectacular lawn.

2. Water your lawn every few weeks

You do not want the grass in your lawn to look unhealthy and brown. To do this, make sure that you water the lawn every few weeks. It would be even smart to install sprinklers so that the whole thing will be automated. Just do not overdo on the water as you also do not want the soil to look too moist.

3. Cut grass once a month

Tall grass does not look attractive in a lawn or yard. This is why you have to run the lawn mower through the entire lawn at least once a month.

A lawn that looks great enhances the quality of life of the people living in it. It also improves neighborhood pride and social harmony, which results in a respected stature in the community.

Three Tips For Promoting Your Gym

GymStarting a gym is a lucrative business idea, as more and more people are leaning towards the healthy lifestyle. There are some investments you need to make for you to earn big in the long run. These include equipment, personnel, and of course marketing.

Investing in the marketing aspect of your gym can help grow your business. Often, some gym and fitness centres are quite clueless on how to promote their business. They may even think that this side of the business is expensive.

If you are looking for some tips on how to do it right, here are some of the pointers to keep in mind, as approved by a reliable fitness marketing agency.

Work with influencers

If you want to target young people who are looking for fitspiration, you will need to work with influencers. Your influencers, of course, should be fitness enthusiasts to make your marketing campaign credible. This is a much cheaper way to market your gym compared to getting local celebrity endorsers.

Build an app or website

Your target audiences are online, so you need to reach them in various ways. Other than a social media page, you may need to build an app. Make it useful by adding some functions, such as heart rate recorder, steps tracker, and exercise scheduling. A website is also useful for sharing fitness information (through your blog)

Go free

Brand activations are a nice way to make your brand much more known. For one, you can set an “Open Gym” where people can work out for free. If they sign-up, they may get the free services of a fitness trainer for a month.

Marketing your gym should not be a difficult task. You have to keep it simple for your messaging to work. Partner with a reliable creative and digital marketing agency to make your plans happen.

Properly Maintain Your House in 3 Practical Ways

Interior of a modern living roomMany people can’t help but admire the beautiful homes featured on TV shows and in magazines. What they probably don’t realize, however, is that it takes more than just great architectural and interior designs for a home to be beautiful. It also involves proper maintenance.

Here are three useful tips for properly taking care of a house.

Conduct inspections regularly

First, thoroughly inspect your house on a regular basis. By doing this, you’ll be able to spot concerns that need to be addressed. You’ll find out, for instance, if the attic walls need to be repainted or if a step in your wooden spiral staircase needs to be replaced. Additionally, regular inspections will help you detect more serious problems like mold and termite infestation, which can both compromise your house’s structural integrity.

Solve problems immediately

Second, once you detect them, address any problems in your house immediately. Letting them fester not only will inconvenience you, but may also damage something in your house. A leaky pipe, for example, may result in water damage that can cause problems for your hardwood floors. If you can’t solve problems by yourself, though, you should hire professional water damage services in Salt Lake City to get the job done.

Clean the house frequently

Lastly, you should, of course, frequently clean your house. No matter how beautiful, your home won’t be appealing if it’s not neat and tidy. Aside from ruining your house’s appeal, however, elements like dirt, dust, grime, and gunk can cause some damage to your home as well. Grime, for one, may discolor wooden surfaces in your house if left unchecked for a long time, while dust can mess up your electronic gadgets and appliances.

So help your home stay beautiful and in good condition by properly maintaining it through regular inspections, quick problem resolution, and frequent cleaning.

4 of the Best Things You Can Do in Cavite to Pass the Time

Imus CathedralBuying a property in Cavite is one of the best decisions you have made, especially in places like Lancaster New City, which is an excellent location primarily if you’re working in Manila. In fact, most Lancaster reviews from websites such as Cavite Properties will tell you why.

People typically review the south as a place where they can rest and even raise their family. Although most people see the south as a laid-back place, there are still a couple of things that you can do to spend your weekend.

So, here are a few ideas you can do while you’re in Cavite.

Taal Volcano

You can visit Tagaytay and take a view of the infamous Taal Volcano.  You can see its scenic landscape together with the lake. You can even either trek the volcano or visit the lake by boat.

Malibiclibic Falls

Malibiclibic Falls is one of Cavite’s hidden treasure. The only way to reach the falls is by trekking together with a barangay official. According to visitors, the pool is around 30 meters in depth, so it’s always best to enjoy the water with someone who knows how to swim.

It’s advisable to go to the Malibiclibic Falls during summer as it may be challenging to trek downhill, especially during the rainy season.

Imus Cathedral

Imus Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and is the seat of the bishop of the Diocese of Imus. The city usually celebrates their fiesta within the cathedral’s grounds during October and holds a traditional dance parade called the Karakol. You can visit the cathedral in Imus, Cavite.

Monument of the 13 Martyrs

The Monument of the 13 Martyrs is to honor the few brave “katipuneroswho bravely fought and suffered execution during the Spanish era. You can see the monument as you pass by the Governor’s Drive.

These are just a few things that you may want to visit when you go to Cavite. The south is the perfect place for people to live in, especially if they’re going to have access to both the urban and rural style of living.

What are the Home Design Trends in Australia for 2018?

architect creating architectural plan and designThe use of natural materials such as concrete will be among the trends for residential architecture design in Australia for this year.

Landscapers and homebuilders in New South Wales or other regions that need concrete surface retarders should start looking for suppliers, preferably those that deliver directly to the construction site.

Concrete Design

Many homeowners have shifted to a natural design for their houses due to their growing awareness on sustainability. Aside from concrete, other choices for exterior cladding include exposed handmade bricks, rammed earth and timber.

These designs not only promote eco-friendly designs but also provide homeowners with a unique and different appearance for their property. For instance, rammed earth and timber exudes a classic weathered look.

Other Trends

Minimalism and smart designs that maximise space to conserve resources will also take centre stage for home design this year. Some houses have already used curvy facades to make the most out of small areas.

Depending on a person’s preferences, certain houses adopt the shapes of indigenous architectural designs such as igloos. Aboveground pools are also becoming more popular particularly for homes Melbourne, where people deal with a limited swimming season.

Population Growth

An increasing population serves as another reason behind the emergence of new architectural styles, apart from a need to build more houses. In March, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that building consents increased by 14.5 percent year over year.

The March approvals for detached houses and apartments also indicate that home construction will keep on rising in the near future, according to Shane Garrett, Housing Industry Association senior economist.


Whether you are a landscaper or a homebuilder, it makes senses to keep updated on recent design trends to remain relevant to your target market. How do you execute a client’s preferred architectural style?