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You Just Opened a Salon? Here is How You Successfully Grow It

Stylist in hair salonSo you just started a salon business? Now is the best time to do so since this industry is growing. It has made a significant comeback since the recession, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

If you’re now operating one, then you must know the things that go with owning a salon. To recap, learn about the three phases of a salon business to give you a solid foundation.

Operating the business

The first thing you have to know for a solid foundation about business is knowing how to operate one properly. You have to turn the ideas that you have into concrete plans.

Consider these questions in making your business plan:

  • What is my estimated budget for the operations of a salon?
  • What are the non-negotiable costs?
  • Is my location ideal?
  • Am I targeting the right customers?
  • Is my staff complete or should I hire more?

Answering these necessary questions and consulting a business mentor about your operations will serve as your roadmap. It will also be a definite way to guide your business to success.

Keeping the salon open

Now that you’ve been operating smoothly, it is time to materialize the plan to keep it going and open.

Here are the important things you have to consider:

  • Be sure that you will make it a comfortable place that they would want to visit.
  • Render them excellent service. Keep them coming back with their great overall experience.
  • Save money for marketing. Set marketing plans to attract more clients and become successful.

Growing your business

You have made your salon business a success. Then it is the right time for expansion. The good news is that a salon business loan is available and you can apply. This can aid you in furthering your business ventures, such as opening up a second branch or having a major renovation.

Don’t hesitate on this investment because beginning a second location is a great opportunity to grow your business even more.

Now that you know how to run your salon business, get ready to start doing them. Make sure you operate your salon properly, keep it open, and seek ways further grow it. Now success is now within your reach.

Eating Outside: Creating an Ideal Environment

outdoor diningThere is nothing left to do but enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is nice and warm. Visiting the beach, having a picnic at the park, or canoeing in a lake are some of the common ways to make the most of the good weather. If you want to enjoy the sunshine and open air in the comfort of your own property, outdoor or al fresco dining is one great way to do it.

Dealing with the Drawbacks to Outdoor Dining

The main problem with dining outdoors, of course, is the risk of getting burnt with too much sunshine. While it is advisable that you, your family, or guests should wear sunscreen, it is also important to create the right environment that can make the al fresco dining experience a pleasurable one. This means having a shade that can offer adequate protection from the sun. There are different ways to do this:

  • An outdoor/café table with a shade or an umbrella
  • Picnic benches with shade
  • Stylish patio umbrellas
  • Awnings/retractable awnings

Creating a Shady Environment with Retractable Awnings

Liberty Home Products explains that retractable awnings offer a practical and stylish way to create a shady environment in your garden or any outdoor space. The good news is you can choose awnings made with durable and high-quality fabrics that offer superior UV protection. Your choice of shade or awning can also complete your outdoor living area and make it inviting for friends and family members.

Increase the Amount of Time You Spend Outdoors

With the right shade, you can extend the length of time you and your family members are able to stay outdoors. Then, you can further add lighting, decors, and other accessories that can help everyone be comfortable outside regardless of the weather or time of the day. You can even choose retractable awnings with motion sensors or other technologies to make the most of your shade.

Host an unforgettable al fresco dining with stylish umbrellas and awnings. Contact an awning provider today and create a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor space for you and your family.

Moving Out: What are the Things You Need to Know

Independent young adult living happilyMoving out of your parents’ house is a big step towards a greater responsibility. The feeling of independence is exciting but it can be overwhelming too. That’s why it’s important to gear up before making this big leap in your life. Fortunately, there are certain ways you can make your transition easier.

Find the Right Place

When choosing the right place to live in, you have a lot of options. Your choices may include the type of place you’ll get and the location you want to live in. All of these depend on your budget and lifestyle.

For most young professionals, they prefer living in or near the city. There are new apartments in South Brisbane that are strategically located in the centre of the city’s most liveable suburb.

Such units are close to business hubs and provide them greater accessibility to establishments, like restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and banks. This minimises the inconvenience and expenses in moving around, running errands and going to offices.

Organise Your Finances

In some Australian families, parents choose to support kids financially even after they move out. For some, leaving home would mean leaving the financial security of their parents. Whichever situation you’re in, it’s important to have your finances organised.

You should know your expenses for the week to help you budget your money. Saving even a small amount regularly can contribute in case there are untoward incidents like loss of a job or sudden expenses that you need to pay.

Take note of these basic expenses you’ll face as part of independence: everyday meals, rental fees, bills for electricity, phone, cable TV, and the Internet. You should be able to pay these on time to keep your credit rating healthy.

Learn Basic Chores

Moving out means you’ll live on your own. This is your time to take the responsibilities of doing house chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and washing the dishes. Before moving, make sure you know these basics chores.

Learning a recipe or two will also be helpful once you’re living in your own place. This will restrain you from buying food from a restaurant and prevent your finances to drain fast. It will also be helpful to know how to prepare at least your favourite dish.

Moving out of your parents’ house can be overwhelming. But taking these factors into consideration can make your big move a little more bearable.

Protection against the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays is Crucial

woman walking on a sunny dayIn the summer, when temperatures are warming up, your family will want to enjoy and have fun in the sun. Whether you plan to stay or go for a vacation on a beach, you should beware of dangers posed by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

It’s crucial to remember that the sun’s UV rays are at their peak during the summer. Don’t worry; there are tips that can help protect your family against the sun’s harmful rays. Window tinting is just one of the ways for you to take precautions.

Tint Windows

Window tinting services at Palmerston North offers a range of benefits from UV protection. The advantages range from safety to energy savings.

Hiring a professional tinting service can come with plenty of pros, as well. All these benefits will be possible without negatively impacting your home’s interior or exterior appearance.

In fact, tinting provides a form of decorative enhancement that can boost your home’s appearance for the better besides keeping your family safe from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Plan Your Day around the Sun

The sun peaks around midday, which is the riskiest time for exposure. Have your kids play indoors or under a shade during these periods.

You can take walks or allow kids to play outside during the morning and evening hours. There are many resources online that can be useful in showing you the UV index of your local area.

Apply Mineral Sunscreen

Sunscreen is necessary when you are to stay out in the sun. Applying it, however, doesn’t mean you have a prolonged time when exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

Sunscreen helps reduce exposure and protect you from sunburn. Prolonged exposure might still be harmful. Make sure that your family applies sunscreen to all exposed areas at least once every two hours after swimming.

While exposure to sunlight can be enjoyable, too much of it can be dangerous. Make an effort to protect your family, especially children from harmful UV rays to avoid serious health conditions. If you don’t take precaution, the burns could appear on your skin in less than 15 minutes of exposure. These tips will help protect them against harmful UV rays.

Common Drain Issues and Cost of Repair

Pipe being fixed with wrenchA house’s plumbing system is one of the most overly used parts of the home. If not maintained regularly, the network of pipes and tubes could face severe blockage and fail. Homeowners prepare for these major repairs, but sometimes the extent of the damage can be serious.

Cost of Unblocking Drains

Simple drain unblocking tasks are often inexpensive because most households would go the DIY route. It would perhaps require only a plunger or at least $20 for a bottle of unblocking solution. In general though, a plumber is paid an hourly rate of at least $45. In some upscale locations, a plumber’s hourly rate could go as high as $150/hour. Moreover, the severity of the blockage would increase the cost of a service. Complex drain blockage solutions like clearing the main lines are typically more expensive than simple unblocking jobs.

Common Drain Blockages at Home

Sink or Bathtub Drain

This type of blockage is caused by food debris, grease, hair, and soap and detergent residue. If sink and tub drains are not cleared regularly, the buildup of residue and food debris would obstruct the lines, and trap water and cause backflow. You could expect to pay up to $214 even for simple drain clearing tasks because plumbers normally charge based on the type of service and not on the amount of work exerted.


Avoid flushing napkins, toilet paper and other large objects down the toilet or you would be dealing with toilet blockage soon. Unlike the sink and the tub, clearing the toilet is an unpleasant experience. You would need gloves and a snake tool to unclog it, or pay the plumber between $110 and $273 to clear the blockage.

Main Line

Although you would find an industrial snake rental for just $30, you should only attempt to fix a main line problem when you know exactly how this is done. Otherwise, you should consider professional plumbing services. This type of service could cost up to $800.

Drains must be cleared as often as possible to avoid severe blockage. Severe blockages may need professional servicing because they are complex tasks requiring special tools. You shouldn’t ignore it until it’s too late.

The Different Types of Spousal Support in New Mexico

Woman removing her wedding ringSpousal support or alimony is basically financial support provided by one spouse to the other spouse following their divorce or separation. Generally speaking, the court orders alimony a spouse so that he or she could cope with daily necessities and living expenses.

The main goal of spousal support is to help make certain that both ex-spouses could continue living the same lifestyle they’re accustomed to when they were married and living together.

Spousal Support Types

In New Mexico, there are different kinds of spousal support that a court could order:

– Rehabilitative spousal support enables a dependent spouse to get the necessary training, education, and/or work experience in order that he or she could in time become self-supporting, explains a top divorce lawyer in Albuquerque. Depending on specific circumstances, the court might include a rehabilitation plan that a receiving spouse must follow in order to continue receiving spousal support.

– Spousal support payments for an unspecified amount of time.

– Transitional spousal support is used for supplementing the income of the receiving spouse.

– Single lump sum spousal support payments could be paid in one or several installments and ends upon the death of the dependent spouse.

– Single lump sum payments to be paid in one or several installments that could go on indefinitely. This means that even if the dependent spouse dies, payments should still be paid to the estate of the deceased spouse.

In the event that the court doesn’t specify an end date, payments must continue indefinitely. However, either spouse could request the court for a modification of the spousal support amount according to “change in circumstances”. For example, when the supporting spouse gets laid off of work, or when the receiving spouse becomes capable of supporting her or himself.

Other Important Things to Note

If the supporting spouse is delinquent in sending spousal support payments, the dependent spouse has all the right to request for wage garnishment. When this happens, the alimony payments could be withdrawn directly from the income of the supporting spouse. In addition, late payments might likewise accumulate interest until the supporting spouse becomes current on the payment.

That being said, if you have any issues with spousal support payments, whether you’re the receiving or supporting spouse, discuss your case with an experienced divorce attorney.

Why Healthcare Franchises Are Perfect For Military Veterans

Military veterans smilingMilitary veterans are particularly successful at managing franchise businesses because of their disciplined behavior and adherence to strict protocol, which is somewhat similar to following a franchisor’s guidelines.

It’s not surprising then that veterans own one out of seven franchises in the U.S., including franchises in the healthcare industry. It’s even one of the more common types of franchises they take as they are most likely familiar with how the system works for those who require medical care.

Home Care Opportunities

Senior Helpers’ homecare franchise opportunities are just some of the best options for running a healthcare business, especially since Americans spend a significant portion of their money on medical expenses.

Healthcare spending in 2016 reached $3.3 trillion, or nearly $10,350 per person. This figure placed the country as the top spender for medical services in the world. Critical illness accounts for 50% of expenses with $104,515 of per-capita spending. It would take a while to crunch these numbers and find out how much you can earn from a specific market, but it is apparent that a healthcare franchise is a promising venture.

Franchisee Qualifications

Veterans are perfect candidates for franchisees not only because of their ability to follow a routine, but also due to their leadership skills. Any kind of business requires someone who can effectively manage a team, after all.

However, the real advantage of owning a franchise involves different incentives for them. Many franchisors offer a 10% discount on their franchising fees as a way of helping veterans in adjusting to civilian life. The government also has several programs designed to assist them in buying a franchise.

Veterans should consider a franchise as a good source of income. It also helps them to get back on their feet, while still applying the skills they learned in the military to the business world.

ACA Helps Many People Gain Access to Quality Healthcare

old lady with quality healthcareThe Affordable Care Act was passed to bring cheaper healthcare and insurance to poor families. As this has opened doors to care for marginalized people, clinics have become full to overflowing. While this is affecting the workload of many doctors, hospitals are taking the necessary actions to keep their staff from being overworked.

The Affordable Care Act assistance or ACA was intended to provide access to medical care for the unemployed and low wage earners who would have otherwise been prevented from seeking care through high insurance premiums. The act has worked as intended for most people, leading to a surge of patients coming through hospital doors. Many patients have been given the treatment they need to feel better.

The only problem is that hospitals are getting crowded and there are risks of a shortage of physicians, not to mention the amount of paperwork they need to deal with. But healthcare facilities are doing what it takes to avoid being understaffed, so they can keep providing quality service to patients.

Customized Solutions for Hospitals

Revenue cycle management services can reduce paperwork and give the doctors more time to spend with their patients. The computerized system follows patients through, from their initial inquiry to the completed payment of their bill.

Services to assist doctors and patients include help to access the insurance marketplace, help with ACA application, charity applications, emergency Medicaid, and computerized self-pay options to allow patients to pay deductibles online or in an instalment basis. This reduces the time spent chasing up payments, increases the likelihood of reimbursement, and lets the doctors concentrate on their patients.

Excessive paperwork and insurance problems can affect the patients’ safety, particularly with the increasing number of patients visiting their doctors. Revenue cycle management and charity applications can ease this burden.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Equipment in Good Shape

kitchen equipment in a professional kitchenYour commercial kitchen is a totally different world compared to what’s beyond its walls. It’s your own realm where you cook the best recipes your customers love. And your kitchen equipment plays a big role here. explains that the minerals in the water you use can build up and damage your kitchen equipment. Dirt and dust can block air filters and make your equipment overheat. These things can be dangerous, as chefs work and move around your kitchen. Here are five kitchen equipment maintenance tips to ensure that everything’s in good condition at all times.

1. Keep Refrigerator Units Clean and Dry​

Always check your gaskets, coils, air filters, and drain pans and make sure they’re cleaned regularly. If these parts develop build up, it can affect the cooling abilities of your refrigerator and everything inside it.

2. Monitor Equipment for Gas Leaks or Electrical Damage

Fryers, ovens, stoves, and grills must always be cleaned and monitored for any damage to their gas hose or electrical wiring. Neglecting regular maintenance on this equipment can be dangerous to anyone working near it.

3. Keep OEM Manuals Handy

These manuals should be easily accessible should your equipment break down or get damaged. Keep manuals in a secure place near the specified equipment and where any employee can reach it.

4. Train All Employees on Proper Use​

Training everyone who will be working in your kitchen is crucial to your business. Kitchen equipment can be dangerous if mishandled or used for a different purpose than what it’s intended for. Proper training on how to use the equipment should be mandatory.

5. Keep a Regular Inspection and Maintenance Schedule

Inspecting and maintaining your equipment on a regular basis will help you see if there are any parts that need to be changed or repaired. Besides the regular schedule, you can also do spot checks for extra security.

You can assign one person to stay on top of your maintenance schedule to make sure it’s not neglected. Keeping your kitchen equipment well-maintained doesn’t only benefit your business and the customer satisfaction. It also keeps you and your staff safe from any kitchen hazard.

4 Design Options for Highly Functional Mezzanine Floors

office workspaceYou probably already know that mezzanine floors are a great addition when you want to increase space within your premises. However, choosing the right mezzanine floors can be quite a task. Ideally, it is your intended purpose for installing these specialty floors that will determine the design that will be most appropriate for your business. lists the four design options you have.

Stick to Your Theme

Expanding the vertical storage capacity in your space does not give you room to interfere with existing interior décor and design. You may find the vertical space inadequate, but consulting with the manufacturer of these mezzanine systems can help you find the best theme to utilise the space.

Revamp Your Workplace

If you have been looking to create a new look for your workplace, mezzanine systems are an excellent choice, which comes at a fair cost. These floor options are available in different designs and are stylish, thus creating functional workspaces. That, in effect, will motivate your workers, thus increasing workplace efficiency.


Prioritise working with a manufacturer that does not concentrate overmuch on the external beauty of a mezzanine system that they compromise on its functionality. You want your mezzanines to be accessible to the users else you will not be making good use of these systems. You can even incorporate lifts or industrial stairs to enhance accessibility to the mezzanine systems.

Don't Clutter It

Retail businesses use mezzanine floors to open the area below the mezzanine. It is advisable you keep the mezzanine clutter free to enable your customers to access your goods with ease, besides creating an appealing space.

The manufacturer and installers you will involve in constructing these industrial mezzanine stairs and floor systems are equally important in determining the final look. Also, prioritise doing extensive research on the mezzanine systems that will best enhance workplace productivity while providing the required functionality.