Month: November 2018

Woman listening to dentist's advice

Prevention Rather than Cure

Preventive dentistry is becoming increasingly important in the development of dental treatments and the focus of dental surgeries. Life-style programmes such as smoking cessation, healthy eating advice and specific oral health programmes for children have become mainstays of good dental practice. It’s good to find local dentist in Alexandra that meets the needs of both …

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Dental implant teeth model

A Throne to the Crown

When a tooth has been knocked out or removed due to decay, the forward narrative reads tooth gaps in smiles, dentures that fall out and possible ongoing complications for surrounding teeth. Although crowns, dentures and bridges are colour-matched, creating a cosmetic solution, there’s always going to be a compromise because, unlike natural teeth, these tooth …

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Getting the Proper Postpartum Care for a Healthy Recovery Process

Some women forget about their welfare to keep the focus on their newborn. But that’s not advisable. You must continue consultation visits with your midwife in Miami who can provide you with proper postpartum care. These are the physical and emotional issues your midwife will keep an eye on to ensure that you will have a healthy …

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