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Tips to Help Take Care of a Luxury Car

Luxury Car

Luxury cars cost double and triple the cost of regular cars. This is why if you buy one, you need to really make sure that your investment will last longer, which can be done through proper care. The following are effective tips for luxury car owners so they can properly take care of their automobiles:

Get regular oil changes for your car

If you owned a car in the past, you would know how important oil changes are. It makes sure that the dust, dirt, and debris from the engine of the car will not affect its performance.

It also ensures that the engines are lubricated. Search for a Porsche scheduled maintenance service provider in New York City that can do an oil change for your luxury car so that it will last longer.

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions

Most luxury car manufacturers have suggested maintenance schedules that they give out to car buyers. Car owners should follow this as highly experienced mechanics, and engineers usually verify this maintenance schedule. This will help owners ensure that the car will perform at an optimal level consistently.

Clean the luxury car regularly

Just like any type of machine, the level of cleanliness of the car can have an impact on how it performs. If you want to take care of your car, you need to clean it on a regular basis.

You can do the cleaning for both the exterior and exterior of your car. This can be done every few months also to preserve the beauty of the car.

Join a motor club

Joining a motor club presents a wide array of advantages. Some of these clubs have towing services. A few of them also provides roadside assistance 24/7 once your vehicle breaks down. That’s not all: These motor clubs offer discounts as well for a lot of things, which include hotels.

Read the owner’s manual

When you buy your car, you will be provided with an owner’s manual that offers guidelines. Such guidelines help car owners about how to take care of your car. On top of that, you will be provided with the necessary information that you can use when carrying out maintenance activities.

Carry out an inspection

Man inspecting tire

Another good way to take care of your car is to carry out a light inspection prior to driving. You can do the simple inspection of the car parts even for five minutes. Some of the things you need to check include the tires, windshields, brakes, fluids, and more.

Be careful when driving

If there is one effective tip that every car owner should remember for their luxury car, it is to drive carefully. Luxury cars cost a lot of money, which you could have spent on other things. If you crash the car, it can set you back by a few hundred thousand dollars.

Remember that there are quite a few accidents that involve cars in the US every year. If you are to drive more carefully, then there is a great chance that you will veer away from experiencing road accidents.

Luxury cars are not cheap. If you want your luxury car to be worth the money you spent on it, you need to take care of it.

What to Look for When Buying Utes

White pickup with cargoOnce a staple for rural families working the land, utes have become extremely popular among suburban people, particularly for leisure. New Zealand is blessed with endless tracks of rugged, smooth, and rolling terrains that having utes seems more like a great, natural idea.

With a ute, you can work on your farm during the weekdays or spend the weekends strolling in pristine landscapes. Or you can do both at will. A ute is a must have. But before crashing into ute dealers in NZ, below are some tips to help you start with owning one.

Carrying and Towing Prowess

Most if not all buyers will definitely put a vehicle’s carrying and towing prowess as the foremost consideration. It is no different with utes. Actually, it is even more important. Models that offer a balanced suspension and improved strength are expected to tow better.

But too much rigidity, usually subscribed to by owners with few people and stuff to carry, can give you a bumpy ride. If you carry a family often, look for balance and space. Speaking of space, a double cab will surely be a hit to the children.

Cabin Comfort

pick up truck pulling a huge containerTruly, comfort is hard to measure when you are just trying to get a feel of the wheels in a shop or even test driving. You have got to spend more time with your ute to see if it matches your expectations or your wants. Dual cabs or double cabs are made for comfort while single cabs are for performance.

There are some choices in between, those that can have the best of both worlds. Dealers will give you options for such need but limiting the need for performance and looking for more roomy interiors should give you the idea of a balanced ute. Also, do not forget to seek high ANCAP ratings.

Safety Technology

There are now more utes designed for safety. They are not just more equipped, but they are also high-tech. Standard fittings are usually reserved for traction control and side airbags. For more advanced features, one should find a ute equipped with a lane departure warning as well as adaptive cruise control capabilities.

Keeping your family safe every weekend trip or you and a companion in every work shift are taken into consideration now by manufacturers. And of course, utes with more capabilities come with a higher price tag.

Prices and Freebies

And yes, the price is the ultimate decider. If you cannot get a good finance deal or find models with good resale prices, especially if you are regularly upgrading, look out for free deals.

Free onroads and extra bonuses like an alloy wheel upgrade can be found. And so are free scheduled servicing (for the first few years), free accessories, and a free upgrade to auto.

Whether it be performance, comfort, safety, and affordability, any buyer would still be bent to find a ute that is best fit to one’s needs. All the above features will always come anyway, in one way or another. What is important is you get the right mix to give you a great driving experience.

How Clark Global City Became One of the Country’s Biggest Commercial Real Estate Hubs

Clark Global City PampangaAccording to a well-known real estate developer, Clark Global City shot up to spot No.2 of the Philippine commercial real estate market by the 3rd quarter of 2018. It went past Cebu in the sheer number of transactions in nine months, compared to a decade for Cebu. Data shows that the total transactions in Clark amount to 111,000 sq. m. and 8% of the total transactions for the whole country.

Cebu’s market share was only 76,000 sq. m, amounting to just 5% of the total transactions. Despite this phenomenal performance, it is only a fraction of the sales compared to Manila, which is the Philippines most active commercial real estate market.

Starting in 2018, Clark Global City is expected to become the second biggest commercial real estate market, thanks to the increasing demand from the BPO and Philippine offshore gaming operations sectors. This, according to David Leechiu of LPC, is a big real-estate conglomerate. Companies that already have a presence in Manila and Cebu will probably start looking for alternate spaces, and their destination is Clark.

Why Clark is such a popular destination

According to Leechiu, a huge infusion of capital in the last few years has helped Clark leapfrog to the front of the line. Even though BPOs currently occupy the majority of office spaces here, he envisions other players, including government agencies that are moving here and occupying a lot of office space. Investors are very happy to see such demand, as it promises higher returns.

Clark Green City Real Estate Options

A major part of the development is concentrated in Clark Global City, a 177-hectare space with mixed-use developments. Much of the development in this area will be from Pampanga over the next seven years, with Clark Global City being the primary contributor to this pipeline. Clark Global is owned by Udenna Corporation, which acquired the land for a price of $1 billion.

What sets CGC apart is the fact that it is very strategically located and with excellent infrastructure and connectivity, it is the ideal location for businesses. It is in the heart of the country and the highway system provides the best possible access. Since it is also a little over 440 feet above sea level, it is protected by the mountains from all possible effects of typhoons, which the Philippines is famous for.

According to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority’s President and CEO, Clark has great traction as a business hub because of its location and the availability of many facilities. This is just the beginning, as airport expansion and rail connections will cement Clark Global City’s place in the business world as the most connected hub.

Such high impact projects are a part of the big push to expand infrastructure, which in turn, will spur growth in the region, along with many investments. After completing the airport and the addition of rail connections, this will be a massive transport system for office goers and residents of the area. The airport is expected to facilitate the processing of 8 million additional passengers annually. The rail connection is expected to cut down travel time between Manila and Clark from 2.5-3 hours to just an hour.

Big plans are afoot for Clark Global City and we can expect phenomenal growth in this region in the next decade.

Property Development in Muntinlupa to Skyrocket

handing out keys to a property

According to market research and statistics provided by an independent property consulting firm, property values in Alabang are expected to range between PHP 30,000 and 80,000 and could go as high as PHP 100,000 per sqm in 2019.

The Possible Rising Business District

One key factor that is propelling growth is the shrinking supply of land and growth in demand in the Southern Metro-west region. This because of a network of roadways being developed, including the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX). This expressway connects Cavite and Muntinlupa, which could help drastically cut down travel time for commuters. Thanks to this easy access between towns, Alabang is expected to follow Makati, Ortigas, and Fort Bonifacio in becoming another business district close to Manila.

Real estate developers like Filinvest, Megaworld, Ayaland, and Rockwell Primaries have started working on different projects in these places. For instance, Alabang West (a Megaland Project) is a residential township spread over 62 hectares and has an exclusive gated community with around 780 lots. Another development project is East Bay (by Rockwell Primaries), one of the many condominiums for sale in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, which features the beauty of living in the South.

All of these are exciting for young Filipinos, as they see a chance to realize their dreams. There are many areas around Manila that are being designed and developed as multi-use projects — commercial and residential — so that people can stay close to work and not spend hours commuting. They can choose from condominiums, apartments, and single family homes to name a few.

Before Anything Else

house plans with a calculator

Before investing in a home, it pays to do some research. If you hear terms like amortization, tripping, and other terms, be sure to look it up or ask your real estate agent to explain it. If a condo is listed for sale for PHP 7500 a month, it’s best to know that charges like down payments and reservation fees will be added, which can drive up the price.

Home buyers also have to pay closing costs. Saving up for initial expenses and not being aware of other fees can shock any new and prospective homeowner. Real estate agents suggest that it is good to have at least 20% of the purchase price saved up for the down payment. If you are planning to invest in a brand new property, you are in luck. Developers offer home buyers with affordable payment plans, making it easy to buy.

When searching for the right home, you’ll meet a lot of real estate agents and among them, maybe only one or two will meet your requirements. Being direct and patient is a good strategy. Once you have settled into your new home, remember that you have to pay real estate tax annually. Being familiar with its structures in the area you live in is mandatory. Some local governments offer discounts for early payment of your property taxes.

The preparation process for buying a home is a long one, but when done right, it’s worth it. Developers and real estate agents are open to negotiations, so talk to them to buy the home of your dreams.

Owning a House: What’s In It For You?

Agent talking to clients

Making the decision to buy a house may not be an easy task, especially for first-time homebuyers. But buying or owning a house has many benefits. In fact, it’s one of the best investment decisions you can make.

If you are wondering if buying a house now is right for you, then it is important to consider the many amazing advantages you can enjoy. Here are some of them:

Improved privacy and security

Of course, you don’t want everyone around the neighborhood to always know what you are doing. Being a homeowner may be a good way to improve privacy. You can make your preferred adjustments as a way of enhancing privacy in your property, such as installing barriers like a fence or tinted windows. However, property developers are fully committed to ensuring that the houses for sale in Daybreak are of the highest quality and meet buyers’ privacy expectations. That means you may not need to make further adjustments to enhance privacy.


Buying a house is a good long-term investment. The value of houses is increasing from time to time. If you are looking forward to investing in homes, then you will enjoy a substantial return in the future.

Creates a strong credit history

Loan and mortgage on the key

If you buy a house and make your loan payments on time, this shows lenders that you are a good borrower. That means you are able to build a strong credit history, which makes it is easy for you to access loans in the future.

Tax benefits

The government offers tax incentives to people as a way of encouraging homeownership. By buying a house, you can enjoy reduced interests from mortgage payments on your income tax return.

Enhanced freedom and comfort

Owning a house gives you the freedom to make modifications that you feel are appropriate. Everyone has a different taste and preference, but it may be difficult for you to enjoy your preference if you are not in your own property. Being in your own house will make it easy for you to incorporate your style into the design and decor.

It’s cheaper

Buying a house is cheaper than paying rent. Today, mortgage rates are low and pocket-friendly, which makes it a good decision to consider buying a house. Furthermore, rent and home prices are increasing from time to time. That means it is a wise decision to consider buying a home as soon as possible.

Secure retirement

It is everyone’s dream to retire in his or her own property. Remember that you are getting older as days pass and you would want to retire in a property of your own. You can buy a home today and live there during your retirement years.

These are just some of the advantages of homeownership. Today, developers and agents are fully committed to ensuring that they give buyers the best advice related to home ownership. This makes it easier for buyers to get a property that suits them. Buying a home is a wise decision that has short-term and long-term advantages.

Top Comfort Upgrades for Your Car

Man driving a carThere used to be a time when what you saw was what you got with regard to cars. Today, however, people are far more spoiled with aftermarket upgrade available for every conceivable want and need. Perhaps one of the best first upgrades anyone should make needs to focus on your comfort.

That’s because comfort usually gets the last billing. From seat types to the application of commercial window film in Arizona, these are the most popular upgrade options geared towards comfort that you can make today.

Change the seats

Depending on how long you’re going to plant yourself in your car seat, or how terrible the traffic is along your daily commute gets, the first thing that you might want to do is replace your seats. There is nothing wrong with your stock seats, but they are not maximized comfort.

You should get something that is more ergonomically designed. Racing seats are a good option, and there are even memory foam options floating out in the market that are the height of comfort. At all costs, avoid leather. They look great, sure, but are very uncomfortable.

Shade the windows

Worker applying a tint film on a car windowAt their most basic, car windows have no shade or tinting whatsoever. If you were going for economy when you first got your ride, you might not have opted for tinting and experienced the heat that came from being so exposed. The upside here is that you can now opt for commercial window film in Arizona.

These are customized to be better performing than the standards pushed out by dealerships. They filter UV light better and even polarize better to allow for privacy. It is utterly customizable to your own specific needs and wants.

Cushion the floor

What most people do not realize is that a lot of the exhaustion that comes from riding their cars is that their feet planted on the floor is exposed to constant vibrations. This affects the muscles in their legs adversely. Fortunately, the simple investment in mats can help combat that.

There are mats that actually dampen these vibrations and spare the legs the ache that can develop over time. These are affordable options that anyone can get on a budget and still turn up something that works great.

Dampen sounds

Old cars suffer from the prevalence of constant droning of sounds. These can come from the engine as well as the frame vibrating a result. While you often tune these out, they can be annoying and headache inducing when left untended to. Fortunately, it is affordable to invest in sound deadening material.

These are heavy and very dense materials placed on the floor, under the roof, and on your doors. You will be surprised just how effective such an affordable option can be at killing annoying and cloying noise and sounds from your ride.

Investing in your car is a smart way of personalizing it to your own needs and wants. If you are to prioritize anything, start with your comfort. Just make sure that you get the very best accessories provided for a reliable company. Not only will your body thank you, but your wallet will too.

Loading Shipping Containers: What You Need to Know


You’ve done all the research and ultimately decided to start a shipping business. Finally, you have ticked all the boxes. You are done with the plans and paperwork. You have talked to the bank, readied the office, acquired the equipment, and gathered your team. All of these are important, but so is the loading of the containers. With that in mind, here are the five best practices in loading a shipping container.

Ensure every box is tagged

This seems obvious, but a lot of problems may be avoided by properly tagging each load. The boxes should be tagged with an ID number that identifies the owner and category of the container. It should be followed by the serial number and check digit. This is to avoid stray packages and make it easier for the packer to plan out loading.

Categorise your packages

Keep in mind how the packages will be stacked when categorising. Packages should be pigeon-holed based on weight, size, type, and composition. Chemicals that need to be isolated should be separated. Items that are flammable should be loaded at the centre and far from the edge. Light ones should go on top of the heavy packages, and wet goods should not be placed on top of the dry goods. This should be observed to avoid crushing. All of these will be effectively implemented if packages are organised suitably and logically.

Keep movement at a minimum

Woman checking the packages

Efficiency should be at the top of the mind, so try to keep movement at a minimum by investing in the right loading equipment for shipping containers. Plan out how the container will be unloaded, and use this as a guide during loading. Packages that will be unloaded last should be at the back and those that need to be unloaded first near the door. The efficiency of the unloading will depend on how the container has been loaded. This will save time and effort and will be most appreciated once your business is starting to pick up.

Stack them tightly

Most of the cargo damages are avoidable simply by proper packing. Boxes should be stacked to distribute pressure. Stack them like you would lay bricks. Fill in empty spaces to avoid shifting. If spaces are inevitable, use dunnage bags, but remember to heat-treat blocking, bracing, and packing materials in compliance with the regulations.

Containers should be well secured

You may be efficient, but thieves are more creative. This is why container seals are important. It is up to the shipping company to provide the container seal. Ensure that the seal numbers are diligently noted in all the necessary paperwork, such as in the bill of lading, especially in cases wherein the truckers are the ones who will provide the seal.

Just like with any journey, the beginning or, in this case, the loading, is as notable as the ending. Offering the best service to your client will depend on how you protect their products or supplies in transit. Remember, your services are as good as your last shipment. Maintain their trust by treating their goods like they’re your own.

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe on the Road

Traffic jam on the freewayThere are a lot of situations wherein traffic has to be controlled — severe weather, roadway repairs, freeway construction, mowing operations, or any other instance that can affect the flow of vehicles on the road. Usually, when you are driving and are in a high traffic situation, you will see many traffic control signs to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

As such, it is important that everybody follows traffic control zones when travelling on the road. Traffic control equipment can sometimes be misused as well, so better take heed.

Warning Sign

An advance warning area is a place where the initial warning signs are located, so you can make the right manoeuvre. Some of the signs you could see are: “Road Work Ahead,” “Single Lane Road Ahead,” or “Be Prepared to Stop.” You must read and follow these signs while going through the flow of traffic that you are in.

There are instances when a single lane could cause heavy traffic and as a result, motorists will get irritated and not follow directions. This will make matters worse, so it is best to obey road signs no matter what. It is difficult to predict what could happen on the road after all.

Men at Work

The work area is a location where workers place certain equipment and where maintenance operations are carried out. It is easy to spot and is the reason for the traffic control signage you will see leading up to a certain roadwork site.

The termination area comes after the work area. This is important because this is where traffic resumes safely again without hindrances. Some people encounter a crash after leaving a work zone, thinking they can stop paying attention again. Don’t be like them.

Stop and Go

Car and pedestrian stoplightA traffic light is one of the best ways to keep the road in order. This is one traffic control equipment that everyone must follow. Many motorists try to beat the red light, for instance, which is a dangerous habit. Red means stop and yellow means to slow down, not speed up before it turns red.

There are times when these lights are not followed, especially when there’s no CCTV camera or no traffic police manning the area and controlling the flow of traffic. This does not always happen, but it’s still best to pay attention at all times.

Be Reminded

It’s essential to watch out for these traffic control signs, especially when there’s roadwork ahead. This is to ensure maximum safety for motorists and pedestrians. You cannot compromise safety for negligence, ignorance, and failure to follow directions in traffic control areas. These warning signs were placed on the road for a reason and they should be followed accordingly.

Not every street you go to is easy to manoeuvre. Look out for road signs, constructions, pedestrians, and drive safely at all times. The reason there are traffic control signs is to warn you of the proper course of action. You wouldn’t want to be in an accident, would you? Take heed, practice defensive driving, stay alert, be cautious, and look ahead on the road.

How to Save Money When Renting a Car

Travellers on a rental carBudget-savvy travelers scrutinize every detail of their flight and hotel bookings to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth. However, the very same people often just accept car rental rates at face value. This is a big mistake, as there may be charges discreetly added to the advertised price. Don’t be like this.

When you rent a sedan car in Manila, it will be worth your time and effort to take a closer look at the details before you seal the deal. Comparison shopping is one of the most common ways to secure the best deal. Short on time and unable to do comparison shopping? No problem. Apart from comparison shopping, there are actually many other ways you can save money on your next car rental. Here are a few tips.

Avoid Airport Rentals

The airport may be the most convenient place to get a ride, especially if you have a lot in tow. However, this convenience does come with a price. In general, car rental rates in the airport are higher compared to other vicinities. This is, in part, due to the concession recovery fee that car rental companies pay the airport. This is what firms pay so that they can do business at the airport. In turn, they often pass this to the customers. If you can, try renting a vehicle outside the airport. Your pocket will surely feel the difference.

Rent the Car for Longer

Traveller on a rented carWhile this advice sounds counterintuitive, it makes a lot of sense when you do the math. Reserving a car for a week will be cheaper than getting a daily rate on a shorter rental. Why? Car rental companies often give lower prices for people who travel for leisure or those who are more likely to spend the weekends on the road and stay there for longer. It doesn’t matter if you would use the car for the rest of the week. What matters is that you get a discount by renting it for longer.


Remember that time when you scored a discount on that hotel room by paying in advance? That’s the same strategy that you can use when renting a vehicle. Indeed, car rental companies have utilized this strategy to encourage more customers to pre-pay. Pre-paying is especially beneficial to those who have straightforward itineraries. You’re going to pay for the rent anyway so why don’t you pre-pay to secure up to 20% discount?


All car rental firms are composed of people with whom you can negotiate. Once you’ve secured the right ride for your needs, don’t hesitate to stop by the counter to ask for the possibility of further discounts or car upgrading. You never get what you don’t ask for. Be bold and just ask. If the conditions are favorable, you just might get lucky and get what you want.

Car rentals don’t need to be so expensive. With the right strategy, you can save a whole lot of money while getting the vehicle that fits your needs. Follow these tips to keep more bucks in your pocket the next time you rent a car during a trip.

Don’t Screw Up by Using the Wrong Screws

tools for building

You don’t usually put in too much attention to detail in simple home projects — but even little things like wrong screws can make the difference between a successful project and a forgettable attempt. You can’t just use stainless steel metal screws on everything. The type of screws you use — and even the material of your screw — is essential in the success of your projects.

Wood Screws

Wood comes in many forms. Some can be harder than others, especially the Australian Ironwood and several wood types from Brazil. However, wood is still considered as one of the softer materials, and its tendency to crack can be problematic. Changing seasons also affect wood, causing it to shrink or expand depending on the prevailing temperature. Wooden screws are specifically for these particular qualities of wood. A wooden screw has a bit of flexibility. This allows the screw to bend and withstand the constant strain of shrinking and expansion of the wood.

The threads of wooden screws are designed to minimise stress on the wood to prevent cracking, although you may need to drill a shallow pilot hole for hardwoods. Some wooden screws are not fully threaded. This allows paired wooden pieces to fit more securely and it can also be used for attaching specific hardware or items to the wood.

Metal Screws

Metal is hard and solid throughout. Metal screws are tempered and designed to drill into the metal and withstand the stresses of holding two heavy pieces of metal together. These screws will often have tensile pounds per square inch (PSI) strength reaching 100,000 to 150,000. Metal screws are self-tapping, they drill into the metal and cut and form their own thread into the material.

Threads run throughout the length of the screw — this allows for a tighter grip and a more secure attachment. Although primarily designed for metal on metal use, these screws can also be used to attach different materials to a metal base. Plastic, fibreglass, and wood can be fixed to metal with a metal screw — although additional care may be needed for wood.

a couple of screws

Cheap Zinc or Stainless?

Galvanised zinc metal screws cost almost half the price of stainless steel metal screws. However, the savings you get by using galvanised zinc comes with its disadvantages. Zinc screws are not coated as well as stainless steel screws and could rust more easily — especially in an outdoor setting. These screws are also more flexible and softer than their stainless steel counterparts, and vibrations and particularly heavy loads can pose problems. Zinc screws have an average tensile PSI strength of 62,000 — a far cry for stainless steel screws’ minimum. Stainless steel screws have average tensile PSI strength over 100,000 and 75,000 is the bare minimum for industry standards.

Choosing the right screws is important in every project. You can weigh price with quality, but you will be sacrificing the stability or durability of your project. Think long-term and don’t just use what’s available. A little attention to detail goes a long way.