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Venting Options for Gas Water Heaters

Plumber fixing an hot-water heaterFew people give much thought to their water heaters when these are problem-free. When this crucial appliance malfunctions, the effects on your property can be far-reaching. In some cases, a professional water heater repair is the only thing needed to make it work optimally again. There are times when the best solution for a water heater breakdown is the appliance’s replacement.

If your appliance is more than 8-12 years old and riddled with rust and corrosion, these are good indicators that it is time for water heater replacement for your Salt Lake City property. Replacement is also the ideal choice if your heater’s tank is leaking and your water is lukewarm. The best location for the installation of your new water heater is the same as the old one. This way, you will use the same supply lines as your old heater.

However, you will need to install new venting to accommodate your replacement water heater. Here are your water heater’s venting options:

Atmospheric Venting

This is the standard option for water heater venting. In atmospheric venting, there’s a vent duct with an upward or vertical slope that is generally connected to a common vent. This system operates solely on natural convection, as hot air will rise and be dumped to the outdoors; therefore, generating a draw that promotes the upward airflow. This draw increases as the vent heats up. Atmospheric venting has low installation, maintenance, and upfront costs but has a high risk of backdrafting due to insufficient draw.

Power Venting

Water heaters designed for power venting have an electric blower fan at the top. These water heaters can have horizontal or vertical vent ducts. The fans will cool the air that is discharged from your water heater; therefore, you can use PVC piping for the vents. However, the fan is electrically powered, so you will need to install the heater close to an electric outlet.

In most cases, the plumber will minimize the number of elbows and venting length to reduce the distance the air will need to travel to the outdoors. Power vented water heaters can be expensive.

person checking meters of water heaterDirect Venting

In this option, your heater has two vent pipes. One vent pipe draws in combustion air from the exterior while the other deposits exhaust gases into the outdoors. Direct vents are easier to install compared to atmospheric vents and are quieter than power vents. They also have no risk of backdrafting and causing accidental fires from flammable vapors around the heater.

Power Direct Venting

This is a combination of powered and direct venting systems. It uses outdoor air for its combustion and fans to cool the exhaust gases. In most cases, power direct venting is used in mobile homes.

Your water heater’s structural design is one of the elements that determine the ideal venting option for your property. The model you choose will determine if the vent will be installed through the roof or a sidewall. Proper installation and choice of water heater venting are essential to avert backdrafting of the hot air into the tank. This can cause increased pressure and burst the heater’s tank or lead to accidental fires. Always hire a professional when installing or maintaining your water heater to avoid these scenarios.

Home Design in a Personalized yet Budget-friendly Way

Simple Kitchen Design

How much of yourself are you showing in your home’s design? For those who are sure they will be in that house for a long time, there’s no need to hold back on personalization. It’s your house, but it will only truly be your home if it gives you comfort and joy.

To add more of your personality in home design, consider changing these:

Wallpaper or Paint

There are thousands of colors you can put on your wall, with different finishes and styles to boot. Some paint companies even offer to hand mix a certain shade, giving you that color that is exactly what you want to see on your walls. For wallpapers, there are various designs to choose from, dressing your walls in intricate patterns that will be too expensive to recreate if you hand painted everything.

Yes, you don’t have to spend so much just to personalize your home. The goal is for it to give you joy, and it’s hardly doing that if it’s giving you reasons to be sad when you look at your bank account. Keep discounted discontinued wallpaper in your options or mix your own paints to be one with your house without sacrificing your budget.


Living Room Design

You may argue that lighting doesn’t do anything drastic for the house, which makes it not worth changing. Have you noticed how places like Starbucks seem to always give you the best selfies? That’s because they’re designed to be that way. The house you buy may originally come with harsh lighting, but you don’t have to suffer through horrible photos because of that.

A simple replacement will go a long way, especially if you also learn to utilize natural light. If you’re in the process of renovating, include window replacements as well, so that you can let more natural light in and only have to rely on artificial lighting when necessary. With new lighting fixtures in place, you will no longer look severe in your photos. Your natural beauty will shine and every time you look at a mirror, you feel good about yourself even when you’re staying at home the whole day.


What’s the easiest part of the house to renovate that will show your personality? Countertops may seem like the answer, but considering that you’ll have to replace the whole slab, it’s not exactly cost-effective. Besides, it’s a renovation that’s only limited to one room — the kitchen.

When you replace tiles, however, you can replace just half of the wall or mix inexpensive tiles with more luxurious ones. The overall look will be unique and trendy, something that you might relate to. You can also replace kitchen tiles as well as bathroom tiles to give the home a more coherent look.

Even floor tiles can be replaced to coordinate, though the textures will vary. It’s up to you to decide how much to replace and if you just want to have an accent wall.

You don’t have to live in a home that looks just like every other home in the neighborhood. Dress your home to reflect things you love and you’ll be happy every day.


4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

a neighbourhood

Home prices have been steadily increasing over recent times. Many homeowners believe that the prices will continue to rise over the next decade. With homes being among the biggest assets for many, it is important to ensure it is in good shape and can attract maximum value should you opt to sell it.

Getting the appropriate home improvements might be a daunting task. The following guidelines are proven and efficient.

1. Enhance the lighting.

Good lighting is a key enhancer of a home’s appeal. Dull lighting, on the other hand, kills the mood instantly. It is, therefore, critical to invest in improvements that allow as much light as possible.

Among the ways to allow natural light is replacing the conventional roofing with polycarbonate roofing sheets in the UK. The sheets allow natural light into the house while also preventing the sun’s Ultraviolet rays. You can use sun tubes to direct the light through the ceiling fixtures into the rooms.

Also, have the windows open to allow the light. You can hang large reflective mirrors directly opposite the window panes to reflect the light and enhance the impression of more windows.

2. Work on the curb appeal.

The exterior of your home makes the first impression to a prospective buyer even before they walk through the door. Work on the landscape by planting some flowers and trees. Also, trim the trees and do not let them grow into thick bushes. Maintain the yard by mowing the lawn and clean cut edging.

You should also consider repainting the front door including the garage door. Wash off any stains from the windows and exterior walls. Repaint the exterior walls and outdoor furniture if necessary. This gives the impression of a well-maintained house.

3. Make it efficient.

Energy conservation features can help boost the value of a home. Most potential buyers are nowadays more energy-conscious, and any upgrades will attract them into buying the home. Installing features such as insulation, LED lighting bulbs, and energy-efficient bulbs are important.

You can also install solar panels to help lower power costs. Replace shower heads, toilets, and taps with low flow models to reduce water consumption.

Replace old heating and air-conditioning systems for increased efficiency. Energy efficiency helps you sell your home faster and also helps preserve the environment.

4. Think smarter.

Having a futuristic view of your home will increase the value of your home. In addition to investing in energy efficiency, you should also consider making it smarter with technology.

front view of a house

You can use technology to automate the functioning of the heating, lighting and air conditioning systems. Having a programmed security system will also improve the value of your home.

You can also install internet connection ports and high-speed data connection into the house. A prospective buyer will be impressed by the futuristic view, and this will fetch you more money.

If you are selling your home, consider enhancing its appeal by adding more light to it, making it more appealing from the outside, making it more efficient and thinking from a futuristic perspective. Buyers will be impressed and will buy it at its right value.