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3 Busted Myths about Shingle Roofs

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Roof shingles are classy and elegant they can elevate the aesthetics of even the simplest homes. However, some homeowners shy away from them because they are intimidated by the design. Others do not understand them well they fail to maintain the shingles properly.

Most of the issues, though, stem from the misconceptions that surround this delicate roofing style. Today, we’ll talk about some of them and why they’re completely untrue:

1. Shingles Are Expensive

The actual roofing cost varies depending on the material, craftsmanship, and size of the area. However, shingles are often more affordable than other options.

Although sheet metals last longer than shingles, the latter are cheaper to buy and install. Further, if you take care of them properly, you can recoup the expenses and much more.

When it comes to materials, asphalt is the most common and perhaps one of the most economical choices. Slate is the most expensive, costing about ten times more than asphalt.

Meanwhile, when compared to shingles, tile roofs can cost above $5, making it pricier than shingles. Installation costs are higher too.

Note, though, that you are likely to lose the price advantage of shingles if you don’t maintain them. Replacement, after all, raises the overall roofing costs.

But you also need to choose roofing experts than random individuals to repair them. If you’re living in South Dakota, companies like Raintite Roofing & Construction are your best bet. They can fix your roof quickly with enough liability insurance.

2. You Cannot Install Solar Panels

Solar panels do not discriminate. You can install them in almost all types of roofs, although the methods can differ.

If your home uses shingles, the installation specialists will drill studs into the shingle to attach the panel mount. Then, they will secure these attachments by sealing and flashing, preventing water from getting into the roof.

If you want something more permanent, you can replace some of your roof shingles with those of solar shingles.

The roofing type is the least of your concerns with solar panels. What matters more is the amount of electricity it can produce, the direction of sunlight, and the sloping of the roof. The best angles for these panels are from 30 to 45 degrees.

3. Shingles Are Difficult to Maintain

Shingles roof

Shingles can last for about 20 years, but you can extend that by giving it prompt and proper attention.

If you have asphalt shingles, you can clean them with equal parts of water and bleach. You can then spray the mixture and let it sit on the roof for at least 20 minutes before you wash it with high-pressure water.

However, for your safety and proper assessment of your roofing, it’s best to leave the maintenance to the experts. As long as your roof is properly taken care of, a routine checkup or cleaning is only once a year.

In the end, your roof, your choice. But it can also help you select the best type or take care of it properly when you can stop believing the myths. This is especially true with shingles, one of the iconic roofing styles in the United States.

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