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3 Color Combination Ideas for Waterfront Weddings

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newly wed coupleExchanging your marriage vows against a water backdrop is one of the most romantic things you can do for your wedding. To live this amazing dream, more and more couples are now opting for waterfront weddings. This might be on the shores of a water body or aboard a water vessel on the sea or lake.

Picking the best wedding venue on the waters of Maine is only the first step to achieving a perfect waterfront wedding. Getting a classic color combination to match the water backdrop and outdoor surroundings is generally the most difficult decision. Here are some color combination ideas:

Purple, Teal, and Green

This combination is the perfect choice for evening waterfront weddings. The teal and blue complement the surrounding water and produce a seamless blend with the surrounding scenery. The hint of purple in your theme boosts the tropical vibe while adding a regal charm.

Silver, Ivory, and Beige

This is the ideal combination for an elegant beach wedding. Silver, ivory, and beige form a neutral setting, which lets the water backdrop become the dominant theme of the event. You can mix this color combination with antique-mirrored serving trays and glass centerpieces to make the neutral setting pop.

Coral, Fuchsia, and Navy

This is perfect for nautical-themed weddings. The theme allows you to sneak in some casual angle in the fuchsia to break the coral and navy tones. The navy tones anchor the entire waterfront palette with an aura of masculinity.

Waterfront weddings are known for looking too polished and preppy. The above color combinations can help you create a breezy and laid back wedding atmosphere so that your guests will be more comfortable. Though the ceremony will be waterfront, ensure you pick a location with beautifully landscaped grounds to create a well-rounded outdoor wedding atmosphere.

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