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workers checking the system

3 Important Reasons to Inspect and Test Fire Dampers

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workers checking the system

Both commercial buildings and homes should have a heating and cooling system that is in top shape. Other than inspecting and checking the system itself, it’s also crucial to check the other parts. For instance, fire dampers may not be the most dazzling part of the fire safety system, but they are among the most important.

If the fire dampers are not checked regularly, the ventilation and ductwork systems can easily aggravate a fire by spreading flames and smoke throughout the properly rapidly. Fire damper testing in Kent is necessary to ensure that a fire incident will not worsen due to a faulty part of the fire safety system.

What are Fire Dampers?

Fire dampers are parts of the building that work by preventing fire and smoke from travelling through the ductwork and ventilation areas. When fire and smoke access these areas, it would be easier for them to spread throughout the property or building.

When the fire damper senses smoke or heat, it will automatically close to contain the fire and keep it from spreading rapidly. That said, it gives the people inside the building time to evacuate. Why is fire damper testing that important? Read on to find out.

1. Proper Maintenance Guarantees That During a Fire the Damper Will Work

Many properties and buildings have fire dampers, but because of restricted access, they are difficult to maintain and check. More attention is given to fire safety equipment that is more visible, such as water sprinklers and fire alarms. Since fire dampers are often neglected, checking it regularly is important.

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With proper maintenance and inspection, it will guarantee that the fire dampers will work properly in cases of fire. You must make sure the dampers undergo testing regularly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and agency regulations.

3. The Law Says It’s Important

The law imposes a strict and obligatory testing of fire dampers by a reputable and competent person or agency upon completion of installation and at least once a year. This is based on the law, an update to BS 999 implemented in January 2017. The previous law requires at least once-in-two-years inspection and maintenance.

But in some cases, building owners test their fire dampers every 10 to 15 years and sometimes, it’s never tested at all. That said, strict implementation of the law is crucial for fire safety.

3. To See If There’s a Need for Parts Replacement

Regular maintenance ensures that all damaged parts are replaced right away. A faulty fire damper can lead to the rapid spread of fire when accidents happen. If the fire damper is well maintained, the fire will not spread rapidly, making the work of firemen easier and faster.

In addition, checking for damages while they’re still small is better than waiting for the fire damper to become damaged beyond repair. Buying a new fire damper is more expensive than investing in regular maintenance and inspection.

A fire damper is an important part of fire safety elements in every building. It is often neglected, but it plays a pivotal role in keeping everyone in the building safe during a fire incident.

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