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Variety of Engagement Rings

4 Best Engagement Ring Shapes to Choose From

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Variety of Engagement RingsGetting engaged is, certainly, one of the most special occasions in your life  – and it’s only natural that you desire the perfect ring to go with the occasion. Of course, a diamond ring is the most traditional choice.

Now, you probably are wondering which shape of the classic stone is best for the ring. After all, as experts at AAA Jewelers could tell you, diamond engagement rings in Utah showcase stones in a variety of sizes, cuts, colors, and shapes. Here are four of the best ones.


Round-shaped engagement rings are the most popular when it comes to diamonds. The cut is elegant and works for people of all body types. Plus, a round-shaped diamond appears superior to other shapes when illuminated or reflected.


The princess-cut shape is wildly popular when it comes to fancily shaped engagement rings. Like the round shape, the princess shape is preferred because it works well in almost any style of engagement ring. And because more diamond is retained during the cutting of this shape, the price of the ring tends to be lower than that of a round shaped diamond ring.


If you’re looking for an engagement ring with romantic appeal, the heart is the ideal shape to go with. The ring is ideal if you’re looking for something unique and soft. These diamonds come in a variety of silhouettes, so you have a wide variety to pick from.


The radiant cut is a splendid shape for colored diamonds. The light reflects wonderfully between the facets of the diamonds, resulting in a truly magnificent engagement ring. Buyers have a choice between square and rectangular shapes.

Choosing the right engagement ring for your loved one can be a fulfilling experience, both for you and for her. If you can get the shape just right, the rest should be fairly easy.

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