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4 Things Truck Drivers Must Have to Land a Job

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Qualities of a Professional Driver Many companies are looking for reliable drivers who can deliver goods to consumers safely. They are entrusting the safety of their items to someone else, which is why they take the necessary precautions when hiring drivers.

If you are a driver looking for a decent job in the trucking industry, you must have what it takes to get hired. A trusted HGV driving agency outlines the things you should have to land a job.

Knowledge of traffic and road safety rules

This may seem too basic, but it is probably what separates a reliable driver from the rest: knowledge of the road safety and traffic regulations. Learn about The Highway Code and make sure you always practice safety on the road.

Knowledge of vehicle functionality

It is not enough that you know how to drive and you have a licence. You must know how vehicles work as well. This is crucial because employers want their vehicles well taken care of. You should know the limits and find ways to maximise the efficiency of the truck you are driving.

Vehicle maintenance skills

Other than having knowledge of cars and the functions of every part, you must know how to troubleshoot at least minor mechanical problems. This saves time, no need for frequent visits to repair shops and helps you and your employer avoid the repair costs.

Defensive driving skills

Defensive driving is the safest driving style there is. This style is about acknowledging that whilst you have no control whatsoever over how other people drive, you have total control on how you do. Always drive carefully and be mindful of other drivers’ safety and behaviours.

Having these qualifications will increase your chances of getting the job you want. Impress the employer in your interview to gain an edge over other applicants.

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