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4 Ways to Curb Mold Growth After a Water Disaster

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Water Damage Due to MoldsMold is a type of fungi that grows in dark and damp places. It is dangerous for the health and is a cause of respiratory problems. When water seeps into the building either from flooding or plumbing leakages, it is an opportunity for mold to grow due to moisture and humidity.

It is, therefore, important to get water damage attended to immediately in Riverton, UT. Where you cannot get immediate help, use the tips below to curb mold growth as you wait for restoration services.

Remove water as quickly as possible

To prevent further seepage into the building, drain standing water as quickly as possible. Renting a specialized water vacuum will help you remove it faster. To avoid contamination in case of water from the sewer, wear protective gear before touching it.

Dry wet surfaces

It is possible to have mold growing in your home within 48 hours of water exposure. To prevent this, you need to eliminate moisture by keeping the surfaces dry. Mop the surfaces dry using mops. You could also use electric fans to help do this quickly.

Remove damp items from the area

Remove rugs and carpets from the floor since they take longer to dry. Clean and dry them thoroughly. Also remove soaked paper materials, such as books, magazines and newspapers as they easily attract mold.

Enhance air circulation

Stagnant, humid air encourages mold spores to multiply, spread and grow. Ensure there is adequate circulation to prevent mold growth by opening windows and doors. You could also use a ventilator and fans.

How well you handle the situation after experiencing water damage will determine if you will experience further property damage and health risks. Be swift in taking the measures mentioned here, and ensure professionals come in soon enough.

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