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5 Essential Elements You Should Include on Your Website

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A company would most likely not be complete without having its own website. It should be separate from your social media page if you have one. On the one hand, your social media page can be used to encourage customer engagement and for them to contact you a lot easier. The official website, on the other hand, can be connected with your social media accounts and should contain all the information about your business.

However, designing your own website can be no easy task. There may be a lot of ideas in your head, but it can be overwhelming on how you can execute and apply them to your website. That is why it is a good idea to hire a web design company to help you build your website.

A lot of times, you may get too excited to put all the things you want in your official business website. Add photos here and there, apply attractive font types, and perhaps even add animation in the home page. However, you should determine which ones you really need, and you should include on your official website.

Web design is an art. It takes extensive knowledge and skills to make an attractive and effective one. For your website to achieve its objectives and goals, you should know what to include in it. Here are some of the most important elements you need to include on your business website.

1. Product images

Displaying high-quality product images gives viewers an idea of what your business is offering. It is also a creative way of highlighting your product or service in a more effective and efficient way.

2. Hidden menus

Traditional website menus are usually located either on one side or at the top of the page. While it can be easier to find the page you are looking for, it can eat up valuable space on your website page. That is why there is an option to add a hidden menu that you can access when you point and click it.

3. Videos

Adding a video on your website can help attract visitors and encourage engagement on your website. Like product photos, it is also an effective and efficient way to explain what your business is all about.

4. “Hero” images

This one may be different from the product images on your website. This one should provide strong visuals that can encourage visitors to scroll down and learn more about the company’s products and services. This “hero” images should be easily seen whether you are using a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer.

5. Readable texts/font

Fonts Creative Drawing Outline Graphic Concept

This is also one way to distinguish the brand from others. There are a lot of companies, especially global brands that use a font that is uniquely theirs. It is also an effective way to determine who you are as a company — functional, information, serious, fun, or whatever image you want to project to your customers.

Along with the abovementioned elements, your website should be easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and have valuable content. More importantly, your website should be accessible anytime, anywhere, or whatever gadget they use.

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