It is possible to lift truck in two ways – one is with a body lift kit, and another is using a suspension lift kit. Both have some pros and cons, but the main difference lies in customer preferences. A body-kit lift includes installing a spacer between the truck body and its frame.

On the other hand, a suspension lift kit entails modification of suspension. The latter provides higher elevation and costs than the former. The term lifted trucks usually pertain to the monster trucks that have undergone suspension lift.

Why drive a lifted truck?

The following are the reasons you should go ahead and drive that big truck:

1. For off-road use

Higher body permits the vehicle to explore bumpy and harsh terrains without taking damage for the underbody. For instance, there are lifted trucks dealership here in Arizona, where the geography is diverse – ranging from deserts to canyons and mountain ranges.

It is an extra luxury to have a vehicle that would cater to your off-road driving needs. You will always be ready for the trails, which would not be true in the case of their smaller counterparts.

2. Visibility

With increased height, you also get to have an increased view of what is ahead. Imagine a casual stroll on the paved roads or in the off-road – a lifted vehicle would surely offer a better view than their smaller, lower counterparts.

3. Fashion and Aesthetics

For some people, it is all about the looks. One may spend tons of dollars to lift a truck but will never go off-road. The customized tinted windows and bright LED lights, the toned paints and cool logos, the bigger tires, your vehicle will turn heads. Your truck will stand out on the street, literally and figuratively.

4. Expression of Personality

Your vehicle represents your personality. Lifted trucks give the impression that you are bold, you are commanding, you are unstoppable. You are spontaneous and always ready for an adventure. You want to get things done.

According to a study made by, choice in a vehicle is a direct reflection of the owner’s personality. Owning a 4×4 truck means one is aggressive and dominant. But be careful, driving others might negatively perceive a big vehicle that you are only boosting your ego and masculinity.

But who cares right? What matters is you are confident and happy behind that wheel of your big powerful truck.

5. Rescue Efforts

During the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Southeastern United States experienced massive flooding. Many people weren’t able to evacuate during the calamity – and even after the storm has left, reaching them proved to be a challenge.

Helicopters were used for rescue but cannot cater to all pressing needs at the moment. Fortunately, some owners of lifted trucks worked together to help in the rescue mission.

Is it worth it?

close up shot of man driving a lifted truck

In the end, what matters is the comfort, safety and addressing the needs of you – the user. Additional safety precautions must be used by the driver to prevent the risk of rollovers and other road mishaps. Lifted trucks may not be common, easily acceptable and affordable, but it is definitely worth it for an adventurous and confident driver like you. It is hard to imagine what it feels like driving a monster vehicle – go and experience it.