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6 Ways to Keep your Employees Motivated

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As a CEO or a business owner, one of your key roles is to keep everyone motivated. Remember, your staff is the backbone of your company. Their morale can significantly affect not only their productivity but also their behavior in the office. Demotivation is also one of the reasons for the higher attrition rate. Here are some proven and effective ways on how to keep your employees motivated:

Start with the Work Environment

Your staff is spending most of their time working in the office. Creating a positive atmosphere is a big help for them. Make it easier for them by organizing their workstation and providing their needs. Start making improvements with the overall design, as well. Simple upgrades such as window treatments and proper lighting can help your staff stay focused on their work. Experts also advise incorporating nature to the work environment. Indoor plants can not only make the room visually appealing but also helps boost creativity while working.

Pat on the Back

Never ignore the little things or any improvement from your staff. Always acknowledge their achievement. These recognitions from the upper management means a lot for them. Give them credit for all their efforts. This is one of the problems in most companies today. You will rarely see CEOs congratulating employees personally for individual achievements.

Create an Incentive Program

Designing a company incentive program is a bit tricky. There are several things you need to weigh. Most companies have their specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for each department. The KPI helps the manager to keep track of their team’s performance. This also serves as a guide for employees’ objectives. Be creative when giving rewards. Other than monetary, you can also organize corporate incentive trips for the group’s achievement.

Establish Open Communication

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Proper communication plays a vital role in maintaining a positive environment within the office. From sending emails to giving instructions to staff, everyone should observe communication etiquette. As a leader, you also need to take some time to communicate with your employees. Let them know the importance of each role with the success of the company. Rally your managers or team leaders. Make sure to address everyone’s concerns.

Encourage Friendly Competition

A little competition at work is another way to keep everyone focused on their goals. As they say, “a competitive environment is a productive environment.” Other than individual performance, consider setting objectives for each team. This should help emphasize the importance of each role in every department. You can also set fun group activities like health program and other creative tasks.

Build a Career Path

Most employees look for bright career growth. If they can’t see this in your company, you might lose your best talents. Reassess the career path for each position. How do they get promoted? Are there specializations they need to learn? More importantly, you need to know your employees’ plan. From there, you can help create a career path for them.

Keeping your employees motivated is a lot of work. This doesn’t happen overnight. Learn more about your staff and start making changes step-by-step. Slowly, you’ll make progress and create a positive environment.

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