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7 Things a Modern Office Should Have

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Say goodbye to old offices that don’t even have a proper pantry for its employees. In this new age, workspaces are being modernized for the younger generation.

For innovative companies, the office doesn’t stay the same year after year. From interior design to the components of the office, many businesses are incorporating a modern style into the workspace. Here are some of the things every modern office must have in 2019:

Modern floor plans and design

Offices that are stuck in the past decade will have trouble attracting young professionals to work for them. Having a modern open floor plan with innovative elements such as space-saving stairs in office buildings or smart storage for files is a good place to start. The working generation of today prefer offices that are not cramped, outdated, or boring, so do not make the mistake of leaving yours like that. Adequate workspace and modern office design can improve employee morale and productivity.

Common area or lounge

Promoting good socialization in the office can start with a common area or a lounge where employees can talk without distracting others. This area should be relaxing and mimic the feeling of being at home so that employees can de-stress when needed.

Wellness room or gym

Some applicants choose jobs based on the company’s amenities. Remember that the employees’ health can be directly related to their performance at work, and proper exercise can be an excellent way to keep your employees healthy and happy. A big room in the office can be converted into a wellness room with some gym equipment, yoga mats, and showers, where you can also host fitness activities for your employees.

Webinar rooms

Make meetings easier by having conference rooms dedicated to webinars. With webinar rooms, people from different locations can hold meetings effortlessly; therefore, cutting down costs on travel and saving time.

Recreation areas

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The space where employees can unload in the office is valuable in keeping up the team’s morale. A recreation area where employees can play games, relax, watch TV, and enjoy free WiFi can have a positive impact on employee retention and work performance. Besides, bosses can enjoy it, too.

Nature indoors

Going green results in better health, concentration, and productivity. Incorporate elements of nature into the office by adding more plants, making way for natural light, having art pieces of nature, and using wood or stone material for surfaces, furniture, office building stairs, and ceilings.

Ergonomic workspaces

Avoid negative effects on you and your employees’ health by replacing traditional office furniture with ergonomic ones such as height-adjustable desks, sit/stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and exercise balls. With ergonomic workstations, employees won’t develop problems with posture and health issues associated with sitting for too long.

Employees spend at least a third of their day in the office. Give them the best workspace possible to promote work-life balance, healthy socialization, and optimum work performance. Keep in mind that when employees are happy and healthy, the business will reap positive results.

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