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A+ Certifications Give IT Professionals a Resume Boost

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Young woman hiding behind her resumeHiring employees who lack the right skills or technical knowledge can be costly to an organization. It can, after all, lead to employee turnover and reputation damage. Validating certifications is one way employers can prevent the possible risks.

Certifications show your competency as a candidate. In the IT world, getting an A+ certification can help you prove to employers that you know the fundamentals of IT. CertBlaster provides A+ practice tests to help IT professionals prepare for the test and improve their credentials.

What is an A+ Certification?

An A+ certification is one of the industry’s well-known credentials. International standard bodies like government agencies, big tech companies, and ISO use it to measure your foundational knowledge, which is essential to entry-level operations.

It also proves your capabilities as a support technician who understands preventative maintenance for business IT infrastructures.

Preparing for the Tests

You do not have to take specific courses to earn an A+ certification; you just need to pass two exams. Learning and testing go hand-in-hand, after all, and each one increases the success for the other.

A+ practice tests, for instance, can help increase your knowledge and enhance the learning experience. They can, furthermore, allow you to customize the test-taking experience and conduct flashcard reviews.

A More Attractive Resume

Passing the A+ exams to become a certified IT professional is one of the easiest and affordable ways to enhance your resume. A study conducted by CompTIA shows that the certification offers attractive salaries for those in entry-level positions.

Helpdesk 2 support employees, for instance, can earn up to $45,000. Desktop support analysts, on the other hand, can earn up to $60,000.

Obtaining certification can help you expand career opportunities as IT professional, and turn you into a more valuable employee. After all, it’s not good enough to be knowledgeable — it’s better to have the certifications to back it up.

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